Draco had never been a priority for his parents, his mother had loved him but never loved him how Hermione loved their son. Draco wanted to love his son how he was never loved by his father. Everything he had learned was from private tutors and elves. He never had any childhood friends he could talk to or about. He had been a lonely child. Maybe that was the very reason why he was never able to maintain relationships with anyone, not even his mother. They would speak to him about business but it was never personal. His mother had moved to France once Draco had married. It was custom for the lord of the manor to reside in it. After lucius's stint in Azkaban, Draco had taken up the title.

Draco sealed the letter he had written to his aunt and asked one of his elves to deliver it personally to her, he had ordered the elf to not return without an answer. He would do whatever it took to keep his son happy even if it involved talking to estranged relatives. His mother had patched up with her sister after the war but Draco had been forbidden by his father to associate with the likes of them. He was a grown man now, he didn't think he'd need the advice of a lunatic of a father anymore. He hoped his aunt would come. He had specifically told her that he would ask his mother to visit as well to give her company. No one knew about Scorpius as of yet, he would surprise both his mother and aunt together. It would be great.

Hermione woke up later than usual and spent an hour in the luxurious bath with rose scented oils , it was silly not to enjoy the luxuries now that she was trapped, might as well take full advantage of the hospitality while the prison sentence lasted. She heard a knock on the bathroom door, thinking it was one of the female elves whom she had asked for clothes, she responded by asking it to come in.

"Is this some new plan of yours to seduce me Granger", he smirked as he entered the lavish bathroom.

Hermione pulled a towel to her chest when she realized it was him, "what do you want?" she asked, flushing into a deep shade of crimson.

"I think you know", he licked his lips. "Now now there is no need to hide anything, is there? , it's nothing I haven't seen before" he drawled as Hermione stood up to cover herself properly.

"Shut up Malfoy", she said turning her back to him, a strand of hair had stuck to her shoulders which glistened in the yellow light. He touched her shoulder with a finger and dragged it downwards towards her lower back. "Stop touching me Malfoy", she said through gritted teeth, she didn't have the courage to face him now, especially when she was nude.

"Teddy and my aunt will be here today, my mother will accompany them, be presentable and make yourself scarce when I tell you to, my mom may not like your presence, can't be so sure though", he said all businesslike now.

"Tell your mum to shove it then", she snapped. "He is my son and I will be present as long as he is in her company", she turned around and mouthed angrily at him.

Her chest was heaving with anger, what the hell was bloody wrong with this man, he was asking her to behave like a slave.

"Tell it to her yourself if you wish", he smirked. "Don't be so sure you ll live to see the next day, my mum can be a real Bitch sometimes", he threatened.

"you and your inbred family don't scare me Malfoy", she retorted.

"It's your family too my love, though we would never officially claim you as our own", he whispered into her ears bending slowly and kissing the top of her shoulder using the slightest bit of tongue to taste her fresh skin.

"Get out", she breathed. "Just get the fuck out."

He gave her a charmingly smile and left chuckling to himself, leaving a very flustered and angry Hermione Granger in his wake.

Scorpius was very excited; he had put on new robes , had combed his hair sleek and looked like a very miniature version of his father. He would constantly come over to Hermione and ask her what time it was.

"They ll be here at 5 honey", Hermione replied for the fiftieth time.

"When will it be 5 then mommy", he whined.

"After an hour", she sighed.

The wait was turning painful, she was very eager to meet Andromeda after ages, she would be a way to communicate with Harry, cellular reception had gone from bad to worse and she wasn't able to talk to anyone.

Draco was nowhere to be seen after the morning encounter, he was in his study doing something. Hermione wished she had Harry's invisibility cloak so she could just have a look at what was in those drawers. She wanted to do something productive, she thought, she could pretend she was getting close to him, be his friend and confidant, make him spill some beans and then she could pass all the intel on to Darryl and Harry. It would be the perfect revenge. She would save so many people and rid the world of one big evil that was Malfoy. She could also save her son in the process and take him back to America. Living in England was something she wouldn't want for him; she hoped that she could give him a healthy childhood away from this inequality. He would never want him to feel inferior to anyone solely because of blood purity which was utter nonsense.

A loud shriek broke her out of her reverie. The floo had lit up and in stepped a small boy of seven, he had the brightest orange hair and green skin, Hermione couldn't help but laugh at teddy's antics. She went over and hugged him, "the last time I saw you, you were a tiny tot", she said ruffling his hair.

"Aunt Minnie, I missed you", he said politely, though he sure didn't remember her, but he always got presents from her on birthdays and Christmas.

"Hermione dearest, its so good to see you", said Andromeda who stood behind teddy holding his hand, she was smiling at her with tears in her eyes.

Hermione gave her a tight hug and couldn't help but cry a little. "I am sorry" she muttered.

"I didn't tell anyone, I hope you understand" she said sniffing a little.

"now, this is no time for tears, isn't there someone you would like us to meet", she asked looking timidly behind Hermione's back. Scorpius had been hiding behind her and looking at the new comers warily.

"hi , I am Scorpius ", he exclaimed, jumping out from behind and holding out his hand to teddy who took it instantly and changed his hair color to platinum blonde.

"I am teddy", he responded equally enthusiastic.

"Mommy he changed his hair color", said Scorpius with awe.

"I can change into someone else too, wanna see", teddy asked, albeit proudly.

"Mommy we are going to the garden to play", Scorpius took hold of teddy's hand and they ran out toward the garden.

"Seems like the children are too busy for adult pleasantries." Remarked Andromeda, her eyes turned a little cautious and she looked around for anyone who could be spying.

"There is something I must give you", she whispered and handed Hermione a small piece of paper, "read it when you are alone".

Before Hermione could register what had happened she heard the study door shut and Draco stroll towards them. He had a small smile on his face which he had probably reserved for his aunt.

"I am glad you could come", he said formally

"I am glad I did" replied Andromeda kindly.

Draco nodded in acknowledgement and clapped his hands twice. The tiny elf reappeared.

"Master called pip", asked the tiny house elf.

"Arrange for tea in the rose garden", he said and the elf disappeared before their eyes probably getting all excited to finally have more people to serve.

"if you ladies could wait in the parlor for some time, mother will be joining you shortly", he informed, adjusting his tie. He wouldn't exactly meet their eyes, it was some sort of guilt that he felt towards his aunt, for maybe ignoring her presence till now and that made him very uncomfortable.

"Of course Draco", said Andromeda and turned to follow him giving Hermione a guarded look.

Hermione stuffed the piece of paper into her dress hoping against hope that Draco hadn't heard anything.

"How are you Hermione" asked Andromeda, after they had settled down on the couch. "I am ok ,I think", she said softly eyeing Draco who had his back to them and was pouring himself a glass of whiskey.

"Drastic changes tend to do that to people, it's a phase dear, it will pass", she said, taking one of Hermione's hand in her own. Hermione nodded in understanding when the floo lit up again.

Narcissa Malfoy hadn't changed at all, she was the same formidable persona. Hermione was expecting as much. She wondered how Narcissa and Andromeda could have been sisters, they were polar opposites.

She glided into the room with grace that had been practiced since she could walk. "Draco darling", she exclaimed giving her hand to her son who kissed her knuckles formally.

"Welcome mother", he said and she kissed him on his cheek, her attention was then drawn towards the two people sitting on the couch out of whom she chose to acknowledge her sister first.

"Andy", she cried like a child meeting her playmate, Hermione couldn't help but smile at their blatant show of emotion, it was rare. "I missed you cissy", said Andromeda and hugged her, giving her kisses on each cheek.

"You have brought along a friend Andy?, you are the Granger girl, aren't you?", she asked not unkindly.

Hermione nodded and replied, "yes Mrs. Malfoy".

"ohh I didn't bring her here", remarked Andromeda.

"umm, mother, Hermione Granger has been living at the Manor", interrupted Draco before any further discussion about her presence could be commenced.

"is there something you want to tell me Draco", her voice sounded like steel.

"Mother I would like you to meet someone, if you could follow me", he stated, betraying no emotion, he stood tall and stalked off, his mother following him.

Hermione and Andromeda eyed each other warily and the older witch urged her to follow them.

While walking through the corridor that led to the rose garden, they could hear children playing, their voice echoing towards them, Scorpius was laughing at something hysterically and the some of the elves were heard clapping.

"Scorpius", Draco called out.

Scorpius who was busy trying to figure out teddy who looked exactly like him didn't pay any heed to him.

"Get your son here Granger", he ordered impertinently. Hermione glared at him but decided against saying anything at the moment.

"Scorpius , there is some one special here to meet you", she called at him.

"is it who I think it is?" mumbled Narcissa to her son, she stood shell shocked, betraying nothing but awe , Hermione couldn't make out if she wanted to curse her baby or hug him.

Scorpius knew better than to ignore his mother and came running towards the adult, "awww mummy, I was pwaying", he whined.

"mother I want you to meet my son Scorpius", announced Draco. Scorpius looked at Draco with amusement. "My daddy is not you scary man", he informed, folding his hands in front of him.

There was a flicker of emotion on his face but it was gone before Hermione could register.

"Draco, how ?" his mother asked as she sat down in front of the child and grabbed his chin to have a look at him.

"I don't think you wouldn't want me to give you details of how we made him mother", Draco drawled , raising an eyebrow at Hermione.

"this is not the time to jest", she snapped at him.

"I made a mistake mother", he shrugged.

Scorpius who had been listening to everything eyed his mother who looked like she would burst with anger.

"Scorpius, go back to play honey", said Narcissa kindly before Hermione was about to say the same, this was not a conversation to be held in front of a child.

"it seems like I have made the biggest mistake of my life by birthing you", said narcissa once Scorpius was out of earshot.

"I know I didn't choose well mother, and I apologize for ruining our bloodline", he spoke.

"I have had enough of this rubbish, are you even real Malfoy, I will kill you if you call my son a mistake in front of him again", she snarled.

"I think she is right, whatever mistakes you make Draco, this isn't something to be mentioned in front of a child, a child is a blessing, I am ashamed to call you my son at times like this", confessed Narcissa.

Hermione wasn't expecting this, but it was very much welcomed, she needed all the support, maybe his mother could convince him to let her and Scorpius go.

"Mother I have invoked my right on him, he is our heir now", he stated.

"Well, that is something you have done right by him", smiled Narcissa at her son, finally intertwining his hand in hers and walking towards the sitting area.

Hermione and Andromeda followed them, both confused by the actions of the mother son duo, it was a weird family, something was very wrong with them in their heads.

"you are a very lucky woman to have snagged yourself a Malfoy , Miss Granger", remarked Narcissa after they had settled down for tea.

"I haven't snagged anyone, Mrs. Malfoy, I am a married woman", Hermione had to grit her teeth in order to control her temper.

"She married a muggle mother", chucked Draco, as if it was a funny joke. "It's a wonder how he's lasted so long with her."

"Yes and I would have preferred to be with him right now if it hadn't been for your son kidnapping my Scorpius", she said possessively.

"Forget your marriage Granger or forget your son, you have an option." Said Draco menacingly.

"no one is stopping you from leaving Miss Granger, you may do as you please, but if you leave , you leave my grandson with us", snapped Narcissa.

"Don't you think you should get to the bottom of the whole story before asking a mother to leave her son Cissy", said Andromeda sharply.

"She stole a son from us, she had no reason to deprive us of the pleasure of being grandparents, my son never got to be a father, the boy wouldn't even acknowledge him", she complained.

"there is no need for hysterics mother, he is here now, you can play grandmother whenever you feel like it", he cut in sarcastically.

Hermione who had enough of drama to last a life time stood up to leave. But she did want to give them a piece of her mind before taking off.

"I didn't steal anyone, it is your son who abandoned me, not that I am complaining, I have a better life without him, he is the one who stole my son, I can't stand this anymore,." She flung the cup of tea on the floor. "I am sorry Andromeda, I think I ll talk to you without unpleasant company, I must retire to my room before I break something more than a tea cup.". Hermione stalked off without a backward glance, last she heard was Andromeda saying something to Narcissa and Draco sighing loudly.

Hermione didn't move out of her room for the rest of the day, her thought s were In turmoil, how was she supposed to be friends with him when he did everything in the world to offend and insult her, it was tough to pretend to be nice to him, how was she supposed to convince him that she liked him. She waited for nightfall before she could read the letter, though her room was locked it still had the risk of someone walking in. it was midnight when she heard Draco's door shut and so she thought he would have gone off to bed.

As a precaution she locked her doors again and pulled out the piece of paper, it was a letter from harry.


There won't be any more cellular phone communications possible because the house security has been increased and the wards block out cellular reception. The house basically is a fortress now. Darryl is also here in the u.k and we are trying to get more information about the next attack. One of the aurors was killed last week, we found his body yesterday seems like he knew more than necessary and one of the death eaters killed him off. Keep yourself out of trouble, we don't want any harm to you, it's best if you try not to find out too much or get caught in a sticky situation and if you do come across anything just hand it over to Andromeda the next time you see her.



Hermione heard a soft click behind her when she finished reading the letter, her heart froze in her throat, she couldn't crumple the letter now as it would make noise nor could she hide it under her bed or pillow so she just dropped it. The bed covered the side of area where she sat and so she would have to distract him and make sure he wouldn't come to this side of the room.

Draco stood at the door looking at the hunched form of Hermione sitting on the far corner of the bed, her back to him. She turned around and looked at him with fear in her eyes. "how did you get in ?, what do you want?"She asked with trepidation.

"I just wanted to say good night to the love of my life", he drawled moving towards her.

Hermione got up from where she was sitting and walked towards Draco, "good night Draco", she mumbled. "I think you should go now, you are drunk."

Instead of moving away he took a step closer to her, "we could be so perfect together, you I and Scorpius", he murmured, touching her face lightly with the back of his fingers, "Mother thinks so too. I would have married you, only if you were pure blood", she flinched at this. "Why are you being so difficult Granger?" he asked.

"we can never be together, I am loyal to my husband Draco, you can't expect me to leave my life and start living and being with you, you don't respect relationships but I do, I actually love and adore my husband" she sighed, hoping that he would leave.

"you are mine no matter what you say darling", he said menacingly, closing the distance between them and breathing down softly on her and with one swift motion grabbed the back of her hair and pulled her towards him., his lips on her neck and hands pulling and pressing her against himself.

The fire that Hermione felt in her body was unlike anything she ever felt before, she wanted to stop him but her body wouldn't let her, his lips found hers and she kissed him, their lips moving in rhythm with each other, her hands found his chest and they tugged at his shirt, licking his lips and tasting his delicious self. His found his way under her skirt and started massaging her thigh moving upwards in soft sensory motions. One of his fingers tugged at her knickers, touching her, making her loose her inhibition.

"Draco don't ", she whispered between kissed even thought she didn't want him to stop ever. Her guilt would eat her later.

"See I told you, you are mine alone, I will have you as my mistress", he said and started licking and kissing her neck again. Hermione froze, remembering all the reasons why it had ended.

"leave", she snapped, moving away trying to create some distance, adjusting her clothes.

"Why?, you wanted this as much " he said, pulling down the straps of her dress as he closed the distance between them again. She pushed him off herself.

"I don't want this when I have better", she said bitterly. Draco's eyes hardened and he laughed..

"Stop kidding yourself Hermione, we will be together soon", he said confidently. "There are some things I must take care of first", he said wiping her wet rosy lips with the back of his thumb as he held her chin tightly.

Hermione sat down on her bed her heart thumping and head pounding, blood pumping into every vein in her body. He kissed the top of her head and left through a door that magically appeared in the middle of the wall.

She was in big trouble, how long could she stop him from touching her? She herself didn't know the answer to this.

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