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Chapter One


We get out of the military base seeing no one around. Having to kill a few Mogadorians in the way, I feel like it is barely nothing after the massive fight that still lies inconcluded. Having said no words, What I think we will do after getting out of here is get out of this place and go somewhere hide.

I thought we were far stronger than Setrákus Ra. I was so wrong. We have to prepare for real. It is nothing compared to Henri's trainings in the snow at our house in Paradise. On the road, I might bring Nine the idea of dropping off Sarah at her home with her parents at Paradise. I want her safe. As much as I wish to stay with her and be with her all day, I don't want her unprotected. I don't want her to be in a fight that doesn't involve her. Only the thought of Sarah dying because of me is excrutiating.

I am walking beside her and Nine, BK sniffing the zone, back to his form of a beagle, to make sure no one's around. It is strange. How come no one is here were there should probably be 400 Mogs chasing after us? I think that the reason Setrákus Ra and the other ones left is because he saw we had our legacies back and we could beat him to death then. I doubt that, but I still have the adrenaline coursing through my body and the happinness I feel of getting out of there alive.

Six is walking behind with Number ten, eight and Marina. I can't believe we are all together. Well, nearly. We still have to get number 5. I am overwhelmed by seeing all of us together, so fast, so unexpectedly fine. We have to learn to work as a team, in order to beat Setrákus Ra and return to Lorien. Oh, how I miss that place. We run through a few more tunnels when we see a blinding light ahead of us. I adjust my vision once more and we are stepping in front of the door I kicked out earlier, we found the way out.


I can't believe we made it out. All of what's happened since I left Spain, is incredible. I want to tell Adelina everything if she was here. Would she be proud of me? Should she feel guilty that she didn't teach me neither train me through the past years? I will never know, but deep inside I forgive her for all I've missed, and when we get back to Lorien, one day, I will somehow take Adelina with me. It was not her fault loosing her faith. At the last minute she came back after all those years, and that's what I take in. If she would have lived, she would be catching up on all she missed teaching.

I glance over at Eight and Ella as they are walking beside me behind Nine, John and Sarah. Six has taken over beside the Chimæra at the front. I don't know what to say to Eight if he asks me about what up with that kiss. I want to tell him that I like him, a lot. But I'm afraid of his answers. I'm afraid he'd tell me that he doesn't like me in return. I am just proud and embarassed and happy and excited about what I did. What will go on next? I don't know. Let's see what happens.

"That was BADASS man! I waited for this moment my entire life! We have to get and party dude!" I hear Nine yell out in excitement. "Chill Nine, we are all exhausted and covered with ash and in the middle of the desert and you are just too damn excited." Four says.

I giggle. I am just watching the show. I love to see John and Nine argue, they are just so different but the same. It is funny watching them argue. Eight also laughs silently. When he looks at me, I blush. I just can't bear to see him. I'm just embarassed.

"Are you okay Marina? You look nervous. Do you still have it from the fight?" "Em, no Ella, it's okay. I'm just gathering up my thoughts. So much has happened since Adelina…" I can't talk anymore. I just can't bring up the picture of Adelina dying. I miss her so much. "Hush, it's okay Marina, don't talk about her if you don't want to. I understand." Her words comfort me. She is so relaxed and so thoughtfull that sometimes she passes it through me when we talk. I love Ella, she is such a caring friend.

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