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This story takes place a few months after the end of BTTS.

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The turtles came to an abrupt halt in the center of the rooftop. Standing before them were several Foot Ninjas.

"What's going on," Donatello asked before turning his attention to his brother, Leonardo. "I thought we had a truce with Karai."

"We do," Leonardo stated.

"Then why are the Foot here," Michelangelo asked as he watched the Foot Ninja surround them effectively cutting off their escape routes.

"Who cares," Raphael spat as he pulled out his sais. "We'll kick there buts, then ask question's later."

"Raph. Wait!" Leonardo called out but it was too late Raphael was already taking out Foot Ninjas.

"I guess we have no other choice," Michelangelo joked as he pulled out his nunchucks.

"Leo," Donatello said, as he pulled out his Bo Staff.

Leonardo nodded, "Let's go."

They split off into different directions. Donatello used his Bo to leap over several Foot Ninja. He lowered himself to the ground as five Foot Ninja surrounded him. He quickly spun around knocking each one to the ground with his Bo Staff.

Raphael was surrounded he ducked to dodge all five Foot Ninjas punches then swept their legs from underneath them. He turns and sees Leo holding off a Foot Ninja's blade that was aimed at his head. Leo knocks the ninja back then uses his katanas to deflect several shuriken. Michelangelo effortlessly avoids two blades that collide with the ground. He then jumps to his feet behind them and taps their shoulders. The moment they turn around he knocks them to the ground with a precise swing of each nunchuck. Donatello raises his Bo Staff defensively and stares down at the shuriken that are now embedded in the center between his hands. Instinctively he looked up but he received a strong kick to the plastron sending him flying into Michelangelo knocking them both to the ground.

"Donnie, Mikey," Leonardo shouted.

Leonardo knocked back several Foot Ninja and darted towards his brothers. He knelt down and helped his brothers up.

"We can't keep this up up much longer," Donatello huffed out. "We've been at this for hours."

"Speak for yourselves," Raphael growled back, "I can keep this up all night."

Leo looked at his brothers and knew Donatello was right. He was growing sluggish and he could tell how fatigued his brothers were including Raphael, despite how hard he tried to hide it.

"Raphael were getting out of here," Leonardo called out.

"What," Raphael yelled. He turned his attention away from his brothers and towards the retreating ninja,"Get back here you cowards."

"Your not going anywhere," the sound of the familiar voice caused all the turtles to turn their attention to the spot where the Foot Ninja were gathered.

The Foot parted as they made way for.

"The Shredder," Raphael growled. "What are you doing here."

"The utroms exiled you," Donatello cut in.

"Did you really think that would keep me for long," Shredder asked. "I've come back to get my revenge."

"That will never happen," Leonardo roared as he charged towards the Shredder. His attack was halted when a blade clashed with his. He looked at the woman in front of him.

"Karai," he asked in disbelief.

Raphael's eyes widened the moment he saw the Shredder raise his arm ready to strike. "NO," Raphael roared he chucked his sais at shredders head.

Shredder stopped his attack and turned to see Raphael racing towards him in a blind rage. The moment Raphael was close enough Shredder brought his elbow down on the red turtles head knocking him to the ground.

"Raph," the turtles called out in unison.

"Let me go Karai," Leo ordered as he tried to overpower the kunoichi.

"I can't do that," she said as she pushed back with more force than necessary, knocking Leo backwards.

Leonardo quickly steadied himself and swung his katanas downward aimed for Karai's head"i thought we had a truce."

Karai was silent as she leaped backwards as she continued to counter Leonardo's attacks.

The Shredder brought his foot down on Raphael's shell as the turtle attempted to get up. Shredder chuckled when he saw the fury in the two youngest turtles eyes as they charged forward. Without any warning the two were snatched out of the air by two large arms.

"H-Hun," Donatello chocked out as he attempted to pry Hun's hand from around his throat.

"This is too easy," Shredder mocks as he applied more pressure to Raphael's back as he continued to try and get up.

Michelangelo whacked Hun in the head with his nunchuck and with a roar of pain Hun released his grip from their throats. Shredder removed his foot and reached down and grabbed Raphael by his belt. Hun swung his fist down and Michelangelo and Donatello jumped out of the way just in time. Before they could steady themselves for a counter attack Shredder tossed Raphael knocking the three of them to the ground.

They staggered to their feet and helped to help Raphael to his feet. The moment he got up he slammed his younger brothers to the ground. Michelangelo stared in shock as he saw Hun's fist connect with Raphael's chin sending the red clad turtle flying towards the edge of the roof.

"Help Raph," Donatello ordered as he blocked Hun's next attack with his Bo Staff.

Michelangelo rushed to the edge of the roof and saw Raph struggling to keep his grip as he dangled over the edge.

"Grab my hand," Mikey calls out and Raph gladly grabs his brothers outstretched hand as he is pulled back up onto the roof.

Leonardo finally gets the upper hand against Karai. He swings his katanas but she leaps behind him. He instinctively turned around and blocks her blade.

The moment Michelangelo hauls Raph back up to the rooftop Donatello skids to a halt in front of them. Leonardo watches in horror as Hun stalks closer to his brothers. Karai swings down her blade and Leonardo leaps over her head, sgeaths his blades and makes a mad dash towards his brothers. The moment he sees Hun raise his arm he lowers his body and kicks off the ground launching himself into the air. When Leonardo's foot connects with Hun's back he leaps backwards sending Hun over the edge and he lands safely at his brothers side.

"Leo," Donatello said as Leonardo attempted to help him to his feet. "We have to get out of here."

"Your not going anywhere," Shredder roared. He then pointed in the turtles direction"After them."

Raphael walked forward as he watched the Foot race forward. "Get them out of here."

"What," Leonardo nearly yelled as he turned his attention from Donatello to Raphael who now stood in front of him.

Raphael turned around and faced his brothers and smiled. Their eyes went wide as he pushed them over the edge.


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