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Soul's Pov

I'm waiting for Stein to start this class. As always, my fanclub of girls are staring at me and sighing. Please, hurry up Stein I don't want to deal with them. I just want this day to be over. I didn't even want to come but Wes forced me. Stupid Wes.

I guess I forgot to tell you who I am. My name is Soul Eater Evans, and I recently turned 17 years old. White hair, red eyes, and shark-like teeth are my outstanding features. I'm a piano prodigy and a demon scythe. I attend high school at the DWMA. This is my third year there, and I have hated every moment I spent in that stupid building. If only I could be back in middle school, at least I was able to tolerate it, but those days are over.

-Flashback-Sort of 3rd Pov-

"Soul, where were you? You missed class with Marie-sama, again." said Maka, my best friend. She was the reason I enjoyed middle school. Then again, she was my partner and meister.

Showing her my signature smirk, I replied "It's Black Star's fault, he wanted to skip and play basketball and video games."

She sighed, "Soul, what am I going to do with you? But here are the notes and this was the homework assigned." She said when handing me the stuff.

"Thanks, y'know, you are pretty cool for a flat-chested, pigtail wearing bookworm." I smirked to see what she would do, hold on, wait, when she is upset she-

"MMAAAKKKKAAAAA CCHHHOOOOPPPPP" Ow that hurt, she Maka chopped me. Where does she even keep those books? I thought.

-Slightly Later Flashback after Maka Learned About Having Weapon Blood (Soul Doesn't Know) -

"Hey Soul" Maka asked, not looking me in the eyes, odd.

"Yes Maka?" I said hoping that she would just get to the point.

"Um, well, uh I'm moving to Europe." Oh, that's nice, wait… WHAT?!

"Wait, why? AND what happened to us being partners" I made her look me in the eyes because if this was goodbye, I wanted to see her beautiful, almost forest-like eyes.

"Mama wanted me to take care of my studies in a prestigious school in France. She wanted me to learn from the best teacher, Justin Law. Even though I promised to you, but Mama comes first. I'm sorry Soul." She walked away from me.

-End of Flashbacks- Soul's Pov-

I miss that bookworm, it's been years since I last saw her. If only she came back. She was the best partner I ever had. Now any partner I get drops me. Then suddenly, a scalpel flies past my head.

"Soul, if you could stop spacing out, I was trying to explain that we have a new student. She is coming from France." Stein said. Whatever. The door then suddenly swung open to show the new student.

I start checking her out; oddly enough, I start from her toes to her head. Let me tell you, this girl definitely has some curves. I heard some thuds, and just as I thought, guys fell over with nosebleeds. At least I'm cool enough to control the blood.

What was she wearing? Well I will tell you. She has on black high heels with little, golden spikes on the toe area. She also has on a short black mini skirt. They showed her long, creamy legs. I start drooling a bit, but I have to keep composed for my 'cool' rep. Next on my toe to head list she has on a blue v-neck t-shirt with the union jack on it. Over it, she has a cool, black leather jacket. She had long, blond hair that went down to her waist. The only thing on her hair was a black fedora.

When I looked at her face, the first thing I saw was her eyes. They were an emerald green. I felt like I was in a forest. Only one person can make me feel like that,

"MAKA!" bellowed Black*Star. Everyone turned there heads to face the loud-mouthed assassin.

"*Star-kun! I missed you." Black*Star ran up to Maka and hugged her. People gasped and started to whisper, Black*Star never showed this sensitive side. I forgot about how Maka and Black*Star were close, only she could make him like this. They were so close that it was like they were siblings I was always jealous of how close they were. But when she left, his 'God-like' ego kicked in.

After their embrace, Maka separated from *Star. She started to look around the class. Her eyes landed on me. Walking over to me, she said "Soul Eater Evans. Long time no see, huh?"

I said, "It has been a long time Maka." Then I pulled her into a hug.

-Maka's Pov-

Soul missed me. Of course he did. I thought during the hug.

I pulled away so I could check him out. Hmmmm… Messy white hair thrown all over the place. I'm glad Wes didn't give him a haircut. He still looks like that player I knew. Yellow jacket on with red pants, and is that a headband I see? Dang, he's grown. Maybe we can have some fun. Shut up inner me, this is Soul, my best friend. You are not messing with him. Awwww… you're no fun Maka-chan.

Shall I continue? Please let me know, I don't bite.

Soul: Not yet you don't.

Me: Shut it Soul

Maka: Can you be a little nicer Soul

Soul: Fine

Me: Thank you Maka-chan