I don't own Supernatural in any shape, form, or context! This is just some random crack I wrote in the early hours of the morning at the tale end of a sugar rush…enjoy!

"Awe man Cass, what the hell?!" Dean grunted turning away from Sam and looking at the angel no more. The irritated sigh he received in return was all the more frustrating "What kind of sick crap is this! 'ALWAYS WATCHES, NO EYES' I mean, what does that even MEAN?" he continued tossing the printed pages on the table and watching as they scattered "Okay I understand how confused we are," Sam sighed coughing into his handkerchief and slouching slightly " Dean at least give the man a chance to explain himself."

"I don't see how any of this is relevant, but I guess if you must know.." he grumbled moving the papers in the pile into a straight row and arranging them "remember Chuck, the previous prophet, went missing and in turn Kevin was 'activated' so to speak?" the blank stares and nods from both brothers signaling him to continue "What's this about me? Is something going on? Did something happen!?" a strained voice from the hallway causing everyone's head to swivel "No, Kevin. Cass is explaining to us why we shouldn't be out hunting this freaky thing the 'skinny man' or something" Dean snarked flapping his hand in the younger mans direction "go back to bed if you…" he trailed as the prophet settled himself at the table laying his down and signaling for Cass to continue. "hmm. Every so often, there is a spike in children born to this world. The garrison watching earth is tasked to collect certain ones at times, protecting the word of god and what not" He sighed stretching out his limbs and shifting his seating position "what the hell first off! And what does any of that crap have to do with what were talking about!?" Cass stared into Dean's eyes waiting for his tantrum to stop "to avoid detection and assure compliance, we were forced to take certain 'measures' so to speak" the heavy silence speaking for everyone else "awe hell ill bite, what kind of 'measures' you mean?"

Cass sighed for the hundredth time that day while pointing to the first in the series of eight pages "this one is utter ridiculousness 'DON'T LOOK OR… IT TAKES YOU' only the selected children could see us, and those with strong enough psychic ability, and they stayed out of the way mostly" he swept his hand along the line of cards and continued before any questions could be raised "ALWAYS WATCHES, NO EYES' is referring to the form we adapted to be able to contact the children without burning their eyes out" the next made him pause and guilt flashed across his face "I'm surprised there are translations of these so readily available, these were originally written in enochian from what I remember" holding up the paper with 'LEAVE ME ALONE' scrawled in childish print "so what the heck is this supposed to be then?" Reaching out and slapping his hand on the paper with the jagged tree-like forms "…The easiest way to capture the children without detection, was…" he stopped frowning at the slightly crumpled paper and clearing his throat "to lure them away from their guardians, preferably at night, into a wooded area" he mumbled looking away from the others. "you gotta be FREAKING KIDDING ME CASS!" the former angel jumped when Dean slammed his hands on the table, before getting up and leaving the room.

"haaa, sorry about that" Sam rasped drinking from his glass and clearing his throat "this is some pretty messed up stuff, and Dean's a little snippy with all that's been going on" he whispered spinning the page with 'HELP ME' scrawled across it and underlined "just give him some time to cool off, he'll be back" clapping the other man on the shoulder lightly .