They had always hated each other with passion. she had never thought that she would ever dislike someone so much. She could still remember the first time when they had spoken and he had wrinkled his nose in distaste,that was the day when she had decided she would show him that she was better than anyone he knew and much better than him. Her hate for him burned with the fuel he added every time he looked at her, everytime he tried to put her down she would burn more, she would light up, she would grow.

He always found her to be something beneath him, someone to look down to, someone to show that they were filth and weren't worth the dust on his shoe. He hated her with passion that consumed him, he felt pleasure whenever he could make her cry, her tears were like heroin to him, he was addicted to her despair. It wasn't fair that she could have magic, the magic that belonged to his age old community, his people, she was a contamination, an abomination. Every time she was praised for the things she did he would feel his hate come to life, the flicker turn to flame. He wanted to show her her place, he wanted to burn her into ash and cast her away. He wanted her to know what mudbloods were worth, he wanted her gone forever for she was a symbol of change, of beauty of equality,she was a symbol of everything he was against.

He met her that day, late at night when everyone were already in the comforts of their homes, she was there silently working her way to changing the world, her back turned to him, filling out some paperworks for the next court session, her various bills that she was trying to pass. He purposely bumped into her, after maybe four years. She looked flustered, her hair in disarray. It was she who apologized being the good girl that she was, he just smiled, gave her a taste of his other side, inwardly smirking when he caught the reaction on her face, she was confused.

She liked the way he smiled, she hadn't spoken to him in years, it had been ages after the war and this was the first time that he had actually acknowledged her,maybe the change had come, maybe he now saw her for who she was, maybe her hard work had paid off, after all the light side had won. She forgave him at that moment because it was who she was. She wouldn't keep a grudge , after all this was life and it was all about moving on and letting go. She promised herself that she would return the smile the next time she saw him.

He was finally getting what he wanted,she had smiled at him and then lowered her eyes and tucked a stray curl behind her ear. she was shy, she had never experienced this and it was making her nervous, she had never seen Draco Malfoy be charming towards her, this gave him the thrill, the thrill of deceiving her,the thrill of planning to hurt it, it was like a dam of ecstasy which was waiting to overflow, he couldn't wait for the day he would finally throw her to the dogs,show her how this society worked, show her her place.

It had been years since she had known bad, she had forgotten that evil still lurked in the deepest corners of a persons heart, she had forgotten that he was a person incapable of love,she had forgotten who he was, all she remembered was a ignorant and misinformed boy,she now saw was a charming man who showered her with attention, asked her out on dates and when she politely refused would pester her with letters until she would finally comply,all she saw was a guy who wanted her and all she felt was more than willing. It thrilled her that the fiery hate she felt for him was just a warm glow of affection now, maybe it was love for after their fourth date, he had kissed her and she had closed her eyes and felt the butterflies dance ,she felt her heart skip a beat, she felt herself drowning yet being able to breathe. Yes she was in love, for love was illogical, love ignored all flaws, love ignored the world and love was the fuel that burned her soul now,she never wanted to give it up.

It was the seventh month after the day they had met and she was sleeping in his bed, for someone who was beneath him she had played that role well. It was all that she was good for he felt, he woke her up and used her till his heart content, she had kissed his nose and apparated away that day. she had a smile on her face and he was about to wipe it away.

A week after the day she had given herself to him, her most precious self that she had saved, saved for the one she loved,had tossed her aside like rag. she couldn't believe it when she read, his engagement announcement to another slag. Her tears poured dousing the flames, the flames of love that now had burned her soul away. All he said was he didn't care, for she was just another one of his dares. He was to be married to the woman he loved and she was nothing to him and he didn't give a fuck.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, walked away leaving behind the love she had, all that she now had was a token of pain, his words and his rejection. she left him alone to celebrate his engagement,his friends all smiling and laughing around him thinking she got what she deserved.

She walked away from the life that she had made for he had shown her what this society could be capable of, she bid goodbye to all her friends, claiming a change of scene was all that she needed, no one knew of her ache.

Three years from that day she found herself meeting a new man, he who was a new teacher in the school near her house. he smiled at her and picked up her bag, helped her carry her boy to his seat in her car. she thanked him so and asked him for tea, this was her new neighbour and she was now finally a little happy, for she knew life was all about moving on and letting go. Her little boy with golden hair approved of this man, he wanted a dad and she was sure of that.

She told him her secret and he was ok with that, he liked her for who she was and not what she was. They married by the river in a chapel nearby and her baby had a father who loved him like his own. She was happy for that.

He found himself thinking of her and where she was, he would then think that she deserved what she got, it was five years later when he read the newspaper and saw the article about a war heroine and her beautiful family in America. She had a wizarding school of her own and a smile on her face, a little boy holding her arm and a tall dark man kissing her hair. All he was left with was nothing to feel for now that dark man had everything he always wanted, a beautiful wife, a son and a family. He had nothing to call his own for his wife had left, he couldn't give her love for it belonged to someone else, someone he thought who didn't deserved it, some who was unworthy. The image of the child fresh on his mind, he knew the boy was his and he would do everything to get him , She was his and he would have her back.