Okay, so I am kind of new to Vampire Knight, and I wrote a story a long time ago that got lost, and the idea has been niggling away at my head for a while now so I decided to re-write it. Give it a chance, you may like it :)

Sansa Narita was tiny. Only nine, yet so small and skinny it was alarming. Everything about her screamed innocence; bright green eyes, adorably big and curious, short black hair that fell in oil like waves, and the paleness of her skin often fooled people into thinking she was ill. No one saw her as capable of taking care of herself, but she damn sure could. She just didn't know it yet.

Hiding under the bed of her already messy bedroom, Sansa held her breath for as long as her small lungs could hold it. Her little heart hammered in her ears, so loud she thought she was going deaf. The blood in her veins burned at impossible temperatures, racing through her body with scorching urgency. If not for the circumstances, she would have been uncomfortable; she was wrapped in thick clothing due to the awful chill outside. Beneath her thick jumper, sweat trickled down the line of her spine, the t-shirt beneath the jumper sticking to her skin.

Sansa bit down on her lip. Her fear grew intensely, blinding her momentarily with white light. Footsteps, followed by a voice.

"Little girl, you know I will find you." said the voice, soft and inviting. She saw the owner of said voice step directly opposite her, in the doorway. "My, my. A messy little thing, I see."

Her nails clawed into the wooden planks beneath her hands, splinters breaking through her tender skin. Her lungs felt like they were about to explode; very slowly, she exhaled and inhaled, making as little noise as possible. It did not work. The intruder inhaled loudly, almost like an animal. She heard the slick sound of his tongue caressing his lips.

"You do smell good." he whispered, stepping into the room. "Like... sugar, mint and earth. What a combination. You're blood, though..."

From beneath the bed, she saw the glow of red in the dim light, his eyes reflecting his lust for blood. Despite her age, she thought he was beautiful, like Prince Charming from the many stories her mother read to her at bedtime. Tall, slender, pale, his dark hair tangled as if windswept. If not for his eyes and protruding fangs, she would have felt pulled to him, like a moth to a flame.

Never be fooled by the red eyed monsters, her mother had told her many times. No matter how beautiful, no matter how kind and charming, never allow yourself to fall to their demands. Her mother had always said she could never tell her why, simply because she was too young. What she hadn't known was that Sansa Narita was a smart little girl, and she saw everything as a puzzle that needed to be pieced together with a fine hand. She knew now, in this moment, that her mother was dead, as was her father. The blood that trickled down from the corner of the intruder's mouth proved such facts, and of course there had been the screaming before this moment.

Still, the smell of this man lured her in like a cat fancied a mouse. She couldn't define what he smelled of; everything sweet and delicious she had ever allowed herself to inhale. She closed her eyes as her mouth began to water, holding utterly still as she tried to see through the fog of fear and unnatural curiosity. She fought through the dark waters that threatened to end her, blocking the fear and forcing away the want, refocusing on the one thing that mattered.

Staying alive.

A breath teased the skin of her face, warm and awfully divine. Her eyes flew open and she gasped, swallowing down her scream with a choke. She was staring into those red, burning eyes, so bright and shimmery that she saw her own face reflected in them. The monster before her chuckled, licking his lips as he watched her shrink back with terror.

"It is rude to hide from your guests, little one." he said, his voice like silk. "Are you not going to offer me a beverage?" He laughed at him own pun, almost madly, before his arm snapped out towards her, his hands grabbing a fistful of her hair. He pulled her towards him, painfully so, and Sansa's hands darted to his hands in her hair, raking her nails against his skin. Tears pricked her eyes, her body so hot she thought she would melt, and her heart raced so fast that she thought it would burst out from her chest. She wanted to scream but couldn't, her small voice lodged deep in her throat.

The monster cradled her to his chest like she was his loved child, his arms locked around her middle. She thrashed her legs, struggled against his grip, but to no avail. His breath chilled the skin of her neck, his lips against her skin as he breathed her in harshly, like she was the air he needed to live. She felt his fingers in her hair, gently massaging her scalp with a torturous gentleness.

"It will be over soon." he breathed, his lips moving against her throat. She barely heard him, her heart still louder than anything she had ever heard, yet somehow, the voice of her mother fought through to make itself heard.

Remember, vampires don't expect much of a fight. You must surprise them should they catch you. Don't fight them—it's a battle you will never win on your own—but once you're free, run like you have never run before.

Sansa released a long, shaky breath, and then allowed herself to go limp in the monster's arms. Despite his impossible strength, she felt the sudden confusion as he used a tad more muscle to cradle her, and his lips left her neck for the briefest of moments. She closed her eyes, acting as if she had fainted, or maybe even died in his arms. The latter was false hope, but that didn't matter. He was distracted, and in that small few seconds, she attacked.

She caught him staring at her when she flashed her eyes open again, and he never saw her hand sail towards his face, nails bared. Her mother had made sure to keep Sansa's nails long and sharp all her life, not for this precise moment exactly, but as some kind of defence against life's terrible acts. Sansa had never been more grateful. Her nails broke through his flawless skin, four lines of blood staining his face from his eye to chin. That was enough. He let out a howl of pain, releasing her, and without a moment's haste she leapt to her feet and fled the room.

She had no idea where she would run to. Her feet simply darted her down the stairs out in the hallway, so fast she nearly went flying. How funny; she had just escaped the clutches of a vampire, yet she may a well die just as easily falling down the stairs. She shook the thought away, racing to the left and towards the front door―

Only to stop dead in her tracks.

She knew the inevitable, but nothing prepared her for the sight right there by the door. Her mother, lying there on her side, her eyes closed and blood seeping from two small wounds in her neck. Cuts and bruises coated every inch of her skin that she could see. Her beautiful black hair was tangled and devoid of its usual shine, and her usually creamy skin was paler than hers. A tiny whimper escaped Sansa's lips, perhaps the beginning of a wail that simply couldn't reach her mouth. She felt something inside her snap, like a cord of self composure, and she sank to her knees in despair.

The pain she felt was like no other. Her heart seemed to tear apart in her chest, her blood hotter than that of lava, or so t felt like. Bowing her head down, like she was bowing to someone, horrible trembles racked through her small frame, causing every muscle to ache and cramp in response. Bile rose in her throat, her stomach twisting so terrible a yelp escaped her, her arms wrapping themselves around her middle as if to hold herself together.

The monster stood behind her, a hand to his cheek, a smile on his face as he gazed down at her.

"You should make this easier." he said, though she did not start at his voice. "I can end your pain. I can send you to your mother again. In a way it can save us both; let me drink, let me feed, and then I can take everything away and send you to a better place." His voice was so gentle, so much so she shivered. He spoke to her like he cared, like her wanted to take away this agony. But she knew it was a lie.

Slowly, she turned to face him, her eyes hard as steel as she glared at him. Sweat glittered her forehead, her hair sticking unattractively to her skin. The fire inside her burned hotter and hotter still, until eventually it took everything she had to hold off a scream. Her body felt like it was on a ticking time bomb, moments from exploding, and the longer she stared into those red eyes, the less time she seemed to have left.

And suddenly he was screaming, falling to the ground with his hands pressed to his temples, like he was in an awful physical pain. Sansa didn't blink, only continued to burn him with her glare, imagining all the pain she wanted to inflict on him; tear him apart, stab him repeatedly, shoot him between the eyes, beat him until she no longer had the strength. The more vivid the images grew, the louder the monster screamed, thrashing so violently it looked like his bones might snap.

And then he stopped, and she stared at him with a blank expression. She threw the images away from her thoughts; what would her mother think of her for wanting such violence? Tears tracked silently down her cheeks, warm and stinging her skin. The monster clambered to his hands and knees, panting as he stared at her, the red from his eyes dimmer than before. Was it just her, or could she see fear in those wild orbs? Apparently he had been in diabolical pain, yet her mother had always said that vampires thought little of pain. They rarely felt fear, full stop.

"What... are you?" he stuttered, his lips trembling. "No human can... no vampire can..."

She watched as he got to his feet, though his legs looked like they might buckle from beneath him at any moment. She wanted to cause that pain on him again, whatever she had done, but she was too dazed and numb to understand what she had actually done, and how. Her head hurt, thudding with a migraine, something she had suffered from ever since she could remember. She hardly felt it, watching the vampire's fear in awe, for it was a sight she had never seen nor heard of. But she felt herself draining, felt her eyes droop, and it wouldn't be long before the monster recomposed himself and lunged for the kill.

She felt his anger in the air, a sudden rage that hung over her like a black cloud of thunder and lightning. She fell to her side, closing her eyes and wishing for it to be quick, picturing the face of her mother and praying that she would be on the other side waiting for her. Her heart, no longer hammering, thudded evenly in her chest, and the fire in her blood burned away.

He shrieked, lunged, and the world dissolved around her before he reached her with his hands.

Kaien Cross never expected to find what he did in the late hours of the night. He knew of the attack, that a rouge vampire had been terrorizing the streets for a few weeks now, and at last his senses found him and his malicious ways. But, when arriving to the house that reeked of blood and death, what he found made him blink, stare, and blink again.

A child, no older than nine, lay in the door way. She was a pretty little thing, despite the blood matting her dark hair and clothes, and the smell of sweat hit Kaien's like a brick to a wall. His stomach twisted in disgust at the figure lying near the unconscious girl, an excuse for a vampire, trembling and cursing under ragged breaths. He was too busy staring at the monster to notice that the girl at his feet was indeed alive.

His heart jumped a little; to the right, a woman in her mid-thirties lay in a pool of blood, the resemblance between her and the child uncanny. The mother, no doubt. There was nothing worse than approaching the body of a parent who had died defending their child, especially if the child never made it. Tearing his eyes away before images of Yuki could float into his mind, he stepped forward, passed the girl and towards the monster beside her.

He looked up, shaking violently as he hissed at him. Kaien found it strange how he seemed to be in so much pain, yet he saw not a drop of blood save the scratches on his face. Through his dark hair, his red eyes flared, glowing with a rage that seemed distant, like he was trapped behind a glass wall and could not attack. His finger slid across the ground, towards the girl's hand, already bloody beneath her long nails.

"M-monster." he seethed, moving his index finger to point, quivering as he did. Kaien cocked his head, his eyes ablaze with silent fury.

"No child can be as monstrous as you." he said through gritted teeth. The creature let out a pained cackle, chilling Kaien to the bone.

"You are a-a fool, s-sir. She w-will destroy y-you." he said, coughing slightly. He struggled, trying to get to his feet, only to collapse with a defeated gasp. Kaien watched in astonishment. Never had he seen a vampire struggle so much as this one, especially with no visible wounds, and it honestly frightened him.

"Is she alive?" he asked, glancing back at the girl lying deathly still at his heels, eyes closed, lips parted. The vampire laughed again, a slow, wretched sound from his throat. It sounded mad.

"If you t-take her, you will regret it." he said in a cold voice.

"Why?" Kaien asked harshly, stooping low and grasping a fist full of hair in his hand.

"She has a power l-like no other. I wouldn't have b-believed it had I not just felt it." he said, his eyes fading, looking at something distant. "She has the b-b-blood of fire. A power like nothing else. Only a few like her are born every c-century."

"Is she human?"

"Oh yes, quite human." he smiled. "I just wish I got to t-taste her."

From the corner of his eye, Kaien saw the child twitch her fingers. His heart began to beat erratically, and he cursed himself for being so soft. This creature claimed she was dangerous, that she was something else, but he could not shake the will to help her and nurse her back to health. Standing, he glared down at the vampire, his eyes venomous. The vampire only laughed, closing his eyes and licking his lips.

"Leave me," he said. "Leave me alone to die."

"Gladly." Kaien spat, drawing the hunting sword from his cane with a deadly hiss. The vampire only smiled again, looking oddly at peace, but not before he spoke the softest of words.

"She will be hunted for the rest of her life." he said. "Her blood is o-one of a k-kind."

"Goodbye, you bloody beast." Kaien said, before swinging his sword down towards the vampire's throat.

Not fifteen minutes later, he had the child wrapped delicately in his jacket, carrying her out of the house and holding her close to his chest. Thankfully, he wasn't far from the Academy, just a ten minute walk or so. The girl was indeed alive, her breathing slow but there, her little heart still pumping the blood around her body. He couldn't think about her nature, what she was, who she was; he just wanted to get her somewhere safe.

He burst through the gates of the Academy, panting, his grip protective around the nameless girl as his eyes darted around the gloomy grounds. Not a soul in sight; Yuki would be sound asleep, the Night Class safely in their classes and the Day Class―presumably―asleep in their dorms. Not wasting a moment, he darted for his office by the Sun Dorms, a dark shadow in the night.

Once inside, he slammed the door shut, looking around with a look of puzzlement as to where to place the child. Finally he placed her delicately on one of the two sofas near his desk, keeping her cocooned in his jacket. She didn't wake, looking peaceful if anything else.

A further ten minutes later, after summoning Kaname Kuran from his class, he watched as the pureblood vampire knelt over the girl, his eyes focussed as he examined her. He delicately touched her black hair, pushing it away from her face, as he listened to Kaien's story of how he came to find her, and what story the vampire thrust upon him surrounding the girl's identity.

"She looks human," Kaname said, before sniffing. "and smells human... perhaps the vampire was lying?" he turned to Kaien with a question in his eyes. Kaien shook his head.

"No, he was in pain; he looked like he feared her." He stroked his jaw thoughtfully. "I can't allow her to stay in that house, unarmed and alone, especially with her mother dead. She won't be safe in the hands of the police... the creature said that she would be hunted for the rest of her life."

"I will say this: she had a peculiar scent, certainly different from most human's, but I have no desire to drink from her. My fellow students, however..." The vampire looked at him pointedly. Kaien waved him off. As much as he despised his rules of biting being broken on school grounds, he couldn't deny that vampires had an instinct that could not be helped. Yuki was at as much risk as this mystery girl.

Kaname smiled then. "I believe," he said. "our little survivor is waking up."

She was, too. The girl's eyes were open, and they took Kaien, and Kaname's, breath away. They were an unearthly green, richer than summer tree leaves, so deep a green it was like looking into a pair of gems. She looked at the two of them, her expression blank, her teeth digging into her lower lip. She looked exhausted; purple shadows tainted the skin below those magnificent eyes like chalk.

"Hello, dear," said Kaien, smiling as he knelt beside Kaname. "I am Kaien Cross, and this is my friend Kaname Kuran. You're safe now, okay? Can you tell me your name?"

There was no hesitation in her tiny voice, only a heartbreaking blankness. "Sansa. My name is Sansa Narita."

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