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Chapter Two – Letters of the Truth

Harry woke to the soft nuzzling of his new young black ferret. His new little one had burrowed under his sleeping shirt to get warm and sleep but was now up and hungry. Quietly Harry reached for the bottle and milk he set beside the bed on the nightstand. As he fed his little one, he glanced at the black metal watch that his aunt got him for his sixth birthday. He had only been able to keep it so he knew what time he needed to be up to cook his uncle and cousin's breakfast.

The clock read 11: 32 pm. He glanced over at his aunt sleeping peacefully beside him. She always spent the countdown to his birthday awake with him. She'll wake soon and go downstairs to make tea to help wake herself up before she grabs the small cake she baked for him. She'll grab whatever present she got him this year and bring everything up here to celebrate.

He smiled as he turned his attention back to his little one who just finished the rest of her milk and was settling down to sleep some more. He set the bottle back down on the nightstand and looked around the room. When it was just Petunia and Harry home they slept in the guest room together. He was always told she did that when he first came to live in the house. It helped with the nightmares he always had. As he got older Petunia could only hold and cuddle Harry when no one else was home.

A hiss pulled him from his thoughts. His beauty was glaring at him. "Master, you should be sleeping. It is not good if you stay up all night."

"I will go back to sleep in an hour or so. It's almost my 11th Birthday. Aunt Petunia and I celebrate at midnight every year." Harry explained to his beauty.

He turned to look at his aunt as her alarm went off. He turned his attention away to look at his beauty, who slithered from her spot on the bedside table to coil up on his chest next to his little one. Petunia left with a quick kiss on Harry's forehead as Harry looked at his beauty with a thoughtful expression.

"My beauty, I still need to give you a name. You and my little one both need names. Would you like to help me?"

"Yes, but nothing over the top. I want something simple as a name." She paused in thought for a moment. "And perhaps in a different language? Yes, I would like that."

"I'll think of some names then." Harry let a soft laugh out.

Harry and his beauty sat in silence watching the little one sleep. Petunia could be heard moving around downstairs in the kitchen for a couple minutes before the sound of footsteps on stairs met his ears. Petunia pushed the door open with her foot as her hands were full of things needed to celebrate Harry's 11th birthday. Petunia happily set a white square box down before setting plates, silverware, and two empty glasses. She gave Harry a look that he knew meant 'stay put' and swept out the room.

Harry laughed as he moved his little one and his beauty moved to curl up with her. He made his way over to the small table to set up for when his aunt came back. As he set the last fork in place she opened the door carrying two small wrapped packages and a jug of milk.

"Happy birthday, darling." She set her load on the table next to the white box. "I thought you might like something other than my old cakes this year."

Petunia opened the white box to show a six-inch round cake and three layers high. It had chocolate icing with the words 'My Harry' written in green on the top. Harry smiled brightly as she put the two 1 candles next to each other and lit them with a lighter she kept by the bedside.

"Make a wish and blow your candles out." Petunia urged him with a smile as the clock hit midnight and his watch beeped.

They just finished the cake when Petunia handed him one of the two packages. He opened it slowly to make his aunt wait in suspense. Inside he found new sketch pencils both in color and graphite. These pencils had a nice small wooden case stained black with silver hinges and flip lock. He ran his hand over the smooth top of the case only to feel light etchings that were snakes. Before he could give his gratitude he was handed the last package. He opened it to find two identical silver blades with black leather coverings. They weren't too long, about the length from his fingertips to his wrist. They were also lightweight perfect for throwing or close combat.

Petunia was smiling at him as he looked up to question her. "I like them but what are they for?"

Petunia's smile dimmed a little, "You will get your letter today. You will go to Hogwarts. I remember your mother telling me that the people in that world rely too much on magic. That is dangerous and I know as 'the boy who lived', people will come after you. I don't want you to have to only have your magic. You don't know how to use them but I also know you will learn quickly, as you always do." The last part was said with pride in her voice.

Harry was quick to nod. It made sense. He smiled as he set them gently to the side. They stayed up only 20 more minutes before Petunia pushed Harry back to the bed to sleep. Harry curled up with both his little one and his beauty to drift off to sleep to the sound of his aunt's humming as she cleaned up the small birthday mess.

Harry woke the next morning to his beauty poking him with her tail. He smiled hearing his aunt down in the kitchen cooking. Letting his beauty wrap around his wrist he grabbed his little one, putting her in his sweater's big pocket, and made his way out of the room, down the stairs, through the hallway (passing his cupboard on the way), and into the kitchen. The table was set for two and Petunia was setting the last of the eggs on the table.

"Aunty, I should get my letter today, right? When will we go to the Ally?" Harry asked opening the fridge to get the orange juice his aunt insisted he drink at least once a day.

"We'll go today. I remember when Lily went that it would be crowded, yes, but that will give you a chance to watch how others interact. I also remember that the shop that sells trucks can put a special charm on the trunk to make them small and invisible. We'll need that so you can keep it on you." Petunia sat the sausage down while Harry poured them both a glass of juice. They didn't speak as they enjoyed their meal together.

It wasn't until after breakfast was over and Harry was helping Petunia with the dishes that an owl knocked at the window in front of the sink. Petunia squealed happily as she opened the window to the gray barn owl. Harry carefully untied the letter, absentmindedly listening to his beauty complain about being too close to the bird, as Petunia grabbed a leftover sausage to feed to the bird as thanks. Harry smiled in amusement as Petunia started looking over his shoulder, waiting for him to open it.

Harry broke the seal on the heavy parchment. He pulled out the two parchments folded into the envelope, opened them, and started to read the first one out loud for his aunt's benefit

"Hogwarts School Witchcraft and Wizardry

Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore (Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc., Chf. Warlock, Supreme Wugwump, International Confed. of Wizards)

"I am not addressing him by all that." Harry point blank stated. Even Petunia thought all the added was too much, even for a letter.

"Dear Mr. Harrison James Evans Potter,

I am pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The items you need to bring are on the next page and I have taken the time to also place a list of stores that are best to go to for said supplies.

As the term starts September 1st, I expect your owl no later than August 1st. The Hogwarts Express leaves platform 9 ¾ at 9 am sharp. I hope to see you there.

Your godmother,

Minerva McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress"

"Lily once told me that the entire acceptance letter process was done by an enchanted quill. They all have a standard layout. This looks like she took the time to write your letter out personally. At least I know you will be well looked after while at that school." Petunia's smiled saddened. "Why were you not given to her to raise? Why were you not brought up in their world, your world?"

"Aunty, if I was raised by her I would have never met you. I love you and as much pain I go through by living here, I got you and would never give that up." Harry's eyes were hard with truth but soft with love. Petunia hugged her nephew tightly before letting go to wipe the tears that started forming in her eye.

Petunia turned away to put the last few dishes in the cabinets. "Go grab a paper and pen to say you're going to be there. Send it back with the owl before it leaves. We'll go to the ally after you get dressed for the day."

Harry smiled as he ran to do as he was told. He never heard his aunt bite back a sob in sorrow at the thought of the life he could have had, the life he should have had instead of the one he lived. He did wonder what his Godmother would be like though and if she would tell him more about his parents. His Aunt could only tell him so much about his father and he wanted to know more about his mother.


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