He needed allies. If he wanted this coup to work, he needed help. Any of his siblings would do well, a Queen, an Avatar or a unique bender, would be an ace Card. However, they were kinda far away and had their hands full. Dai Lee... Bending Revolution... The Avatar's training and his own training.

So the Fire Crown Prince decided to seek assistance with his cousins. Zuko and Iroh. One would do. The one that he had leverage on would be best.

"Roku? What are you thinking?!" Zuko shut the metal doors behind him, as his cousin came in first into the room.

"I'm taking what's mine. I'm riding the world of a tyrant. And I need you help in it."

"You're asking me to help overthrow the Fire Lord, who happens to be my uncle!"

"Yeah, I'm masking for your help to overthrow the Fire Lord who happens to be my father... This isn't harder for anyone more than me..." Roku sighed, driving his hand through his black hair. "He used to be my hero... I used to love him... And I still do... But I can't go on like this... I love him, like a son loves his father, but he doesn't return that love neither to me nor my siblings nor anyone in our family!"

"So this is what this is all about? You're not getting enough attention from daddy?" Zuko asked. "Welcome to my life. Mine and Iroh's dad was 24/7 in the Military, we never saw him. I'm out of this." The General made a move to the metal door.

"What if I told you that if you don't help me, your parent, your uncle and your entire nation, will fine out about Summer?" Roku said, keeping his eyes on the view out of the window.

"How do you know?" Zuko stopped dead in his tracks.

"I'm the Crown Prince. I know what happens to the other Princes. I've planned every move, cousin. Iroh... A servant girl... Pregnant with your child... What a scandal that would be?"

"What do you want?"

"You're a General of the Fire Nation. You have troop loyal to you, who rely on you, who trust only in you. I need more manpower. I have ships. You have troops. We can make a team. And when I'm Fire Lord, I can cover your tracks."

"What happened to you? Roku... You've changed... For the worse."

"No... I just grew up... And my patience has run out."

"I'll sacrifice my troops. And you'll sacrifice your ships. For what? You o get daddy's attention? To settle your family problems?"

"Isn't that what all wars are about? Big guys settling their family feuds, sacrificing the little guys?"

"So what happens when I tell your father about your coup? You tell about my affair and were even... We both lose... With probably our heads on the spikes. Correct?"

Roku smiled. "Do you remember what happened when I delivered Azula to my father? He gave me riches and glory and power. Do you think I felt satisfied after that? Do your ink I would be planning to overthrow my father if I was?"

Zuko remained silent.

"I'll leave you to your thoughts." The Crown Prince left the room, victorious. He won one powerful ally, even without the final word of the General.