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"Hey Mi-chan!"Anna said trying to catch the brunette's attention.

"Yes?What do you want?"The said girl said lazily for she couldn't get a wink of sleep thanks to a ruthless mission she was forced to do.

"Hey!Stop being lazy!I was thinking if you wanted to come with Nonoko and me to get our nails done and go shopping!I mean it is your birthday tomorrow!"Anna said enthusiastically.

"Ugh An-chan you know I hate doing that type of girly crap!"She said.

"Come on, Please!"Nonoko said popping out of the blue. Together the girls put on their best puppy dog faces not wanting to lose the battle.

"God!Okay just stop what your doing!I'll do it, but I won't like it."Mikan said annoyed.

"Yay!Okay let's go after-school."Nonoko said as she jumped up and down. (Some people have school on New Years Eve.I'm not one of those people but for Gakuen Alice, you are except it's a half day to get ready for the countdown.)

~After school~ Mikan's POV

I wonder why everyone's looking at me strangely. I mean I get it I'm turning a year older soon. Big deal, people turn a year older everyday.

What makes me feel uncomfortable is that I can feel Natsume's stare on me. How do I know it's Natsume? Well I turned around one time when I sensed someone staring at me. I was greeted by warm crimson eyes that resembled a ruby. I quickly turned around not wanting for him to think I'm staring at him. Not before giving him one of my famous deathly glares.

Sadly, the staring didn't stop. In. Every. Single. Class! It wasn't just Natsume. I also noticed that the rest of my friends were staring at me.

I was sitting on my seat with a dark aura around me. I really didn't want to go shopping. I was hoping and praying to every god that Anna and Nonoko would forget the shopping trip. After 10 minutes I thought they weren't coming. Happily I got up and walked over to the door to leave.

Just as I grabbed the small old silver doorknob, it opened knocking me onto the floor.

"OMG Mi-chan!Sorry!I-I didn't mean to!"Anna exclaimed.

"And sorry we're late!Misaki-sensei asked if we could run an errand for him."Nonoko said helping me up.

"Whatever."I said and went out the door. "We should go. The sooner we arrive, the sooner we can leave. I'm not staying in that hell hole longer then you guys intended to."

The girls sweat dropped and ran after me.

At the mall

Anna and Nonoko dragged me to the beauty parlor to get our nails, make-up, and hair done.

"Mi-chan sit here."Nonoko said gesturing to a seat.

"..."I didn't say anything just glared at them.

"Oh come on!Please?"Anna said with a puppy dog face.

"Fine" I grumbled.

2 hours later (Yeah it takes long for them to get all of those things done.)

I looked at myself in the mirror and made a weird face. I LOOKED LIKE A GIRLY GIRL! My light brown hair was put in PERFECT waves. I had this reddish black eye shadow with eye-liner and red lipstick on. This is torture. My nails were red as a base coat with black and a brighter red splattered on. Okay the nails are alright, but the rest doesn't even suit me. I turn to look at Anna and Nonoko.

Anna's hair was also waved,but it suited her more with her bubble-gum pink hair. She had a light pinkish white eye shadow with eyeliner on. She had light pink lip-stick on and her nails were just simply baby pink.

Nonoko's hair was slightly waved at the bottom. She had dark blue eye shadow with winged eye liner on. She wore this hot pink lip stick that really suited her. She her nails had this blackish tint to the dark blue nail polish.

It seemed normal for them to wear it. It suited them, unlike me.

Next Anna and Nonoko dragged me to a shop to try on some clothes and accessories.

Meanwhile, at the Sakura's house

Koko's POV


"What is it now idiot."Sumire said. She looked pretty. She was wearing a green peacock feather sleeveless dress with green pumps. Her forest green curly hair was put in a stylish bun with a peacock feather headband. She had green jewelry and make-up on.(Go on my profile for a link to her outfit.)

"Nothing I wanted to be dramatic."I said with my Cheshire grin.

Baka Baka Baka

"Ow Hotaru!"I said.

"Baka, We have to get everything ready."Hotaru said. She had a dark purple dress with matching high heels and nails. Her shoulder length hair was curled and clipped with a flower skull clip. (Go on my profile for a link to her outfit.)

"Hey um guys have you seen Natsume?"A nervous Yuu approaches.

"Relax Inchou! Natsume's just getting Mikan's present and the rest of the stuff. I think he said he has to also run an errand so he won't be back till 9."I said.

"That baka better get the other baka a good present."Hotaru said.

"Yeah it's the least Natsume could do. I mean he totally forgot about it."Kitsu said.

"Alright,back to work!"Hotaru said causing us to scurry back to what we were working on.

Natsume's POV

Oh shit! I totally forgot about Mikan's birthday! Right now I'm in some jewelry store trying to find the perfect present for her.

After about an hour of looking around, I was about to give up. That is until I found the perfect present.

It was a sakura flower necklace, earrings, and ring. I quickly purchased it and asked for it to be wrapped. (Go on my profile for a link to the jewelry.)

I slipped the present into my pocket and went to the bakery that Anna's parents worked at. Since Anna and Nonoko were distracting Mikan and I was going out to buy her presents, I had to pick up the cake.

Once I got it I looked at it. It was a 3 layer cake that had sakura petals on it. A normal person would think that Mikan would throw a fit since it's too girly. Her friends however know that she loves sakura petals. Which makes it ironic since her adoptive parents have the last name Sakura.

I grabbed the boxed cake and slowly walked to her house which was 15 minutes away. I walked into the house and yelled for Ruka.

"Ruka!Here's the cake. I have to do that errand I was talking about earlier."I said as I gave the cake to Ruka.

"O-okay?"He said giving me a questioning look.

"Ok bye."I said as I ran to the department store. There I bought a brown wig and some hazel contacts. After that I rushed to the school.

Mikan's POV

"We'll take it all!"Anna said.

"Um ma'am may we wear it out?"Nonoko politely asked knowing that Anna was too fired up to remember her manners. You could literally see the fire in her eyes.

"Yes dears."Let me just scan them so you can pay, then you can go and put them on and leave"She said as she scanned the clothes and accessories. When she was done we went to the changing room and put on the clothes. When I was done, I looked at the mirror in the stalls at myself.

I had a red and black tank top on with a biker's jacket on. I was also wearing a black tulle skirt with ripped leggings underneath. I also wore biker boots and torn finger-less gloves. I had a blackish red rose clip in my hair. I had a black necklace and matching earrings on. I also had a bracelet on with red gems. The only reason why I got them is because it reminded me of Natsume's eyes. No, don't say I miss him. I'm still mad at him. I just,um,really like his eyes. Wait that sounded wrong. (Go on my profile for a link to her outfit.)

I slowly opened the stall door and looked both ways to make sure that no one was there except Anna and Nonoko to see my outfit. It all seemed to girly.

I opened it all the way when I saw Anna and Nonoko.

Anna had a piggy pink dress on that was an inch above her knees. She had snow white boots on and white jewelry. She had a soft pink bow in her hair and a pink purse. (Go on my profile for a link to her outfit.)

Nonoko had a midnight blue dress on with silver jewelry. She wore black high heels and a black bow headband in her hair. She had a blue purse with her. (Go on my profile for a link to her outfit.)

They looked okay but then again, girly outfits aren't my thing.

"Okay I think we should go home now."I said. It was 6:30 and I didn't want to stay longer.

"Nooo Mikan!Let's get something to eat first. We didn't eat any lunch."Nonoko said as she dragged us to the food court.

We got a large pizza pie and a liter of soda. (BTW the food court at the mall I usually go to does that. Some malls that I went to don't have it though.)

We were eating for like an hour and were almost done when these 3 guys came up to us. One was a red headed, one was a blond, and another had brown hair.

"Hey beautifuls. Want some help finishing that pizza. You guys seem lonely."The blond said smirking.

"Um no thank you."Anna said politely.

"Come on babe. You know you want to." The brown headed said. "I'm Ken"

"And I'm Hiro."Said the blond as he took a chair and scooted closer to Nonoko.

"And I'm Reo."Said the red head as he sat down on a chair next to me and put his arm around me. "You girls should come spend New Years with us."He continued with a smirk.

"Oh um w-we can't."Nonoko squeaked.

"And why's that."Hiro said as he took a sip from Nonoko's cup.

"Because it's Mikan's birthday tomorrow!"Anna said. She obviously doesn't know the situation.

"Oh is this the pretty brunette next to me."Reo asked bringing his face closer.

"Not that it's any of your business but yes. You people are obviously new in town."I growled.

"Yeah, we are."Ken said as he looked at Anna as if he was going to pounce her any minute.

"Then for starters, you should know to get the fuck away from me."I said to Reo as I gave him my famous death glare.

"Ooh feisty. I like em like that."He says as he slowly trails his arm that was once on my shoulder downward.

I grab his arm and twist it back.

"I'm NOT some girl that falls for some playboy's tricks."I say to him.

"Um Mi-chan. I hate to break it to you, but you fell for Natsume's tricks."Anna said. She obviously is to dense to know that's not a great thing to say to me considering that we just split.

"Anna shut up! They just split!"Nonoko exclaims because she doesn't want me to get angry.

"It doesn't matter it's true."I say to her. "Anyway, we will be taking our leave now."I said to the boys and left with the girls.

Reo's POV

So she's single...

I smirked. Well this is gonna be fun.

Mikan's POV

I shouldn't of let Anna drive. -.- WE'VE BEEN GOING ALL OVER TOWN THE WHOLE DAY! We literally seen everything in town about 40 times. Oh look it's that park again. Whoopee. Please make a note to sarcasm.

After about 3 more rounds in the city we finally got home. I looked at the time .We left the mall at 7:00. HOW DID IT SUDDENLY BECOME 11:55?

"You guys are dead. I wanted to spend this day sleeping!"I exclaimed to them.

"Oh calm down. I know let's catch a late night movie!"Anna said obviously not tired. Well that makes sense. We stopped by a coffee shop and Anna ordered 4 drinks for herself.

I was about to open the door when I remembered something. I HAD A MISSION TODAY! Persona told me yesterday to meet him up for yet another mission. I missed it! Shit!

"Mi-chan, what's wrong?"Nonoko asks showing concern.

"It's nothing important."I said keeping my cool and putting on a stoic expression. I am going to be deader than roadkill. (LOL XD I always say that when I did something bad.)

I open the door to be greeted with glitter and tinsel falling on me. There was also a whole bunch of people screaming surprise.

"Aww man! Koko! Why glitter!"I say to him and glare.

Snap Snap Snap

I turn my head and see that Hotaru was taking pictures of me. I was standing there confused when it hit me. I'm wearing a skirt and girly clothes.

"IMAI!"I growl. Trust me I'm mad. I only call Hotaru by her surname when I want to rip her to pieces, even though she's my best friend.

"Baka, happy birthday."Hotaru said.

"Wait it's not her birthday yet."Kitsu said.

"Yes it is. You guys were too idiotic to notice that it's already New Years day."Hotaru said as she pointed to the clock. 12:01 am

Oh well. Everyone started dancing and I could still feel someone's eyes on me. I turned around and was greeted by Natsume who dragged me upstairs to my room. Okay I would've fought back except there's one problem. I am exhausted.

When we got to the room Natsume locked it and pinned me to the wall.

"I missed you."He said to me.

"Whatever. It's not like I'm gonna believe you."I say to him.

"You had a mission today, which you totally blew off. Am I right?"He asks.

"Yeah. So what?"I tell him.

"You didn't show up. Don't worry though, I showed up. I wore a wig,contacts, and a mask. Koko read your mind and told me to do it since Anna and Nonoko were busy distracting you for your birthday."He says.

"Like Persona is stupid enough to believe that!"I tell him.

"It was in the abandoned classroom and the lights were out so he didn't even notice. I also didn't have to speak. Just nod or shake my head."He told me.

He was going to kiss me when he stopped midway.

"I'm sorry."He whispered and crashed his lips on me.

The kiss was sweet yet sorrowful. Our lips moved slowly as we both closed our eyes. I know I should be mad and push him of, but I can't stop. I always loved our kisses, but this one killed me.

We finally pulled back because we needed air. He looked at me with his bangs covering his eyes.

He got up to leave and was almost out the door when he stopped.

"Here it's your birthday present from me."He said as he threw it to me then walked back to the party.

I looked at the box and slowly openedit. What I saw was definitely not what I expected.

"Thank you Natsume."I whispered as I closed my eyes even though I knew he couldn't hear me.

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