"Dear Harry,

WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?! Do you have any idea how worried we were when we found out you were gone and half your trunk was empty?!

On that note, congrats for putting Moody and Moony into total freak out mode. It was pretty damn funny...listening to Molly's rant, not so much.

Anyway, I'm glad to hear you're fine. Bit surprised you had this set up, but I can live with that. What's this school like? Any hotties there (nudge, nudge, wink, wink)?

Send me some info whenever you can...I'm bloody bored here!


"Sirius, you are bloody hopeless.

That being said, please enjoy these pictures I had the photography club print out for me of my classmates. I think the blue haired one is a Veela, or close to something like it. The pink haired one is named Moka, and she's a vampire.

I absolutely love it here at the Academy...no one looks twice at me or expects me to be some sort of magical prodigy. In fact I haven't had to deal with a Malfoy in days, and I love it! I have this roommate who DOESN'T SNORE! I may never leave here!

The classes are a bit weird, but they're infinitely more interesting than the ones at Hogwarts.

Hope to hear from you soon,


P.S. No, I will not get you more photos."

Sirius took one look at the photos and started drooling.

"That is one lucky bastard..." said Sirius.

"What do you have there Padfoot?" asked Remus.

"Harry sent me pictures of his new classmates. He said he thinks Blue girl is a Veela or something close to it."

Every single girl in the photo was either cute, hot or just plain attractive.

Remus stared.

"Sirius, those look like..."

"He said it wasn't a human school and Pinkie is a vampire."

"Where exactly did he say he was attending?" asked Remus.

"He said he won't tell me because he doesn't want Dumbledore to try and drag him back. Frankly I agree, with hotties like these he shouldn't come back."

Unknown to them, Ron was around the corner listening in.

Harry was heading out before Tsukune, and he happened to noticed something odd. A light purplish-blue haired girl was watching him.

"Can I help you with something?"

She mumbled something and Harry noted that Hedwig didn't mind landing on her. Quite the opposite in fact.

He walked closer and heard her request. Apparently she had figured out he was a wizard and needed help getting her room to cool down.

"So you want the same spells I had put on Hedwig's post? Sure, I can do that after classes. What's your room number?"

She smiled and he didn't stop grinning.

After classes that day he learned her name. Mizore. She got along great with Hedwig, which was all he cared about since Hedwig rarely got along with anyone who didn't treat her owner well.

"So Tsukune, why is the Veela girl following you like a love sick puppy?" asked Harry later.

Said girl looked mortally offended.

"I'm not a Veela!"

"Sorry, but you give off a similar vibe that Fluer and her sister gave off. Veela is the closest thing I could think of."

"Why you..." she growled.

"Just to be clear, I'm immune to your little aura. Hell, Fluer commented on how odd it was that I wasn't affected by her's."

"You jerk! How dare you compare me to those two-bit tramps! I am nothing like those fire breathing harpies!" she yelled.

"Chill out!" said Harry backing up. Angry females was never a good thing. It only meant pain for the men.

Hermione had taught him that by the way she took out Ron. And the way Lavender and Parvati dealt with Seamus and Dean's peeping on them. Well, let's just say Gryffindor was filled with perverts and there was a reason most of the girls never tried to maul him aside from his looks.

Harry was essentially one of the extremely rare males in the dorms who didn't look at girls like they were eye candy and instead treated them like people. The fact he had a healthy respect (read fear) of them worked to his advantage.

Kurumu looked ready to geld him for that comment. Too bad for her a freezing cold hand grabbed her shoulder before she could act on it.


Mizore, the snow girl Harry helped earlier, looked at tad annoyed. Harry's payment for making her room more tolerable had surprised her, but she had agreed anyway.

All he asked in exchange for a few cooling spells was that she be his friend, since the only people he knew were Moka and Tsukune. Since he didn't mind the fact that the room dropped several degrees around her, she didn't mind behind his friend. Besides, she really liked Hedwig. The owl reminded her of home.

Harry decided to defuse the situation another way. Bribery.

It was worked wonders on the girls of Gryffindor.

"I can get you some good hair and skin care products from outside," he said quickly.

It wasn't that hard, and he had seen a few magically run stores on his shopping spree. He had already worked out a long standing order with a bookstore to stay up to date on his manga.

Kurumu paused in her attempts to geld the wizard.

"What kind are we talking about?"

"The good stuff," said Harry.

"We talking name brand here?" asked Kurumu. All the school had was generic and even the most expensive brand wasn't that good.

Harry nodded quickly. He could live with helping her get name brand hair and skin products.

"Get me those products and I'll forgive that Veela comment," she said.


Harry noted the looks Mizore was giving him.

"I can get stuff for you too if you want."

Mizore nodded with a satisfied look on her face. She could already tell that she liked Harry...he was friendly and open and didn't look down on her.

"Sorry I'm late!" said Moka.

"By the way, if you're not...well you know, then what are you?"


"Ah. Sorry for the mistake. I've never encountered one before so that's probably why I mistook you for one."

"What the hell are you anyway? Most monsters never encounter Veela except goblins, and you sure as hell aren't one!"

"Oi, don't insult the goblin clans. They are rather nice so long as you don't mind the fact they are greedy. Anyway, I am classed as a monster otherwise I wouldn't have been let in here."

"Oh please...they are spiteful people who only think about gold. Anyway the only monsters I know of that are in regular contact with Veela and goblins are..."

Harry, in a fit of evil inspiration, charmed Kurumu's hair the exact same shade of pink as Moka's.

"Look Moka, it's your long lost twin!" he said.

Moka covered her mouth in a bid to hide her laughter. It served the Succubus right for trying to take Tsukune from her! She wasn't very successful.


Tsukune gave her a mirror. Why he had that on him, Harry had no idea.

"YOU LITTLE! This is why people hate witches!" snarled Kurumu.

"...You do realize I'm a guy right?" said Harry amused beyond reason.

"I don't care! The only species who interact with goblins and veela are witches! They barely rank as monsters anyway!"

"What's the big deal?" asked Tsukune.

"Ano...Witches are considered half-breeds by monsters because they can blend in with humans, yet don't have a real monster form. Most monsters can't stand them," said Moka.

"And the irony here is that I'm a half blood, so the term applies to me twice," grinned Harry.

"Any way most monsters dislike them because they're neither human nor monster, but halfway between both," said Moka.

"Back in the Dark Ages witches were hunted down because of their ability to use magic. But very rarely did it ever work, because by that time they had successfully created a flame freezing charm that just tickles you when you were set on fire," said Harry.

He sighed. Well at least here they wouldn't bother him about being able to use magic. Plus he had yet to run into the bias that he felt back home about non human creatures.

"Wow Harry, you got second place!" said Tsukune.


Tsukune pointed at the midterm board. Harry had no idea what Midterms were, only that they reminded him of his finals at Hogwarts.

"So who got first?" asked Harry. He went up and found the first place.

"Yu-ka-ri Sen-do... Who's that?"

"I don't know. I don't think she's in our class..." said Tsukune.

"Tsukune! Harry!" Moka called out.

"Konnichiwa, Moka-san!" said Harry. He was getting better at Japanese without the charm.

"Wow Harry-kun! You got second?"

"They weren't that hard. Staying awake during history was the hardest part..." said Harry embarrassed. His eyes were turned when he heard a commotion. A younger student (which baffled him since he thought only fifteen or older could apply) was being ganged on by three others. He watched as she twitched what he could only assume was a wand (though it looked beyond ridiculous and reminded him of some magical girl toy) and caused three washbins to crash on the other three.

"Oi! What do you think you're doing, harassing a kid like that?" said Harry loudly.

"None of your concern brat," sneered the one with the armband.

"It is my concern, because only the lowest form of scum would gang up on a child," said Harry coldly. His right hand twitched, and a slim wooden stick appeared. He wasn't afraid to hex them sideways for bullying a kid.

They backed off when Moka, Tsukune and Mizore backed him up.

"Che. This isn't over Sendo!"

"Eh? Sendo? As in the one who got first place?" said Harry in surprise.

"Um...Thanks Potter-san," said the little girl. She was either cosplaying as a witch, or she was a witch. Harry decided to take a gamble on it.

"Not a problem, Sendo-san. After all, it's the job of the sempai to take care of their kohai's," grinned Harry. Thank Merlin for that translation charm!

"But we're in the same year!" said Sendo surprised.

"You're not the only one who can cast real magic here!" grinned Harry, holding up his wand. She gaped as she processed what he was saying.

It seemed Sendo had figured out Harry's real message. He was a witch too, albeit of a different class.

"Sempai, arigato!" said Sendo, tackling him in a hug.

Harry patted her on the head with a grin...it was like having a younger sister. It seemed Yukari had very few friends, so having someone stand up for her was a novelty.

"So Yukari-chan, do you have a familiar yet?" asked Harry as he sat down across from Moka and Tsukune.


"Would you like to meet mine? She's a bit overprotective, but she can tell good people from bad in a heartbeat!" said Harry proudly.

"Neat!" said Yukari. She absolutely adored Harry because not only was he like her, but he was super nice to her!

"In fact... Here she comes now with Mizore-chan," said Harry.

Mizore had a stalkerish personality, but Harry overlooked it because she didn't mind hanging out with him after classes. Hedwig, in an effort to enjoy the cold that Mizore exuded without trying, tended to sit on her shoulders whenever possible. It was an arrangement the two could agree to.

"Hedwig!" Harry called out. She took off from Mizore's shoulder and flew to his hand.

"So pretty! Can I hold her?" asked Yukari.

Hedwig gave her a long look before walking onto the girl's hand. It was an odd feeling of those sharp claws on her hand, but Hedwig made no move to attack.

"So sempai, who taught you magic?" asked Yukari. Hedwig was loving the way the girl stroke her feathers.

"I went to Hogwarts. Dead boring," said Harry.

"EH!? Hogwarts, as in the most premier magical school in all of Europe?! I thought it was super hard to get in there!"

"Not really. I've been going there since I was eleven, but I never really liked it there. For a premier school it barely has any decent classes. Frankly I like it here better."

While Yukari bugged Harry for details about Hogwarts, Tsukune and Moka were enjoying their lunch.

Tsukune stalked up to Harry two days later, eyebrows twitching. Yukari was out of control! She kept hitting him with random objects simply because he was friends with Harry and Moka! It was driving him nuts!

"Oh dear. She's harassing you just because we hang out?" said Harry.

"Moka refuses to do anything! She seems to think Yukari needs protecting from being punished at all."

Harry shook his head.

"I really pity whoever marries her. When she has kids, they are going to beyond spoiled rotten... Don't worry, I'll deal with this."

Harry debated on whether to put his broom away, since he had planned to fly around later. Instead he opted to shrink it so he could fly later.

"Point Me Yukari..." said Harry, holding his wand.

It jerked towards the southeast, and the signal wasn't that great.

"...Why is she so far off the grounds? The swamp is really misty there!" asked Harry to himself. He looked to Tsukune.

"Tsukune-san, you get Moka and take her to the swamp area to the south east. I think Yukari got into some trouble," said Harry.

"You got it!" said Tsukune.

Harry took off on his Firebolt, heading to the swamp area. Soon he found his suspicions correct as Yukari was backed into a corner by others from her class.

"Yukari-san, look out!" he yelled loud enough for her to hear. Yukari spotted him and her jaw dropped. She got away from the tree she was backed against enough for him to grab her by the waist.

"You alright Yukari-chan?" asked Harry. Her wand was snapped in half and the three jerks who brought her there had already transformed.

"Get lost freshman! This doesn't concern you!" snapped the leader of the trio.

"It does when you gang up on someone younger than you! Besides... Wizards and Witches stick together!" Harry sneered right back.

"I should have known you were a Witch. Why else would you willing hang out with that brat?"

"Hey! Leave Yukari-chan alone!" said Moka, running towards the group. Behind her was Tsukune and Kurumu.

Harry took initiative. This was his chance to work out some misplaced aggression. So he kicked their teeth it by flying in low on his broom with his legs extended.

The force and velocity combined with his added strength just barely did the trick as they howled in pain.

"You little...!" snarled the leader.

He was taken out by an angry Moka, who's rosario had been removed by Tsukune.

"You okay Yukari?" asked Harry.

She nodded with tears in her eyes. She would have to replace her wand, but that was a small price to pay.

Harry was about to sit down when he was tackled by a small body.

"Harry-nii, I love you!" said Yukari.