Tonight would be the last time I saw my family, I would run to a place called the 'Hospital' and tell them what my Family does to me. I learned a while ago it was a wrong thing to do. After I noticed what they were doing was wrong (and it was called child abuse) I stared to make a plan of escape and of revenge. I might only be six but I was smart.

It took me a mouth to make a good plan plus a week to find out where the hospital was. I also had to remind myself that there was a chance they wouldn't believe me. But I won't listen not anymore. I would get out of my relatives loving care.

I calmed myself down it would only be about an hour before my Family the Freaks, fell asleep then I could leave forever. I could finally be away from the Freaks, and be with normal people.

I remember when I learned that I was the normal and good person and my family were the Freaks.


"Look at this the little baby is ignoring me…" Dudley said.

I turned my head, he was picking on the new kid, and I think her name was Granger. This was a first he was picking on someone besides me.

'This is not good' I thought to myself. I had two choices watch her get beaten up, or protect her from Dudley. I knew only Freaks like me should be beaten. And Granger didn't look Freakish, and she seemed…nice. She didn't earn the beating like I normally do.

'I need to protect her' I thought. 'She didn't earn it'. 'Like me'…no, no self-pity that will make me weak. If I was weak this would be over and Granger and I would probably get hurt. I need to save her. And quick to.

"Dudley leave her alone" I said. I was glaring at him with a glare my Uncle and
Aunt use on me when there mad. Dudley turned to look at me and then started to laugh.

"Oh look it's the Freak" He said. 'No going back now'. Dudley was walking towards me beating his fist in his hands like the bullies do on T.V. It just looked stupid.

"Yah…" What do I say?!... Wait who said I had to say anything to save Granger I could express my thoughts in other ways.

"Freak! You think you can stand up to me without getting hurt?! You know what if you walk away I won't tell Mummy and Daddy what you did today." I knew he was lying. Because I learned a long time ago Dudley always lies to me. And I was smart I might not be strong but wits could overcome brawn. Something my fat cousin never would be.

Granger was afraid. I could see it in her eyes. "Go, I'll be okay." She nodded and ran off.

"Looks like Freak is going to be in…pain!" wow my cousin is a moron… No that is too nice for him….

He tried to punch me in the face key word 'tried'. I dogged it and in turn punched him in turn were the sun don't shine. He fell like rock to the ground and started to cry. The teachers came and took me to the office. When I got home it was a brutal beating for hurting the moron.

But it was worth it. I saved some one, I helped someone.

"Thank you" Granger said to me before running off.

I might be weird but I wasn't a freak…no my family was. They taught my fat family member that was okay…That made me the normal one.


That day I noticed I was good and my family was evil. And I thought that day I would die, because uncle beat me the worst he ever had. But I learned if I focused enough I could heal myself, it wasn't easy but it helped ease the pain I got from my abnormal Uncle. Of Couse it was the power was freakish, but it made me special. It helped with my plans… but for the most part were useless in my situation. After all I needed evidence so people would believe I was abused.

I kept to my thoughts until I heard my family going to bed, I waited about an hour before I got out of the cupboard I looked around no one was in sight. It was all according to plan so far.

'I can do this' I thought to myself. 'I can get out' and learn to be strong and protect people…

I sucked up any fear I had. And left my… no the Freaks house for what I hope is the last time.

I started to walk down the street towards the hospital.

'Time to start my new life' I had little plans for after words. But I knew I wanted to protect people forever maybe one day I could join the army…

"Hey kid were you heading?" I turned towards the voice it was a woman I've seen her around a lot lately at school. She was giving all the kids blood tests to look for sort of cold that was spreading.

"Away" I don't like this.

"Your Harry right?" She asked me.

"That is the name I was given at birth but I prefer Evan." I think I should run…

"I want to ask you question Evan." She said.

"What?" this can't be good.

"Do you like to help people to keep them safe?" she said. I don't why but I feel like I should stay.

"Yes, for a while now." I said. She was sitting down. On the curb now and motioned for me to do the same.

"I am looking for boys and girls like you, to help them keep people safe. I could help you learn how to keep people safe and much more. If you'd like?" She said.

"No offence…but how? I am just a kid."

"I could get you into military training, they would teach you how to keep people safe. I will ask you. Do you want to join a military squad of soldiers…? You know what they are right." I nod "and then one day you keep people safe, would you like that?" I thought for a brief amount of time.

"Yes I would, can you promise me I won't have to go back to my family though?" I looked at her with a look of fear and hope.

"I promise, in fact they will think you dead. So your final answer is yes?" I nod. "You can't go back on the offer okay?" I nod again. "Alright were going to go on board a space ship okay? I know that sounds strange but I'll prove it to you. And you should know you will probably never see this world again. You understand that?" I nodded again I might be smart but, I had an open mind after all I could heal myself.

"I am sure, and I believe you about the spaceship thing by the way, and you should know I can do strange things…" she cut me off "I know, I took the blood for other reasons, you are something this world calls a Wizard but every were else your called the Users, in fact some others are like you on the team of soldiers you're on. WE will even teach you how to use the Users powers. We'll we need to get going okay?"

"Okay…By the way what's your name?" I asked if I was going join an army I want to know who enlisted me.

"You can call me Doctor Halsey, Evan."

She stood up and motioned for me to so.

"This was provided by the User government of Decoy, that's the official name for this planet by the way, so we could get back to the ship. Just hold on okay?" I nodded.

"Hold on tight!" she braised herself I did the same.

And I am glad I did if felt like I was being pushed through a small tube, really fast to, I felt like I was going to fall off but I held on with all my might. Right when I started to lose my grip it all stopped.

I fell on a cold metal floor I stayed there before I blinked a few times and got up.

I looked up and saw a stainless metal room with lights overhead there really wasn't anything special about the room, I was expecting more after all this was supposed to be a space-ship. The room was bare also. There was a bed of sorts a small pile of cloths on the bed and a weird tank like thing in the back of the room. I wanted to look around a bit more but my thoughts were interrupted by words.

"Doctor Halsey, I take this is the other SPARTAN project trainee from Decoy?" I looked towards the voice it was a tall man with stern features he was wearing a white over coat and attire.

"Affirmative." She said.

"I am Doctor Jacana I will give you an exam but first please take off your cloths and put these on." He handed me the outfit from the chair. He pointed me to a bathroom of sorts. I went in without hesitation.

I looked at the cloths I was given. It had a white shirt green pants and black boots.

'Best cloths I've ever had.' I thought.

I quickly changed into the outfit. When I came back Doctor Halsey was gone.

"Halsey had to go she wanted me to tell you sorry, now come here." He told me pointing to the bed. His voice lacked emotion I didn't mind though, the Freaks were worse.

"I will give you a quick examination. After words we will enter something called slip space and you will go into the cyro tank in the back. When you wake up you and the other Trainees will be debriefed. And you training will start. Affirmative?" He told me in a strict tone.

"Affirmative" I replied. This felt like the right thing to say.

He nodded and did a quick examination and told me to enter the tank in the back and to fall relax and wait for the drowsiness to come.

I did as I was told.

As I was drifting to sleep my final thought. Was 'This will be better than how my life would have gone if I stayed there.'

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