Deep within the darkness I could hear the battle of the winning of Selena the Death Dealer and Michael the hybrid that I helped created with the help of Selena who looks so much like my Sonja. I had moved my body slowly through the sewers and the streets. If I was going to die then I wanted to die under the moonlight night sky.

Kagome's mikos energies were pulsing around her, as was her wolf senses were howling within her body. Kagome had come to this area with her twin sister Melody and her own mate Sesshomaru, because Melody had to get away ever since Inuyasha cheated on her with Kikyo. She stopped walking when she smelled the metallic taste of blood coming from an alleyway.

Kagome made her way through the alleyway to spot a limp like body, then she ran towards it. "Lycan" she said, as she shook her head as she saw silver ooze coming from his wounds. She slowly went to work as she cut her wrist and dripping it over his wounds then her hands started to glow.

A hand grabbed her wrist tightly. "It's oh okay I'm not going to hurt you" she whispers softly, as she looked into the dark eyes of the man that she was trying to save "Trust me" she whispered softly, as his grip loosened then he passed back out. She started healing his wounds slowly with her miko powers, then sighs exhausted.

Sesshomaru had been running after his mate after since she just disappeared after he turned his back on her for one minute. Then he caught coming from an alleyway, as he slowly made his way down it to spot his mate/wife leaning against a wall panting lightly. "Sesshomaru over here" she calls out to him, as he makes his way towards her as he spots a male in her lap. He glared, as she looked up at him. "I found a Lycan pup can we keep him?" she smirks up at him, as he shakes his head at his mate.

Then he placed the male onto his shoulders, while helping his mate walk as she leaned against him. "He's a Lycan huh?" he asked curiously as she looks up at him and nods. "My Wolf just lead me to him" she responds softly, he laughed out, as he lead them to their place then he placed their guest into the guest room.

The Lycan opened his eyes, as he tried to sit up but he couldn't. He looked around the room as he spotted a child with white hair and icy sky blue hues staring at him. "Who are you?" the child questioned. "Lucian" he responds clearly, as he sits up slowly then a young looking child with orange hair and green hues appears in the room also. "Luna you know that we aren't supposed to be in here" he said sharply to her "But my wolf demon side is calling to him" she answers.

Kagome hits the young man upon the head. "Shippo don't be mean to your sister you know what your mother would say if she was up" she growled out, as she scooped up the little child. "Hello My name is Kagome and I found you and healed you in that Alleyway and this is my niece Luna and that there is my nephew Shippo" she says softly. "His name is Lucian" Luna said to her aunt.

Kagome laughed out softly. "My mate /husband carried you here" she responds gently. 'So I'm alive' he thought then he laughed out. "Another day to be alive" he said softly to himself. Luna got out of Kagome's arms as she made her way towards the male then she looks up at him. "Why are you so sad?" she asked him softly.

Lucian looked down at the small child as he gave the small child a smile. "I was betrayed by someone and then saved by someone that looked like my once beloved who had created the first creature that I had once tried to create with my own beloved heart" he answered the small child question softly.

Kagome made the children leave him alone so that Lucian could rest up a bit more but once again Lucian saw the white haired child in the room again, but this time sitting on the bed with flowers in her hand. "What do you have for me little one" he asked her softly. Then she hands him the flower with a smile upon her face, then she gets up and runs out of the room.

Lucian was puzzled over the little girl, then he shook his head. Just has another being appeared but this one had long white hair, striking male features, stripes on his cheeks, cold golden warm hues, and Elf like ear. "Hi" Lucian responded curiously. "My name is Sesshomaru and my mate Kagome has spoken about you Lucian. You should be thankful that my mate had saved your life" he said coldly, as Lucian looked at him. "What are you?" he asked him.

Sesshomaru had never heard that question before. "I'm a dog demon , my wife is an elemental wolf demoness with miko powers along with her twin sister, my nephew is a fox demon and my niece that was just in here is a half Elemental Wolf and Half Dog Demon" he explained as he looked at him

Later that night Lucien had pondered about what Sesshomaru had said about their being demon's but there has been a war going on that he has never noticed before. The door slammed opened, as a female stormed into the room. 'She looks like Kagome' he thought.

Melody had long raven black hair that when her calves striking icy sky blue hues, curvy body, that anyone could see since she was wearing high heeled black boots, dark blue skinny jeans, and a blue corset, as she looked at him with her eyes.

Lucian had never before in his life ever seen a creature much like this one before him. "Mommy" said the little girl named Luna as she wrapped her arms around her legs. "I knew I felt something off" she growled out, as she stared into his eyes.

Kagome came running, as she wrapped her arm around her sister. "No we need him sister, because of the war that is raging in the world" she cries out, as Melody growled out, scooping up her daughter and leaving the room with her hair following after her.

Lucian raised an eyebrow, as he looked at her. "What war?" he asked her curiously "The War of the Vampires and Lycan's of course…They are using us demons in the war" she responds as she sighs. "A Man named Marcus is looking for his brother William" she says, as she wraps her arms around herself.

"A woman Selena and A man Michael are searching for her past memories but Marcus is using the demons basically us to fight this war" she says, as she looks at him. "You can help us search for a man they named Alexander Cornvis" she says as she sighs deeply. "My Wolf side knew that you could help us" she whispers softly.

Later that night Lucian sat on the bed, as he heard screaming coming from the room. "No you don't fucking get to see your kids asshole." Screamed a voice he knew was Melody. "You know what Inuyasha fuck you" she screamed out loudly, as there was a loud thud coming from her room wall.

Lucian slowly stood up from the bed, as he made it towards the hallway then he slowly walked down the stairs not making a sound. But he felt something pull on his jacket, he turns his head and looks down at the little girl. "You need to be in bed little one" he whispers to her softly.

Luna was confused on why he was leaving them. "Please don't go Mr. Lucian" she whimpers as she looks up at him gently with her blue hues. Lucian lowered himself down to her level and stared into her eyes. "I won't be gone long I promise" he whispered softly to her.

Luna nods her head as she quickly gives him a hug then she slowly makes her way back into her room. Lucian shakes his head as he stands up and makes his way towards the back door where he leaves then he slowly shifts into a large Lycan and starts running away from the house.

'Be back soon Daddy' Little Luna thought softly, as she watched him from her window as well as Melody. "Good Riddance" she said to herself, as she turned on her heel and went to bed. None of them realizing that the enemy was closing in on them.