Ancestral Blood Part 2

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"She is right you know." A beautiful voice rang out through the gardens.

Immediately we all turned towards the sound of the voice. In the middle of the pond stood a figure robed in a white cloak, with white fur on the ends, the hood, and the bottom.

Aaron immediately took a fighting stance. His body turned sideways, legs spread apart the back leg bent and the front straight. His left arm was bent and vertical and his front arms was horizontal, his fingers bent in a claw shape.

"Who are you?!" He growled.

"Do not be afraid." The figure said in a soothing voice as it began walking towards them, under her footsteps, forming a path towards the group.

"Where are we?" Aaron asked his body ready to strike.

"You are in Icegarden." she said calmly as she calmly stepped from the water onto the ground.

"Why are we here?" Asked Sam, stepping forward.

"You are here for a special reason." The figure said turning to look at Sam.

"I don't care why we're here, I want to know who you are." yelled Aaron.

"Hey calm down kid." Cris told Aaron.

In turn Aaron turned back and glared at him. "I'm not a kid."

"Are you here to kill us? Because it's always the calm ones, and you're like ice cold." Luis hyperventilated, "Take him first," he said pointing to Aaron, "he'll give you a stomach ache but then we can run away."

"Quiet ones," Liz interrupted silencing Luis's tirade, Aaron seemed too focused on the figure to listen to

Luis. "The phrase is quiet ones not calm ones."

"How does that matter?" Luis asked raising his hands in exasperation.

"If you're going to quote, do it properly." Sam commented not moving her eyes from the figure.

The figure held a hand up. "Please do not quarrel, I'll tell you what you need to know." reaching for its hood.

As the hood was pulled back it revealed a woman. She had light skin and long flowing snowy white hair. She looked to be in her fifties judging from the wrinkles on her face. But her face retained a natural beauty and eternal youth. She had wrinkles around her eyes and mouth, probably from smiling too much. Her eyes were a beautiful crystal clear white with a gentle but firm gaze.

"I am the Magistress, Frida, and I welcome you to Icegarden." She said taking a graceful open armed lowbow.

"What are we doing here? Did you bring us here? How?" Asked Liz.

"Yes." Frida said bowing her head. "I brought you here."

"Why?" Asked Cris.

"I have brought you here because you are needed. I need your help, and so does this world."

"What do you mean the world needs our help?" Luis questioned, over his mini-meltdown.

"The world is in danger. An evil has returned and you are the only ones that can fight it."

"Fight? Evil? Look, I-uh." Cris paused trying to find the words. "Were just teenagers, not-not heroes."

Frida locked her eyes on him. "You don't get it, teenagers or not you are the only ones that can fight the evil that has risen. Only you can fight it, you, all of you, were chosen."

"And how exactly were we chosen?" Asked Sam skeptically.

She looked at Sam. "When you decided to help the woman find her brother," she turned to look at Liz. "And when you decided to help find her husband."

They stared at her. "How did you know that?" Asked Cris questioningly.

She smiled and lifted her hands, palms facing upward. Her face suddenly morphed to that of a beautifully petite and middle aged woman.

The five teenagers gasped as her face returned to its original state.

"That was you?!" Yelled Aaron, who up until now had been quietly staring at the woman. "You tricked us into helping you, so that you could get us here!"

She nodded. "Yes, I tricked you, but I had my reasons, I needed to see who would be the ones to help those in need."

"But I didn't even-" Began Luis.

Frida held her hand up, silencing him. "You are here, and that means that you five," She paused to look at each one of them in turn. "Are the ones that will protect these people, the ones that will save this world."

"Okay, suppose we choose to fight. What are we even fighting against?" asked Liz, hands on her hips.

Frida smiled kindly at Liz. "Someone is asking the right questions." she stated. Liz smiled.

Frida then turned serious. "You will be fighting the Lion. The one who dethroned our King long ago. The Lion massacred the King and his children, took his wife as his own and ruled over these lands with an iron fist. He struck fear into everyone, especially those that opposed him. Until one day, a child appeared, one of our previous Kings children who had survived. He was loyal and fought for the weak, but unwilling to accept his destiny, though he despised what the Lion had done. To sum it all up, the Lion and his allies were defeated and the boy unwilling to be a king, deeming himself unworthy, chose two humans to rule over the lands, a High Governor and a General, changing the rulling from a monarchy to a government . And for a time there was peace again." She stopped with her story and looked at the five teens. "Until now, I fear the Lion has truly returned and he intends to enslave the human race and put us in our place."

The five teens looked at each other unsure of what to do or say.

Frida sighed and waved her hands in a circular motion. The ground on where she stood turned to snow and a small snow pedestal rose up. On the pedestal rested a metal briefcase, Cris, Aaron, Sam, Liz, and Luis turned to look at her as she opened it and turned it around for them to see. Sitting safe and in place inside the briefcase were five similar looking grey stones; wide and thick with a rough surface.

"What are those?" Asked Sam.

"They look like rocks." added Luis.

"I can see that."

Frida nodded. "They are rocks, but no ordinary rocks."

"Then what are they?" Aaron asked suspiciously.

"They are called Stones. They contain the pure blood and DNA of therianthopes."

"What does that have to do with us? And what are therianthopes?" Liz asked.

"Therianthopes are creatures that are half animal and half human, what you would call Werecreatures. Your Ancestors were known as Werelords. The Lion was a werelord. And you carry the blood of those ancestors, tainted by generations of human blood. These stones will awaken your therianthropian blood and your animal instincts."

They stared at her in shock with the information she'd just given to them. "What do you say? Will you help?"

Aaron reached for one of the stones. "I'll-"

He was cut off as Cris grabbed a tight hold of his wrist. "Can we think about this?" he asked Frida.

She nodded. "Go ahead I'll be waiting right here." she said as she walked back towards the pond and disappeared, the briefcase disappearing into the snow.

Aaron growled and ripped his wrist from Cris grasp."What do you think you're doing?" he asked angrily.

Cris glared at him. "I'm giving us time to think, to decide."

"I've already decided."

"Well, the rest of us haven't and if the five of us have to do this-this whatever it is we have to do, we're going to do it together!" Cris yelled.

"You don't tell me-" Aaron began.

"Enough! Stop it you two!" yelled Sam getting in between the two boys, pushing them away from each other. "Let's just calm down and think about what to do." Sam calmly stated.

"I agree. We need to all agree on doing this together." said Liz.

"Yeah you guys, we need to all agree, we're here together now, whether we like it or not." Luis said as he sat on the ground against a small tree."All for one and all that jazz."

Aaron huffed and sat down as well, knees pulled to his chest. Liz dragged Cris with her and sat down. Sam walked towards Luis and sat down next to him.

The five teens pondered over the decision they had to make. Scared and unsure of what to decide.

Frida appeared over the pond as the teenagers approached. As she stepped on ground, snow

surrounded the pond. The teenagers stopped at the edge of the stop.

"Have you decided?" She asked.

Cris stepped forward and nodded. "We have."


Cris took a deep breath and turned to look behind him. They were all encouraging him, giving him a firm nod to go ahead, all expect Aaron whose face became impassive and emotionless.

He released the breath he held and turned to look at Frida. "We decided. That, that we'll help you. We'll fight." he stuttered.

"Are all of you sure?" She asked.

Aaron stepped forward and bowed. "I'm sure. I've always wanted to help people and this is my chance to help. I want to help."

Sam. "So do I."

Liz stood next to Sam. "I've always stood up for others."

"I'm not letting you girlies go alone, I'll help too." Luis joked.

"What about you Cristian?" Frida asked turning to look at him as she acknowledged the other four responses.

"I-this is crazy especially since I just moved here, but" he paused, hesitating and finally nodded, confidently. "I'll help."

A small smile graced her lips and she nodded. "All right." she waved her hand and the pedestal once again arose from the snow, the briefcase lying on top. She moved to open it and motioned for them to approach.

As the five teens approached. She handed them each a stone. They held their stone in the palm of their hands as Frida stood in front of them.

"Now, place the stone over your heart, the blood and DNA will then be absorbed by your body. I warn you though, it'll hurt."

Luis scoffed. "It can't be that bad." he said as he brought the stone to just over his heart a smug smiled over his face. "See? It-" He gasped, mouth agape as he fell backwards. He began to writhe in pain as the stone was absorbed into him.

"I change my mind I don't think this is a good idea." Cris said scared.

Another gasp. Cris, Sam, and Liz turned around to see Aaron on his knees, stone held to his chest, as he gasped in pain.

"You guys I don't think-" Cris began, but Sam interrupted him.

"Don't be a wuss, Cris." She said as she put the stone over her chest and fell to the ground gasping and writhing.

Liz looked at Cris as he looked back at her. "You don't have to do this." he said.

She smiled at him. "I have to." she gasp as tears streamed down her face as she also fell down, pain coursing through her veins.

Cris stood alone, everyone else laid on the ground writhing in pain. He looked up at Frida as she stood still, stone faced. She gave him a quick nod in reassurance. Cris took a deep breath. "Here goes nothing." as he placed the stone on the left side of his chest. He gasped and immediately fell down, writhing on the ground as the stone was absorbed into his body.

Frida stood watching them. Her eyes closed, unable to stand watching them suffer, glad though that they chose to help her. "I just hope you survive." She whispered as the five young humans rolled in pain on the ground, DNA combining with DNA, blood multiplying as it began to rid of the human blood and replace it with therianthropian blood.

The five teens groaned as they each awoke slowly. They painfully sat up as they each noticed that they were lying on cots.

"Where are we?" asked Liz and she swung her legs over the side and slowly stood.

They noticed that they were in a small room, the floors and walls made of a beautiful and warm wood. A fireplace burned in the corner, warming them. On the floor was an animal skin rug. On one wall stood giant double doors made of wood and on the wall adjacent to the door a square window laid in the

centre of a humongous mirror that dominated the wall.

"Are we still...wherever we were?" Asked Cris.

"I'd say so." Said Liz as she looked out the window. Snow was gently falling, the wind a gently caress.

"I'm guessing you're right." Sam said as she went to stand next to Liz at the window.

"Stupid question but what do we do now?" asked Luis with groan.

"We find Frida and ask her what happened." Aaron said with a grunt as he slowly stood.

"You won't have to find me." A voice spoke from the direction of the door.

They all turned to look at Frida as she stood wearing her cloak, hood back, looking at them with their surprised faces, no one noticing that she'd entered.

"How'd-" Began Cris.

She raised a hand silencing him. "Sit." She commanded.

Aaron, Sam and Liz who had been standing took a seat on their cots as Cris and Luis sat up straighter.

"I'm glad to see you're awake." She stated to each of them. "How do you feel?"

"Same, a bit sore though." said Sam as she rotated her left shoulder.

Frida smiled. "That is expected. Since the stone was being absorbed into your body it awakens certain aspects that were left dormant. Your body was trying to adjust itself to the new genes, the semi foreign blood and DNA."

"So Basically I'm like a Wolverine, but instead of Adamantium claws, I'm part animal. That's so cool." Luis gushed.

"Other than that," Cris started after looking at Luis in confusion. "I feel the same."

Frida nodded. "In time you'll notice the changes within you." She held a hand up before they began questioning her. "Do not worry, they will be subtle and you'll be able to quickly adjust."

They nodded, trusting her.

"How long were we out?" asked Cris.

"About two hours." said Frida.

Cristians eyes widened. "Two hours! My mom is gonna be worried, I have to get back home now." he said as he quickly tried to get off the bed.

"Just one second."Frida said laying a gentle but firm hand on his chest as she pushed him back onto the bed. "You can't leave just yet. You'll get back home I promise, but not just yet."

He nodded absently as he looked into her eyes. They shined brightly, almost like a star. "Okay."

She smiled as she patted his arm. "Good."

"You said that our Ancestors were werecreatures and so are we. So what werecreatures are we exactly?" asked Aaron.

Frida contained her smile. "You'll find out in good time what therianthrope you are."

Aaron looked at her as he thought. Finally he nodded."If that is all I would like to-"

"Wait," Luis jumped.

"Yes?" asked Frida.

"How are we going to fight evil, if we don't know how to fight?"

Fridas lips quirked almost into a grin. "I was just getting to that."

She turned to look at them. "I would like to introduce you all to your personal trainer and one of my closests friends, Richard."

Aarons head shot up. "Richard?" he muttered. "No, it can't be."

The double doors opened and a man entered the room. He was almost six feet tall with wide shoulders and an emotionless expression. His brown eyes; dark and calculating. His silver grey hair trimmed in a military cut, he wore a plain grey T-shirt, light blue jeans, and a brand new pair of black running shoes.

A small but barely irrelevant smile graced his face. "Hello, Son."

"Looks like the apple didn't fall far from the tree." Cris commented.

Aaron glared at him as he stood and turned to face the man known as Richard. "Uncle? W-what-what are you doing here?"

"I am here to train you, all of you." Richard spoke in a rough voice, his arms crossed in front of him as he looked down upon the four teenagers on the cots and at Aaron standing in front of him, with disbelief written on his face.

Aaron was grumbling as the five made their way through the woods, back towards the city.

Frida had introduced Richard as a long time friend, while Aaron remained quiet and angry. Richard had quickly given them their first assignment, to be at the dojo tomorrow morning, at eight in the morning. On a Saturday. Frida had then showed them her pet, the huge white bear that they had faced in the woods. As they looked into its eyes, they found themselves transported back to the woods where they had left.

They all tried to keep up with Aaron as he made his way back home. Angry and furious that his uncle hadn't told him. Told him what he was. What he could be.

"Hey, wait up!" yelled Luis running alongside Cris and Liz. Sam right behind Aaron. "I have smaller legs than you!"

"Dude! Wait!" screamed Cris.

Aaron came abruptly to a halt at the edge of the woods. Hand on his knees as he breathed deeply. Sam had to stop quickly to avoid crashing face first into him.

Cris immediately walked towards Aaron. Grabbing a hold of his arm he yanked him up and turned him around. "I told you to wait!" he yelled, looking Aaron face to face.

Aaron growled. "You don't tell me what to do!" he yelled breaking free of Cristian's grasp. "I don't take orders from you!"

"Hey calm down you two!" Sam yelled, grabbing hold of Aarons arm and dragging him back as Liz did the same with Cris. "We shouldn't be fight. It's late and we need to get back home. Our parents probably have a search party searching the city for us."

Luis scoffed. "The way my parents worry, they probably have the SWAT team searching the city and a few helicopters too. When I say a few I mean a million maybe a billion, depends how angry they are at me."

Liz giggled. Cris broke a smile. And Sam chuckled. Aaron rolled his eyes.

"Very funny, Funny boy, I suggest we all go home now." Aaron said as he turned around to go."Doubt my uncle is worried about me." he muttered under his breath.

"Wait!" yelled Sam.

"What is it?" he asked, turning to look back at her.

"We never got your name." She stated, not in a question but in a sort of demand.

He sighed. "Mi nombre es Aaron."

"My name is Aaron." whispered Luis.

They all turned to look at him, eyebrows raised in question. "I know a little Spanish! So what?!" Luis asked offended, arms raised in accusation.

Aaron released a small sound, which almost sounded like a chuckle.

"Wait a minute, your name seems familiar." Liz suddenly called.

Aaron turned to go. "I think it's time I left."

"Wait!" Sam yelled. "I remember now!"

"Your Aaron! The-" Liz said as she tried to finish Sam's sentence.

"The freak?" he said bitterly cutting Liz off.

Cris backed away, eyes wide in shock from the pure and ugly bitterness of Aarons words.

"I wasn't go-" Liz began.

"I know what you were going to say." Aaron said, fists clenched tightly at his side. "And you know what?" he said almost in hysteria. "I don't care!" he yelled, a choke of sadness stopping him from sounding as angry as he could.

Liz backed up in fear.

"Hey! She didn't mean-" Sam yelled.

"I don't care what she meant!" Aaron yelled turning around to face her, face contorted in rage. "I know what she what thinking! I know you were all thinking it! I get it ok! I'm the freak! There's no need to rub it in my face!"

"Hey dude, calm down!" Cris yelled trying to get near Aaron.

"I said leave me alone!" he yelled one last time, as he turned and ran. He suddenly stopped. A soft but gently "Goodnight." was heard as he ran off again into the darkness of the night and towards the light of the city.

As Cris, Sam, Liz, and Luis watched him run off Cris shook his head. "That guy has issues. Deep psychological, sociopathic issues."

"You said it." Luis agreed under his breath.

"He's just misunderstood." Liz said shaking her head sadly.

Sam nodded. "He's been through a lot."

They stood in silence for a while, watching Aarons retreating form. Sam sighed. "Come on, let's go home."

They nodded as they followed her back towards the city. To their homes, where their parents were most likely waiting. To sleep in preparation for whatever tomorrow brought at the dojo with Richard, Aarons uncle.

Darkness was all there was in the cavern, illumination coming from the fungi growing on the walls. Upon first glance, nothing in the cave suggested anyone lived there. However deeper within there was a throne carved from stone upon which a man sat unmoving, hidden by the darkness.

A figure approached the throne and knelt in front of it head bowed. "My lord," a male voice whispered. "I bring news."

"What is it, my loyal servant." the deep voice resonated from the man on the throne.

The figure bowed deeper. "The one we've been watching, it appears that he - he has chosen to join the Magistress, Frida."

The man growled, his fingers tapping the edge of his throne. "So he has decided to join her and her pitiful cause? Well no matter, I shall take care that." He turned to look at the servant. "Go, watch him. We still may be able to bring him to our side."

The figure nodded, the majority of his face was hidden by a silver hood, ending just before his mouth which was twisted into a grin. "Yes master." He stood and ran off the way he'd soon as the figure left, the man roared, a mighty bellow that shook the cave. Seconds later, two figures stepped out of the shadows. One female and one male, they both wore black hoods, capes extending behind them, their faces hidden by the shadows cast by their hood. They both knelt, the male's cape rustling as he did but the female's was as silent as a falling feather.

"You called Master?" They simultaneously spoke in perfect harmony.

"Yes. I am need of the Baron's services."

"Anything my lord, what is it you seek?" The male rasped out.

"I need a creature, one that will draw out the One we've been watching."

The Baron nodded. "As you know I possess some of the Stones, and I know just the creature."

"Excellent." The man whispered, licking his lips.

The male smiled. "I assume you do not care of the danger to the poor humans?" The man nodded. The Baron stood, bowed and backed away into the shadows.

"Anything I should do, My Lord?" Asked the female, slowly rising to her feet.

The man smiled. "For now, you wait. Your services will also be required soon enough."She nodded, bowed then backed into the shadows like the male.

The man nodded happily. "As I rest, I gain power, and soon enough I'll have the One by my side, and this world shall feel my wrath!" He roared into the darkness, into the night.

The silver moon shone onto the earth, lighting the way for the slightly crippled man to walk home. He'd had just attended a party for work and had left later than he had hoped. He checked his silver watch, the face embroidered with diamonds; yes he was indeed late. He whistled as he walked down the street, smiling as he remembered the faces of the people when he'd walked into the party dressed in his black tux and slacks. Their faces were priceless.

There was a large crowd of people further ahead, with police on scene. The man chose not to go that way, he didn't want to be late home, and took a shortcut home through the alleyway. He'd done it several times so there was little to fear of someone stealing from him. He was halfway through when he heard a rustling sound from behind him. Thinking this was the one time he might be mugged, he tightened his hold on his cane and turned around, raising it above his head.

"Who's there?!" He yelled, trying not to sound afraid but his voice shook slightly. The rustling sound occurred again but he could see know one. He looked around, his sight settling on a peculiar looking stone on the ground by some smaller stones. He bent down on one knee, using his cane as support, and picked it up weighing it in his hands. "What an interesting rock?" he exclaimed as he observed the grey rock with its rough edges. The rock was very intriguing, and he'd never seen or heard of one like it before. He slid it into his left breast pocket so he could examine it when he got home.

The man never made it home, or even to the end of the alley. He had only walked a few steps after picking up the stone, when his body collapsed in pain. He began writhing on the ground, his mouth foaming as he clutched at his breast, where he'd placed the stone. His blood boiled, his veins burned, his nerves were alight, as his body began to shape and morph. His mouth opened in a silent scream as he began changing, into a creature unseen by man, for many years.

Aaron's POV

I groaned as my alarm clock bellowed or was that just the ringing in my head from the same dream again? I can't ever be sure anymore.

Then a voice called my name. I groaned again and rolled over.

"Aaron, get up! It's time for training!" The voice yelled.

Ignoring it, I covered my head with the thick duvet, but then suddenly I was spinning through the air as it was ripped away from my body. I landed on the edge of the bed, bouncing a couple inches higher, and then I landed on the floor with a thud. I groaned as I got to my knees. Looking over the top of my bed, I glared my uncle who didn't even look sorry.

He shrugged. "I told you to get up. Come on it's time for training." He said heading to the door.

"At five in the morning?" I complained as I picked up the duvet from the floor. I wasn't used to waking up so early, I normally woke up at sunrise and right now it wasn't sunrise. It was still dark out, which meant it was a ridiculously early hour. What sane person wakes up so early? Oh yeah, my uncle.

"It's a special day today." He said, as he left my room.

"Of course it's a special day." I muttered back bitterly.

"Do not complain or else!" he yelled back.

"Stupid old person. Inflicting pain on the rest of us."I muttered.

"I heard that!"

My eyes widened. "Gosh, I swear he has ears like a bat." I muttered angrily.

"I heard that, too!"

"Gah!" I yelled in frustration. Muttering I walked to my dresser, grabbing the clothes I need for today from the top drawer, changing as quickly as possible I headed downstairs to begin training, before anyone else got here. I swear my uncle hates me, I think as I enter the dojo.

Samantha's POV

I was panting as I stopped in front of the Howling Wolf Dojo. I had stopping at the dojo in my schedule, so even though I had to wake up earlier to make my morning run, I made it to the dojo on time. I pulled my phone out of the pocket of my grey hoodie. I smiled, seven fifty-nine, perfect. I put my phone back into my pocket and walked inside.

The quiet inside felt like a dojo, but it looked anything but. It was plain, the wooden floor was a light and beautiful colour and the walls were a pure white. In the middle of the room laid a large eggshell white mat. And on it was Aaron, he was wearing a black T-shirt, and dark blue jogging bottoms, with black and green shoes, his necklace hanging down and, he was doing a handstand. He was perfectly still and balanced, sweat dripping down or uh up? his face. Richard standing on the side watching him.

Aaron looked towards me. "Right on time."

"How do you know I'm right on time? You have an internal clock in you?" Sam questioned.

He lifted a hand and pointed behind me. I looked, a clock, a twenty four hour clock, the large hand on the eight and the smaller hand on the double zero.

"Oh, well ok then." I said turning back to look at him. He was now standing with one hand on the mat, unmoving."You're really good at this." I said honestly as I watched him. He raised an eyebrow, or is that lowered? Whatever. Show off.

Richard clapped. "Let's get to training!" He yelled.

"Wait. What about-" I started

"They did not arrive at the exact time; I will not allow my time to be wasted. We shall start without." he said walking away.

I looked towards Aaron. A small smile graced his face and he leaned backward, his feet touching the ground, for just a second he remained bent, and then he was standing straight up. He turned and followed his Uncle through a door at the back of the room. I quickly followed them through a short hallway, at the end stood another door, my eyes widened as we entered the room.

On one side was a wall to wall mirror and on another a wall hanging with all sorts of weapons, from knives tonswords, to nunchucks to almost everything you could think of. And on the other side, there stood what looked like weight scales, they were tall, about Richard's size. In the middle of the room laid another huge mat, but this time it was red compared to the one in the other room. Though this one did clash with the beige walls and wooden floor. All illuminated by large powerful fluorescent lights.

"Whoa." I muttered.

"Glad you like it." Said Richard. "Now let's get to training!" He yelled as he walked towards mats and stood in front of the mirror.I followed behind Aaron. Soon we stood behind his uncle as we began the training.

Lizabeth's POV

I was frantically running around my room, as I tried deciding what to wear, while my straightners heated up. I didn't know what I should wear. I was going to a dojo. I've never been to a dojo. I don't have an outfit for a dojo.

I figured since Richard would be training us, then we'd be exercising so I finally decided on a pink sports bra, black sweat pants and white and pink nike running shoes with a light blue hoodie on top.

I rushed to the bathroom to straighten my hair. If I wasn't going to wear makeup then I'd do what I could to look my best as possible.I smiled at my image in the mirror as I straightened my hair. My reddish brown hair was straightened beautifully. Ah perfection.

I quickly brushed my teeth and headed downstairs, it was quiet, soundless. Both my parents were at work and I had no siblings. I locked the behind me as I made my way towards the direction of the dojo I checked the time on my phone eight twenty one. I'm so late. I muttered and thats when I collided into something, or someone. I groaned in pain from the collision. Something else groaned and moved beneath me, something soft but firm.

My eyes immediately snapped open, as I lifted myself onto my arms and stared mouth agape at the figure below me.

"Cris?!" I asked head moved slowly and paused. His eyes then snapped open and locked onto me.


Cristian's POV

"Liz?!" I asked shocked my eyes locked onto brown ones.

I had just come from my house, running towards the dojo, late, Peach in one hand as I ate while running. Actually I still think it was in my hand. I thought as i turned my head to look at my right hand, peach still in hand. I smiled then I turned to look at Liz again.

"Well, this is a surprise." I said smile on my face.

She nodded. "Y-yeah. I-I was just heading to the dojo."

I nodded looking up at her. "Yeah. Me too," I paused. "Could you ah get off me please?"

Her eyes widened as she scrambled off me and stood. "Sorry." She said as she helped me stand.

"We should probably head to the dojo now."

She nodded and then she smiled, almost wickedly. "Race you!" She yelled and shot off running down the street.

I blinked as I stared after her, then my brain kicked in and raced after her. "Hey! Cheater!" I yelled as we raced towards the dojo.

I panted, laughing as we stopped in front of the dojo. Hands on our laughed lightly as I opened the door and we stepped inside.

"Not what I expected" I muttered as I looked around.

"Its...empty." Liz muttered as we looked at the simple and plain dojo.

"Where are they?" I asked. "He said at eight and no one's here."

She pointed across to a door. "Let's check over there, they could be on the other side."

"Are you sure?" I asked Behind her as she moved towards it.

She shrugged. "Nothings gonna happen if we just look." She said opening the door.

We looked in on a deserted hallway, a door at the end. She looked at me over her shoulder, eyebrow raised."Guess they could be on the other side?" I suggested, although it had been her idea to begin with.

She smiled at me. "Now you're thinking." She said as we walked to the other door.

I opened it as we stopped in front of it. "Whoa." I murmured as I looked at the room, admiring its huge size, perfect for training.

"Amazing." Murmured Liz as she looked at the two figures on the mat. Sam and Aaron. They were upright and yelling as they practiced moves Richard was showing them, in front of the huge mirror, taking up one wall.

They stopped as Richard noticed us. He turned to look at us. Sam smiling and Aaron glaring with an almost murderous look. What is up with that guy?!

"So nice of you to join us!" Richard stated sarcastically. "Now get on the mat and do what I do."

We nodded as we hurried onto the mat, quickly trying to copy his moves as he began. Sam doing an almost ok job, Aaron was perfectly imitating his uncle, and Liz was doing a darn good job at looking gracefully beautiful. Me, I immediately found that I had no balance.I immediately began to sweat profusely as the training, became quicker. "I am not going to enjoy this." I muttered as I tried to follow, along with everybody else.

Luis' POV


I groaned as my stupid alarm woke me up. From under my covers I stuck out my hand trying to hit the snooze button, after a couple of tries hitting the clock it finally stopped. I groaned as I got off my bed, the sunlight piercing through my eyelids. I released a yawn as I stretched. Cracking my eyes open I looked at the clock.


My eyes widened, "Holy Hell!" I yelled, "I'm late!" I screamed, panicked as I rushed to my closet. Quickly grabbing a pair of powerflyte pants and a black t-shirt, I stepped into the bathroom as I attempted to change, while walking. I fell over a few times. I quickly brushed my teeth, and sprayed on some cologne. Grabbing my beats, a pair of grey socks, and white nike high-top and made my way out of my room, and through the living room.

As I passed through, my mom and dad enjoying a coffee while my little baby brother was playing on the ground with his toys and my younger sister was listening to music. The moment I entered the room they stopped what they were doing and stared at me. "What?" I asked.

"You're up early," My dad said astonished."Normally you wake up at noon on a Saturday, is everything ok?"

"Yeah, everything's ok, can't a guy try and learn new habits?" I said as I made my way out the door. I caught one last glimpse of my sister and my parents suspiciously looking at me as I closed the door and ran the block down towards the bus that would take me towards the dojo.

As soon as the bus stopped I was out and running.

"I'm here! I'm here!" I yelled as I barged through the door and into the dojo. I stopped mid-step as I noticed that there was no one here.

"Uh? Hello?" I asked, my voice echoing throughout the empty room. "Dang it!" I whined. "They left!"

As I turned around to leave, I froze, hearing a sound from inside the dojo. A faint hi-yah sounded from behind me.

I turned back around and looked at the door across and in front of the room, the sounds seemed to be coming from the other side. I walked towards it. I turned the doorknob and stepped through the doorway closing it behind me. A long hallway with a single door at the end was in front of me.

"Hello?" I whispered as I made my way down the hallway, as I walked down I felt something odd on both sides of me, my senses were suddenly on hyper drive.

I held my breath unsure of what to expect as I neared the door. As I slowly opened the door light spilled into the hallway. As soon as my eyes adjusted to the light, they widened in shock and surprise.

"Whoa." I whispered in awe, as I looked at the humongous room, the large scale like machines, the huge mirror across the left wall, and the four figures posing moves as Richard yelled at- or uh I mean instructed them. They were all sweating as I entered the room, Richard immediately turned to look at me. They all quickly stopped what they were doing and turned to look at me, except for Aaron who froze in place, one leg forward another back and both arms facing forward.

"Look like you finally made it."

I nodded. "Uh yeah. Sorry I'm late."

I must have said the wrong thing because he was suddenly glaring at me, as he walked towards me. I gulped as he stood in front of me.

"There is no sorry. You were late and I will not tolerate it." he glared and the turned to look at the others. "Take a break!"

Liz and Sam both sent me sorry looks, Cris gave me a sympathetic smirk, and Aaron only glared at me. They made their way to a small kitchenette in the right corner closest to the door, grabbed wate rbottles and sat down watching as Richard grabbed me and led me to the mat.

"Time for your training." he said smiling at me.

I gulped. "Uh oh."

3rd Person POV

Luis groaned as he collapsed on the ground, water bottle in hand."That was torture."

"That your consequence for being late." Stated Richard as he approached them.

Aaron smirked from his position on the ground, back against the couch. Sam and Liz smiled while Cris chuckled from his position in between the two girls on the couch.

Luis mock glared. "Shut up."

"Are we going to be doing this every day?" Asked Cris.

"Yes." Aaron responded.

"I was talking to Richard, not you." Cris replied. Apparently there was still friction between the two.

"He is my uncle, I know his habits, what he likes, and he'll want us to practice every day." Aaron said.

Richard walked up to them. "Aaron is right. I want you here every day for training." He said as if it was matter of fact. "Without being late." He added glancing at me.

Luis smiled weakly and did two thumbs up. If Richard was impressed he didn't look it.

"Now I want-" Richard was interrupted as a shrill alarm went off and reverted throughout the room.

The six of them held their ears in pain, as Richard turned to look at the wall to wall mirror. The mirror glowed for a second and became almost transparent as snow seemed to swirl across it, a second later a clear picture of a park, people screaming in fear as a creature rampaged. Richard looked at the screen as the alarm stopped.

"Is that a giant beaver?" Liz exclaimed pointing at the mirror screen, as they all moved closer.

"Seriously, if we just alert animal control this will be over much quicker." Luis remarked which made them all send him 'are you serious' looks. "I'm just saying."

"Yes and no." Richard responded as if Luis hadn't spoken.

"What do you mean?" Sam asked.

Richard and the five teenagers were both occupied with the screen that they did not notice a flurry of snow erupt over the mat in the room and as white cloaked figure appeared out of it, carrying another silver briefcase.

"I mean, because its a-"


They all, apart from Aaron and Richard, jumped as they all turned to look at Frida.

"Madam Frida," Richard stated bowing stiffly. "What are you doing here?"

She smiled faintly. "I may have forgotten to mention one miniscule detail about you all joining me in stopping the oncoming evil."

"And what would that be?" asked Liz.

"I forgot to mention, if the evil arises sooner than expected and your training is not finished then you will be given more power and the ability to defeat the evil, before you have all reached your full strength."

"And how will that happen?" Asked Cris. Richards lips curved, almost into a smile.

She raised the silver briefcase. "With what's in here."

"What's in the briefcase?" Cris asked.

"I was hoping you would ask." Frida said, as a snow pedestal formed in front of them. She laid the briefcase on the pedestal and unlocked it. She looked at the five teenagers, as they crowded around the case. "To defeat this evil, the five of you, must become the next generation of Power Rangers." She said as she opened the lid.

As it was opened, they stared at the five circular objects inside, each a different colour but similar in design.

"Oh my gosh." exclaimed Sam.

"Power Rangers!" Cris and Luis both yelled, as they both turned to look at each other. Eyes wide and excited, mouths formed in a goofy smile.

Frida nodded. "Yes, I figure that you all know who the Power Rangers are?"

"Know them?! I don't just know them, I love them! There the greatest heroes ever! Way better than the ones in the comics!" Luis yelled.

"I am glad you like them, because you will become the Power Rangers Werelords. Protectors of mankind against the Lion. The next in a long line of heroes."

"Alrighty then, what do we do now?" asked Liz.

"These are your morphers." Frida said motioning to the circular objects in the case. "Take them, and go and fight." She said as they each reached inside taking a morpher, noticing that it was also about a quarter inch thick.

"Go." Richard said as soon as they all got their morphers. "Use the scales, they'll take you were you need to go."

They all nodded. "Let's go." Aaron said as he ran to the scales, everyone behind him.

"Wait!" Cris yelled, stopping everyone in their tracks.

"What Cris? We have to go." Aaron stated angrily.

"Wait." He said again, as he turned to look at Frida."How do know...morph?"

Frida glanced at Richard. Their eyes locked and it seemed they were having a conversation among themselves, one the newly made rangers couldn't hear.

Richard looked towards Cris, jutting out his chin, head held high he said, "Let your instincts guide you! Now go, quickly!"

Cris nodded, as he turned and ran onto the scales,everyone following him. Aaron stopped as he reached the scales and turned to look at his uncle."Make me proud."Aaron nodded and turned, stepping onto one of the scales, him and the team glowed and disappeared, their destination, Main Square park.

The group stopped as they reached the park and saw the destruction that had already happened. Trees fallen, ground destroyed and water from the fountain sputtering everywhere. The place was empty of people, except for the Werebeaver on a rampage.

"Oh my gosh." Liz exclaimed as the beast turned to look at them, it released a choking roar and barred its large front tooth at them.

"How are we going to take that down?!" Luis said.

"What you don't have Animal Control on speed dial?" Aaron muttered, as he ran towards the beaver man. "We do it the only way we can. We fight."

The beaver turned as Aaron approached. It swung its tail and at the last minute Aaron ducked and rolled. As he reached onto his knees the beaver swung his tail back aiming lower. Aaron jumped from his crouched position. The beaver's tail caught his ankles and he fell forward. He landed on his side, his right shoulder hitting the ground hard. He looked up and his eyes widened as the werebeaver brought his tail down on him.

"Aaron!" Sam yelled.

He managed to scramble out of the way as it struck and managed to make it back to the group.

"I didn't expect it to do that." He breathed out.

"Well to be fair, it's not going to expect what were going to do." Cris said as he stepped forward. "You guys ready?" He said as he took out his morpher. Aaron came and stood to his left while Sam stood beside him. Luis stood to Cris's other side and Liz stood next to him.

"Ready!" They yelled back as they held their morpher in their hands.

Cris paused looking down at his morpher and took a deep breath. Raising it up towards the sky, the diamond turned upwards, he yelled. "Under the moon!," he brought the morpher down and stretched his arm across his chest, his left arm over his right and then pointing the morpher straight in front of him,his left fist under his elbow. "Werelords Unite!"

"Under the moon! Werelords Unite!" Aaron, Sam, Liz, and Luis yelled as they copied his motions.

They were launched into the sky, they're morpher spinning and floating in front of them, spinning out ribbons of their designated color. They wrapped around their waists moving upwards and downwards covering their legs, and their abdomen and arms. As they moved upwards, light took over the moon, and a full moon shone behind them. As the colored ribbons of light solidified, forming their costume. As they fell down to earth spinning head over heels, their morphers moved around their heads creating their helmets. As they landed their arms moved in a circle towards their chest creating an X with their arms and leaving them at their sides at a diagonal, as their morphers moved to their chest and attached itself to their suites, creating the visor in their helmets, as the morpher released a bright flash of light. As the flash of light dimmed in its place stood five figures in spandex suits.

The first figure raised his hand to the sky, fingers splayed open. "Beast of the moon! Red Wereboar Ranger!" he yelled, as he struck a pose. His left foot out, right foot in, body twisted to the right at an angle, his left arm upside down in a fist away from his body and his right arm close to his body in the same position as the other.

The second figure copied the first "Beast of the moon! Blue Werewolf Ranger!" He yelled as he posed. His legs spread apart, right foot forward, left back. His body turned to the side, left arm raised palm facing forward, right arm low palm facing inward, fingers curled.

"Beast of the moon! Yellow Werebear Ranger!" yelled the next figure as she posed. Body straight, turned right to an angle, right hand raised and curled, left at her waist horizontally in a fist.

"Beast of the moon! Pink Werefox Ranger!" Yelled the pink figure body turned to the side, left leg bent towards the chest, arms raised in front, hands curled in a paw formation. Head facing forward.

"Beast of the moon! Black Werejackal Ranger!" yelled the last last figure jumped and landed on the ground in a crouched position, right foot back and left leg extended forward. Arms lower and forward, the left extended and right closer to the body, both hands splayed, fingers slightly curved.

The Werebeaver stared confused at the five figures then it angrily growled and lunged at the group of teens.

As the beaver jumped at the group, they immediately moved out of the way. Cris jumped over

the Werebeaver, as Aaron, Sam, Liz, and Luis jumped to either side.

The beast roared in frustration as it missed its targets.

"How do we stop this thing?!" Yelled Luis as the beast turned to look at him.

"Like this!" yelled Aaron as he ran and threw himself at the beast feet first, knocking the Werebeaver over and rolling to a stop beside beast growled as it tried to stand, Aaron knocking its legs from under it, with a swipe of his leg. With a flip Aaron stood back up.

"Sam!" he she came, she grabbed the Werebeaver by its neck. with the strength of the bear she was able to throw it against a tree.

"Liz!" Cris yelled as he ran towards the creature.

As they both ran at the beast, they flexed their wrists, claws emerging they lunged. Cris scratched at the beavers face, causing it to roar in pain while Liz raked her claws across it abdomen, bringing the beast to its knees.

Luis appeared ran next to the beast and with a perfect kick to its right temple it fell unconcious.

The five teenagers surrounded the beast. "Good job you guys." Cris said as the monster began to change, its fur and tail receding, its teeth shrinking, the muscles quivered as the body began to shrink in size. A groan arose as an old man was left in the monsters place.

"It's a man." stated Cris looking at the figure on the floor in confusion.

"Of course it's a man, captain obvious. Werelords are humans with the ability to change into a animal beast." Said Aaron as he stepped towards the unconscious man, as he noticed something spill from a pocket on his chest. "But we've got bigger problems." he said as he picked up a stone, grey, with a wide surface and thickness, and a rough texture, holding it up.

"It looks like," Luis started.

"The stones, we saw? It is."

"We should get back to the dojo, as quick as possible." Cris reasoned.

Aaron nodded. "For once I agree with you."

"Wait, what about him." said Sam pointing to the old man on the ground.

"Leave him to the paramedics, they'll take care of him." said Aaron as he walked away into a nearby alley, the other four behind him, as they all powered down.

Aaron's POV

"Frida!" yelled Cristian as we entered the backroom in the dojo.

She looked up, as she stood from a snow chair. The wonders of magic.

"Welcome back, young ones. You have done well today."

"How do you know? Where you watching us?" asked Luis.

She nodded, waving towards the wall to wall mirrors. "On the monitor."

"So you saw everything that happened?" asked Cris.


"Then you saw what happened after we defeated the...the werebeaver? What we found?"

"Yes, although I did not get to see it clearly."

I stepped forward. "We found this Madam Frida.' I said, holding out the stone, cupped in my hands as I bowed.

She gasped as soon as she saw it. Gingerly she took it from my hands. I stood correctly. "A Stone. This is what you found on him?"

I nodded. "It fell from his chest as the man laid unconscious."

"It's worse than I feared." she muttered to herself, she looked back up at us. "Come here," she waved us closer. "Show me your morphers." she commanded.

As we stepped closer and stood in front of her our morphers held in front she waved a hand over us. I saw them disappear and a second later Cristians watch glowed, my necklace as well, Sam's bracelets, Liz's ring, and Luis' headphones. The light dimmed and they were back to normal.

"There." she said smiling, "That way you wont have to carry those huge morphers around."

I blinked as I held my necklace. "What? How do..."

"You simply touch the face of your object and from there...well you know," she added shrugging.

"Thank you," Liz whispered.

She nodded and looked us each in the eye, "Now, if the Lion holds control of the stones, we are all in terrible peril. Go back home, be with your families, and spend as much time as you can with them, till the next time I call you."

Cristian, Samantha, Lizabeth, and Luis all nodded. "Okay"

As they turned to leave the room, she left them with one last thought. "You have all done an amazing job today."

She looked towards me. "I must go now." She said moving a couple feet away from me.

"Wait!" I yelled. I wanted to ask her something, something that's been nagging at me since we morphed.

She looked back at me. "Yes, Aaron?"

"I wish to ask you a question."

She glanced at me. "Go ahead."

"I..well it's about the morphing and the ranger suits."She nodded, telling me to continue."Well, I wanted to know. Why am I blue?"

"Oh?" She asked eyes widened in amusement. She then smiled at me. "I do not know, Aaron, I do not choose your ranger color or rank, the morphers does. The power in the morpher chooses what fits you best."

"Ok, but, I wanted to be red. I can lead, I can be the leader, not, not..."

"Cristian?" She said gently.

I nodded sadly. "Yes."

She smiled kindly at me. "Well maybe, you're not ready to be a leader yet, and maybe he is. I do believe you can be a leader, but you have much more to learn."

I looked at her. "I-I- ok."

She smiled. "Now please step away."

I nodded, stepping a couple feet backwards. She waved her hand in the air, as a snowy wind over took her form and she disappeared, leaving a small pile of immediately melting snow.I sighed.

"Well then, that was interesting."

I whirled, " Uncle!" I yelled in surprise. "W-what- where were you, I didn't hear you enter."

He smirked, his head to the corner with the couch. "I was in the corner the whole time, you should be more aware of your surroundings son."

I nodded my head at him. "Yes uncle, I am sorry."

He nodded stiffly at me. "Now about your color, I thought you should have been red."

I nodded happily at him. "Thank you u-"

"But not anymore," he said harshly. "If you did not become the leader now, you obviously don't deserve it and you never will!" with that he walked away.

I lowered my head in shame. "I'm sorry uncle." I whispered as I ran out of the room and upstairs to my room, ashamed, rage right behind. I slammed the door shut, and screamed. Turning to hit my mirror on the dresser.

I hissed in pain, as blood ran down my bloody knuckles, blood dripping down the broken mirror. My eyes watered as I gently held my hand, deciding instead to sleep and let the pain fade I collapsed on my bed in exhaustion, and drifted to sleep.

Cristian's POV

I sighed as I opened the door and entered my house; the sun was setting so the light was perfect as it hit the glass ornaments that hung from the ceiling near the window. Making a kaleidoscope of colors on the walls and wooden floor.

I smiled slightly at the sight, it made me feel at peace and at home.

"Mom? Dad? You guys home?!" I yelled as I closed the door.

"Honey? Is that you? We're in the living room!" yelled my mom.

I walked into the living room and smiled as I saw my mom and dad watching a movie together. "Hey mom, dad." I said as I gave my mom a kiss on the cheek.

"Hey honey, how was your day?"

I shrugged. "It was ok."

"That nice." She said nodding. "I'll have dinner ready in a couple minutes ok?"

I nodded. "OK."

"Don't forget to do your homework!" dad yelled as I went up the stairs.

"Finished it yesterday!" I yelled back as I entered my room and collapsed on my bed, to take a well deserved nap.

Lizabeth's POV

"Bye Luis." I said waving good bye.

"Bye!" he yelled as I entered my house, closing the door behind me.

I sighed shaking my head, with a small smile on my face. Oh Luis he's way too obvious about his feelings, he thinks that I don't see likes me. I sighed again, feeling bad for him, because I don't feel the same way, he's like a brother to me.

I don't want to lead him on, but I don't want to hurt him either. I rolled my eyes in frustration and groaned. 'Why are boys so complicated?' I thought as I entered the kitchen.

Frowning, as I noticed that my parents keys weren't on the hooks and that my moms purse and my dads jacket weren't on the kitchen chairs.

"Still at work I see." I took off my boots next to the stairway and went upstairs to my room. I smiled as I laid on my bed staring at the ceiling, as my thoughts switched from Luis to Cristian I giggled as I looked up at the ceiling, thinking of Cristian.

Luis' POV

Smiling I entered my house after walking Liz home. Like I every day from school, so it seemed normal to do it from dojo too. She was just so interesting to talk to; I could listen to hear for hours.I was snapped out of my thoughts when I saw my parents sitting in the living room, with angry looks on their faces. My siblings were also there.

"Luis Esteban Azra! Whee in the world have you been?!" yelled my mom. Oh great, here we go.

"Ummm...hanging with friends?"

"Why does that sound like a question?" asked my dad.

"It's not a question?"

My sister oohed. "You're lying!" She said making the situation even worse.

"He is, isn't he honey?" my mom said.

My eyes widened as I looked at her, my mouth gaping. "I-mom, I'm not lying. How can you believe her?"

She glared at me. "You're lying to us, Luis. If you're not going to tell us the truth, then I suggest you go to your room."

My jaw dropped. They don't believe me! "I was hanging out with friends!" I yelled as I made my way to the stairs.

My brother suddenly threw one of his toys, a train, at me. It hit the back of my head and landed on the ground.

"OW!" I yelled.

My little brother laughed.

"Mooom!" I yelled looking at her and pointing at Ramon. She just shrugged."Agh!" I yelled at her and stomped up the stairs.

"Don't yell at your mom!"

"Aah!" I yelled back in frustration as I slammed my door shut and locked myself in my room. For the rest of the day. 'Why do they treat me like a child?! I'm 17!' I thought as I fell back on my bed.

Sam's POV

I sat up as the doorbell rang. I put my water bottle down and wiped the sweat from my brow, I had only just returned from my 14 miles run. The doorbell rang repeatedly again. Curious to who would be ringing the doorbell at nine on a Sunday morning I approached it. I looked through the hole and saw Davey on the other side. 'Why in the world is he here at this hour?' I opened the door.

"Davey?" I asked "What are you doing here?"

"Here look at this!" he said recklessly shoving a newspaper at me.

I raised an eyebrow. "Ok." I said confused as I unfolded it. 'What could be so important?'

"You know how I'm in charge of the school newspaper?"

"mmhm." I said trying to find the front page in the scrabble of pages.

"And how I have an internship at The Highcliff City newspaper?"

"Yeah." I said, then. "Oh my God." My eyes widened when I saw exactly what was on the front page.

"I know right." said Davey happily. "I was there yesterday, and I even got a picture in, so the editor in chief let me write an article on it! And it even got in the front page!" He had a bright and proud smile on his face.

"Yeah, that's really cool." I said as I skimmed over the article. "Um Davey I'll talk to you later ok?"

"Uh yeah, but why?" he asked confused as I closed the front door behind me and ran down the street. "Where are you going Sam? Sam? Sam?!"

"It's important!" I yelled back "I'll see you later." as I ran down the sidewalk towards the dojo.

"Aaron! Richard!" I yelled as I entered the dojo, the bell jingling behind me. I stopped in my tracks.

Richard was looking, actually glaring at me, as he stood at the front of the room. His students switching into a standing position.

"Yes. May I help you?" He asked in a strained voice, obviously not appreciating the interruption.

"Uhhh. I'm looking for Aaron?" I asked cautiously.

He signalled with his head. "He's in backroom."

"Thank you." I said giving a small bow and made my way silently to the back door, trying not to disturb his class further.

As soon as I was through I ran towards the back room. "Aaron!" I yelled barging into the training room.

I saw Aaron for just a second standing on top of a pole a book in hand, then he was falling backwards, eyes wide, head turned toward me. A second later he hit the floor with an 'oof', stomach up, limbs splayed.

"Oh my gosh! Aaron! Are you ok?!" I yelled running to him.

"It's fine." he groaned sitting up. "You just surprised me, that's all." he said as I grabbed his hand to help him stand.

"What were you doing you there?" I asked

"Nothing, just practicing my balance." he said his voice rising in pitch, as he moved the book he had earlier, behind his back.

"What's that?" I asked.

"Uh nothing." His voice rose in pitch again.

"Aaron, you're a terrible liar, why are you hiding a book behind your back?" I said, a tone of authority in my voice.

"I-I-" he shook his head. "Forget the book Sam, now not to be rude, but why are you here?"

Remembering why I was here I handed him the newspaper. "Look at the front page." I said shoving it towards him.

Confused he took it from my hand. Eyes widening as his eyes quickly read through it. "That was quick."

I nodded. "But that's not it, Davey, my friend is an intern at the newspapers, and he's the one who wrote this article."

Aaron nodded, "It looks like we're going to have to watch out for Davey now, huh?"

"I-I guess." I said nodding,hoping Aaron wasn't planning something horrific.

"Well I suggest you go home and spend time with your family, Davey too. Ok?" He emphasised the last words as if he knew I wouldn't do what he said.

"Ok, but-"

"I'll tell Richard, just so he knows ok. You can leave now." He said leading me out the door.

"Aaron! I-" He slammed the door behind me.

I huffed in annoyance. "Idiot" I muttered before walking away, and out of the dojo, and back home. Maybe I should give a call to Davey so we could hang out. I had a feeling we wouldn't be able to hang out for a while.

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