Hey guys this is my first Gakuen Alice fanfic plz go easy on me!I DO NOT OWN GAKUEN ALICE!

Mikan Azumi(16),Natsume Hyuuga(16),Nonoko Ogasawara(15),Anna Umenomiya(15)-all 2nd year high schoolers

Megane Azumi(17),Tsubasa Andou(17),Misaki Harada(17)Hotaru Imai(16)-all 3rd year students

Akira Tonochi(18)-4th year

Youichi Azumi(12)-6th grader

Mikan's POV

Ugh it's that time again!I hate hate hate it!I have to go visit that bastard of a dad again!Let me explain a few things.

You see my big brother Megane and I have both the same parents.2 months after my mom found out she was pregnant with me she told my dad who was shocked and walked out of my mom and Megane.(who was 2 years old that time)My mom was upset for so long until she met a nice man named Shiki and they got married and later my half-brother named Youichi was born.

Then when I was in 2nd grade my mom died. Shiki was shocked and died 2 weeks later from greif. We didnt have anybody to take care of us so the towns government tracked my bio dad down and asked him if we can live with him. He said no and to put them up for adoption or foster people. They agreed but we had to visit him 3 times a year.

So I've lived with the Sakura's since then.I guess I kinda sounds like I'm complaining but trust me I'm not.I'm so grateful that they put us in a foster home willing to take 3 kids in.

The problem is that most people say I've gone cold since my mom and Shiki died. I did join a gang when I was in 5th grade.(yeah I know young so i threatened the gang members to let me join)I'm not in the gang anymore for a secret reason that I won't say though so don't ask.

Anyway so here I am walking to the bastards house. My dad's name is Izumi Yukihara who was a former gang member but I think he still is and last year he started wanting me and Megane to come live with him. We refused though.

I rung his doorbell about 500 times until he finally showed up.

"Hey Mikan!Nice to see you again!"He says enthusiastically to me.

"Whatever."I replied while glaring at him.

"Where's Megane?"He asks as if he didn't see me glaring at him.

"He had some important work to do so he said next week he'll visit you."I replied

"Oh well come inside!"He says to me.

I walk into the house and nothing has changed. It was very dusty and dirty but bearable to live in. He leads me to the living room and jesters me to take a seat in the armchair across from him.

"So what do you want to do today?"He asks me.

"Dunno."I reply back

"Well I want you to meet someone."He says to me

"Whatever."I say back

The bastard walked away and was back in a few minutes. When he came back though he had someone with him who had Bloody red eyes that I thought were cool and had tan acne free skin. He also had raven hair that was kinda messy but looked good on him.

"Mikan,this is Natsume he's staying with me for a year or 2 so he could learn about my job." My dad says to me.

"He's staying with you?You didn't even want Megane,Youichi,and me but you want some stranger?And what is your job anyway?"I say to him.

My dad told me back"Well I did offer you guys to come live with me again,and you'll find out soon Mikan."

"Tch Whatever."I say back.

"Anyway...My dad says this is my daughter Mikan she's 15 years old and..."


The guy Natsume was it?Well anyway he was taken back by what I said. He then smirked at me.I mean like what the hell?!What's there to smirk about.

"Well I'll go get some tea and some howalons for you guys.I know how you love them!"He says to us.

"Yeah when I was like 5."I say to him but he didn't listen.

Just then Natsume turned to me and said"What's up with your father-daughter relashionship?Aren't you suppose to be nicer to your dad Polka?"

"Not if he's a bastard."I say back.I was wondering why he called me Polka. I suddenly remember the bra I was wearing and my shirt was see through so he can see it.

"Pervert!"I yell at him as a clench my fist ready to throw it at him. Just then, a knock came at the door.I can hear my dad from the kitchen saying come door's opened revealing my 12-year-old brother Youichi.

"You-chan did you come to rescue me?"I ask even though I knew the answer.

Of course Mikan-nii!He says to me.

I quickly put on my shoes and yell to my dad that I'm going home and that I'll see him in a few months. Then me and Youichi dash out of the house before he could reply.

I quickly turned back at the house that had the door open.I then saw a glance of Natsume's face which had a smirk on it.

Wow I want to punch that smirk right of his face.I thought as me and Youichi rush home.

Natsume's POV

She's quite an interesting girl I thought as a see her dash of.

"Natsume where's Mikan?"Yuki asked(For those of you that forgot,Mikan's dad is Yuki)

"She left with some little kid."I told him

"Darn that Youichi kid!"I hear him mutter."Natsume can you do a favor for me?"He asks me.

"Yeah what is it?"I ask him.

"Starting tomorrow I'll be sending you to Mikan's school it's a K-12 school.I need you to find out some info about Mikan 'cause she doesn't like talking to me"He tells me

"Sure I won't mind."I tell him accepting the favor.

"Thanks man!"Yuki says to me."The uniform will be on the table."

So how was it?I know it's probably terrible but it'll get better I don't know that much about foster care or whatever Mikan is going through so please please PLEASE don't get offended if your going through what Mikan is in the review please!Later!