The Walking Dead: Diary of a Survivor

By Martin70



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May 22nd, 2010

Dear Diary,

I spent the day with Mary, helping plant a nice sized garden. Man it was a lot of work, but Mary, who's 67, worked right along side me all day! She's quite fit for her age! She sent me into town for some fertilizer to add around the tomato plants.

Saw a weird guy near the park on my way back, looked like he'd sprained his ankle, but he was still walking along like it was no big deal. Maybe he's a war veteran or something and got crippled by an IED.

Mary wants me to plant some potatoes and sweet corn tomorrow while she works on sorting out her canning supplies. She's been canning for over forty years and has a big pantry in her cellar for storing her canned goods. She told me she was planning to start selling some of her preserves is year if the fruits she wants to use turn out well.

May 23rd, 2010

Dear Diary,

The TV's been going nuts with all the coverage of some kind of pandemic that's now gone global according to the big three TV News agencies and AP. Mary's called all the neighbors and they're banding together to watch out for the infected.

Everybody's really worried about their families and calling around to see how they're doing.

May 23rd, (cont.)

Dear Diary,

My God… They say the infected are getting up after they die and attacking the living! I wonder what the hell happened… Did the military let some super bug get loose like in that Stephen King book? I'm not a religious man, or at least I wasn't a couple of days ago, but I pray to God that somebody finds a cure… FAST!

May 24th, 2010

Dear Diary,

We spent the day inventorying our supplies, Mary and me. We have enough canned goods to last us quite a while, but won't last forever. Mary decided we should build up the fencing around the farm and check for breaks so we went out together to walk the property line. I took my 9 Mil, and she had a .30/.30 rifle that belonged to her late husband.

We had scouted out the first portion of the line running along I-72 and found no breaks. The interstate ran by my place too, but I have a much smaller patch of ground than Mary, only ten acres to her five hundred. There weren't any breaks, but we stopped to watch a long line of Army trucks convoying their way East toward Springfield, IL.. It wasn't just a few trucks; the convoy was at least five miles long, and I could tell these guys were regular army, not National Guardsman. It was clears to me and Mary that the shit was about to hit the fan, with a vengeance.

We continued our trek north along the border between my place and Mary's and found one bad break where it looked like a herd of cattle had pushed though the old fence some years ago. Mary clucked her tongue and said her husband Fred was to have fixed this the week before he died, but apparently it'd never gotten done.

I grabbed my tools and set to work sorting out the fencing and clearing some brush that had grown up in the area and with Mary's direction we got the fence mended enough to keep anything from just knocking it down, then moved on.

On the north side of her place, we saw a girl walking in a field. She was just sort of shuffling along aimlessly. I called out to her and when she turned at the sound of my voice, my blood ran cold. She had no face. It was just… gone, like something had taken chewed it off as a snack and then went back for seconds…

Mary shot her before I could even react to the horror of it, blowing the girl's head off with the medium sized slug from her rifle. Then Mary came up to me and took ahold of me. I was shaking like a leaf. She said we needed to keep moving and told me to watch for more of those things.

I think the reason I was shaking so bad after Mary shot the girl was that I knew her. The girl I mean, she was one our neighbor's kids, Donna, I think her name was. She was fourteen, and had just been talking to me four days ago about how much she was looking forward to Summer Vacation. I calmed down as we moved westward and said a prayer for Donna.

We finished our patrol with only one other fence break where a tree had fallen on it. Luckily it was a small one and had been dead for years already before it fell. With Mary's help, I got it shoved off the fence line and we set about straightening the crushed fencing as best we could. After that we headed back to Mary's.

May 25th, 2010

It seems pointless now to keep putting in "Dear Diary" on these entries. Instead I'm just going to start with the date and go from there.

It all seems so pointless… Today, the military dropped firebombs on every major city in the country in an effort to stop the dead from walking once more. What the hell was the point of that anyway? Bombing the cities is a little pointless since the plague has already spread to the rural areas like mine. I suppose it did cut down on the number of those things wandering the cities and possibly leaving them, but short of a nuke, I doubt it will wipe out enough of them to make any real difference.

A thousand walkers, or a million of them, it only takes one of those suckers biting you, and then you're toast. You die and either get eaten or become one of them, or worse, both…

I decided that I should turn this into more of a journal now since otherwise it's a total waste of time, and maybe, just maybe, someday someone will read this and know my story and the stories of my friends. How we lived through this horror, and how we died.

So with all that in mind, I guess an introduction is in order. My name is Matthew Grayson, I'm 32 years old and will be 33 next month, on the 9th. I'm just an ordinary guy really, so plain in fact that for most of my high school years, I was almost totally ignored, by everyone, even the geeks… Yeah, I'm boring as hell. I'm a jack-of-all trades kind of guy. I know a little about everything, and not a whole lot about anything. I'm the quintessential plain man, that is, until you get to know me.

According to Mary, I'm what they call a late bloomer, well, from a social point of view. I've always been a loner. I've had two people in my life that I consider friends, and one of those is Mary. The other one was a guy named Steve in school. We went to the same school, from Kindergarten through our freshmen year in high school. Then Steve's dad found a new job in another state and that was that. We wrote each other for a while, but then the letters became fewer and farther apart and finally stopped after a year.

I'm not gay, I've had a few girlfriends over the years, but friends? Nope, not a one til Mary asked me for help after her husband passed away. I've worked for her ever since, and I've come to think of her as a true friend.

What about Donna? Well, I've always been friendly with my neighbors and she was quite a handful from what I've heard from her parents, but first off, she was only fourteen and that simply put her outside of my social circle, secondly I'm not a perv trolling for young girls and lastly I never really knew what to say to her in the first place. She usually did all the talking, and because I seemed to listen to her, she liked that and would never stop, not until she was called away by her dad. He'd see my eyes glazing over as I nodded where I thought it was appropriate and rescue me before Donna noticed.

Poor Donna, I should go check on the rest of her family tomorrow. You never know, one of them might still be alive out there.

May 26th, 2010

I went to my place today and gathered up everything I thought we might be able to use. Mary helped and we got some help from Jacob and Fran, our neighbors to the west of Mary's place.

Mary invited them to stay as well and after my place we went to theirs and continued gathering supplies.

We weren't worried about power since Mary's husband used to work for the local power company and they had a wind turbine on the property. It's one of those great big windmills you can see from the Interstates like in Nebraska where they have bunches of them in several rows. We only have the one though here. The local power company decided to put it up on Fred's place because it was so close to the interstate and they wanted to show it off to the local taxpayers and subscribers. As it turns out, Jacob works for the power company too and he knows how to maintain the thing, so we should be good for a while at least.

Anyway, Jacob and I loaded up a couple of his deep freezers in our pickups and took them to Mary's. Once there, we then reloaded all the food we took out of them for the trip over. Have you ever tried to move a loaded deep freezer? I don't recommend it, ever.

Between us, we had enough food to last us for a year, counting all of Mary's canned goods. Fran chipped in on the garden, helping to keep it weeded and watered as needed, so food was pretty much taken care of.

Our only real issue is meat. Once what we have runs out, we'll have to go hunting for more. We have no livestock to speak of, just a few chickens. Mary is suggesting we go ahead and slaughter them now. She's worried about any stray animals attracting the wrong sort of attention. The rest of us agreed and set to work on the ten chickens, which took the rest of the day.

May 27th, 2010

We went to Donna's today.

What we found will haunt me for the rest of my life.

Her whole family was dead, and they were all Walkers, even the toddler… Jessica.

I lost it when I saw her. Jacob cried like a baby after he put her down, I… I just didn't have it in me to do it myself. We finished off the rest and then sat on their front porch, both of us emotionally wrecked by what we'd seen.

After a while, Jacob told me to grow a pair and do what had to be done from now on if we ever saw such a thing again. If not, he said he'd kill me to protect his wife and Mary. I just nodded dumbly at him after it sank in that he was serious. He'll bear some watching… but I'll follow his advice.