Chapter 1: Meeting the Decepticon

It was a bright afternoon at the Lookout, Goku and Uub were sparring in the Training Chamber. "Come on Uub, don't hold back. Give it all you got." Goku replied. "Alright Goku!" Uub replied back. Then both their ki began to skyrocket. Before they can sparr again, there was a crash on the Lookout roof. "What was that?" Uub questioned. "I don't know. What ever it is, I can't sense it's energy!" Goku answered. They went up to the roof to see the damage.

Dende screamed. "Guys, you need to see this!" The object that crashed through through the roof was a cyberpod. "What's in that thing?" Goku questioned. The pod began to open. Goku and Uub raised up their ki to defend. The object exited the pod to see that it's a large robot. "What are you?" Uub began to question the robot. It stared down onto goku and analyzed him. The robot began to speak in a strange language. "Sheruko frudhog Goku Son najaga rikaldo!" The robot raised it's right arm and it morphed into a gun. "Everyone get down!" Goku screamed. the robot began to fire at Goku causing him to crash to the outside. "Alright, you want a fight? Then you've got one!" Goku replied then transformed to Super Saiyan.

"Asewma nedsut swuze odsku Goku Son! Hazbe nasju Megatron wymus intus!" the robot yelled. Goku flew at it at lightning speed and punched it's face, but it had no effect on it whatsoever. "Hehehe. Toka sammwa zu." Then the robot punched Goku in the gut and flew him in the air. It then slammed Goku to the ground and stomped him hard. Goku coughed up blood from the punch. "GOKU!" Dende and Uub screamed in unison. The robot began to chuckle know it'll win, but soon underestimated Goku's strength. Energy surged through Goku and transformed to Super Saiyan 3. He Kamehameha-ed the robot's chest and defeated it. "Now tell me what you are and who are you working for!" Goku said in an angry tone. "Zzz-zz-zz-th-this-this is not your planet to rule. Soon our Lord Megatron shall enslave your kind." the robot said in an autotuned voice. "What?" Dende questioned. "Hahahahahahaha. Prepare to die by our master's hand. Ugh." The robot then died. " That doesn't sound good." Goku said fearing who the robot ment by "Megatron."