"Sozai, stay out of the house, got it!" Azula yelled at her 13 year old son, and slammed the door in his face. Relieved that he was nowhere near his mother, Sozai smiled to himself and sat on the steps of his house. His golden eyes shimmering in the sunlight, waiting.

The guards around the perimeter were young and inexperienced; they were easily lured into the bed of his mother, as well as a few of the Dai Lee Agents that used to serve Azula, during the war 19 years ago.

The young firebender had very bright golden eyes, pitch black hair and a long lightning shaped scar that eclipsed his right eye, from his forehead to the middle of his cheek and highly visible. He was the utter copy of Ozai, who was rotting in jail. It sometimes frightened Zuko how many people he represented, he had Ozai's face, Azula's determination, Zuko's character, Iroh's cool head, and everybody's talent of firebending combined.

Sozai noticed how a dark-haired man slipped through the gates and crawled into the house through the window and into Azula's bedroom. The teenager wondered how the guards that were positioned on all four sides of the prison, which he was forced to live in, missed him.

Being Azula's son, Sozai was forbidden a lot of things, one of which was practising firebending without his mother. At this moment, Sozai went into the yard to drill through the firebending exercises. His punishments were pure torture. The scar on his eye was a result of him failing to produce lightning.

Sozai got up from where he was sitting and started with easy going hot-squats. The sky was orange. The wind wasn't harsh. His mother was … occupied, and wouldn't come out for some time.

The drills were fairly basic and simple. Azula wasn't challenging her son enough and his firebending talents were being wasted, as Sozai once heard his uncle say to his mother.

While Sozai was practising, he reflected on his life. Since he was 4, he was trained in firebending and an element of revenge against the Fire Lord. If something went wrong with anything, he would be scarred, burnt, cut or morally abused.

Sozai took the lightning stance. Concentrating on what his uncle once told him, spinning his arms in the necessary sequence. The cold blooded fire ejected from the firebender's fingertips, and he aimed it at the sky. Sozai starred at the spot where the lighting disappeared to.

He heard a clap behind. "You finally managed it ... But you broke a rule…"