New Prompts/Challenges for Writers Posted on WWOMB for Saturday August 17, 2013

Title: authors choice #451 - Wedding Challenge User issuing challenge: peja

Summary: authors choice #451 - Wedding Challenge - any pairing - any length:

a ring
a satin pillow
a stripper.

Here is my answer to this challenge. Enjoy.

The rice was thrown, the toasts were made, the gifts were opened and now the happy couple is on a plane off to their honeymoon. He looks at the ring the love of his life gave him just hours ago.

He still can't believe he said yes. They had been together for nearly a year, even though they knew each other for over ten. It took some time for them to realize how much they meant to each other. Finally realizing that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with him, he remembered the night the proposed.


It was a Friday night and they had just come off a hard case. Working extra hours to find the murderer of a young petty officer on leave from the USS Grant, it took everything they had but the team found the jealous lover and got her to confess.

As he pull into the driveway of their home, with his lover was still at work being called into MTAC by the director it gave him time to get things ready.

Hours later hearing the door to their home open and close, he poses seductively by the fireplace waiting for his lover to notice him, dressed in a clean white shirt, leather pants and a tie. His love putting his keys and things down near the door he looks up to see his lover by the fire place and the little nest he built nearby of blankets and satin pillows.

"Hello lover" he says as he walks over to him and kisses him soundly. He lover starts to undress him only to have his had slapped a way, and getting pushed down in to the nest. Looking up at the older man who grins as he realizes what the younger man is doing, watching him slowly starts unbuttoning his shirts, seductively taking it off inch by inch.

"See something you like" he says huskily.

"Yes" comes the equally husky reply from the pillows.

Continuing to take his clothing off slowly as he discards the shirt and starts on this pants, moving his body seductively, his lover starts touching himself enjoying the show, finally completely naked except for the tie his lover gave him, he steps over to his lover and says "you're wearing too much clothes, here let me help you take it off." He starts to take the last article of clothing from his lover and then goes to take the tie off when his lover states "you can keep the tie on" grabbing him by the tie for a deeply passionate kiss.

**End flashback***

His lover sees his smiling and asks "What are you smiling about?"

"Just thinking how lucky I am"

His lover replies as they enter their hotel room grabbing his new husband by the tie kissing him soundly "you can keep the tie on"