This story is long over due. This dedicated to a special friend of mine. Inuyasha-gothgirllover93 I hope you enjoy.

"SIT!" Kagome screamed. She had just caught Inuyasha once more with Kikiyo, or Kinky Ho as she liked to call her sometimes.

"She's DEAD! Why does he still want to kiss her?!" Her yelled question disturbed the birds around her, causing them to take flight in a rustle of wings and angry chirping. Kagome covered her head as they flew about before settling down again. 'It's always Kikiyo...he never really wanted me..' She looked up at the sky and sighed.

She was going home. Back to her own time. Maybe she could forget about Inuyasha, let him have his happiness without her always getting between Kikiyo and him. Kagome walked out into the clearing and sat on the edge of the Bone Eater's Well, swinging her legs over the lip. She looked back at Inuyasha's forest one last time before jumping in.

A Month Later

"Bye! I'll see you guys tomorrow at school!" Kagome waved and walked away, a smile plastered to her face before she turned. After she was sure her friends weren't around she let her smile drop as quickly as one would release a snake.

She missed Inuyasha. Wondered how he was, how Shippo, Sango, and Miroku were. It had been so long since she had seen them. 'I wonder if Inuyasha and Kikiyo are happy together now that I'm not around..' Kagome trudged up the path to the Higarashi shrine, her home. She had too much time to think here lately.

Her classes were all caught up, in fact, without her frequent trips to the feudal era she was often finished with all of her lessons ahead of schedule. She was bored in class now. Her work was always finished, perfectly done, and turned in by the middle of class. She was even beginning to do her assignments ahead of time. Her school books were now virtually useless to her as she was finished with all the work in them. Her syllabus for both semesters of school had been finished just yesterday.

She had been so desperate to forget Inuyasha that she had applied herself maybe a little too hard to her work. She hadn't meant to, it had just happened. His laughing face would surface in her mind and she'd suddenly find herself on the fourth lesson ahead of the one she'd been assigned.

Her teachers were flummoxed at her progress. She had gone from being well, very far behind to the point of failing. To being the best in the whole school. Even beating Hojo. Hojo had finally gotten the chance to go on a date with her. They had had fun, but he could tell that she wasn't having as good a time. He had let her go, telling her that when she felt she was ready to let go of whoever had broken her heart, that he would be waiting.

Kagome walked into the well house, string down at it. She had put the cover back on it, helping her control the urge to go back, to tell Inuyasha that she was sorry for acting like she had any right to his love. The truth is, she never did have any right to him. 'All he ever saw was Kikiyo. I was never seen as Kagome. To him...I was just the reincarnation of his lost lover'

A tear slid down her cheek quickly followed by another. She knew that it was impossible for her to go back now. She sacrificed her love for his. Kagome sat on the steps and drew her knees up. She couldn't face her little brother like this.

"Kagome?" She jerked her head up, her shocked eyes meeting amber orbs two inches from her face.

"Inu..ya..sha?" She whispered. She watched his ears twitch at the soft song. Her hand reached out to touch them, the soft fur under her fingers silky to the touch. He leaned forward, his forehead bumping hers as he brought his hands up, smoothing away her tears with his thumbs.

"Why were you crying? Did you hurt yourself?" His eyes softened as he asked, searching and memorizing her face as though he hadn't seen her in far longer than month.

"N-No, I just..." She dropped her arms to around his neck and squeezed tightly, a sob catching in her throat as she tucked her head against his chest. "Oh, Inuyasha. I missed you so much."

"Then why did you stay away for so long, Idiot? I missed you too." He whispered in her ear, his arms holding her tightly to him. ":Don't stay away for so long. Everyone missed you." Inuyasha pulled her away from his chest and looked into her eyes.

"I was only in the way. You obviously wanted Kikiyo more than me so I-"

"I don't want her, Kagome. I only want you. When you leave I'm lonely. I miss you every time. That's why I followed you here. I never imagined that this was why you hadn't come back. Kagome, I love you." Inuyasha slowly tipped her head back, his eyes meeting her dazed ones as he slowly moved closer, his lips getting closer to hers..

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