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Eponine woke up the next morning and ran to the bathroom. All that had been in her stomach made a reappearance, much to her chagrin. She remained there for at least half an hour, until she had completely emptied her stomach of its contents. She lay down on the cool floor and rested for a moment. Or, at least, she thought it had been a mere moment; but when she was shaken awake by a frantic Marius, she realised that she had fallen asleep.

"Eponine, are you alright?" Marius was asking her. She blinked a few times. Her head felt heavy and she felt so tired, despite having slept very well during the night. "'Ponine?"

"Mmm…" She replied, trying to sit up. Marius hastened to help her in this endeavour.

"Let's get you back into bed." He murmured, about to lift her.

"Please don't touch me."

Marius backed off.

"What's wrong?"

"I don't feel good…"

"Shall I fetch a doctor?"

Eponine shook her head. It was probably only a cold anyway. At worst, perhaps the flu. Either way, she wasn't too worried.

Marius frowned, but knew that he could trust her judgement, even if she was very pale and looked absolutely exhausted.

He remained by her side for a quarter of an hour and then rose to make her some tea. The water boiled and the tea steeping, he returned to her. By this point, the nausea had passed and she allowed him to aid her in walking to the sitting room and then in sitting down. He kissed her forehead gently.

"No fever." He noted with a smile. "I'll bring you your tea."

Though he had gone only briefly to pour the tea, by the time he had returned with the steaming cup, Eponine was already fast asleep. He set the cup down on the table next to the sofa on which she slept and then watched her for a moment. Perhaps he ought to call for a doctor; this could be something serious for all they knew. But then, Marius had to remind himself, he did have a tendency to worry too much, as Eponine had frequently informed him. He had his reasons for worrying, however, when it came to Eponine. He knew that her immune system was weak after years of living in poverty. She was still much too thin for his liking, something which he fully planned on changing. What if she were to become truly ill? What then? He couldn't lose her. Not again. He wouldn't allow that to happen, not if there was anything to be done about it. He would call for a doctor.

"You're over-thinking things, Marius." He murmured to himself. She had been sick not even a whole day (that he knew of, anyway) and already he was worrying about what might happen if she were to become profoundly ill. He would not call for a doctor just yet.

In the days to come, it became quite evident that it was not a cold. Marius called for a doctor and it soon transpired that Eponine was pregnant. Eponine felt foolish for not even suspecting this. Their honeymoon had lasted a month and she had not bled since before the wedding. It all made sense now; the nausea, the tenderness of certain areas, the constant fatigue. How had she not even suspected that she might be pregnant?

Marius was stunned. He had not been expecting this. Of course, he knew that Eponine becoming impregnated with his child was a possibility, but he had not expected it to happen so quickly. Was he happy? Certainly. Was he nervous? Dear God, yes. He was going to be a father… A tiny human being was going to rely on him and Eponine to take care of them, to protect them. He could hardly fathom it and yet, there it was. He and Eponine were going to be parents and everything was going to change. Change was good, wasn't it? This meant he would have to become more responsible, that he would have to grow up. This would have overwhelmed Marius; but he needed only to look at Eponine and all of his worries and fears were calmed. They could do this. Together, they could do anything, couldn't they? Already they had managed to attain happiness despite the many misfortunes that had befallen them and such had seemed nearly impossible. Together, they were happy and together, they would have and raise this child.

Eponine took hold of one of Marius's hands in both of her own, smiling radiantly. She was ready for this. Before, she might have thought herself incapable of being a mother; but this was Marius's child that she was carrying. This she could do.

"I'll have to get a job and soon." Marius told her, "I'll start looking tomorrow."

"I should find one as well, even if only temporarily. We'll be needing the money, I should think."

"Yes, of course; but don't overtax yourself. I don't want you to stress yourself out." Already, the pregnancy had made her quite ill.

"I won't. Don't worry about me, Marius."

"Of course I worry about you."

"You don't need to."

"I beg to differ."

Eponine kissed his nose.

"Seriously, you don't need to worry about me, Marius. I know how to take care of myself."

"I know you do, but you shouldn't have to when you don't feel well. I know you're used to fending for yourself and I'm not asking you to become reliant on me, but please let me take care of you when you aren't feeling well."

"Fine, but only if you'll agree to the same."