this has nothing to do with the story i'm currently writing but felt like making this quick one-shot after playing Candy Crush (u know this game . it even came out in the news as the most addicting game ever and they even gave some cheats for it). if u don't know about this game... may God help u...

Loonatics Unleashed belong to the Warner Bros Studio, not...the warner brothers and sister...

Tech was sitting in his lab all by himself after finishing one of his latest inventions and was waiting for Ace and Rev to come down to check it out. He was kind of bored and started to search the web for some game to entertain himself with, upon coming to Candy Crush.

'This seems kind of promising,' he thought to himself. he shrugged it off and stated playing. He finished some of the levels fairly quickly and started getting into level 10 and it started getting difficult each time. He kept passing the levels with ease until he got to level 20 and it got harder and harder. he was so into the game that he didn't realize that the elevator had sounded and that Ace and Rev had gone into his lab.

'Darn you, jellies,' Tech thought, his nose still into the game. Ace and Rev were behind him, now watching what he was doing.

"Eh, what's up, Tech? Ya didn't here us knockin' in," Ace said, startling the coyote and making him jump a bit out of his seat.

"Ace! Uh... n-nothing. j-just playing some random game while waiting for you guys to come down," Tech stuttered a bit from his surprise of them being all ninja like on him (i use this term a lot in real life cause i am practically a ninja at a lot of people XD)

"oh-what-game-were-you-playing-it-seems-fun-can-I- try-it-it's-Candy-Crush-i-heard-about-this-game-it 's-considered-the-most-addictive-game-in-Acmetropo lis-I-actually-have-the-game-on-my-phone-I'm-on-le vel-34-it-gets-so-hard-with-having-to-break the-chocolate-before-it-blocks-the-way-for-other-c andies-and-" Rev rambled on until Tech grabbed his beak.

"We get it, Rev. It's a very entertaining game. you don't have to explain every detail about it," Tech said, irritated by Rev's rambling.

"I have da game too on my iPod 300. I think so does Lexi and Duck. I'm not quite sure about Slam though. He might want to eat his device later on after seeing the candy so much," Ace explained. Tech was actually kind of surprised by this.

"Seriously? So it IS true that this game is pretty addictive."

"Yeah. apparently it was even popular back in the 21st century with humans on some social network called Facebook or something." Tech had to take this into consideration. he wasn't just about to get addictive to this game but that a lot of people throughout the centuries had been addicted to this online game that really was nothing but entertainment for people when they were bored.

"So-what-was-the-new-invention-you-wanted-to-show- us-Tech?"

"Oh, it over this way," Tech snapped out of his thoughts and got up from his seat over to his workbench where his invention was laying on the cool, metal steel table. 'I guess I'm not the only one addicted to this game.'

This goes to show that even the Loonatics can withstand the power of Candy Crush XD and it's pretty much true because all the people i talk to have atleast hear of and know what this game is about and probably tried playing it once. my whole family is an example of people addicted to this game XD

Again, this has nothing to do with my story. i just felt like writing a quick one-shot about this game and what the Loonatics would think about this game.

until next time, sayanara (don't know if it's spelled correctly BP)