Hi guys I am so sorry for not updating for a couple of months, but I am making up for it by writing new stories. Here is the first of many Please r&r…..

"Kenobi!" I shouted. If he hadn't bumped into me I wouldn't have fell off the edge of the building.

"Just give me a second!" he shouted back. I assumed he was too busy to help his partner Jedi. My fingers started to slip.

"Um…How long will that take?" I asked. I didn't hear what he said but he had better come quickly. I saw a finger appear on top of the ledge. It looked like Anakin.

"Thank god Anakin my fingers were slipping off. Um…Where did Kenobi go?" I asked. He turned around and said

"I was about to ask you the same."

"That is not good" I replied.

"Not good at all" Anakin said.

"Is Padme safe?" I asked.

"Yes" he replied.

We found a nice yellow cruiser that we both agreed on and jumped in to follow him. When we caught up to him he was falling off of the contraption he was holding on to, Anakin pulled up just in time to catch him.

"What took the two of you so long?" he asked.

"We couldn't find a car we both agreed on" Anakin replied.

We suddenly hit an odd like black hole and went spinning into the black hole, when we got out we were all lying flat on our back in the middle of a grassy field. I lifted myself up and saw a little village like thing.

"Kenobi you better take a look at this" I said.

"What could it be Zara?" Kenobi asked.

"I am not entirely sure" I replied.

"Anakin are you alright?" I asked as I was turning around to see that Anakin did not make it through the black hole.

"Um Kenobi Anakin didn't come through the portal?" I said.

"Oh dear this is not good!" Kenobi said.

A man with a long beard approached us and asked

"Who might you be?"

"I am Obi-Wan Kenobi and this is my Jedi partner Zara. May we ask you where we are?" Kenobi asked.

"Why, in Middle Earth of, course to be specific the Shire." The old man replied.

"Do you know where we might find shelter?" I asked.

"Come with me and we can have dinner at my friends house, Bilbo Baggins." The old man said