Chapter 1

Gabriel is a bartender who works nights. However, unable to say no to his younger brother Castiel, he agrees to take over his shift at the coffee shop Castiel owns called Heaven on Earth. Gabriel is trying to stay awake when he questions if being a good brother was worth the lack of sleep. Hopefully the hot guy that just entered would answer that for him.

This story will be Destiel, Sabriel, and Anna/Balthazar hope you guys enjoy.

Why did Gabriel agree to this? He had spent all last night at his own job and now here he was covering for his brother at his job!

Gabriel's younger brother, Castiel, had rung him just as he was leaving the bar where he was currently covering the night shifts for the next week. Apparently Castiel had gone on a date last and it was currently carrying on throughout today. He had begged Gabriel to open up the coffee shop Castiel owned until Anna could come in and take over for him this afternoon. The coffee shop was called Heaven on Earth, and it was Castiel's baby. So obviously for him to trust Gabriel with it, of only for the moment, must mean that last night had gone really, really well. Gabriel was really beginning to question if being a good brother was actually worth the sleep deprivation he was feeling at the moment.

The only plus side to this whole situation was that he was currently surrounded by mass amounts of caffeine. Well that and his little brother had gotten laid last night, which he was extremely proud of him for. Especially since Castiel wasn't exactly known for his social interactions. He had always had problems in social situations growing up and would have spent his lunch times alone if Gabriel, being the awesome brother that he was, hadn't taken upon himself to sit with him every lunch time.

However, against all odds Castiel had managed to find a guy who thought his weirdness was cute. Dean had moved to their small town about two months ago and had opened up a garage down the road from Heaven on Earth. After about a week Dean started making regular daily trips to the coffee shop and much to Gabriel's amusement had begun flirting with Castiel who had remained completely oblivious. Although that didn't stop the eye sex that occurred between the two of them whenever they were near each and the constant babbling about Dean that Gabriel had to listen to every night. So Gabriel was immensely relieved when Dean finally had the balls to ask Castiel out last week and Castiel had taken a 10 second break from his social awkwardness to blurt out a yes.

But no matter how happy Gabriel was for his little brother, it didn't help his ability to stay awake. He had been almost 24 hours since he slept and he could feel his eyes droop shut as the coffee shop quietened down after the morning rush was over. He jerked himself awake as he reminded himself he only had one hour before Anna would come in and take over and he could finally go home and sleep. He took a look around the shop and saw there were only a few customers left sitting down drinking their drinks, most of the customers from the morning rush chose to take their drinks to go and they sleepily shuffled off to work. Feeling his eyes beginning to droop again and leant on the counter, dropping his chin to sleepily rest on hand. He could feel himself falling asleep when the bell above the door alerted him to another customer. He stood up, and tried to make himself look professional. Castiel would not be happy if his beloved shop got a complaint about employees sleeping on the job. Even if Gabriel wasn't technically an employee.

He shook his head slightly to wake himself up and focused on the customer who had entered the shop. Gabriel had to look up slightly to take in the whole man, damn he was tall. He was also the most attractive man Gabriel had ever seen. He was wearing tight jeans, and a plaid shirt that manage to cling to his bulging biceps. Man that guy was ripped. He suddenly wished that he wasn't looking to tired and ruffled. Of all the days to look an utter mess, it had to be the day his dream guy walked through the door.

Gabriel ran a hand through his hair trying to make it look a little less like he had just rolled out of bed, and straightened himself up. He put a cheeky smile on his face as the guy approached the counter.

"Good morning and welcome to Heaven on Earth. What can I get ya?" Gabriel babbled out trying to invoke energy and warmness.

The tall man smiled kindly in response. "I'll have a large hazelnut latte to go please."

"Sure no problem."

Gabriel turned to make the man's order, trying to stop his hand shaking from nerves. Damn when did he get nervous about a guy? Usually he was the one making the other guy nervous with his flirting and borderline obscene sexual innuendos. But something about this guy turned him into a quivering school girl. Gabriel really did not like this feeling. He liked feeling in control. But as he handed the guy his drinks, thankfully without spilling them, he couldn't keep the blush that rose as the guy smiled in thanks. Gabriel quickly passed him his change and wished him a nice day.

"You too. I'll see you around." The younger man replied as he turned and walked towards the door.

Gabriel couldn't help but check out the guy's ass, because seriously an ass that good should come with a warning. The guy paused to let someone else through the door and Gabriel winced as he saw that it was Anna, who was currently throwing a knowing smirk in Gabriel's direction. Of all the people to catch him checking out a guy (who was obviously out of his league) it had to be his younger sister. Who, unfortunately for Gabriel, also happened to be the world's biggest gossip.

She turned to watch the tall man walk out the door and turned back towards her older brother, an eyebrow arching in amusement.

"See something you like Gabe?"

Gabriel threw a glare her way.

"I have no idea what you are talking about."

"Yeah yeah. So I didn't catch you checking out that guy's ass like it was a chocolate bar and you wanted to take a bite huh?"

"You really need to get your mind out of the gutter. I seriously don't know where you get it from." He stated as took off his apron throwing it to Anna who caught it with an amused smile.

"I'm pretty sure I got it from you big brother."

Gabriel laughed as he grabbed his things and gave her a quick hug.

"Yeah I'm pretty sure you're right. Well I will see you later. I have been up for over 24 hours and I have a comfy bed with my name on it."

"Ok enjoy. But you better be up by the time Cas comes home, so we can get all the juicy details about his date slash day of wild sex."

Gabriel couldn't help but perk up at that plan. It wasn't often him and Anna got to squeeze details out of Castiel. It was usually either Gabriel or Anna who were attacked by their siblings for information about their dates. It made a nice change.

"How did it happen that Castiel was the one with romance in his life and me and you are the ones living vicariously through him?" Gabriel questioned, amusement lacing his voice to show he was not serious.

"Well if you had stopped blushing like a teenage girl for ten seconds and asked that hottie for his number, you could have been on your way to an epic romance full of hot, steamy sex."

"Oh please like he is gay. Did you see him? There is no way he is anything but straight. And you could be having a life if you and Balthazar would quit the constant flirting and just went out on a date." Gabriel threw over his shoulder as he threw open the door to leave, almost running into a customer who was entering as he did so. He said a quick apology to Mrs Wallace, a regular customer, standing aside to let her pass. She threw him a smile as he held the door open for her, muttering what good manners he had and patted his arm as she walked past. Gabriel threw her a mega watt smile and turned to leave but was stopped by his sister's voice yelling at him from across the coffee shop.

"His name is Sam by the way. In case you didn't have a chance to grow a pair and ask."

She shared an amused smile with elderly Mrs Wallace, who seemed to catch on to what was going on very quickly. He could hear them giggling as he left as quick as he could, blushing slightly.

He made it half way to his car before he realised that Anna obviously knew this guy, Sam, if she knew his name. He should have stayed and grilled her for details. But he really didn't want to admit that she had been right and he didn't even work up the courage to ask the guy his name. Gabriel stifled a yawn as he slid into his car. He was definitely too tired for all of this. He would get some sleep first, and then beg Anna to spill everything she knew about Sam later.

With a firm nod he turned on his engine and made his journey home to his beloved bed. Everything else could wait until he got at least eight hours of sleep, and actually had the brain power to think over all of this rationally. Although something told him that he was never going to be able to think rationally when it came to Sam.