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The pain was unbearable. The torture wouldn't stop. His agony was visible to all of the shocked onlookers. He reached out a trembling hand to try and grasp his reality so he could tear it away. He was almost a broken man, reduced to staring blankly while on his knees.

"Oh my god Naruto just get up!"


"Closed for 5 days. Seriously Naruto, you knew that Teuchi and Ayame were going on a vacation so why are you suddenly shaken up?"

"No...ramen...five...days..." Naruto kept muttering the same words over and over like a mantra, driving himself further into his already depressed state. He cast a sad gkance to his side and was greeted by the sight of his son in the same state as he was. Sakura could feel the vein in her forehead beginning to throb as her temper was beginning to reach the critical levels that triggered her famous, or rather infamous, beatings.

"Naruto, I swear to god if you don't drag your sorry ass off of the ground then you're going to be the first person to go to the moon! Got it?!" The anger and annoyance in her voice was more than enough to make Naruto shoot to his feet, his son following suit. They both sweated bullets as Sakura began to close the distance between them. She slowly lifted an open hand towards Naruto's cheek as he mentally and physically prepared to fly.

'Here it comes!' He cringed in fear until he felt the hand rest against his cheek.

"See, much better." The sing-song tone to her voice caused Naruto and Hotaru to visibly relax. Both father and son began to calm down as Sakura damn near skipped away. She only stopped long enough to hold out her hand which Naruto immediately took in his own, thinking of walking home slowly. However, Sakura had different plans as she dragged him home with a vice-like grip on his hand. Hotaru had a sudden feeling when he came into sight of the house. He rushed forward and tried the door only to find it was locked. It was the same for every window and door. He returned back to the front door and noticed a note.


You are staying at the Uchiha's for the rest of the week. Our reason are our own.


Mom and Dad

'Great' Hotaru, after waiting for awhile, realized that his parents were quite serious and began dragging himself towards "Uncle" Sasuke's house, the Uchiha Complex, for a week away from home.

"Oh Naruto!" Naruto gulped as he turned around before his jaw almost hit the floor. Sakura had shed the cherry blossom kimono and stood in her bra and panties.

"Our son is gone for the week. Do you know what that means?" Sakura walked towards him while seductively swaying her hips.

" I don't." Naruto's voice completely broke when she had grabbed him "there" as the blonde would always say. She leaned forward on her tip toes to whisper in his ear.

"It means your stuck with your sex crazed wife. For one. Whole. Week." She slowly walked towards the room, stay swaying her hips, before she turned around and motioned him forward with a single finger. He followed like a lost dog as he furiously wiped away the massive nose bleed.

'I guess this isn't THAT bad.' He grinned at his thoughts as he slammed the door.

Hotaru knocked on the Uchiha's door as he stood soaking wet. Leave it to his luck that he got locked out right as it started raining. He went to knock again when Misaku threw open the door. Hotaru couldn't help but run his eyes over his crush and team mate. He blushed slightly before he heard her cry out.

"HOTARU! What are you doing here?" The female Uchiha questioned as she hugged him and dragged him inside. His blush and darkened by about 20 different shades of red before it settled on making him look like he had just ate the hottest food ever created. Hotaru, like his father, had an unnaturally innocent nature which made most girl's "advances" on him pretty futile. He usually got the message when they weren't even trying to disguise the flirting. However, to their dismay, he would always turn them down. You see, another trait that he inherited from his father seemed to run in the family. That trait was falling in love with someone at a young age. Combine that with the Uzumaki's fierce sense of loyalty and you've got every woman's dream. Sadly for the woman of Konoha, the newest "Dream Boy" already had his heart set on the young Uchiha that was currently tugging him into her house.

By the time he was dragged to the living room the entire Uchiha family had gathered there after hear Misaku say (or rather yell) Hotaru's name. He seen the questions already forming in Ino's head as he came into view. The former Last Loyal Uchiha sat with the unreadable expression on his face. Well it would be unreadable if Hotaru didn't know what to look for. He seen the miniscule twitch at the corner of Sasuke's mouth which either meant he was happy to see the young Uzumaki or he was laughing at said Uzumaki's condition. The most likely was probably a little of both. Finally he glanced at his best friend who was the closest thing Hotaru had to a brother. His green eyes locked with Riku's black eyes and Hotaru thought he seen a flicker of something strange in his friend's eyes. He quickly thought it over, while thanking his luck luck for inheriting his mother's logical mind (besides for the few quirks thanks to his father), and came to the conclusion that...well...nevermind, he couldn't find the answer. He stopped worrying when Riku burst into a fit of laughter.

"Wh-what!" He finally got out through his fits of giggling and laughing.

"What do you mean?" Hotaru asked before he realized that he was soaked. "Oh this? This isn't that much water at all. I just look..." His terrible attempt at lying had been cut short when he tried to move only to be rewarded with the sounds of soggy clothing and squishy shoes emanating from his clothing. Riku had a field day with that one, although he deserved it considering Hotaru, like his father, had a masterful way with words. The rumour was that Naruto and Hotaru were able to talk a caravan of merchants into giving them their wares for free only to have the blonde duo sell them back to the same people at double the cost. They gave the money back and explained that Kakashi had bet them they couldn't do it. Needless to say Kakashi was still buying Team 7 their ninja tools and was occasionally seen in the Hokage's office doing the paperwork when Naruto didn't want the headache from dispelling the Shadow Clones he usually left.

Hotaru let Riku have his fun. At the 15 minute mark, Riku had spread his contagious laughter onto his mom and sister while Sasuke gave an amused smirk. However, after another 20 minutes of hearing the constant puns he could easily say that the joke was dead. Another 10 minutes and the dead joke was a metaphorical bloody past after being beaten with a metaphorical stick. Of all people, it was Sasuke who finally bopped his son on the head to shut him up. Riku, even after the unspoken warning, still struggled to suppress his mirth, although only the occasional snicker made it out.

"So what brings you here Hotaru?" Ino entered her Interrogation Mode that he had seen the blonde use on his mom to squeeze the information from his mom. He gulped knowing that it wouldn't take long to make him sing his deepest, darkest secrets while wearing a thong if she wanted to. Hell she could make him do all of that while walking above the Leaf on a tightrope. He decided that it would be MUCH better if he just answered the questions.

"Well, Dad had brought Mom and me out to a nice dinner. Afterwards we had went for a walk through the village. We came across the Ichiraku Ramen bar and noticed a sign saying that it was closed for the week. So like any normal Uzumaki we had a breakdown in public. That made Mom REALLY angry but something happened that caused Mom to suddenly crush Dad's hand in hers while she dragged him home. When I got there all of the doors and windows were locked and there was a note telling me to stay here for the week." Hotaru didn't know why Ino had a mischievous twinkle in her eyes when he told her everything was locked but he had a feeling that his mom was in for one hell of a time next week.

"Well Billboard Brow, I guess you wanted to be a little spontaneous...for a whole week...Damn girl!" Ino sounded crazy to the green eyed blonde but he just shrugged it off.

" you mind if I stay here?" Hotaru looked at Ino who just nodded her head at him while thinking of something else. He jumped up and thanked the dazed blonde before he ran to the Uchiha's indoor hot spring (lucky bastards) so he could relax and get nice and warm. Maybe this week wouldn't be so bad after all.

Shiro watched Rykuga as he made his way to Naruto's house to deliver the full mission report. They had never told him about Nabitora and Akiko because they had decided it would be better to deliver the news in the report. They still didn't know where the duo was and just listed them as MIA in the report. Shiro waited for Rykuga to reach the market place before he pulled his hood over his head. There was no need to show his appearance to everyone. Once Rykuga reached the fruit stall near the center, Shiro leapt into action.

Rykuga felt the pair of eyes on him as he was walking. He hated the feeling that ran down his neck every time he was being watched. As he reached the fruit stall he felt an explosion of chakra rip through the area as it was violently released from its' confines as it was suppressed. The surprisingly powerful man launched into action and moved rapidly in his direction. Rykuga hit the ground as a blade passed right where his neck had just been. Sure Rykuga could have just let himself be decapitated and then regrow as two separate versions of himself but he was trying to get better at evading. Part of the reason was also because, even though he could regenerate, it still hurt a LOT. Seriously, you go chop off a limb and see how it feels. (Ok please for the love of god DO NOT ACTUALLY DO THAT! I claim no responsibility if someone is stupid enough to do that.) Rykuga spun on the ground and lashed out a leg to sweep out his opponent's feet. The green cloaked man leapt into the air as the feet passed under him. He continued his forward momentum until he was above Rykuga's head before he smashed his feet into the ground. Rykuga barely had enough time to roll out of the way as the feet connected with his head's former resting place, causing a 5 foot crater to form. Rykuga quickly flipped to his feet and put some distance between the mysterious fighter and himself.

"Who are you?!" Rykuga called out as he began to form a few hand signs.

"Don't you recognize my voice?"

"I have no idea who you are or what you want but I'm going to stop you before you hurt anyone in this village!" Rykuga quickly glanced around as he checked to see if the citizens had evacuated the area. 'Good they got away.' He refocused his attention back on the unmoving figure.

"That hurts my feelings-" he appeared in front of Rykuga's still moving hands and he grabbed each one, effectively canceling the jutsu, "-cousin."

The hood feel away to reveal the strangely colored eyes. One white and one black.

Hotaru let himself slide into the hot, relaxing water as he felt the heat travel through his chilled bones. The water rippled slightly as the ground shook slightly.

'Mom and Dad must be training. Oh well, I plan on staying for the whole week just like they wanted.' The blonde sighed contently with his reason as he quickly dismissed the faint explosion with same reason. He tuned out everything else as he let the blissfully warm water drain all of the care from him. He didn't notice the sound of people rushing around in the house. He just sunk even deeper until he was forced to breathe through his nose.

"This feels gre- GAH!" He instinctively jumped up when the door was thrown open. The water barely covered the lower half of his body but he didn't care. He quickly summoned two kunai from the seals tattooed on his wrist and waited for the person to charge through the door. Imagine his surprise when Misaku rushed in while yelling over her shoulder at her dad. Hotaru had no time to react.

"I'M GETTING HIM" Her voice turned to a squeak when she had glanced at Hotaru. Although they were all 12 they were advanced beyond their years. In Misaku's case it was both physically and mentally advanced. Her brother was the same and she could now throw Hotaru in that category too. His lean frame disguised the very powerful muscles making him look fast and muscular but not to the point of bulging veins, just some definition to his arms and chest. On the other hand, his stomach sported a perfect six pack. She followed the trench in between the muscles before they tapered off to be concealed under water. She felt the mother of all blushes flame to life on her cheeks.

'HOLY SHIT HE'S HOT!' She then mentally slapped herself. 'Of course he is. He's the son of Naruto Namikaze Uzumaki after all. And let's not forget about his mom, Sakura Haruno Uzumaki. But still... if only we were a few years older. The things I...' She stopped THAT train wreck VERY fast as she felt her blush consume her face. 'He's my team mate for God's sake!' Her mind betrayed her with a damn good counter-argument that she heard but quickly ignored it: 'Naruto and Sakura were on the same team too.'

Misaku suddenly realized that she was staring and shook her head slightly as she let out a shaky breath.

Hotaru noticed Misaku's mega-blush form all over her face and then disappear quite fast as until it was only a slightly pink hue to her cheeks. She let out what was either a shaky breath or a sigh as she slightly averted her eyes so he could get out and cover himself. He quickly complied to the unspoken order as he was thinking.

'She was blushing pretty hard. Does that mean she likes me?! Wait...she could have just been embarrassed. We are 12 after all. But we ARE shinobi so we could be considered adults right now. Oh man this is SO DAMN CONFUSING!' He let out a frustrated sigh at his rampant brain's thoughts. He cleared his throat to signal that it was ok to look again.

Misaku turned her head and froze again.


His waist and upper thighs were wrapped tightly in the small towel. She tried to ignore the bump in the towel at his waist but her eyes took in the legs which, like the arms, were lean and somewhat defined which completed the "stalking predator" look that both father and son were famous for among the female population. Hotaru and Riku both had massive fan clubs chasing them around but both acted oblivious to it. Ok so one acted oblivious while thd other truely didn't know.

'Oh come on Hotaru!' She mentally whimpered at how low the towel was as it clung to his legs and lean waist.

'Yup it's official: I am a pervert.' Misaku hoped that she was a pervert. She didn't know if she was ready to accept what the alternative was. She was viciously yanked from her thoughts as she heard her father approaching.

'Shit if he sees Hotaru like that then Konoha is going to lose an Uzumaki!' She then was reminded why she was there when another explosion reverberated through the village.

"What's going on out there?" The blonde asked as he turned to try and catch a glimpse of the outside world through the vents in the wall.

'That ass-' She quickly righted her tilting head and wiped the small bit of drool away before answering.

"We are under attack by an unknown shinobi and everyone has been called in to either help with evac or to fight. Now hurry up!" She quickly turned and rushed downstairs to the bathroom where a nose bleed of epic proportions began.

Sasuke watched his daughter bolt from the hot spring room while holding her nose. He went to investigate only to find Hotaru about to shed his small towel.

"Gah! Uncle Sasuke do you mind?!" Hotaru continued to hold the towel over his manhood when he noticed an unbelievable amount of killer intent and bloodlust fill the room. Hotaru nearly shit everywhere from the amount of fear he was feeling.

"If you ever try it I'll kill you." After saying his ominous message, the Uchiha practically floated out of the room, his killer intent being so thick that he could walk on it.

"What did I DO?!"

Rykuga blocked Shiro's bladed arm with his own as the overhead downwards slash was stopped. Rykuga couldn't believe that his cousin was the one causing Naruto all of this pain. Up to a few minutes ago, Rykuga was believed to be the last living Azu but that was shattered. Rykuga had also been proud to flaunt the fact that he was the only one that could manipulate his body so perfectly but that belief was also in shambles.

"How are you using my own body control methods? I was the only Azu to be born with that kekkei genkai. Hell, I was the only HUMAN ever born with it so how?!" Shiro met Rykuga's eyes with his own. He had his one black eye but the white one had changed. Rykuga realized that Shiro had activated one of his Eternal Mangekyou Byaku-Rinnegan. Rykuga also noticed something strange. 'His black eye is in the opposite socket now! That means his eyes either swapped locations or swapped colors. I need to report this after the fight. IF I survive!'

"Rykuga I will tell you. It's not like I'm losing an advantage. You see, my eyes are quite unique. They are comprised of the Eternal Mangekyou Rinnegan and the Byakugan in a combined state. Now the only person in history to have the Eternal Mangekyou Rinnegan was the legendary Sage of the Six Paths. As you know the Sage had split his bloodline before he died. One half became the Uchiha Clan which was blessed with the simplest version of the Sharingan with the ability to unlock its' higher forms on their own. The other half became the Senju and they were blessed with immense, naturally occurring, skills in all forms of jutsu. They were masters of ninjutsu, taijutsu, and genjutsu. The first Senju to become the Hokage was also the man who united the two clans desipte an almost insurmountable amount of hatred. He was also the first to be blessed with Wood Style and the ability to control Bijuu without a Jinchuuriki. Now my Grandfather was the offspring of a pure blooded Uchiha and a pure blooded Senju which allowed him to have the Sage's blood running through his body. However, it wasn't pure enough to produce the Eternal Mangekyou Rinnegan. That is where my Grandmother came in. She was born under the same conditions as my Grandfather so when they had a child a pure blood was born. My Father, being the fool he was, relied solely on our clan's technique and refused to awaken his ability. On my dear Mother's side she was a mix of Uzumaki and Hyuuga blood. At 6 years old my left eye awakened as the Byakugan. One month later, my right eye became the Eternal Mangekyou Rinnegan. However, something quite strange happened when I witnessed the death of my entire clan by the Reaper. The two eyes merged and both eyes awakened what you see now." Shiro had to pause when Rykuga delivered a punishing kick to his Solar Plexus which knocked the air right out of him. He quickly blocked another slash from Rykuga and continued his story.

"Now with these eyes come all of each doujutsu's abilities and more. With them combined, I can mix their abilities until I'm satisfied. The doujutsu you see now is the culmination of my training with each eyes abilities. I discovered that by using the Byakugan's ability to see internal chakra flow with the Rinnegan's ability to determine the different kinds of chakra being used and combined and finally use the Sharingan's ability to copy jutsu I am able to copy ANYTHING! Kekkei genkais included." Shiro smirked at his cousin's shocked and dumbfounded expression. He then activated both eyes and placed Rykuga under a deep genjutsu. Even with Rykuga's impeccable chakra control it would still take a while to break free.

"As much as I'd love to play I'm here to only drop off to packages. Sorry cousin, maybe next time!" He chirped out the last part before the air in front of his eye began to swirl. When it reached the ground two people materialized from the swirl, which immediately faded. The two people were unconscious and on their knees. Blood leaked from gashes on their arms and chests while their faces were almost beaten to the point of being unrecognizable. Their backs were covered with nasty burns and infected scars. One burn adorned the center of both of their backs. It was a circle of kanji with a large kanji in the center. Sasuke arrived with his family plus Hotaru in tow. Upon seeing the kanji Sasuke held out a hand to stop the forward movement of the people behind him. Hotaru was about to complain until he seen the same things. He quickly realized that both men had a sealing technique burned into their backs. He only knew this thanks to the fact that his father was almost an equal to his grandfather's fuuinjutsu (sealing techniques). Sasuke activated his Sharingan to investigate the seal. He could only make out the words "maximum efficiency" along with the word "seal" he realized it wasn't any kind of explosive seal and allowed Ino to come forward to start healing the horrific wounds. Misaku also came forward to help her mom. Sakura and her mother, Ino, had been training the young Uchiha whenever they could. She was a decent medic but nowhere near her mother. She didn't even care to think of how far behind she was compared to Sakura. Misaku wiped a bead of sweat from her forehead before her mother and her both turned to yell at the boys.

"STOP STANDING AROUND AND GO GET SAKURA!" They both shouted in unison causing the two boys to shake and start running while the Sasuke actually paled even more before he ran after the two fleeing kids.


Sakura was in heaven as her fourth orgasm ripped through her over stimulated body. She could only whimper out Naruto's name as the blonde thrust into her. They were both covered in a fine layer of sweat from the constant sex. Grunts and moans filled the room as Sakura absentmindedly thanked Naruto, in her head, for putting on the sound suppression seals.


Naruto was reaching his climax when he heard the splintering sound of his front door being destroyed. The two exhausted Uzumakis grabbed a kunai and waited for the inevitable crash of their door breaking. Suddenly, the door flew off of its' hinges and barely missed the naked duo. Sakura almost cried out her thanks when Sasuke and Hotaru entered the room.

"Oh thank god Sasuke I thought...WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING TO MY FUCKING HOUSE YOU BASTARD OF A MAN!" The enraged Sakura was about to beat the shit out of the Uchiha. Naked or not, she was going to beat Sasuke. She suddenly heard a groan of misery and she looked over at her son who was desperately trying to beat the image of his naked parents out of his head. Against the wall.

"WHY -BANG- DO I -BANG- ALWAYS ARRIVE AT THE WORST -BANG- POSSIBLE -BANG- TIME?! -CRASH-" Hotaru's head disappeared through the wall although his muffled complaint could still be heard.

"First I hear them and now I see them naked! What's next? Am I going to walk in on them?!... Oh god please no." Sakura then realized the state her and Naruto were in. Her legs were still jelly and she was barely operating at a decent mental state, still coming off the orgasmic high she was in. Her breath: nowhere to be found. Naruto was even out of breath and she could tell he was extremely irritated at being interrupted when he was so close.

"You better have a damn good reason for this Sasuke!" He let the name get filled with venom and irritation before he said it. He had already put on a blue kimono while he tossed Sakura her red one.

"Didn't you hear what was happening outside?!" The Uchiha looked honestly shocked.

"No I couldn't due to the two way sound suppressing seals." Naruto said before he glanced at Sakura with a foxy grin, "and Sakura's constant screams of pleasure." Hotaru's body disappeared even further into the wall as a loud "LALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU LALALALALA" rang through the house. Naruto realized that his kid was probably mentally scarred by now and made a note to talk to him later.

"Care to explain the situation?" Naruto asked.

"Well I guess the only way to say it is Shiro Azu returned two of our MIA ninja before disappearing. Rykuga is in a genjutsu after he failed to capture his cousin and the two near fatally wounded ninja are Nabitora Izumara and Akiko Daruma."


Naruto calmly turned around and punched a hole through his wall in the direction of the injured ninja before he leapt out into the evening air.

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