Shauna puckered her lips and blew gently, producing a loud whistle of the song Red River Valley, completely ignoring the fact that she wasn't alone anymore. She wanted to annoy the hell out of them; she figured that if she did, they would let her go without second thought. There had to be more people around here somewhere - they were probably just out on a run or maybe they were out killing meatbags for fun. That's what Shauna really liked to do: kill the undead for fun.

It must have been an after affect from the being in Iraq and Afghanistan, after all the killing she had done. She wasn't going to lie to herself, she enjoyed it very much and now that the world was filled with undead corpses, they were walking targets for Shauna. Too bad she wasted almost all of her ammo killing the living in the beginning of this; but she only did it because she was ordered to, and she wouldn't dare to question it. She didn't want to kill innocent people, she just had to because she was a marine and they were on a shoot-on-sight protocol while the military was sill around. Don't get her wrong, she loved it when the nation was under martial law - since she was in charge of everyone else - but she didn't enjoy having to kill anyone who was in contact with the virus. Or as she saw it, her own people. She had a lot of blood on her hands and there is no way that anyone would trust her with all that she has done, whether it was her choice or not.

Once she whistled the entire song, she waited a few seconds just to start over again, whistling louder and more obnoxiously. She leaned against the wall, her knees up to her chest and her feet turned inward with her head leaning back on the wall as she stared at the bottom of the top bunk. Her lips began to dry out when she drew air inward and she loudly clicked her tongue as she licked her lips to continued the song.

There was a cluster of footsteps, followed by screeching of a metal cell door open then clatter as it closed, then a snap sounded like it was being locked. Shauna pushed herself up to get in a more comfortable position, crossing her legs and leaned forward to try to see out of the cell door that they had locked. It made no sense - they had her handcuffed to the bed, so there was no reason they had to lock the cell.

Shauna cleared her throat and continued whistling the song, hoping to get someone's attention so they would let her out.

Who's that?" a hushed, unfamiliar female voice with a heavy southern accent echoed through the prison, failing to keep her voice down. So there is a bigger group, Shauna thought as she inclined her head, trying harder to see them outside the cell door. She didn't even notice that her whistling had ceased; so she began tugging at the handcuffs loudly, moving her arm up, down and side to side, rattling them against the hollow steel bed post. It's rattling reverberated through her cell, eventually attracting the attention she wanted to the cell door. A tall man with wavy, dark brown hair slowly emerged into view from the right side and peered into the cell curiously.

"Oh. Oh, I–I'm sorry, did I disturb you?" Shauna asked, her voice heavy with sarcasm as a bitchy look landing on her face, furrowing her eyebrows together angrily as she glared at the man. Though her attitude wouldn't get her free, she didn't like being locked up the way she was, and she couldn't quiet her sarcastic ways.

"Who the hell is this?" the man spat, shooting a look to his right over his shoulder.

"Saw 'er climbin' the fence. She fell from the top 'n landed hard enough t'knock 'er out. Dunno who the hell she is," a voice said as a man - who looked like a cocky hick who brags about how loud his truck is - came into view and stood next to the first man.

"Ditto," Shauna hissed as she rattled the cuffs some more, just to piss them off. The first guy shot a menacing glare at her, but that didn't stop her from puckering her lips once more and continued whistling her tune while she rattled the cuffs.

"Dammit, girl, shut up," the cocky-redneck-guy hissed, his annoyance twisting his features as he shifted his weight to his other leg. Shauna quieted her whistling, but didn't stop rattling the handcuffs as her lips pulled into a mocking smile and she cocked her head to the side. The first guy - whose aura breathed leader - shook his head and pinched the bridge of his nose. Hick-man turned to face the leader and quietly asked, "Rick, what'er we gonna do with her?" The leader, whose name was now Rick, looked up at Shauna and she threw him an extremely toothy grin.

"Was she with anyone?" Rick questioned, turning his attention between Shauna and hick-man, reaching out and holding one of the bars, leaning on one leg. Shauna just noticed now how extremely familiar Rick looked and narrowed her eyes to get a closer look, attempting to jog her memory. She heard Hick say no, but she tuned them out as soon as they carried on the conversation, dwelling in her thoughts as she tried to put Rick's face to a memory.

"Do I know you?" Shauna blurted out; Rick and Daryl halted their conversation, jerking their attention over to Shauna, who was now dead silent. They exchanged puzzled glances and Shauna narrowed her eyes further, her mouth open slightly as she waited for a response.

"I beg your pardon?" Rick asked, shifting his weight to his opposite foot, setting his hand on his hip and Daryl didn't move, only his eyes were turned to her direction.

"Where have I seen you before?" she demanded, digging her heels into the bed to push herself up and to lean further up on the wall, ignoring the soreness that was awakening in her tailbone.

Rick glanced over his shoulder, then slowly looked back to Shauna. "I don't know you," he finally said after a hard swallow, "excuse us," he added as he pushed himself away from the cell and gave a quick nod to Daryl; Shauna watched as they walked out of her view, keeping her eyes to the door where they used to be.

Rick's POV

"I've never seen her before in my life," Rick repeated, his eyes flickering between the accusing stares of his group. Just by the look on most of their faces, he knew they weren't thinking about letting her stick around but they didn't want to let her go either. He didn't even know the woman's name - she wouldn't even tell Hershel. He was beginning to question how mentally stable she was; the way she made a ruckus and just her laugh scared him. In the past, he encountered some crazy people, and he saw people who acted like her being taken away in straight jackets. She was military; he noticed the unfamiliar truck outside that had to be hers, along with the fact that she has dogtags around her neck.

"Then how the hell does she know you?" Daryl spat, pausing from his pacing to jab his finger toward the woman's cell as he spoke. Suddenly, Rick heard the same tune he heard when he first came back from clearing out a cell block being whistled, along with the rattling of metal.

"How the hell would I know?" Rick retorted, shooting a blazing stare at Daryl, "she's a lunatic. She is the epitome of a psycho." Hershel shifted on the stairs, reaching to pick up his crutches.

"Hey, Devil's advocate," a voice called out from the woman's cell, "why don'cha just include me in this if you're gonna talk so loud," she called, obviously listening in despite her obnoxious whistling. Rick glanced back, then turned his gaze to the floor in front of him and rested his hands on his hips as he clicked his tongue.

"I say we turn her loose," Hershel chimed in, pushing himself up from the stairs and hobbling his way down. "She doesn't seem to be any harm. But first we should have the decency to clean her up. Send her with a little food and water." Rick flickered his eyes to Hershel, then examined everyone else's expression, stopping to gaze at Carol. Her head was hung, staring at the floor.

"Carol?" Rick asked, raising his eyebrows, "you wanna say somethin'?" Carol glanced up from under her lashes, darting her eyes between everyone who stood around the cell block.

"I think we should give her a chance," she finally said, bringing out a snort from Daryl as he continued his pacing. "We could use her. We need more people."

"She's dangerous," Rick stated flatly, lowering his voice and hoped the woman didn't hear her.

"You don't know that," Hershel argued; in no way was he keeping his voice down. Rick hung his head, mentally agreeing with Hershel, but he didn't know her, and she could be just as dangerous as he thought she was, she just wasn't showing it.

"Just by the look on her face," Daryl began when he stopped in from of Rick, "she's killed people. What makes you think she won't kill us?"

"One woman against nine of us?" Hershel demanded, his tone calm and steady, and Daryl shot a glare at the old man.

"She could have a group hidin' somewhere out there. Maybe they sent 'er to do a li'l recon, check to see if the prison safe for 'em to hole up in," he retorted, glancing between all of the worried faces; Carol was biting nervously at her fingernails, Carl stared down and the concrete floor, Maggie's eyes wide in fear. "If she doesn't come back, they'll know somethin's up and ambush our sorry asses."

"Hey, I don't mean to interrupt your little debate, but I really need to pee. So if you don't mind lettin' me out of these cuffs. . .bladder explosion doesn't sound like an appealin' way to die," the woman called. Rick didn't know whether she was planning something or if she really needed to use the toilet, and as he examined everyone's expressions, they weren't so trusting either. Rick pinched the bridge of his nose, then finally gave in and pulled the ring of keys out of his pocket as he walked over to the cell. He felt her eyes on him as he inserted the key and twisted, popping the door open and slide it open.

He glanced at her and noticed how dirty she was; she smelt just as bad as she looked. Forcing himself to not cringe, he unlocked the cuff on the bedpost then locked it onto her other hand, then pulled his Colt out of his holster and jabbed it into her side.

"Is that really necessary?" the woman hissed warily, staring down at the gun he had wedged between her ribs and her hipbone.

"Yes," Rick stated flatly, refusing to talk to her more than needed so she wouldn't feel welcome here. He escorted her out of the cell with one hand on her elbow, guiding her out of the cell block and into the outdoors and kept the gun tucked in her side. The sun was setting; the sky was turning a pale orange as soon as they walked out and the air was finally cooling off, the humidity dropping.

Rick led her outside the first fence, then brought her to the side of the prison and let go of her arm, taking a few steps back to give her space but didn't take his eyes off her. He heard the door open behind him; he glanced behind him to see some of the group coming out, approaching steadily.

"Do you mind? I can't take off my pants handcuffed," she asked while turning around.

"Well, you're gonna have to try," he answered, turning back to the woman, cocking his head to the side as he narrowed his eyes at her. She let out a loud and unladylike snort then turned around and began struggling with her jeans. As soon as she slipped her thumbs in the hem of one side of her jeans, Rick looked to his left, not wanting to see the strange woman pant-less. He soon felt awkward and turned all the way around, his back facing the woman. Daryl, Hershel, Glenn, and Maggie were inching closer, watching them, Daryl with his crossbow tight in his grasp and seeming to have no problem with watching the woman. They were close enough for Rick to see their expressions, and he noticed Maggie's eyes widen nervously and Daryl raise his crossbow, taking aim.

"Okay, I'm done now. Take me away," the woman said from behind Rick and he nearly jumped out of his skin, then slowly faced her, seeing her directly behind him, stifling a smile. Rick reached for her arm and pushed her ahead of him as he began walking. "I see your group is just as paranoid as you," she began as she slowly walked in front of him, "but I was standin' behind you for quite some time," she added with a chuckle.

"Keep walkin'," Rick snapped, jabbing the barrel of his gun into the middle of her back when she started to walk slower.

"God, have a sense of humor, boy," she spat, sounding agitated with being held at gunpoint. The two were close enough to the others that they were able to hear, and they exchanged glances, Daryl's face hardening.

"How 'bout you shut up?" Daryl hissed as he reached forward and harshly grabbed the girl's arm, leading her back inside the prison.

"We thought she was gonna take you out," Glenn finally said as they were following Daryl and the woman's trail back inside.

"Yeah, well she didn't," Rick replied, keeping his gaze forward, watching as Daryl pushed the woman inside the prison and closed the door behind him.

"Why?" Maggie demanded, confusion lacing her southern accent.

"Beats me," Rick answered, and the walked the rest of the way back in complete silence.

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