Chapter 3

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~Zhaeiy's POV~

"My name is Mavis Vermillion, the first master." said the little girl while smiling at me. I felt warm inside me, when she answered my question.
*Do I know her?* I thought while looking at her. "You know me and I know you." Says Mavis like she read my mind, I widened my eyes and she said "I can see your thoughts on your face." giggled the little girl.
"So you know me? Tell me!" I asked intensely. The first master shook her head and said calmly, "No, I can't tell you" with a sadden smile, but her eyes said she wanted to tell me. "Oh…" I muttered. Suddenly she said "When the time is right, you would understand." And disappeared thin in the air…

1 and half hour later~ the train station~

~Lucy's POV~

When I came to the train station, I saw Zha-chan sitting on the bench and looked like she was in a deep thought. Then I saw Erza came with a big carriage with baggage's, she saw me and went forward to me and asked "Are the guys here yet?" I shook my head and looked at Zha-chan again "Well the guys are not here, but Zha-chan is here though." I answered her and went to Zha-chan with Erza trailing after me.
"Zha-chan! You were here?"

She looked up and saw us, but something glinted in her eyes but then she shook her head. Suddenly I heard Erza asked when she came and if she had seen the two idiots, but she said she didn't seen them and came fifteen minutes ago.
Then we heard loud voices and I realized they were coming, Zha-chan did it too.

"NOWAY!" I heard Natsu scream.

"OF COURSE!" I heard Gray say.





"SHUT UP!" screamed Erza with a dark aura.

"AYE, SIR!" they said shakily.

"Aye!" Happy said- flying above us in a circle.


We stopped and looked to Zha-chan and saw her giggle, but it came to a laugh.
We all looked each other- soon we all laughed together, suddenly she asked "What for mission guys?" I started to say "We are going to stop a-" "A dark guild that plague a town." said Natsu cutting off Lucy.

"Natsu! Don't talk when I'm talking!" yelled Lucy very angrily at Natsu with a dark aura.
"E-eek!" screamed Natsu hiding behind Gray and Gray just laughed.

~Zhaéiy's POV~

"Ermm… Where are the place we're going to?" I asked them and they answered "Shikurochi town" *Oh, "that" families are there* I thought and became confused why I knew that and shook my head and looked at the train schedule and said at the same time "it's coming in about 13 minutes."
"Okay, I'm going to buy tickets and WAIT here!" the red-headed woman said and glared at the two boys. Boys nodded with fear and sweated, Lucy and I chuckled at the boys, talking to each other about the teams destructive and reckless old missions.
We talked until Erza came with the tickets and the train came to the station and sat down- waited until the train went to Shikurochi town.
When the train left the Magnolia town- Natsu's face turned green because of his motion sickness, but soon put in sleep because of Erza and soon we all fell in sleep.

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