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-Seven Christmases Later-

"Daddy! Daddy! It's Cwismuss!" Two chestnut haired toddlers poked at their father's shoulder.

"Mummy, Daddy isn't waking up!" George kept his eyes closed. Why had he told Hermione that he wanted children? He was clearly an idiot. She should have committed him to St. Mungo's instead of dragging him off to the bedroom. Being a twin, he should have known the odds of them having twins were pretty high. And how could he forget that he'd been a huge rulebreaker and would be getting that back double? He was not looking forward to them going to Hogwarts. He knew they'd probably be worse than he and Fred had been. And he knew Hermione would be more than happy to point the finger at him.

He felt the pressure of two children on his chest and stomach and he groaned. "Daddy!" He finally opened his eyes to see the two happy two-year-olds. "Santa came!" They said together. "We wanna see our pwesunts!"

"Mummy says wake up!"

George closed his eyes and turned his head, "Tell Mummy that Daddy doesn't want to."

"Tell Daddy that Mummy wants a divorce," came the reply from the doorway. George opened his eyes immediately and looked at her. Hermione smiled, "Up George. They waited until 7am." George nodded and she picked them both up off of the bed, placing them back on the floor, "Go wait in front of the tree Ares, Apollo. Mummy and Daddy will be there soon." The sound of running was heard and Hermione shook her head as she walked to the bed, kissing him. "Hello handsome."
George returned the kiss, pulling her into the bed with him. She was wearing his shirt from yesterday and she looked so hot like that. For having two rambunctious twin two year olds Hermione looked as amazing as she had the first time he'd seen her nude body. She pulled away, "I want my Christmas present," he pouted.

"Well I'm sorry but me naked is not it," she teased, tossing him his boxers and pajama pants, "I don't trust any child of George Weasley's alone for more than three minutes. Now get up."

"They're not alone," he argued, "they have each other."

"Two minutes then," she replied. "Let's go George. What possessed me to have children with a Weasley twin? My smarts, your penchant for trouble…not a great combination."

George frowned and followed her out to the living room, "I take offense. I had fantastic grades in school."

"I know," she kissed him, "that makes things worse not better George." Well he had to admit. She had a point.

After a busy morning with the twins the quartet arrived at the Burrow. Hermione and George were content in their Weasley sweaters and jeans, and the twins enjoyed their sweaters too. Ares' had a spear and shield, symbols of the god he was named after, and Apollo had a bow and quiver, also like the god he was named after. When they entered Hermione and George quickly removed the coats and boots only to see the boys go running into the living room yelling out, "Aunt Ginny!" George and Hermione just smiled at each other. Ginny had quickly come around after that first Christmas. Hermione had been working the cash register on Boxing Day when Ginny had come in, hugged her, and babbled on and on about how sorry she was and how much she missed her.

George helped Hermione out of her own winter cloak and they heard, "Grandma!" and saw two brown-haired blurs go running into the kitchen with the laughter of Molly Weasley soon being heard. The couple shook their heads. Two weeks after Ginny had apologized to the couple Molly appeared at the store shortly before closing. Apparently Ron, having used the potion to have sex with Lavender, had been revealed to be cheating on her with Daphne Greengrass by his surprisingly talkative penis. A tearful Lavender had then told Molly everything; that Ron had cheated on Hermione with her, that Ron had dumped Hermione rather than give her the satisfaction of dumping his cheating arse, and that she'd helped Ron get Hermione fired from her job. Molly had immediately arrived to apologize to Hermione for everything, including believing Ron's story that she had been at fault for everything and was merely blaming him.

Lavender had shown up two months after Molly's arrival and apologized to Hermione, asking for her forgiveness. Hermione had given it freely, much to her former dorm-mate's relief. They still weren't friends, but Hermione was able to close that chapter on her life finally. Ron was no longer invited to family gatherings.

"Hi guys," Ginny smiled at them as they entered the living room, "Harry give them some cider."

"I hope there's alcohol," Hermione said, "I have three annoying Weasley boys in my home."

"Your home above the shop," Harry said, handing her the cider, "no alcohol in this, but there's wine for dinner."

George looked at the baby girl in Ginny's arms as he sat down on the couch next to his wife, "How are you both doing with Lily?"

"I'm still terrified to be a dad," Harry said. "But she's sleeping through the night finally." He handed George a cider, "Planning on moving anytime soon?"

Hermione leaned against George, who wrapped an arm around her, "We are going to look for a home this spring. The boys are getting older, we'd like them to each have their own room."

"Not that they're going to want it," George said. "But we're going to try."

The twins played with their cousins while George and Hermione snuggled on the couch. Hermione sighed, content. Their third Christmas together George had proposed marriage to her. She'd said yes immediately. They had been married the next year on October 9th, the day her own parents had been married. George, Molly, and the rest of the Weasleys (minus Ron) had done everything they could to make sure that though her parents were gone, she felt connected to them still throughout the wedding preparations.

When they'd learned they were carrying twins a year after that they'd talked about names. Hermione's mother was named Helen, and Hermione had also been named after Greek mythology's Trojan War. One night George had held Hermione after making love and suggested naming them after characters in the Trojan War stories. She'd agreed and they'd chosen the names Ares and Apollo.

The twins were, in George's eyes, their greatest achievements. The boys had Hermione's hair color but George's eyes and his hair type. Hermione's nose and complexion. They were adorable. When they'd been born he and Hermione had arrived at the hospital alone. He'd exited the room after they were born to see all of his family, minus Ron, waiting. Fleur's little sister Gabrielle worked as a receptionist and when she'd heard that Hermione was in labor she'd contacted the Weasleys for them. Everyone had been thrilled for them. Molly had been crying as she entered the room to see Hermione with the twins.

"What are you thinking about?" George asked.

Hermione smiled and looked up at him, "How wonderful my life has been these past 7 years."

"It has been pretty wonderful," he smiled. "I like the parts where we were naked and in bed together."

She rolled her eyes, "Speaking of that," she summoned a package from underneath the tree. George opened it to reveal a very alluring lacy lingerie set.

"I'm not wearing this Hermione."

"I'll be wearing it on our vacation to a Swiss chateau we'll be staying in for a week, starting on New Year's Eve." George looked at her and grinned, "The kids are going to stay with your parents, and Crookshanks is being watched by Percy and Penny. Lee's going to look after the store and Ginny's agreed to help out too."

"I really, really love you," he smiled, leaning in to kiss her. That sounded like paradise. No worries, just some romance and relaxation. Well, tons of romance and relaxation. George already couldn't keep his hands off his wife. Being alone with her with zero chance of interruptions would only enhance that.

Outside the Burrow, as a blizzard began, a lone redheaded figure stared at his former home. Ronald Weasley saw the happy faces inside, saw the children sitting on their parents' laps sleepily. He could have had that. Instead he'd used his fame to sleep with as many women as he could, and his reputation had caught up to him. He'd ended up quitting his job. Loads of Howlers had made his boss tell him he could quit or be fired. Ron had lived off his money from his job and his Order of Merlin award before struggling to find a job. No one wanted to hire him. He'd gotten a job as a groundskeeper for the Chudley Cannons. Not exactly a dream job, but it was something.

He'd dug his own bed in the pile of manure that his life had become. He was stuck with it. When he'd lied to his mother, he thought he'd get away with it. She held grudges so long. Never had Ron thought it'd turn against him. He'd missed the weddings of his siblings, the births of his nieces and nephews…birthdays, holidays, everything. Who'd have thought a potion to enlarge your penis could lead to your life falling apart?

George looked at his wife after they had tucked their boys into bed, "Wait a minute."

She shut the door to their room and they walked back to their room, "What?"

Pushing her against their bedroom door he smirked, "You said my present didn't involve you being naked."

Hermione frowned and shook her head when she realized what he was talking about. "Well I'll be wearing the lingerie," she pointed out.

"Not for long," he argued.

Hermione rolled her eyes, "Okay, yes. You're right. I was wrong. Me being naked is part of your present."

"That's better," George gave her a satisfactory smirk, "I love you."

"I love you too," Hermione pulled him toward the bed, "Now let's celebrate Christmas in our traditional manner."

George leaned in and kissed her, "Fa la la la la, la la la la."

"You're lucky you're so wonderful," she muttered as his mouth moved over her neck.