Hello my fellow readers! Zam the hedgehog here to give you info: this is not the ONLY story I will have on Batgirl and Spider-Man. I will make many, many sequels that may or not lead up to a marriage. I would like you to give me names of villains that would be challenging for them to handle. 1 villain and 1 villain group have been confirmed for the sequel: Mandrill and the sinister six. The mandrill will NOT be teaming up with the sinister six. I can also confirm that the Joker, Harley quinn, the hulk and other justice leaguers will appear. All I need is a another villain to foreshadow a battle preferably from the DC comics. Please give me suggestions in the reviews.

Is there anything else I have to add?... oh yes! I may include a certain 'Merc with a mouth'.

Until then!