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"I... I... I have a what?" Madame Thenardier stammered.

"You have a granddaughter. Eponine gave birth to her before she died. Marius never even got to see her..." Enjolras' voice shook slightly, but he kept back the tears that threatened to fall.

"Where is she?"

"In the carriage."

"Can... can I see her?" Madame Thenardier asked after a moment. Enjolras considered this and then nodded. Madame Thenardier was nowhere near as bad as her husband. Maybe Epona-Mari could have a blood-relative...

Enjolras led her to the carriage and Madame Thenardier peered in and saw the sleeping Epona-Mari with Éléna.

"She's beautiful..." she breathed. Enjolras nodded in agreement. "She looks so much like Eponine." Upon hearing her mother's name, Epona-Mari started to wake. She opened her large, bright green eyes and saw Enjolras and Madame Thenardier looking at her. Madame Thenardier smiled at her, "Hello." she said quietly.

"Hi." Epona-Mari replied, before looking at Enjolras for some explanation as to who this stranger was.

"Epona-Mari, this is your grandmother." he told her. Epona-Mari, wide-eyed, looked back at Madame Thenardier.

"I have a grandmother?"


"I'm your mother's mother" Madame Thenardier explained. Epona-Mari smiled. "You look so much like her." Her smile widened.

"What was she like?" Epona-Mari asked, "When she was my age, I mean."

"Stubborn." Madame Thenardier said with a laugh, "Stubborn and too smart for her age. Very giving, as well; very selfless. Your mother was always a very caring person, but she was also brave and tough when she needed to be. I'll admit that I may not have been the best example for her to follow, but she was a good person, she had a good heart. Your mother was around your age when she met your father. I remember she used to get really excited around 4:00, which was when the classes at the university let out. She always went running out of the house then and she wouldn't return until after 7:00. One time I followed her, something which she never found out. I watched her as she stood there in the shadows, waiting for who knew? I could see the smile appear on her face as a young man with jet black hair and bright green eyes–the same as yours–walked past. Then she waited there even longer until that same man walked past a couple hours later. Then, around 10:00, he walked past the third and final time. That was when she started back home. I could tell by the way she had looked at him that she loved him. And then, I'm guessing she finally got the nerve to introduce herself and they became friends." Enjolras almost laughed.

"Do you know how they met, Papa?" Epona-Mari asked him.

"Yes," Enjolras replied, "perhaps I will tell you when you are a bit older."


"Long story short, your father punched a man, got punched a few times himself, and then your father's friends–myself included–broke up the fight."

"Was he jealous of the other man? Is that why he punched him?"

"Not quite." Enjolras said with a laugh. "But that is a different story for a different time." Epona-Mari seemed content with this response and smiled.

"Why don't you two come inside?" Madame Thenardier suggested, "I could get you something to eat and, by the time you've finished, your horses will be good to go." Epona-Mari looked at Enjolras.

"Papa, can we?" she asked excitedly. Enjolras couldn't deny her this and nodded. "Should we wake Éléna?"

"I'm 'wake, I'm 'wake." Éléna slurred as she rubbed her eyes. She yawned slightly, covering her mouth politely as she did so. "Where are we, Monsieur?" she asked Enjolras.

"Somewhere in Caen." he replied. "The horses need food and rest."

"And as do you three." Madame Thenardier said. "Come on now, follow me." And she led them into the inn. This inn, which was named "L'Auberge Petit Oiseau" was far nicer than the inn the Thenardiers had owned in Montfermeil. Moreover, this inn was run honestly and there were many people there. "Business has been pretty good, money coming in nicely. None of the old tricks, I gave that all up. Have a seat." she said, having brought them to a table. The three obliged and sat down. "I'll bring you out a nice broth." she said with a smile before hurrying over to the kitchen.

"What time will we arrive tomorrow, Papa?" Epona-Mari asked after a moment.

"We will have to stop again tomorrow to give the horses more rest, so..." he thought for a moment, "Around 6:00 in the evening," he replied, "We will visit the cemetery and then I have business I must attend to."

"How late will you be?" Epona-Mari asked.

"Not too late, I hope."

"Am I to keep watch over her?" Éléna asked. Enjolras nodded. "Very well."

"Papa, why do you look sad?"

"What do you mean, my child?"

"You look sad. You have for the past few days."

"I will explain when you are older."

"I am thirteen. I am no longer a child." She argued. It was true that she was no longer a child, yet Enjolras could not help but still see her as such. "Please, Papa?"

He knew, of course, that she was bound to learn sooner or later– if the rumours and talk of uprising were true.

"Fifteen years ago, on this day, eight of my closest friends died in the failed revolution that I led them into. Combeferre and Courfeyrac, whom I considered as brothers; Bahorel and Feuilly, who rarely quit eachother's company; Joly and Lesgles, who shared everything; and Jehan Prouvaire and Grantaire, the former was a poet… the latter revered me. They all died… I was supposed to die with them; but I lived. I should have died…"

"Don't say that, Papa!" Epona-Mari reprimanded, "You are alive and that is good."

"It was my fault that they died."

"No because it was they who chose to fight with you."

"I meant to die with them."

"You are alive and that is good." She repeated. "If you weren't alive, then who would be my papa?"

Enjolras smiled faintly and decidedly didn't mention that she would likely not have been born if he hadn't been there to save Eponine from her father all those years ago.

"But let's not talk of death right now." Said Mme. Thenardier, returning with the broth, "This is a reunion of sorts, isn't it? It's a happy occasion."

Epona-Mari grinned and nodded in agreement.

"Unfortunately, we cannot stay long." Enjolras said, "But we will return. I promise."

"You'd better. I need to spend some quality time with my granddaughter."

This caused the young girl to giggle.

"Of course, Mémère!"

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