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Given this, Ophanimon would technically be considered something akin to the 'father', and Lilithmon the 'mother', in spite of both being female in human terms.

Of course, in practice, Saial has two mommies.

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Raya (F-01), Saial (F-02), Takato (M-01), Gigimon (M-02), Henry (M-03), Terriermon (M-04), Rika (F-03), Renamon (F-04), Davis (M-05), Veemon (M-06), Kari (F-05), Gatomon (F-06), TK (M-06), Patamon (?-01), Takuya (M-07), Koji (M-08), Zoe (F-07), JP (M-09), Tommy (M-10)

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WARNING: This chapter will feature extensive sexual content; a few post-coital scenes between Raya/Saial (implied), Davis/Kari (shown) and Takato/Henry/Rika (heavily implied). This is not to suggest that I in any way, shape or form condone the sexualization of-...

Would they technically be minors? Davis/Kari look fifteen-sixteen but are in their thirties, while Takato/Rika/Henry look twelve still and have passed the centennial point.

Having read this warning, decide for you whether to hightail it out of here, as I do not intend to sugarcoat how disturbing the mixture of twelve-year-olds and immortality is.

I mean, any more than I already have... I think; I've forgotten what I wrote for this story.

The mansion, Saial's bedroom

Raya was lying on the bed, nestled up against Saial, who was contentedly asleep, peaceful and relaxed, or seemed to be, anyway. A considerable feat, Raya mused, given that she had been told less than a day ago that she was the child of what the majority of the Digital World considered the absolute evil.

The demoness was considerably more uneasy about the situation. After Lilithmon had showed up on the beach yesterday and discharged her from service, they had spent a further hour before returning to the mansion. Since then, Saial had been unnervingly reticent.

However, the angel was pondering a different matter. In the time since Lilithmon had made the claim to be her mother, Raya had acted unusually skittish, in light of how easy-going and cheerful she generally was.

Was it due to Lilithmon releasing her from service? She had claimed that the atrocities she regularly committed had been nothing personal for her, so had that been a lie, intended to sway her into believing the demoness' act of being sweet, kind and cordial? Or was it that she actually believed what Lilithmon had told them, that they really were mother and daughter?

Though she didn't want to believe it, the former actually seemed plausible, while the latter seemed much less so. Her soft-emerald eyes open, the angel softly asked the demoness whether she was fine, telling her in no uncertain terms that Angewomon was awake.

"Saial," Raya whispered to her lover, sounding nervous, even somewhat distressed, to the angel, worrying her somewhat. "I'm sorry..."

"Pardon?" Saial quizzically asked, confused as to what exactly the demoness was apologizing for, as she could recall nothing within the past week that would lead Raya to do so, or have a reason to.

"I'm sorry for not telling you that Lilithmon was your mother," Raya murmured.

So that was the problem at hand, Saial shook her head, to Raya's mild confusion. She honestly didn't mind the fact, even if it was true; her choices decided her fate, not her parentage. Lilithmon had even admitted as much, in a round-about, cryptic manner.

However, she was rather more curious as to why Raya believed Lilithmon so easily, considering that the archdemoness had provided no evidence to support her claim.

But then, the angel mused that she would have believed Lady Ophanimon just as easily. "Do not trouble yourself with something like that, Raya." The angel smiled warmly at her. "I am certain that you had understandable, if not valid reasons for not telling me, and even if you did not, I would soon have forgiven you."

Raya stared blankly at the angel, as she'd expected a wide range of reactions, but somehow, unconditional forgiveness managed to surprise her.




Front Entrance

Exiting the library after a few hours of wandering the maze-like interior, looking for a book that detailed the history of their homeworld, Renamon was surprised to see a new doorway beside the staircase.

It wasn't a particularly noteworthy door. The only real thing about it that seemed to demand attention was the sleek golden doorhandle. Figuring that it was likely Raya at work, expanding the interior of the mansion by whatever method the demoness did that, she opened the door.

Opening the door, however, revealed an extraordinary sight. Behind the door was a tunnel that reminded the fox of a Trailmon tunnel, yet where such a one would have bricks, it only had a sleek silvery metal that she didn't quite recognize.

To her surprise, the tunnel was incredibly well-defined, being a perfect shape through-out, with a carpet seemingly made of Sheepmon wool lining the floor, and to her mixed amusement and bemusement, the tunnel did an abrupt stop after spanning a short distance from the door.

The only other thing in the corridor was a brown wooden door, in the center of the tunnel.

The kitsune wondered briefly what the purpose of having the passage in such a shape was; she was by no means an expert in interior-design, or in anything not involving battle, but she didn't see any practical reason to have it like that.

More unnervingly, at the end of the short corridor wasn't anything; just a dark void. Somehow, the darkness just began abruptly, as though the demoness had taken exceptional care to draw a line on the silvery material.

Mildly curious as to how far the umbral void extended, the kitsune launched a single icy shard from her left paw, directly into the nothingness. As she'd expected, it flew directly into the darkness, illuminating the shadows on its flight through.

A moment later, it seemed that it had yet to reach any sort of edge or wall, the flare dimming into a soft ember. Figuring that examining the room might do for a bit of momentary entertainment, Renamon strode forward, opening the doorway.

However, she hadn't expected to see the contents of the room. Rather than the abyssal white voids of the libraries, the floor of the room was entirely a violet hue, though it seemed half-finished, as only a few metre of floor was in the room, along with it's occupant, Raya.

To her surprise, the fallen angel was sprawled out on the floor, in a position that looked uncomfortable with her wings, Renamon mused.

"He-Hey... Renamon..." LadyDevimon greeted, sounding to be positively winded, which the fox thought to be understandable, as she was an Ultimate, after all; her energy was hardly boundless.

The kitsune shook her hand; she hardly minded some more living space, but she'll like it if the internal layout of the place were to make sense; she was certain that the library covered the area that they were occupying, but then, the library shouldn't fit inside the mansion either, so the point was moot, she decided.

"What exactly are you doing?" Renamon asked, offhandedly. Stepping into the room, she noted that only one wall was present, while the same darkness floated outside the half-finished room.

LadyDevimon hesitated to answer, catching her breath for a few moments. "Kari... Asked if I could make her a spare bedroom, though she didn't explain why..."

Renamon mused that it was obvious why she wanted that done. What confused her, however, was why they did not simply use their own bedroom; if it was for privacy, wouldn't locking the door be sufficient?

After all, their Tamers hadn't done so, though admittedly, it was a different situation from that of the Digidestined. Briefly, she wondered whether this request had been because of TK, deciding that to be more than a possibility.

With everything the blond was currently going through, such as being rejected by Kari after twenty years and having to reside in the same mansion as a creature that he so despised, Renamon mused that he likely wasn't entirely consumed by hatred just yet.

While the kitsune speculated, LadyDevimon got back up, and resumed shaping the room, placing a hand on the half-finished wall, expending her barely-replenished energies, as the violet-tinted wall expanded another meter.

Figuring that she would benefit greatly from some rest before continuing the construction, Raya continued to peer into the endless dark, losing herself in the umbral infinitude, while Renamon left her to it, returning to the library.

About ten minutes later, the door opened, revealing Patamon and Gatomon, just in time to overhear a murmured, woozy utterance. "Ki-kimeramon have arms. I have arms. Therefore, I am a Machinedramon... Raya DNA-"

The pair stared in bewilderment at LadyDevimon, wondering what that sentence was supposed, before dismissing it as nonsense. The feline wondered briefly if the demoness was attempting to Digivolve into Millenniumon, or something.

Though, Gatomon mused that in light of those powers the demoness had exhibited, her Mega-form being Millenniumon wouldn't surprise her.




A few hours after the sun had set, Henry rested beneath navy-purple sheets in Takato's bed, basking in the relaxed atmosphere of their bedroom. Their partners were, as far as the navy-haired male knew, roaming either or both of the convoluted libraries.

This was definitely something he could get accostumed to, Henry though, smiling, though he know full well that it would hardly last forever. Still, he mused that they hadn't tried this sort of relationship, him spending the days with Takato and the nights with them both, before in their lives.

At least, they hadn't done that, as far as he could remember; his memories of his homeworld were blurry, and all he really remembered was that Jeri guy turning evil...

Regardless of that, he mused that immortality really wasn't the worst thing that had happened to him. Not when he could spend it like this!

Beside him, Rika rested, with his arms draped firmly around her. Inwardly, she sighed, wondering why Henry enjoyed this sort of thing so much. She couldn't pretend that it wasn't a highly enjoyable way to spend the evening, though she would rather like if... actually, she didn't know what she wanted to change about the arrangement, just that there was something.

Admittedly, it constituted a welcome change of pace from the tirade of failed love affairs she'd had with the two humans and three Digimon over the years.




Elsewhere in the building, Davis was being led by Kari into the corridor. Now, she noted offhandedly that the demoness had extended the corridor quite a bit further, giving it a few snaking turns all the way to its destination, with identical brown wooden doors lining the hallway.

How exactly she managed to fit all these rooms inside the less-than-gargantuan mansion, she didn't know, though given LadyDevimon's gift for interior design, it was either an optical illusion or it was smaller on the outside.

A faint smile graced her lips as she went with her boyfriend through the door to the first room. Even after about thirty-forty years, the Digital World continued to have surprises for her, new experiences and sights perpetually.

And the Digimon wondered why she loved this world?

Davis scanned the room briefly, despite not really being sure of why Kari had taken here. It was a sparsely decorated room, with the only piece of furniture being a already-prepared bed, looking big enough to fit both of them, no matter which way they were to rest on it.

The walls were a distinct dark-purple shade. They led into each-other perfectly, making it impossible, or at least difficult, to discern where the walls ended and the ceiling began.

His musings were abrubtly cut short when he felt Kari's dry lips press against his own. Davis closed his eyes as he returned the kiss, running his hand through her silky-soft hair.

Mostly, Davis felt happy, overjoyed even, that this was finally happening. After thirty years, he was at long last holding Kari close to him, and kissing her, and to his annoyance, it wasn't as good as he'd come to expect.

As Kari honestly had no idea what to do, she figured that she should just keep kissing him, until she came up with a better idea. Suddenly, she sensed something in her mouth, that she realized to be Davis' tongue. It was an unfamiliar sensation, but she rather liked it.

Gently, Davis felt her guide him down on the bed, where she broke the kiss, smiling softly and nervously down at her still-rather-new boyfriend. As she tried frantically to phrase her offer for him, her mouth unconsciously asked for her, more bluntly than she would've liked.

Davis looked up at her, visibly shocked. Had Kari, of all humans, really just asked that?! He had seen many strange and wondrous things in his thirty-something years, but hearing her ask something like that... He never thought it would happen.

"A-are you serious?" He blurted disbelievingly.

Kari cringed. Though she had expected him to react like that, she wasn't really comfortable with it. "Well, everyone else is doing that..."

He knew that to be true, though he wasn't really comfortable with that; disgusted, actually. Not so much with Saial and Raya, who were Ultimate-level, but moreso with Takato, Rika and Henry, who were... practically hyperactive, though at least they restrained themselves to their bedroom, which reminded him of three days ago when he and Tommy walked in on the busy angel and demoness, though thankfully, neither of them really noticed.

"That doesn't mean that we have to," Davis pointed out, trying to keep a level tone as best he could.

"Do you want to?" Kari asked quietly.




Outside in the front entrance room, near the midnight hour, TK, Patamon, Gatomon and Veemon were in a heated argument. "It's better this way, guys..." TK sighed at them, wondering why they bothered to argue with it.

"Is it?" Veemon questioned, eyeing him accusatorily.

"Goodbye, Veemon," TK said breathlessly, decidedly not interested in further conversation.

Unable and unwilling to stop him, Gatomon and Veemon simply watched as TK and Patamon set off, away from them and the mansion, and slowly disappeared from sight.

Gatomon wished simply that his new journey would grant him the peace of mind that they had failed to.

"Hopefully," Veemon thought. "He'll find what he's looking for out there..."