"Careful girl." Eyal helping Annie up the stairs leading to her second floor apartment.

"They should have kept you longer. Don't understand this modern-day medical system. May times home care really sucks." Letizia unlocking the door for Eyal to take Annie inside.

"I'll be fine. Is not the first time I have been shot."

"Get her bed ready if you will Letizia. I hate to do this but I got to leave you two for a few hours. My brother is flying in to pick up Jericho."

Letizia turning down the covers to Annie's bed, "We are going to miss that big hunk of a dog."

"Anything I can get the two of you while I'm gone?" Eyal arranging Annie's pillow for her comfort.

"Some chicken if you will. A little chicken soup is in order for Annie."

"Good but make more like chicken stew, I'm getting hungry." Annie happy with all attention she is receiving.

"Best news I've heard yet. See you ladies shortly." And Eyal was out the door.

Annie was glad to be out of the hospital and after her last chat with Joan she wasn't looking forward to returning to Langley. Joan had forewarn her about the upcoming debrief and how an ex-Mossad agent became involved with her mission. However, thanks to Joan, Annie would have time to review her answers even if she dreaded the questions. She would be in Greece for a week before flying back to Washington.

"How are you feeling sweetie." Letizia cut into Annie thoughts.

"A little painful from all the moving around but okay."

"Maybe a nap will fix you right up."

"Yeah, I think so. Thanks Letizia." Annie pushing her pillow to get comfy and smiled at Letizia. The woman had turned into being a good friend.

The morning has turned into afternoon and Annie feeling better after her two hour nap was reclining on the couch with several pillows at her back. Letizia was in the kitchen peeling potatoes and dicing carrots and celery for the chicken stew. All she was waiting for was the chicken. A knock at the door, great that must be the chicken along with Eyal. Wiping her hands and rushing to the door before Annie could get off the couch.

"I've got it Annie just stay put."

Opening the door to no one. "What the hell!" Just then she felt a wet lick on her ankle and the light weight of something furry. Looking down to see a small black puppy stumbling over her feet, "Oh my god what is this." Picking up the puppy to look at the loving little pint-size dog with sloppy kisses.

Eyal laughing as he stepped to the doorway, "A gift for you."

"Turn around and let me see." Annie straining to catch a glimpse of what Letizia was holding.

"A little black fur ball with sweet kisses." Letizia showing Annie the puppy.

"When I told Zed how you had become attached to Jericho and it was the dog's bravely that you are with us today...Uh... Well he couldn't resist. This is one of Jericho's daughters from a litter he sired. The puppy is seven weeks old.

"She is so adorable. What can I say?" Letizia with tears in her eyes, "A female Jericho. Look Annie." Handing the puppy to Annie for some puppy kisses.

"Is there a feminine version of Jericho in Hebrew?" Letizia watching Annie play with the puppy.

"Not that I know of but the city has been called the city of fragrance." Eyal taking the wrapped chicken to the kitchen and placing it in the refrigerator.

"What does Tel Aviv mean?"

"Well Tel means a mount or hill and Aviv mean spring." Eyal returning to the living room.

"Spring. Yes I like that. I'll name her Aviv for both Tel Aviv where she was born and spring to me means joy." Letizia giving the puppy a gentle scratch around the neck.

"Aviv. Good choice Letizia." Annie still holding the puppy.

"You ladies play with Aviv and I'll start cooking the chicken. I can do that much."

"Also put the veggies on to cook if you will."

The three had developed a friendly bond and enjoyed being together. For the next week, Letizia and Eyal would take turns caring for Annie, it was a happy time and the long hours spent with Eyal alone had its effect on Annie. Had she found her soul mate?

The week flew by fast and Annie regaining her strength was ready for a walk with Eyal by the sea on her last full day in Greece. The weather was perfect and warm as they strolled slowly along the water's edge, their bare feet making prints in the sand only to be washed away with the next gentle wave.

"So hurt you were injured but delighted to have another week with you." Eyal and Annie walking close but not touching. To any onlookers, they were not lovers but friends out for and afternoon walk.

"It has been good Eyal. I am not looking forward to return to Washington."

"I'm sure you are dreading all the questions the CIA will put to you."

"Joan has told me there would be many questions about you being involved in my mission."

"There were two different mission and they happen to over lay one another. You will have all the right answers when the time comes." Eyal taking her hand. "I'll be in Washington in two weeks on business."

"Should I ask what kind of business?"

"A meeting with Joan. Looks like our CIA paid holiday is out the window."

"So she asked you about becoming an asset."

"She did." Eyal looking at the sky, "Annie I don't mean to pry but I need to know something."

"You are thinking about Auggie?"

"Yes. If what happened between us was just wonderful fantastic sex and nothing more than I understand and wish you happiness."

"It was wonderful and fantastic and loving and ... Oh I could go on about the hours with you but no need. I discovered something these weeks here in Greece and don't want to let go."

"It is hard to let go but you haven't answered my question Annie." Eyal stopping and turning Annie to look squarely into his eyes.

"With what I have to say make any difference with what you tell Joan?"

"No. The matters between Joan and I are business and has nothing to do with my personal life. You however have become part of my personal life and the two should never cross."

"Even if we have missions together?"

"Annie for your survival at the CIA our relationship can only be as friends and nothing more. If we decide to continue with our intimacy that we have started here... It shall stay the deepest secret from everyone, which includes our families."

"You are talking about Danielle, my sister."

"And my mother and brother of whom I very close too." Eyal brushing hair from her face, "You cannot pretend there are no feelings between us. I told you I would like to adventure down a path to see where it may lead us and now I am ready to make that journey if you will come with me."

"Eyal things are very complicated at home. Things I'm going to have to face once I get back and until then I really can't give you an answer." Turning her head away from Eyal to look but not seeing the horizon of sky and sea because of tears. All was silent between them.

Eyal knew what she was saying. Auggie was still her boyfriend and he was sure she had feelings for him. Perhaps he moved to quickly putting her in a weird quandary and that was not his intention but he did want to know. He was willing to wait a little longer for her but it couldn't drag out for more years as it has been without knowing. If she was not at the same level he needed to move on with his life without her. Yes, his life was changing now that he was no longer with Mossad and he felt time was right to ask Annie give their few weeks old romance a try to build a strong relationship.

"Annie I'm not going to say any more about this. Like I said, I'll be in Washington in two weeks and will give you a call." Eyal turning to walk away from Annie, his thinking she needed to be alone.

"Eyal wait." Annie grabbing his arm, "I want you to know I do have feelings for you and I will no longer push them away. Like I said, things are complicated. Please, oh please do call me in two weeks."

With a gentle touch to her face, "Two weeks Neshema. Now how about a drink?"

"Yes I would like that." They holding hands walked toward the nearest bar but soon the hand holding slipped into his arm around her waist.

Next day and Annie was seated by the window waiting for the plane to Washington to take off. She and Eyal had dinner the night before and he said his farewell shortly there after, not taking her up on the invitation for a drink in her apartment. Was she about to fly out of Eyal's life forever, she didn't know but the decision would be hers. The lengthy flight was spent in a tug of war - logic vs heart. Reaching Dulles Airport she was happy Auggie was not there to greet her, still needing time. As she climbed into the back of a cab for the trip to Georgetown her phone buzzed. Thinking it was Auggie, she didn't even pull it out of her tote. Leaning her head back, with all the traffic it would be close to an hour before she would reach home. The phone buzzed again but this time when she went to mute it, the caller was Danielle.

"Hey sis, how are you doing?" Annie answered cheerfully, glad to hear a comforting voice, the very person she wanted to talk with.

"Great Annie, haven't heard from you a while. Are things okay with you?"

"You know the answer already, that's why you called."

"Sure and do you want to talk it out." Danielle always seems to know when she and Annie needed some sister to sister chats.

"If only I could."

"Another man? Things going wrong with Auggie or both?"


"And this other man is presenting a major problem because?"

"Because he is a foreigner. Hey Danielle I'm in the back of a cab now. Let me call you when I get home."

"I'll be waiting. Fix yourself a bowl of ice cream and we'll chat."

"I shall and thanks Danielle." Annie understood she shouldn't be telling her sister about Eyal but if she just talked about him as this other man.

Three hours later and two large bowls of ice cream, Annie knew what she had to do and it wasn't going to be easy. Turning over in her mind what to say - her phone buzzed, it was Auggie.

"Hey Auggie, I just got home."

"Annie, may I come over tonight? We need to talk."

What did Auggie want to talk about and what did she tell Eyal when he called? The answer was given on the stormy night Annie spent on Eyal's boat.

I appreciate each one of you for taking time to read my stories and many thanks. I am grateful for all the reviews. I going to take a break from writing to wait and see how Covert Affairs treats Eyal when he returns to the show. I dearly love the character of Eyal Lavin and if things go wrong I'm sure I'll try to fix it with another fanfic.