(A/N): This is kind of a preview to another story I'm working on. It'll be quite a long time before I publish it, so I just wanted to give you this little snippet of what's to come. What the hey, right?

She was the definition of perfect.

Light caramel hair, as soft as silk, and as gloriously shiny as the sun. Deep, warm hazel eyes that twinkled when she smiled that infectious, magical smile of hers, that held so much passion and kindness that you could so easily to get lost inside of them. She had the most hypnotic pair of eyes he'd ever seen.

Jessica was that 'girl next door' kind of beautiful; innocent and adorable, but so elegant and graceful all at the same time. She was that type of person that made you fall in love with her as soon as she walked past, the person that made your eyes linger for far too long than they should have.

But the problem was, every boy had his eye on her.

He was a nobody. He was an outcast, a loner, a freak. No one would sit with him or talk to him. No one would even give him the time of day. Why would she, so stunning and gorgeous, popular, funny, smart and angelic, go for him?

H.M was that kind of guy most people would, and did, avoid; a gangly bumbling fool, stuck in his own little world with his head in the clouds and his eyes on the sky. Heart so filled with misery, it had become heavy in his chest and weighed him down. He had a shaggy, brown mop of hair on his head that covered his hollow, melancholy eyes and would be twirled in his bony fingers when he was stuck in thought.

He was the definition of sadness.

Everyday he would come home on the school bus. He would sit at the front with his shoulders slumped and his head leaning against the window. His chocolate orbs would be clouded over with dreams and ambitions of escape, though his heart would remain grounded and covered in cobwebs and dust.

Everyday he would step off the bus, wait for it to drive around the corner, and run like his heels had wings. He would run around to the back of the red barn next to the house and climb the old oak tree that touched the sky.

Everyday he would sit on the highest branch at the very top of the tree and wonder.

What would happen if I went missing? Would anyone even care?

He wondered what would happen if he jumped from this branch.

Maybe I would fly.

He started to swing his legs.

Maybe I could convince Jessica to fly away with me.

He started to slowly stand up and make his way to the end of the branch.

Let's see.

He looked down, a small smile, the first one in years, sliding its way onto his face.

Then he jumped.