Kid: Welcome back symmetrical people of the world!

Me: Kid how did you get here!?

Kid: Well I had to let people know that they are about to read an awesome story!

Me: Thanks but...

Kid: Whatever just read it, review and stay sparkly people!

Me: ...

"Yes ma'am, I will need her name, age, and time." I say over to the phone to one of those ridiculous pageant moms.

"Okay so Amber, 6 and tanning appointment is at 10 and the nail appointment is at 11. Yep we have a slot for you, yes...thank you, bye." I hang up and sigh, this dumb kid has been crying for the past 30 minutes from the tanning room.

"Maaakkaaaa!" Patty whines coming up behind me.

"I know I want it to end too!" I reply pulling the small girl onto my lap.

"Oh Maka I colored a picture can you hang it up on your desk, it is my bestestestest!" The blonde giggles and pulls out a picture of a bloody giraffe with a snapped neck.

"It's lovely, I will hang it up..." I say looking to see if there is any more room left on my cubicle walls that were littered with Patty's pictures.

After a minute I find a half empty spot and thumb tack it there.

"Beautiful!" I exclaim and the phone rings.

"Patty, I have to take this can you see if we got those OPI nail polishes in the back?" I ask and she nods sprinting through the salon.

"Yes hello, sorry Soul is full until next 7 doesn't work how bout 3...okay that is good. Well we will be expecting you. Thank you, bye." This was how I spent most of my day.

I write down the appointment on Soul's schedule and look at it, he worked from 9 in the morning to 10 at night and only got breaks if he had time to spare in between appointments, him and Kid stayed until 10 and everyone else was let up at 9. I of course left at nine and then made dinner for when Soul got home.

By the time Soul got home salads and rice where placed on the table and he trudged through the door, his hair fallen from when Kid did it.

"Soul, dinner is ready." I say and he looks up at me tiredly and smiles slightly.

"Sorry, not tonight. I am too tired to eat." He says walking up to me and ruffling up my hair before heading into his room. I frown and look at his door sadly. I never had time to talk to him anymore, work has been really rough on him.

I eat alone and pack up his dinner before showering and heading to bed myself.

They really do need another hairdresser there. I thought, then Soul and Kid wouldn't have to work so much, I needed to talk to Wes.

I lay all night thinking about it when I hear a noise coming from the kitchen.

I walk in and Soul was eating dinner from tonight.

"Oh hey Maka...did I wake you up?" Soul says looking up from his food.

"No, I couldn't sleep. I knew you would get hungry." I say leaning against the counter in the kitchen.

"I am sorry I didn't eat with you tonight, or last night, or the night before that." He replies scratching the back of his head.

"It's okay!" I say faking cheeriness. I have had the biggest crush on Soul for a while now and I hardly got to see him anymore when he wasn't in work mode.

"I can't sleep want to watch some TV?" I ask and he looks at me before nodding and we drag our butts into the living room and settle ourselves on the large black sofa. After I wrap myself in a blanket I turn on the TV and we watch some old Big Bang Theory reruns.

I lean against Soul and I feel my eyes start to get heavy. Before I could even notice I had drifted into a dreamless sleep.

It was morning and I woke up feeling something heavy on me and I look to see that Soul and I had switched positions and he was now using me as a pillow.

I rolled off the couch the best I could and went to my room to get dressed. I put on a black peplum dress and black platform heels with black stockings that reached mid thigh and threw on some dangle earings. I put my hair in loose curls pinning some in the back with a black bow. I did the normal smokey eye grabbed a black Prada bag and my coat before heading out the door slamming it loud enough to wake Soul.

I didn't even get anything from the cafe I headed into work early to speak with Wes.

I sent him a message that I would like to speak with him in private before work.

Time Skip~

I arrived in his office and he sat at his desk.

"Mr. Evans?" I ask and he looks up.

"Ahh Ms. Albarn, so nice to see you! What do you wish to speak about?" He replies.

"Um Soul and Kid have been leaving work super late due to the mass amount of clients and I was thinking we need another hair dresser, I originally applied for that position here and was wondering if you could place me as hair dresser." I say my voice shaking.

"Aw how cute, you care for them." He says walking up to me, slowly backing me against the wall.


"I will, on one condition, you tend to my every desire." He says stroking his hand up my thigh and my eyes full with fear.

He leans down and licks my neck and I push him off of me.

"Never!" I say.

"Fine then I will hire someone else who will. OUT! Now!" He says and I rush out of the office luckily no one has arrived. I sat at my desk and layed my head down letting the silent tears roll down my face. The way he touched me, men...disgusting. I let out a sob and bury my head in my hands.

"Oh and Ms. Albarn, you have 24 hours to change your mind." Wes says peeking out of his office.

"Never you disgusting pig!" I yell and he storms up to me grabbing my chin.


I fell to the floor and he bends down and picks my chin up again.

"You say that again and you are fired." He hisses and walks out of the room leaving me quite horrified.

I sob on the floor till I get a text from Liz saying she is on her way. I fix my makeup and calm myself down waiting for the redness to fade on my cheek.

Soul walks in first with a juice in his hand and he sets it on my desk.

"The lady told me you hadn't shown up to the cafe and told me to give you this, hey whats wrong?" He asks touching my cheek and I flinch at his touch remembering what happened with Wes.

"Nothing, don't worry silly!" I say faking a cheery smile taking the drink and placing it on my desk. Soul just shakes his head and walks off, I want to cry.

A Week Later~~~

We had gotten the new hair dresser, a bimbo named Blair. Her and Soul seemed to be very friendly.

He even let her spike his hair up which he hates, claiming he loved when she did it.

To make matters worse tonight she was making dinner for us since Soul and her got off an hour off earlier than I did.

And even worse than that, she made steak and butter drenched green beans and potatoes.

"Maka, eat, be polite!" Soul hisses in my ear as I stare down in horror at my food.

I ate half of it painfully slow and I couldn't bare to eat another bite, imagine the poor cow (my favorite animal) that got slaughtered for this!
"I am sorry but I am full and very tired! It was great to have you! Thank you so, so much!" I say hugging Blair before exiting the room.

I changed into a white high low PJ shirt that said LOVE on it with some white legging, my stomach was feeling terrible.

I lay awake in the middle of the night and I start to hear some disturbing noises from Soul's room it almost sounded like Blair was in there. I got up and checked to see if her purse was still there and sure enough, it was! Grrreeeaattt! Not.

Oh man, here goes my stomach again, and this sound was giving me a headache. So I packed enough stuff for tomorrow and headed towards a hotel.

Before I left I wrote a note to Soul.

I wasn't feeling good and didn't want to disturb your "fun" so I got a hotel, don't worry! ~Maka

Man was I glad to get out of the house.

I woke up next to Blair and remember last night.

"Wake up, you need to get ready for work." I say kissing her forehead (don't worry this wont be a BlairxSoul give me some time)

"Okay, okay!" She says giggling, getting up and I shower, changed and got ready while Blair used my bathroom and I used Maka's, surprisingly she must have already left for work.

I walked out of the kitchen and spotted a note on the counter.

Damnit! She heard us!

"Almost ready Blair?" I ask.

"Yup I am coming!" She says and appears a few seconds later all ready for work, no signs left anywhere of last night and I winked at her.

I arrived at work and Maka sits at her desk with large bags under here eyes.

"Hey Maka, are you alright, we got your note!?" Blair asks twirling a strand of hair around her finger.

She leans and whispers something to Maka and Maka nods smiling, Blair was so nice, probably giving her tips on getting rid of a stomach ache.

"Soul you hair is a mess! Do you have something I can comb it with!?" Maka asks and I run a hand through my messy hair, oops.

"Oh yeah, that would be great!" I say and she smiles before getting up to help me.

"So you like Blair?" She asks and I nod smiling.

"I hope last night wasn't to bad for you!" I say feeling a bit bad, sure Blair was great but I liked Maka for a long time, hopefully Blair would get her off my mind.

"It was fine, I just had a small stomach flu! I really got to stay away from-mgh!" She says covering her mouth and swallowing something before kneeling down.

"Maka!" I say getting on the floor next to her.

"I'm fine!" She says getting back up handing the comb to Blair before sitting down at her desk. I am truly worried about her, maybe I shouldn't have made her eat that steak last night.

By the end of the day Maka had been sent home around lunch and I arrived at the apartment with Blair and we entered the silent house.

"Maka?" I ask.

I slowly step into her room and she is passed out on her fuzzy rug. She wore a white sweater with little superman logos all over it. She also wore light blue ankle socks and her hair was pulled into to messy pigtails.

"Silly Maka!" I say picking her up and placing her on the bed and tucking her in.

As I left the room I noticed Blair glaring at Maka's door.


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