Dear my lovely readers:

I am officially done writing on here... I'm not done writing, but I'm no longer writing fanfics. Any ideas about where my stories could go have gone blank. I also keep forgetting about this account. So I'm sorry for wasting your time. I really am. Even if you tell me that you like my stories, I don't like them. I should still like my stories, but I can't. My writing style has also changed since the last time I was on here, and my grammar has gotten better. After going back through my stories, it was awful to see how I wrote.

Because I'm still writing, I'm now on Quotev. I go by IamtheA. I have one story there... Dear Diary, What's Love? It's not a fanfic, but it's a story nonetheless. You're all welcome to read it or make others read it. I hope that you do. Please check it out! As much as I would like to spill all of it's secrets to you, you might not read it. I will tell you is this... The first chapter was mainly my experience, but I intend to pull ideas from stories that I was told later on in the story. You will get to know how I viewed love and am still viewing it. If I can get enough reads, I will add more.

PLEASE CHECK MY STORY OUT ON QUOTEV! IT WOULD MEAN A LOT TO ME! Follow, heart, or at least something (just don't report it)

Because I love you all, I'm willing to stay and maybe rewrite my stories. If I don't, I'll just give them away (not completely though... I'm still going to check in on whoever is the new writer and give advice/ideas).

-Love to you all,