I stand next to Four as we await the first jumper. Suddenly, I see a blur of red go by and land in the net. I hold my hand out to the girl, and I pull her off.

"What's your name?" I ask the Amity transfer.

"Bethany," the girl replies with confidence.

"Make the announcement, Four," I smirk.

"First jumper, Bethany!" Four shouts.

I hear the familiar shouts of Dauntless calling her to them. Bethany smiles.

"Welcome to Dauntless," I say.

After all the initiates have jumped, Four, Lauren, Christina, and I lead them down the halls of the compound.

We have an equal number of 10 transfers and 10 Dauntless borns. Of the transfers, there are 4 Candor, 4 Erudite, 1 Amity, and 1 Abnegation.

"This is where we divide. Dauntless borns are with Christina and I," Lauren tells everyone.

The Dauntless borns follow Lauren and Christina without a word. Before disappearing from sight, Christina turns around and gives me a grin. I return it.

Four addresses the transfers next, "Most of the time, I work in the control room, and Tris here is our Dauntless Ambassador, but for the next few weeks, we will be your instructors."

To my surprise, no one comments on the fact that Four's name is a number.

"If you follow us, we'll show you the pit."

Four opens the doors to the pit and I turn around to see the expressions on the transfers' faces. The look of awe is glued to all of them.

We then show them the chasm, and Four gives his annual speech while I struggle to keep my breathing normal. This chasm holds too many bad memories, and I have kept my distance from it ever since Al, well, you know. I think Four notices my discomfort because he sets his hand on my shoulder and leads us to the cafeteria.

I find myself sitting between Bethany, and Sam, a Candor transfer who seems to have eyes for Bethany.

Across from me is the Stiff, Emily. I notice her confusion towards the hamburgers and laugh, realizing this is what I must have looked like last year.

"Here, put this on it," I say handing her the ketchup.

"Thanks," She says giving me a grateful smile.

The transfers don't talk much during lunch and I find myself staring off into space. To my embarrassment, I realize I'm staring across the cafeteria at Four, who is staring back at me. I quickly avert my eyes.

After lunch, Eric takes the transfers to the dormitory while Four and I go set up the training room. As he piles the ammunition on the table, I see his muscles bulging out and remember when he saved me from being thrown to my death in the chasm. He sees me staring.

"Thinking?" He asks.

"Yeah, about my initiation." I decide to leave out the fact that I'm thinking about him, but the whole incident did happen during initiation, so technically, it's not a lie.

"Glad to be the scary one now?" He smiles.

"Yes, scaring children is one of my life goals."

"I can't figure out where your sarcasm comes from. Since when do they teach that in Abnegation?"

"Just something I picked up on along the way."

"Can you give me a hand loading these guns?" He asks.

I nod and walk over to help him. Every so often, I find my eyes drifting up to meet his.

"Why are you always staring at me?" Crap.

"Do you ask me that because you think I'll actually answer?" I reply, mocking him.

He stares at me. I stare back. We seem to be having some sort of silent face off.

Just then the door swings open, snapping us out of it. The transfers walk in and line up in front of us.