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Chapter 1: Sexy, Free, and Single

"HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO US!" Sachi and Haru cheered as Akari laughed at their enthusiasm.

All three 17-year olds hurriedly started clearing the table when a voice called out from the kitchen. "Hey guys! I'm bringing out the cake!" As told, a girl with copper hair came out with a medium sized cake, her hazel eyes glinting in achievement and pride. "What do you guys think? I think this is my best so far."

Haru rolled his unnatural yellow eyes. "It's not collapsing like the last time we let you bake a cake, at least."

Sachi laughed, hugging the girl. "It's perfect, Fuguko."

She huffed as Sachi's blue hair tickled her cheek. "Thanks, Sachi. At least someone appreciates my baking skills."

Akari finished grabbing the plates and forks out before turning around to see a pouting Fuguko being hugged by Sachi while Haru was in the depressed emo corner, mumbling things about not trusting Fuguko's cakes. "I wouldn't trust her cakes either, Haru, but I don't think she would have screwed with today's cake. After all, we've been together for seven years now, right? Survived through five years of school together and lived through all of your pyromaniac tendencies, I think we'll be fine." she said as she ran a hand through her light brown hair, the same hazel eyes as Fuguko looking back at her and Sachi.

"See?! Akari-chan agrees with me!" Fuguko exclaimed before tackling her for the plates and fork. "Now~ it's time for the cake!"

A couple minutes later, they were sitting on the floor of the living room, talking about random things when there was a knock on the door. "Did we invite anyone over today, Akari?"

She shook her head. "We've always kept this day to ourselves."

Haru shrugged, getting up to open the door anyways. A few minutes later, there was a huge slam before his voice called out. "Hey Fuguko? Akari? Sachi? Do we know any really hardcore cosplayers?"

Sachi and Akari looked at each other, confused, until they saw something flash through her eyes. "Haru, are they Akatsuki cosplayers?"

"Yeah. You know them, Akari?" he asked.

She hesitated slightly before answering. "I've met them before."


Sachi stared at the three people in their house. "So we have a blind weasel, a shark, and a bad good boy with a master plan to kill everyone." Sachi almost thought that it was her who said that when she realized it was actually Fuguko. "Why do you know them, Akari? Not that I mind."

"I don't even know why I still keep in contact with them actually." she replied honestly.

With a cheery voice, Tobi answered her question. "Because we said that we would kidnap imouto-chan and all her friends, no questions asked!"

There was an awkward silence before Haru spoke. "I'm going to be in the backyard, burning things."

Sighing, Akari finally introduced them to each other. "Girls, meet your brothers."




They're taking it we-





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