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*Gnnnrrk* the door opened, the Fairy Tail guild members looked at the door there was a young girl with her cloths ripped and she just fall down to the floor. Many of the guild members ran toward the girl to see if she was okay and some of the girls in the guild screamed. Wendy tried to slip in the crowded people who were around the girl.

When she was came near the girl, she was little shaken at the horrible sight, the girl´s body was pale and many cuts and bruises all of her body and the blood streamed out of her in some places, but looked a little better now, but people thought it was much worse before… and she was just a kid was all the guild members thought…

The master Makarov had come out of his office when he heard the girls scream. Wendy healed her little bit, but stopped to yell someone must take her to the infirmary and Erza was the one who was the quickest of all…

When Erza took the girl in the infirmary, she left to see the master to tell that a girl came and she just falls down unconscious to the floor. When the master Makarov heard that his face was serious and all in the guild whispered and wondered what happened to her.

Wendy was healing her and the girl's skin had color again, and was so shocked when she saw the cuts and bruises healed itself and really abnormally fast.

Wendy heard her murmured "Mhmp…" and she ran out if the infirmary to say loudly -She wakes up!

Some of the guild cheered and some others sighs and the master went to the infirmary with Wendy and she said her cuts and the bruise healed itself "really abnormally fast" and so Makarov nodded.

Some of the guild members went to the infirmary too and saw her beautiful cute face and she was so cute, many of the girls wanted to hug her and the boys was just quiet and looked at the mysterious beautiful cute girl on the infirmary bed.

The mysterious beautiful cute girl woken up and looked at the small old man and she just said, "Who am I and where is this place?"

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