The plane landed safely; as one of the passengers managed to sleep soundly on the flight to Tokyo, Japan while the other one just kept awake watching over his pregnant mate. "Love we've arrived." He whispers into her hair as he kisses the top of her head.

Melody groans softly; as she opens her eyes slowly and she buries her face into his neck. "Can't you to just carry me?" She questions, causing a smirk to spread upon her mate's face.

"Love you know that I could, but I don't think there is enough space for me to do that and I don't want to hit your head on the seats." He responds softly.

A child watched the planes arrive as she looked out of the windows excitedly. "Luna darling, your mom's plane has arrived, and they are about to come out." Called her grandmother.

Luna nods her head, as she makes her way towards her grandmother and grandfather while her brother Shippo had stayed home to prepare the arrival party for them.

She lifted her head, as she caught her mother's scent since she would know her scent anywhere. But it also smelt different to her, as she goes and takes off towards the smell.

"Mommy!" Luna shouts, as she jumps up and barreling to her momma who caught her and wrapped her arms tightly around her child and peppering her face with kisses.

Lucian stood close by the two of them, Luna looked over as she held her mother and reached over to him. Causing him to move closer as she wraps her arms around his neck as well.

"I missed you too Papa Lucian." She mutters as she holds both, Lucian wraps his arms protectively around them and pulls them both close to him.

"I missed you too." He says to her softly and kisses the top of her head.

A throat was cleared causing; Melody to pull back and look up. "Hey Momma." She says, and she puts Luna into Lucian's arm as she walks over to her, and she wraps her mother in a strong embrace.

"Welcome home my baby girl." She says to her daughter, as Aiko holds onto her daughter. Kinta looks over at the two women in his life then over towards his granddaughter and the stranger with his daughter.

Melody pulls back as she smiles. "Momma, Dad this is Lucian my mate and Lucian these are my parents Aiko and Kinta." She says loudly to them.

Kinta glared at Lucian; as Lucian raises an eyebrow at him. He chuckled, as he now could place where Melody got her attitude from the first time they had met. "It's a pleasure to meet you." He speaks.

"It's such a pleasure to meet you as well Lucian, Luna really likes talking about you." Aiko says to him, causing Luna to blush and bury her face in his neck.

Melody smiles softly at the two of them. "We should probably head home; I can't wait to see Souta and everyone." She says and Lucian nods his head, as he held onto Luna and makes his way over towards her.

He grabs her hand. "Shippo is very excited to have you guys' home." Luna says softly as she holds onto Lucian, and the group makes their way towards the baggage claim.

The group arrives at the shrine, as Melody groans loudly. "I hate these stairs." She says, causing Lucian to chuckle. "You want me to carry you?" He asks her.

"I can always send Shippo down for our bags." He says to her; as she nods her head at him. "Yes please." She answers gently as she looks up at him with a slight pout.

"You need to stop with that look darling." Lucian says; as he turns around and lowers himself so that she can get up onto his back.

"Never sweetie." She answers, as she climbs onto his back, and Lucian starts climbing up the stairs to the shrine. Luna follows them; as Kinta glares at the man carrying his daughter. "What do we know about him?" He asks curiously.

"Melody tells me that he was born from a werewolf mother then enslaved to work for vampires. He met his love who was a vampire and well the rest is up to Lucian to tell." Aiko whispers to her husband then she looks at him.

"You be nice to him Kinta or I swear there will be trouble." She growls at him warningly, as Kinta groans and nods his head. "Fine I'll be nice." He responds feeling annoyed.

Lucian stopped at the top of the stairs of the shrine, and he whistled. "You grew up here?" He asks, as Melody giggles and she climbs off his back. "Yep, isn't it beautiful." She states, and she walks up to the front door then she turns around. "Just to let you know; my grandfather can be bit to handle." She says while looking up at him.

Lucian chuckles. "Love I think I can handle your grandfather." He says then suddenly the door opened, and dust came flying out and landed on him. "BEGONE DEMON!" Shouted an old man's voice.

"Grandfather..." Melody whined with her hands on her face, while Lucian just stood there with dust all over him then suddenly, he bursted out laughing and doubling over.

Melody stood just watching him laughing which caused her to start laughing as well. Luna came running over to them and watched them laughing. "Great Grandfather; why did you put dust all over Papa Lucian he's not a demon?" Luna asked.

Melody wipes her eyes as she stands next to Lucian. "Grandfather this is Lucian and Lucian this is my grandfather." She introduces them while smiling and dusting off Lucian.

"Oh no dad what did you do?" Aiko exclaims, as she rushes over and starts helping her daughter to dust off Lucian. "Hey Lucian said he can handle this." Melody explains as she smirks.

Kinta smirks happily at him getting dusted by his wife's father. Shippo comes walking out. "Hi Lucian and Mom." He says smiling at them then he moves close to his mom as he sniffs her.

Lucian looks at Shippo and places his finger upon his lips, and Shippo nods his head in understanding. "Awe Shippo my baby." Melody says as she squashes his face. "You've gotten so much bigger." She adds smiling happily.

"Mom, stop it." Shippo groans as he swats her hands away playfully. "Sis; get in here!" Kagome calls out annoyingly from inside of the house.

The group comes inside the house, as Melody blushes since Lucian took a hold of her hand in his. "Oh my gosh!" Melody says; as she looks around and sees everyone feeling happy. "Awe you, guys." She adds, as she starts sniffling.

Kagome smiles at her and waddles her way over towards her with Sesshomaru following right behind her. Melody pulls her into a hug. "You're practically glowing." She says to her, and Tara comes walking over towards them and hugs them both.

Sango comes to join in the hug fest and Melody laughs. "Oh, okay guys has much as I love you, I need to breath." She says, as Lucian shook Sesshomaru's hand and Sesshomaru touches his shoulder. "Welcome to the over emotional family." He says.

Lucian smirks at him. "I'm not over emotional, I'm pregnant that's different." Kagome glares at him, causing Melody to laugh.

"Lucian these two wonderful people are Tara my half-sister and Sango our best friend and Tara, Sango this is Lucian." She introduces happily.

Tara smiles at him. "Kagome was right you are handsome." She says to him, as she hugs him and pulls away. Melody glares at Kagome with a raised eyebrow. "I couldn't help but not show them a picture." Kagome says in her defense.

"Mom was curious on who the lucky guy was." She adds, as Melody rolls her eyes. "You are so lucky that you are pregnant." She states.

Naraku comes up and hugs Melody then pulls back as he looks at her. Melody stares back at him and bites her lower lip. Sesshomaru smirked as he knew as well and pretty sure that the others knew.

"Lucian this is Naraku our best friend and brother-in-law, and Naraku this is Lucian." Melody says still looking at him, and Lucian moves closer and shakes hands with him.

"Then we have Miroku who is married to Sango and their twins Kin'u and Gyokuto then their son Hisui." Melody says as two little girls giggle and a baby cooed.

"Welcome to the craziness." Miroku says and Melody glares at him warningly. "We are not crazy." She responds to him, as Toga and Izayoi smile at them softly.

"Lucian this is Toga and Izayoi grandparents to Luna and Rin." Melody states lastly, and Lucian nods his head towards them. He could tell that they were good people but wasn't going to judge them at all.

"Melody dear, your mother said that he was handsome, but she didn't mention this handsome." Izayoi said smiling at her, as Melody blushes darkly; as she was pulled into a tight hug from the older woman and Toga smirked a feral grin upon his face as he looks at Lucian.

"Papa Toga stop giving him that look." Melody said warningly, as she flicked his cheek. "Well sorry but your still family even though you aren't with Inuyasha anymore." He says to her.

"Speaking of the dog, surprised he didn't come." Melody says as she looks at him. Shippo huffed, behind them as Luna bites her lower lip. "Daddy didn't want to leave Kikyo alone because she is pregnant." She tells her mother.

"Well, I wish them the best." Melody says as she moved towards her daughter and held her. Then she clears her throat.

"Well since everyone is here, I have news that I want to share with everyone." Melody declares as she stands in front of them and Lucian moves to her and stands next to her, hugging her from the side.

"Well first Selen and Michael have been captured and now they want to capture Lucian hence why we needed to come home." Melody starts, as Kagome nods her head as she was sitting on the couch.

"Also, in other news. I'm pregnant." Melody says, causing Shippo to smirk as Luna to squeal happily as she runs and hugs her mother.

The other girls in the family happily squeal and basically rush over towards her and hug her. Lucian gets handshakes and pats on the shoulder, Kinta was glaring and growling lowly.

"I forbid this union!" Kinta shouted causing Aiko to turn and glare at her husband. Melody glares at her father as she stands there. "I'm a grown woman and you can't tell me who I can be with." Melody responds.

Lucian wraps his arms around her protectively while also keeping her from beating up her father. "Melody you can't beat up your father." Lucian whispers into her ear softly.

"Watch me." Melody growls out loudly while her Miko powers spark around her. Aiko stands in front of her daughter. "Melody, think of the baby." She tells her daughter.

Lucian held onto his mate closely, as he took a deep breath and tried to calm her down by doing so in her ear. Toga pulled Kinta out of the house, so that he wouldn't get his ass kicked by many of the petite women in there.

Lucian watched from the corner of his eye as he kissed the top of her head. He moves outside to handle this situation head on.

Melody now sat near her sisters basically crying her eyes out, while the other females were supporting her and trying to calm her down.

Shippo and the other males went outside to make sure that there was no damage that they couldn't fix before the women find out about it.

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Lucian growled annoyingly. "What the hell is your problem? Your daughter comes home and tells you exciting news that you are about to become a grandfather again and you basically tell her that you don't accept our union?" He asks annoyingly and angrily.

Kinta growls at him. "I don't accept you because one: you are way to fucking old for her to begin with and two: How do I know that you won't be like Inuyasha once your ex comes back around, and you cheat on my daughter!" He shouted at him, and Lucian punched him right in the face.

"Don't compare me to that mutt of an ex-son-in-law!" Lucian shouted, then he turned to Toga. "No offense Sir." He adds calmly.

Toga laughs. "Non taken, we weren't happy when Melody came to us crying because Inuyasha was cheating her on with his ex-Kikyo and was getting a divorce." He responds.

"You don't have to worry about my ex coming around." Lucian says, as Kinta came back and punched him right back and the punches both came back-to back.

"I don't believe you!" Kinta yelled, as he was throwing a punch at him. Lucian grabbed hold of his fist as he growled at him.


Sesshomaru knew the story of what happened due to Kagome telling him. Just in case something like this happened and he was right only because he had to fight with Kinta about marrying Kagome and to be mates with her and he wished that no one had to deal with this pain.

"I lost my love because we mixed the races of Vampire and Lycan once that ended and the war basically started, I never stopped trying to mix the species and when I found out Michael was a match. I was able to mix the species and start a new breed." Lucian said as they were now panting.

Shippo stood there watching, as he felt the pain of watching his father get killed by two murdering brothers who were in prison thanks to his mother. Shippo stepped up and placed his hand upon Lucian's shoulder gently.

"Grandfather, I don't care if you don't support the union." He says while looking at him. "I support the union of him, and my mom so does Luna and that's all that should matter." He adds, and Sesshomaru smirks feeling proud of the young man.

Rin comes climbing up the stairs two at a time carrying a bag. "I guess Melody is back." She says as she smiles softly, and walks passed them as she smiles warmly at Shippo and going inside of the house.

Shippo blushes lightly; and he looks away. Lucian places his hand upon the young male's shoulder and gives him an encouraging squeeze. Kinta sighs because he knew that he was wrong about Lucian and if he didn't fix it well his wife and daughters were going to be really upset with him.

Kinta walks up. "Let's try this again shall we; Hi I'm Kinta and I'm an overbearing father who just wants to protect his kids." He says and puts his hand out. Lucian takes his hand. "Hi, I'm Lucian, and I'm happily in love with your daughter." He says, shaking his hand.

Sesshomaru smirks, Toga and Naraku both roll their eyes; Shippo just shakes his head and walks back towards the house as he steps inside. "Papa Lucian and Grandfather are still alive." He announces.

"Speaking of alive, I think it's time for these babies to come out because I think my water just broke." Kagome announces, as they quickly move around the house.

They moved out of the house. "Sesshomaru your very needed!" Melody yells towards her brother-in-law. Sesshomaru quickly moves as he helps his wife towards the car. "THIS IS THE LAST TIME YOU ARE EVER TOUCHING ME AGAIN!" Kagome screams at Sesshomaru has he cringes.

"Do you think Sesshomaru is going to be oh okay?" Lucian asks as Luna stands near them. "Probably not." Melody responds as she smirks then she touches his arm softly. "I promise not to be super mean to you." She says softly.

"Love I can't keep you to that promise." Lucian responds, as he places his hand upon Luna's head softly and ruffles her head.

"We'll go visit them once everything is fine." Melody says smiling softly as she yawns. "I've had enough excitement to last me a lifetime." She adds.

Lucian smiles. "Let's get you inside and off your feet." He says, leading her inside and towards her bedroom. Since everyone else had gone to the hospital with Kagome or had gone to take care of their own families.

Now just the four of them; as Melody was guided to lay down on her bed. He brushes a piece of her hair; and he kisses her forehead lightly then he leaves the room.

He turns and faces the two kids in the hallway. "Should we make dinner while she is sleeping?" He asks and they nodded their heads. They show him where the kitchen is, and they start to prepare dinner for them.

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^)%*)^*#$)%(+#_%(#_(^#$)%*#)$*^)#*^)%^)#*% #*$ )#%()$#^*#

Melody woke up and stretched her arms above her head once she was sitting up on the bed. She sniffs the air, and she smiles softly as she moves off the bed, leaving the room and heading down to the kitchen.

"Evening darling." Lucian calls out and he smiles at her. "They are still waiting for Kagome to give-birth and they will call when she does." He explains to her.

Melody smiles as she watches her daughter and son helping Lucian make dinner. She placed her hands upon her stomach as she thought about her happy family causing her smile to widen more. 'I love you all' She thought happily and feeling utterly sappy at this moment.