Birth of Team Cerberus

Around when The Children were 4 year old, in Robiet at a facility that does experiments on espers there were three ''special'' subjects two of them were boys one of them was a girl.

All three of them were level 7 espers they had telepathy, precognition, teleportation, psychokinesis, psychometry , hypnosis abilities.

Test subjects doesnt get to have names so scientists called them by numbers but our ''special'' fellows wanted to put a nick name to each other…Because all of them had white hair they called each other by eye colors boy 1's nick Green, boy 2's nick Blue and girl's nick was Yellow her eyes were amber but yellow in Robietian sounds much much more better than amber and she thought it was funny too.

Yellow was 5 and boys were 4 year thought Green and Blue were fraternal twins they always argued using telepathy and Yellow always was the tie breaker and that made them feel like a real family.

One day boys were arguing telepathically but this time it seemed serious normally when they were arguing they would have their eyes shut so they could concentrate on the topic but this time both had their eyes open with a look of desperation…

Before Yellow could do anything they realized she was watching them and ended their conversation Yellow asked each of them what was the reason of their fight and both of them answered with same word ''Nothing.''…

Yellow was feeling confused because they never hided anything from her ever since they first come here 4 years ago…She was curious and a bit scared what could it be that they had to keep a secret from her.

While thinking that she got angry at both of them then drag them to her room and yelled at them, boys were surprised because she never yelled at them before even when they made her act like a chicken for a day.

After a ton yelling boys accepted to tell their reason to fight but with one condition after that she would join on their decision she thought about it a bit then answered ''Yes.''.

Boys told her ''Blue's precognition ability can see dangers that will happen to other people but Green's precognition ability can see dangers coming directly to him and his close ones''.

Boys said ''We both saw an image of a terrible future.''…Boys glanced each other then continued ''There will be a...''

I want to continue this story but I am stuck if anyone has an idea about the ''terrible future'' comment it after deciding what that terrible future is I will continue.

Ps this is my first fan fic so dont expect much.