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*Streets of Iwa*

Kurotsuchi was walking like a zombie. Flabbergasted at the news she had just received; the boy she had fallen for had strange powers and was now a prime target for capture. In fact she was the supposed to be the leader of this little expedition to capture him…


"Kurotsuchi! You took your sweet damn time getting here!" yelled the sandiame Tsuchikage Osumi of both scales (called that because of her nature to fence sit in conflicts and try to maneuver for the best spoils with least effort when possible).

"Calm down you old gnome! Or else you'll throw out your back again!"

"What!? How dare you c- ARGH! My back!" Osumi declared after freezing mid sentence in her usual argument with her granddaughter. This incredibly typical scene was what Osumi's secretary walked into.

"Sandiame-sama, Suzumebachi has news she says is urgent. And shall I send for the chiropractor again?"

"Send her in. And schedule me an appointment with the chiropractor."


In came a worried and haggard looking Suzumebachi. This of course immediately got the attention of both since she had been sent on a simple (and rather insignificant) courier mission for a noble. "Report." The cold tone of Osumi rang out.

"Tsuchikage-sama, I-I-I saw an A rank rogue kunoichi and her lackeys get slaughtered!"

"…. So? This is a tough world. And a kunoichi's life isn't exactly meant to be very –" Osumi started in a displeased tone.

"But it was done by a man! Not only that but he had strange elemental powers!" Suzumebachi cut in.

"Explain from the beginning." Osumi replied in an interested tone. Thus Suzumebachi explained how her hornets were behaving oddly and it only worsened as she got closer to a spot deeper into the forest. So naturally wondering what could be disturbing her insects she investigated and found something (well someone) truly extraordinary. After describing his appearance Kurotsuchi realized that this was the same man she had run into on a previous mission to the outskirts of Tsuchi no Kuni. She had just finished said mission and was going to relax at a nearby hot spring when she bumped into him. Like a fated encounter in those 'romance' novels she secretly read. They talked for a bit and she agreed to go to his show that night where she became entranced by his music and started wishing to stay by his side for even just a bit longer. As she thought about this (this little trip down memory lane completely drowning out the conversation between Osumi and Suzumebachi) she realized that if this wasn't played right her man could be taken away from her for breeding! Or worse, killed off so no other nation could get a hold of him! She had to act quickly and make sure she could find him first to make sense of these odd feelings she's had for so long for someone she barely knew but ached to see again.

"I'll capture him!" she suddenly blurted out.

"Of course. Weren't you listening you airhead? You and Suzumebachi are to track him down and 'persuade' him that Iwa should be his new address. If not then we can't allow him to fall into enemy hands. This could spark a new war after all." Osumi then dismissed both of them after giving them other miscellaneous bits of needed information.

Xflashback endX

And so Kurotsuchi was aimlessly wandering around, wondering how she could protect this man who had stolen her heart. 'Wait, they can't do shit if I'm married to him thanks to the kunoichi laws here! All I have to do is snag him and make him mine! This is perfect! Don't worry my love, I'll be damned if I let some whore touch you!' Kurotsuchi thought with renewed vigor as she had her game plan ready.

*Suna, Temari's room in the Kazekage mansion*

The three Kazekage children were currently holding a serious meeting that would decide something very near and dear to their hearts; after they got Naruto to become part of Suna, who gets him first? Naruto had come up when a kunoichi returning from a mission in Oto no Kuni saw the battle at the waterfall, reported what she saw in a crazed flurry of words and of course the Kazekage ordered them to track him down and give him the pleasure of joining the forces of Suna. They agreed instantaneously. After all it was Naruto who managed to mend the once near permanently broken bonds between the sisters…

XflashbackX* 4 years ago, Suna playground*

Gaia was once again swinging by herself in the playground that instantly cleared the moment she was in view. 'Will I always be alone? Even Temari is starting to avoid me more and more…'

"Don't worry, mother is here child. All you have to do is feed me more blood from these fools who avoid you! It's what they deserve… Give in to the bloodlust… Give them the monster they want…"

'No! I am not the monster they think I am. I will never be! I'm just a normal girl…'

"Then why would they treat you like this? You are indeed a monster… Would mother lie to you? Now show them what a monster can do… Feed them to your sand…"

'Shutupshutupshutupshutupshutup!' Gaia desperately cried out while clutching her head. Recently these arguments with her 'mother' had become more frequent and if something didn't happen soon she may give in to these constant demands for blood…

"Excuse me, are you alright?" The sudden question completely caught her off guard. No one had purposely spoken to her in weeks and her sand usually responds immediately to anyone who even comes within a few feet of her. Gaia slowly turned her head and stared at the newcomer and for some odd reason felt her cheeks become warm. He was a decently tall for his age blonde boy in a worn traveling cloak with easily the most handsome face she had ever seen. She oddly wondered how much more handsome he would be in a few years (the thought making her red cheeks darken even more).

"Erm… who are you?"

"Ah, excuse me. My name is Naruto Uzumaki. And I saw you all alone and you looked troubled so I was concerned."

'Concerned?' Gaia incredulously thought. Someone was concerned about her! But even after nearly sealing herself off to the words and thoughts of others she still believed him. Why? She had just met him and yet… His voice also soothed her in ways she couldn't describe and made her 'mother' calm down and leave her be. Maybe she should try to talk further with him. It's not like she had anything else happening today besides being lonely. "I… I'm fine. My name is Gaia no Subaku. Wou-would you like to play?" she timidly asked and was at the same time bracing for the rejection, the fear, the disgust…

"Of course!" Naruto answered cheerfully with a bright smile. Gaia was momentarily stunned before allowing a real smile (admittedly a small one) show for the first time in possibly years.

Xflashback endX

Gaia would go on to spend the day with Naruto and even introduce him to her sisters Temari and Kanko. He somehow convinced them both to hang out with them and so bloomed something beautiful. He stayed for a week and promised to visit. And he would occasionally show back up in Suna and of course he would immediately hang out with the three sisters who all developed a deep seated love for him (helped along by his growing up and musical performances that he would put on whenever he visited). After the assignment of capturing him was given to them they discussed their feelings and came to the conclusion that sharing would be best. Now to hammer out the details on something they were all too happy to think on…

*Back with our Hero in Konoha, the Silver Leaf*

Naruto had just finished his set and was heading back to the dressing room, oblivious to the approaching storm. "What do we do? Naruto-kun is almost certainly the man from the waterfall! We can't just leave him alone…"

"I know Anko. One of us needs to go see Hokage-sama and inform her of this. I'll stay and keep an eye on him." Kasumi calmly replied.

"Why are you so calm about his return? I remember when he disappeared, you were a drunken wreck for a week" Kurenai asked in a surprised tone.

"Because I can be shocked and overjoyed later, right now we have to figure out a way to keep him here and find out everything. I will not lose him a second time." Kasumi said in her most serious tone.

"I'll go." Kurenai said as she quickly left, making sure to walk normally so no one knew she was incredibly aroused and that her panties were sticking to her uncomfortably because of this. Kasumi and Anko looked at each other and nodded while slowly getting up (having the same problem Kurenai did). They then turned towards the dressing room and came up with a way to deal with this.

"…. My god. Is that who I think it was!? Hinata! Tell me now!" Asahi said with a bit of franticness piercing her voice, a first for the normally stoic Hyuga head.

"Yeah nee-sama! This better not be some joke!"

"H-hinata-sama please explain what is going on!" Hanabi and Nejiko both stated rather forcefully. Hinata dredged up all her composure and explained the situation. After hearing the details the three Hyuga women slumped in their seats in astonishment and with an indescribable joy felt a bit of color enter their world again. Somehow all four family members knew instantly what they would do; bring Naruto into the Hyuga like they were trying to prior to his abduction.

"Let us go see Naruto-kun. It has been far too long since I have seen him and it would be rude not to congratulate him on such a splendid performance. Now where is he…" Asahi said while activating her byakugan and witnessing something she (like Anko, Kurenai and Kasumi before her) would revisit often in her times alone; Naruto undressing.

The sight stunned her and made her cheeks redden to a shade to make her daughter proud. A slight dribble of blood slowly fell from her nose as she stood there entranced.

"Asahi-sama/Okaa-sama?" the three younger Hyuga asked in confusion before turning on their byakugan's and looking in the same direction and of course suffering(?) the same fate.

"Asahi-sama! What are you doing?" asked an annoyed Kasumi.

"Yeah! That's no fair!" Anko cried out in indignation at not being able to ogle Naruto as well.

"Whaa-ergh *cough*. I do not know what you two are talking about. I am merely looking for Naruto-kun whom I have not seen in years. It would be rude not to say hello after all…" Asahi said while rather flustered. If it weren't for the current circumstances Anko and Kasumi would be secretly enjoying such a drastic change from the normal cold, uptight clan head.

"Riiiiiight. Then explain that." Kasumi deadpanned while pointing at the unconscious Hinata (who had a large nosebleed and a perverted smile plastered on her face), the gaping Nejiko who seemed to be trying her damndest to burn the images into her eyes for eternity and finally the atomic red Hanabi who kept muttering "onii-sama is so big onii-sama is so big onii-sama..." in a husky tone.

"They are simply enjoying the knowledge that a dear friend has returned." Asahi replied nonchalantly.

"Of course. So you won't mind if we go into his dressing room and speak to him would you? Okay, thanks." Anko stated and immediately started walking towards the dressing room. Her intentions betraying her as she uttered a soft perverted giggle.

"Stop!" yelled the three still conscious Hyuga's as they reluctantly tore their gaze away from the free show.

"We cannot allow you to intrude on Naruto-kun in these private moments. Have you no shame?" Nejiko nearly shouted

"Shame? I don't see how that gets me some sweet Naruto lovin' so it must not be important." Anko replied as she continued her walk. Although with her last comment said so proudly she attracted the attention of everyone in the room currently wanting some private time with our hero.

"""Is that soooo?""" was the combined reply.

"Yeah. It is. Problem?" Anko challenged while palming a kunai. 'goddammit Anko! We can't sneak in if you attract everyone's attention!' Kasumi thought angrily as she slowly inched her away closer towards the hallway that leads to the dressing rooms, if she could only get a good enough headstart she could grab Naruto and flee…

The atmosphere was turning incredibly violent and soon a massive fight would start. To the older crowd it felt as if they had stepped back in time to the days of the third great kunoichi war…

"A-a-ano, Naruto-kun left already…" the now recovered Hinata said while wiping away the blood from the nosebleed as she looked for her crush.




"""WHAT!?""" was the roar heard throughout Konoha that night.

*While everyone was preparing to fight and not paying attention*

"Lei, let's go grab Naruto-kun before anyone notices." Tenten whispered to Lei while Lei looked torn about such deception.

"But wouldn't such a tactic be most unyouthful?"

"Come on Lei! When else will we get this chance?"

"True… muuu… Geiru-sensei, what should we do?"

"Lei, my most youthful student, some decisions can only be made with your heart! So let your flames of Y-mghfrh" Geiru started but was quickly gagged with a pastry one of them ordered before she could give them away.

"Yosh! Thank you sensei! I shall follow my heart and go with Tenten!" Lei somehow shouted a whisper in her full display of exuberance. Geiru merely gave them a thumbs up as she was still unable to speak. "Let's go." And thus they went.

Luckily (or unluckily) for them they managed to sneak over and find Naruto as he was emerging from his dressing room. With speed gained from their intense training Lei and Tenten grabbed Naruto and spirited him away through the back door meant for employees.

*Streets of Konoha*

"Whoa, you two. Slow down." Naruto uttered as he was being dragged/carried by both of them. In their haste no one noticed an Anbu watching them intently and signaling her compatriots that the operation would soon commence…

*Roughly half an hour later, training ground 9*

"So why did both of you drag me out to an empty training ground?"

"B-because we wanted to spend some more time with you. Why? Do you not want to speak with us?" asked a flustered Tenten 'Why am I being rude? Bad Tenten. Don't be a tsundere.' A soft chuckle was heard as Naruto found a comfortable place to sit near a tree and promptly sat down. He then motioned both to join him near the tree.

"Now why wouldn't I want to speak with my dear Ten-chan and Lei-chan?" This unintended flirting served to fluster both Lei and Tenten as they sat down and immediately felt awkward. 'Muuuu... Geiru-sensei never instructed us on what to do in these types of situations… Yosh! I must increase my training so this does not happen again! Otherwise my flames of youth may suffer!' Lei thought to herself as she used her own thoughts to motivate her into saying something.


"Y-yes Lei-chan?"


"Y-You're welcomed? But why are you yelling Lei-chan?"

"I'M NOT YE-oof" Lei started before being roughly elbowed by an embarrassed Tenten.

"Inside voice Lei."

"B-b-but we're outs-"

"So Naruto-kun where did you get all those songs you sang tonight?"

"Tenten-chan is mean…" Lei dejectedly said as she rubbed her side.

"A few were given to me by other musicians and the rest I came up with myself."

"I-is that so. W-well you sang quite wonderfully. I'm glad you invited me*erm* us."

"Of course. Why wouldn't I want you to be there? What musician doesn't want the people they care for there to see them?"

"I-is that so. Heheheheh…"

"Tenten-chan is so cunning…" Lei finally said while staring at Tenten's face with a deadpanned expression on her usually over exuberant face.

"W-what are you talking about Lei? I'm just having a conversation with Naruto-kun." Tenten nervously said while averting her eyes. Lei merely continued staring at her intently while Naruto zoned out for a bit (he was confused on what was going on between the two and Kurama merely laughed at him when he asked for help).

Suddenly in a flash of movement Naruto jumped away from an Anbu who had tried to use ninja wire to bind him. When he looked at his two friends he saw them both unconscious and a safe distance away being tended by a medic kunoichi. As he analyzed his current situation he realized he was surrounded by at least half a dozen Konoha Anbu.

"Naruto-kun, we have been ordered by Hokage-sama to bring you in for questioning. Please do not resist, none of the Anbu here wish to hurt you after so long without seeing you." The leader of the group, a cat masked Anbu with long purple hair said.

"Neko-chan? It really has been too long. And I do not wish to hurt you either. So instead, allow me to show you something new. A taste of the Siren's Song…" Naruto said while trying to sound serious (yet instead hitting a mix of seductive and lustful). He took a deep breath and began to sing as his special chakra (a mix of both Kurama's and his with a dash of the ambient chakra in the environment) enveloped his vocal chords.

[Let me love you by Mario, although I cut off a few verses, you'll see why]

Baby I just don't get it
Do you enjoy being hurt?
I know you smelled the perfume, the make-up on his shirt
You don't believe his stories
You know that they're all lies
Bad as you are, you stick around and I just don't know why

If I was ya man (baby you)
Never worry bout (what I do)
I'd be coming home (back to you)
Every night, doin' you right
You're the type of woman (deserves good thangs)
Fistful of diamonds (hand full of rings)
Baby you're a star (I just want to show you, you are)

Suddenly the effects of this particular song took hold. Everyone within hearing range (and conscious) entered an entranced state and immediately saw the figure of Naruto, garbed in a fine tailored black suit with a deep red collared shirt, that hugged his chest tightly much to the joy of those being affected, singing privately to them and them only.

You should let me love you
Let me be the one to give you everything you want and need
Baby good love and protection
Make me your selection
Show you the way love's supposed to be
Baby you should let me love you, love you, love you

As he continued to sing this illusionary Naruto would come closer and closer to those listening, staring deeply into their eyes and caressing their faces with feather light touches that left the Anbu breathless and tingling with joy even as they felt their chakra being sapped and their consciousness starting to flicker out.

Your true beauty's description looks so good that it hurts
You're a dime plus ninety-nine and it's a shame
Don't even know what you're worth
Everywhere you go they stop and stare
Cause you're bad and it shows
From your head to your toes, Out of control, baby you know

If I was ya man (baby you)
Never worry bout (what I do)
I'd be coming home (back to you)
Every night doin' you right
You're the type of woman (deserves good thangs)
Fistful of diamonds (hand full of rings)
Baby you're a star (I just want to show you, you are)

Some of the Anbu with lower chakra reservoirs than the others started to lose consciousness as they felt themselves drift off into a blissful chakra replenishing sleep. Dreaming of the handsome blonde who only wished to show them the joys of love. Naruto's song would soon lull even the elite captain Neko to blissful sleep. The Anbu were at his mercy, none able to even put up token resistance as his song wore away at their defenses…

You should let me love you
Let me be the one to give you everything you want and need
Ooh Baby good love and protection
Make me your selection
Show you the way love's supposed to be
Baby you should let me...

*rumble rumble crack!* Suddenly a tree sprouted around the real Naruto during the ending verses, thus not completely knocking out the few Anbu left, and wrapped around him tightly enough so that he could breath but not inhale a breath deep enough to sing. Strangely to Naruto the wood in the tree also suppressed Kurama's chakra…

The Anbu who weren't unconscious immediately stood and got into defensive stances as they felt woozy from the huge amounts of chakra they lost.

"Good work Maya-chan. It seems your mokuton (wood release) is quite effective." Came the wizened voice of the sandiame Hokage, Hiruko Sarutobi. "Naruto-kun, I'm hurt. Why didn't you come by and say hello or maybe even invite me to your show?"

"You see Hokage-sama, I'm still not too happy about being kept out of the loop on several issues regarding my birth…" Naruto said in a cold tone that stabbed the old kunoichi's heart and brought a shiver to the Anbu listening.

*Cough* "I… see… How about we discuss this in my office?"

"….Alright. But no tricks." "Hey Naruto-kun, repeat exactly what I say…" "Excuse me, Maya-chan was it? Would you mind letting me go? Otherwise I fear what you may do whilst keeping me in this vulnerable state…" This comment served to immediately bring nosebleeds to the Anbu listening as they imagined the possibilities. Thanking the fact that her mask covered her face Maya released Naruto after getting the all clear sign from Hiruko. "Lead the way" And so this meeting was moved to the Hokage's office (Tenten and Lei being carried home by a few members of the back-up squad that arrived with the Hokage). In Naruto's mind Kurama was laughing her ass off as she realized the joke potential she had with the dense Naruto…

*An hour or so later, Hokage's office*

"… And that is the summarization of my time outside the village and my abilities. Questions?" Naruto said simply after digging through his memories once again to explain his circumstances (this time including more sensitive bits like knowing the kyuubi and his powers/some of his exploits).

"You certainly live a surprising life Naruto-kun. And I am sorry about keeping things from you. But I did it in the belief that is was for the best and can you honestly say that prior to the 'incident' six years ago that your life was truly horrible?"

*sigh* "No. I cannot say that my life was horrible prior to the incident. If anything I was very happy… Fine. I forgive you but it will be some time before I fully trust you again Hokage-sama."

"I understand. Which brings me to the next bit of unsavory news; I'm drafting you into the forces of Konoha."



"Yes. Nope."

"And what makes you think you can say no to a direct order from your Hokage?" Hiruko said with a bit of annoyance slipping into her tone.

"Simple, I allowed myself to be caught. And in the time we've been speaking I figured out the way to escape from Konoha…" Naruto said with a mischievous smile spreading across his face, inadvertently sending the hearts of the Anbu watching fluttering.

"You're lying."

"Whether I am or am not is immaterial. Can you really take the risk of my escape?" Naruto taunted in a playful tone that reminded Hiruko that Naruto has always been more than meets the eye…

"Then how else can I get you to join Konoha?" Hiruko asked, finally relenting to the handsome blonde.

"Well, I could be a hired mercenary. To be sent only on special missions and paid well while still being able to perform. Along with having a bit of protection. I would really rather not be kidnapped to be raped and experimented on for the rest of my life." Naruto suggested calmly.

"Hmm… Deal. Now to draw up a contract."

"No need. I just happened to have a contract right here for times such as these." Hiruko reluctantly accepted the contract and after looking it over thoroughly, signed it. "Thank you. Oh! And I lied. I have no idea how to break out of Konoha without serious injury or being hunted down relentlessly and more than likely being captured. Goodnight Hokage-sama." Naruto said happily as he left.

"…. That fucking fox certainly chose well when it comes to a pupil." Indeed, Hiruko lamented, certainly more than meets the eye.

*The next day, mid morning, the council room with only the Kunoichi council and advisors present*

"Why was this meeting called so suddenly? I was in the middle of brunch with my fellow clanswomen." Said a rather irritated Choko Akimichi.

"I know. I was finally able to find a place to nap freely without Yoshino waking me up and sending me on errands. So troublesome…" Sighed the ever lazy Nara clan head Shikiko.

"Calm down girls. It has to be important. And you never know this could be interesting." Inoko Yamanaka said happily.

"You're just happy that this got you out of working the morning shift at your flower store Inoko-chan. Right Mikoto-chan?" The voice of Tsume Inuzuka cut in as she started getting a little antsy keeping still (being interrupted in the middle of combat training she was dressed in rather revealing grey sweats that clung quite closely to her body due to sweat; her curvy figure being showcased to all and accentuating her feral sexuality).

"Hmm? Sorry Tsume-chan I was thinking on the errands I need to run after this." Mikoto answered back (she and her daughter Satsuki had been spared in the Uchiha massacre by her eldest daughter Izumi seven years ago).

"Quiet. This meeting is about to commence." Said Hiruko as she finally entered and sat in her chair. "Now, I've called you all here because as of today Konoha has a new member included in her forces. And-"

"Hokage-sama, what is so important about a single kunoichi being added to our forces?" Danieru Shimura cut in rudely.

"If you had let me finish Danieru you would know why this is so important. Now please, shut it. The reason I called this meeting is twofold; to announce that our long absent ball of sunshine Naruto Uzumaki has returned…" Immediately each member of the Kunoichi council felt a wave of joy wash over them.

"Where is he?" shouted an excited Tsume.

"What has he been up to these past 6 years?" Asked the brightly smiling Shikiko.

"Where is he staying?" asked a red faced Asahi (who was still kicking herself for not being able to extend the invitation to stay at the Hyuga compound).

"How handsome is he?" Asked a giggling Mikoto and Inoko in unison.

"Can we see him?" Asked an incredibly hopeful Shibiru Aburame. At this everyone turned to the now slightly blushing Shibiru. It was odd to hear her speak in a tone other than neutral. In fact this might be the most emotion the council have heard from her in years…

"Calm down, I brought up his return because all your questions will be answered. Now onto the second piece of business, I have decided to bring Naruto into our forces as a mercenary." Dead silence greeted this announcement for several moments until…

"""WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING?""" came the roar of all the kunoichi councilors.

"We lost him once! But Kami-sama has seen fit to give him back to us and you want to throw him into combat!?" yelled an enraged Tsume with many councilors nodding their heads forcefully in agreement.

"You would force dear sweet Naruto-kun to face the horrors of the kunoichi life? Why!?" yelled an incredibly displeased Mikoto.

"He should be living his life as a house-husband! Not wallowing in death!" cried Choko with many councilors agreeing and secretly plotting to ensure that the house he's living in is in their clan compounds...

"ENOUGH." Shouted the now incredibly annoyed Hiruko with a healthy dose of killer intent to be sure she had their attention (being shouted down without being able to explain oneself tends to lead to anger). "Okay then. Now that everyone is calm, the reason for this is because it seems that Naruto has developed some rather extraordinary gifts…" Hiruko then went on to give a brief summary on Naruto's skills.

The councilors were of course deeply shocked and viewing Naruto in a new light. His potential to aid Konoha was absolutely outstanding… And if they could convince him to restart the Uzumaki clan or even create his own unique clan then… *cue nosebleeds from several councilors who realized what Naruto's future may hold*

"How will we classify Naruto-kun?" asked an intrigued Shikiko.

"He will work alongside jonin and chunin level kunoichi on missions that would suit his skills. He may even work as an ambassador from time to time since he has the linguistic skill and charm to deal with political situations."

"I see. Will we be able to see his skills firsthand?" Shibiru asked with once again a tint of hope in her voice.

"Yes. In fact we are about to go and see Naruto face off against some of our more skilled kunoichi in order to fully gauge his skill level. If there are no more questions, then let us depart for the training ground." Hiruko finished and then stood as she was making her way out. The entire council then proceeded to excitedly get up and follow Hiruko. An air of anticipation suddenly descending on them as they wondered what they would see…

"Danieru. You've been strangely silent this entire time. Is there something the matter?" one of the advisors, Koharu Utatane, asked. "It's fine. I was just thinking on what interesting things will come of this." Danieru simply said as she calmly headed to the training ground. 'Hmm, I will need young Naruto on my side… but how to do so? Sai has ripened into quite the beauty, maybe she can be of use when not watching the Uchiha heir…'


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