Batgirl wasn't having the best of nights.

Not one bit.

The Heroine tried in vain to dodge a powerful punch from a Hand belonging to Bane, one of batman's worst enemies. The hulking behemoth guffawed at her as she tried to stand up, only to fall back down again. She backed up towards a corner as Bane lumbered over to Her. She was starting to get frightened. That doesn't happen often.

It seemed that bane had somehow caught on to Her tricks, probably because she copied them from batman. Another thing was that he was pretty pissed off. You actually can't blame the guy. She DID dump sewage and human waste on his head (she had gone thru the sewers as a shortcut, and the idea occured to her). 'That wasn't a good idea' she thought, as Bane popped his insanely large knuckles.

And finally, her belt. Obliterated. When Bane had flung her around when they were battling, he managed to rip her belt from her Curvaceous waist. And crushed it, saying that she shouldn't cheat.

A lot coming from a guy who used Megasteroids in the form of a liquid to gain strength over opponents.

Any who, Batgirl was now officially scared. Her sky blue eyes widened in fear and her round chest bobbed with every ragged breath she exhaled. Her arms were shaking so much that she could hardly scoot away from the grinning villain.

"Well my dear,... I must say that it was NOT..."Bane smashed a crate to dust, making Barbara whimper a little." very pleasant to wipe POOP off my head."

The teenage hero was now backed up against the corner, eyes trying to look for a way to escape. Bane leaned down so that his head was 2 ft away from hers. His giant hand stroked her cheek, causing the girl to become more frightened. Bane's grin grew wider.

"Do not fret, child. I will not kill you. Yet." He punched a hole in the wall just above Batgirl's head. The Heroine's eyes were starting to fill with tears. You have to understand that her death may cause her deepest fear: her father blaming and hunting batman. Her father knew who she was, but her father may accuse Batman of not saving her life. She would also never get to see her friends and family again. She tried to kick Bane's head, but the villain grabbed her leg. She yanked it back and tried scooting further back.

"First, I will make sure your spine shatters and only when you scream in pain will I end your suffering. Then, I shall mail you to batman in pieces!"

Bane grabbed Batgirl's torso with both hands and squeezed with immense pressure. Barbra could hardly cry as her Chest was squished by Bane's hands. She grunted as the pressure became harder and harder. Batgirl's vision became blurry and all she could hear was Bane's laughing. He began to taunt her as she tried not to pass out.

"What's the matter, Batgirl? You look awful sleepy. You should rest your sleepy eyes-" Bane didn't get to finished and Barbara noticed something white covering Bane' s mouth.

It looked like a web.