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Percy POV

"So who are we looking for," I asked, we were currently in Wichita, Kansas on a quest. Annabeth sighed. "We're looking for a demigod traitor who supported Kronos and Gaea when they attempted their take overs," she said, angrily. She's been getting really angry at me ever since my half-brother joined.

Oh, I should probably introduce myself. I'm Percy Jackson, the 19 year old son of Poseidon and yes, the greek gods are real. They've been moving along with Western Civilization since their time. So any way my half-brother, Chuck Derkins (Reference to my other story, Percy Jackson and the Chaotic Legion) came to camp and practically ruined my life.

First, he says he killed the hellhounds that were chasing him when actually I did with some help from our resident dragon, Peleus. Second, he pranked and stole from the camp, then blamed it on me. Finally, he made everyone I know hate me by taking or destroying their personal belongings.

He had flooded Katie's garden, stole the Stoll's drachmas, broke Clarisse's new Maimer, flooded the Hephaestus and Apollo cabins, painted the Artemis cabin black, burned the Big House and the Zeus Cabin, broke Thalia's bow and arrows, and burned Nico's pictures of his dead sister Bianca.

Our dad even disowned me because I was apparently saying I should be the sea god and not him. Everyone hated me, so currently I was on a quest with Annabeth, my girlfriend and a daughter of Athena along with Chuck. Tagging along was Thalia and Nico as back up in case we needed it. "So we're going after him why," I asked and they all glared at me.

"He's been terrorizing campers on quests and camp along with the Hunters of Artemis," Thalia answered, "Not to mention that demigod children that are suppose to be going to camp are going missing everyday." "So he's behind it all," I asked and they nodded.

"He should be in this general area," Annabeth said as we entered a town square, "People say he wear's a black cloak over a black t-shirt with a red symbol on it and jeans." "You mean like that," Nico said and pointed to a figure who was turned around, but a red symbol was on the back of his cloak.

He turned around and we saw his face. A scar ran across right cheek, but his features were sharp and he showed no emotion until he saw us and anger crossed his face. (Imagine him like Khan from Star Trek Into Darkness) He ran and we all chased after him. "I got him," Chuck said and made water come out of a hose that created a wall in front of him.

Suddenly, he held out his hand and a red beam of energy that had red lightning coursing on it fired into Chuck's wall. It dissipated and he ran through the steam, we followed through and Chuck rode a water wave in the air. The man jumped onto a crate, then onto a balcony and into a house.

"This way," Annabeth yelled and we followed her to behind the building where he jumped out a "closed" window. Glass flew everywhere and we stumbled back to not get hit by the sharp pieces. He pushed Nico and Thalia out of his way before running down an alley.

"Thalia, Nico cut him off," Annabeth ordered, "Me and Chuck will go straight for him." "What about me," I asked and she glared. "You can go stay out of the way," she said and I felt my heart break, that was harsh even for her. They ran their separate ways as I stood there.

"Why does she hate me," I wondered and kicked a piece of glass. Suddenly, there was a shimmer in it and I looked to see a reflection of the roof where the man was running on. I looked back to see him jumping off rooftops and I used some water to propel myself.

I chased after him and tackled him. We ended up flying into a window of an old factory. He quickly got up and pulled out a large double edged blade as I uncapped Riptide. "The great Percy Jackson, an honor," he said, calmly.

"Thanks, I don't get much recognition anymore," I said. "Wonder why, you did save Olympus twice," he asked as we circled each other. "My half-brother came to camp, started making everyone hate me," I answered. "Sounds a lot like my story," he stated and we stopped circling.

"How, your a demigod traitor," I said and he laughed. "I am no traitor, nor am I demigod," he said and I gasped. "Your a clear-sighted mortal, but how did you do that energy blast thing," I asked. "While the immortals use their powers, we humans rely on our skill and technology," he said, revealing his arm to be in a gauntlet like armor with a red circle in the palm of his hand.

"Looks like something out of a sci fi movie," I said and he nodded. "Because I use godly magic to power it," he said and pointed it at me, "Care for a demonstration?" Suddenly, I felt weak and fell onto my knees as a red streak of lightning struck me and sucked out my godly energy as I screamed in pain.

He stopped and I barely got back up. "That's strong, but why didn't you kill me," I asked. "Please Perseus, we are alike in many ways, you and I," he said and I looked at him funny. "How am I even close to what you are, you kill demigods before they get to camp and harass the Hunt," I said.

"I do not kill them, merely take them with me to my home," he said and walked over to a keypad on a wall next to a set of elevator doors. He typed something and the doors opened, showing a golden portal. "What is that," I asked. "The doorway to my home," he said and walked through.

I stood there, tempted to go in and caved in. I walked through, hesitantly and reappeared in a town square like place. The buildings were clean and neat, people went about their daily business. I saw the man standing in the middle of a crowd that dispersed when he looked at me.

"Guards, please escort Perseus here to my home," he said and two armored Laistrygonian giants with one bladed axes that had glowing blue blades walked up next to me. I walked over to him and gasped, below laid out was an enormous city on an island. "What is this place," I asked.

They led me to a manor and up some stairs within to a large room where the man stood on a balcony. They bowed and walked out the door, probably to guard it from there.

"Detroit Beta," he answered, "My home and the home of every demigod, demititan, even monsters and clear sighted mortal I have rescued." "Rescued, that's what you've been doing to them," I asked and he nodded. "Did you know that even when the gods agreed to claim their children at age 13, they never even sent them to camp," he said and I gasped.

"They lied to me," I thought, angrily. "The gods you believe in are corrupt and wish me gone because I instigate revolution," he said. "What is your name anyway," I asked and he looked at me. "My true name has been forgotten as the ages passed, hell even I've forgotten," he said and pointed at his head, "Probably still up here some where though."

"So what name do you use now," I asked. "They call me Revan," he said, "The Freedom Fighter." "The gods call you a terrorist," I said and he nodded. "They're fools, every single one," he stated, "To arrogant and obnoxious, making their children do the hard work as they drink nectar and laugh as they fail their quests."

I started to feel uneasy about his tone of voice, how it shifted from calm to rage. "I'm going to go to the bathroom," I said and he pointed to a door in the room behind us. I went in and sat on the toilet, thinking when suddenly an IM appeared.

"Percy," Thalia said, "Where are you!?" "With Revan," I answered, quickly. "Who," she asked. "Revan, the guy we were chasing," I said, "You guys missed him jumping across rooftops so I chased him and he took me to his island paradise." "This better not be a joke," she snarled and I shook my head.

"I'm serious, he has a lot of hate on our parents," I said and she nodded. "So are you going to kill him," she asked. "I can't," I said, "He has some kind of weapon that can drain me of my godly energy." She looked stunned and said, "Okay, try to get out of there and meet us back in the town square."

I nodded and she disappeared. I walked back out to see him looking at me. "If you wish to leave now, you may," he said and I nodded, "However, remember to never trust the gods." I nodded again and the guards led me back to the town square where a portal reappeared and I was sent back to the old factory.

After walking for an hour and asking for directions, I made it back to the town square. "Percy, there you are," Thalia said and everyone glared at me. "How was your visit to Revan's island paradise, traitor," Chuck mocked and I glared back. "I'm not a traitor, he showed me the place and kicked me back out," I said and they just scoffed.

"Let's just get back to Olympus," Nico said and shadow traveled us. We reappeared in the throne room and Thalia caught him as he collapsed. "Demigods, you have returned," Zeus said and all the gods looked at us. I looked back to see all the campers from Camp Half Blood and Camp Jupiter sitting in foldable chairs.

"How did your quest go," Poseidon asked, "I won't need to ask since Chuck probably gutted this traitor." "No we didn't because Percy was busy helping him," Chuck said and everyone looked at me in disbelief. "I, I wasn't helping him," I argued and they all glared.

"Only a traitor would say that," Annabeth said and I stared at her in disbelief, mouth hanging open and eyes wide. "But, I'm your boyfriend," I said and she laughed. "Your so dumb you didn't even realize that Chuck and I have been together," she mocked and kissed my brother to prove it.

Tears started to stream down my face as I watched in horror, hoping it was just a nightmare. "No," I murmured as everyone laughed at me. "Now, let it be put to a vote," Zeus bellowed, "Shall he killed or should we allow him amnesty if he tells us the location of Revan!?"

"All in favor of Tartarus, raise your," he asked and himself, my ex-father, Ares, Artemis, and half of Camp Half Blood raised their hands. "All in favor of Percy Jackson living, vote now," Zeus asked and everyone else raised their hands. "Very well," he said, "Where is Revan?" I just stood there, thinking. "Should I tell them and let everyone on that island suffer or sacrifice myself so Revan can revolt against them," I thought and made my choice.

"I won't tell," I said and everyone gasped, "Revan showed me the truth, you all just leave your children to be abused in favor of your stronger ones." "Revan saved those demigods that went missing," I said, "You deserve to rot in Tartarus." They all looked at me in anger while those who voted for me to live looked in sadness.

"Kill him," Zeus ordered and Chuck ran at me with his sword. I uncapped Riptide and blocked his attack, then slashed him across the leg and hit him in the head with the butt of my sword. I did the same to Annabeth, but suddenly a searing pain struck through me as Thalia shot a bolt of lightning at me.

Tears were streaming from her eyes as I asked, "Why?" "You betrayed us," she said and shocked me again. Zeus smiled, sadistically and stomped the floor. A hole opened underneath me, showing Manhatten below and I fell. I grabbed Riptide as the hole above closed and I stabbed the wall.

I hung on there as my life force ebbed away slowly.

Thalia POV

"How could he," I asked Nico as everyone celebrated his death. "I don't know, he was our cousin, but not anymore," Nico said, tears coming from him too. "Hello children," we heard and saw Hestia walking towards us. "My lady," we both said and bowed to her.

She nodded in approval and said, "I see you are not enjoying the party unlike my pig brothers." She glared at Zeus and Poseidon who were drinking wine together, but Hades sat alone in a dark corner with his head bent down. "Hades is sad that Perseus is gone," Hestia said, "He was probably one of the only demigods he ever favored."

"Wow," we both said, but suddenly Hestia gasped. "What," we asked. "I felt something, something powerful," she said, "Something on Olympus."

Percy POV

Not Dead. But Broken. I Have Failed, I failed everyone. I was suppose to keep the world safe, but I was working for those who were going to destroy it.

I was Percy Jackson. Now... I Am Nothing.

I've lost a lot of blood and everything's going numb, I can barely even move now. Suddenly, I feel a pull. It was a source of energy that felt familiar, but elusive. The hole suddenly closed and I dropped onto the floor along with Riptide. It was forced into pen form and I grabbed it.

I crawled down a corridor that had opened, then I came to a large set of golden doors with designs of a fire on it. They opened and within was a torch in the center of a circular room. The torch burned with a flame that had blue and red fires burning in perfect symbiosis.

The flame was pulling me towards it, the pull was calling to me... from within. I can hear a voice in my head. A lot like my own, but... Older... Wiser... Calling out to me from the vastness of time itself. It was an echo of the future. "How am I saying stuff like this in my head," I thought.

"Everything you've experienced... Everything you are... has led you to this moment," it said and I moved my hand towards the flame. "Now... Reach out your hand... And take hold of the flame," the voice spoke and I touched it. I screamed as the fire exploded in a fiery burst.

Tendrils of energy shot from it and into me. Searing Pain. Fire. Panic. Fear. I feel all these emotions as the tendrils of energy shoot into me. Suddenly, they stop and come back in a storm of feeling. That's when I realize that the initial emotions were mine and the second wave was everyone else's.

I can feel the emotions of every demigod on Earth, all of those who live in abuse or on the run. "They aren't just demigods," I think, "They're my people." "I can feel them... all of them," I thought. I can feel their pain... their loneliness and their bitterness towards the gods.

That's when the flame tells me what it is and I understand. This fire wasn't just a source of enormous power. It was the reason the gods are so mighty and why humanity is where it is now. This was the Flame of Olympus, the most powerful source of godly energy on the planet.

The Flame was still shooting tendrils of energy into me, healing me and purifying me. Infusing me with it's power. Clarity. The gods believe that all of us, humans and demigods are a divided people. That only absolute control will unite us, but that's the greatest lie of all.

Within this flame- All Are One. Right Now... in this moment, in every moment we stop to recognize ourselves in each other. Unity isn't some hoped-for event. It's a matter of perception. All these years we fought the real battles to keep Earth free when we were actually keeping it in the dark from the most sacred truth.

Freedom is something everyone and everything can have. I see now that if we are all to be free-our society-is to survive, we demigods, humans, demititans, all of us must change what we've been fighting for... not the rule of the law-but for a better tomorrow.

And that change must begin... within me.

So I will lay down my life... my identity... my reputation... for my people.

With the Flame of Olympus, I am no longer Percy Jackson the son of Poseidon.

I am Percy Jackson, son of the Flame... and I have a world to set free.

Revan POV

"My lord," I heard and turned around to see a young woman, one of my servants. "Perseus Jackson has returned," she said and I nodded. I walked down to the town square where a crowd was gathered around the demigod. "Percy Jackson, I see you've seen the truth," I said and he nodded.

"Not just seen it, felt it," he said and held out his arms. Tendrils of energy shot out from him and manifested in his arms into a blue and red flame. "The Flame of Olympus," I gasped and everyone gasped with me. "I have felt the truth and now I am Percy Jackson, the son of freedom itself," he stated and I smiled.

"Then let us begin our revolution," I said and led him back to my home.

Percy POV

We returned to his home and entered a map room where a map of North America was laid out on the table in the middle of the room. "If we are to over throw Olympus, we must first gather an army," he said. "What about the people in the city," I asked.

"They may be plenty in number and have the training, but they cannot stand up to Olympus alone," he said, "While they have the skill, they lack the power." "Then how do we get an army," I asked. "I suggest we start with them," Revan said and placed a picture on the table of a group of young adults, maybe around 18 to 20-years-old.

The guy in the center had short coal black hair and wore heavy armor over his clothes and tanned skin along with red sunglasses that looked like a visor, he carried a large sword that seemed to glow with heat.

Next to him was a girl with short bluish white hair and amethyst purple eyes who was slightly tanned, she had gauntlets on that had blades on them.

On his other side was a buff guy with dark brown hair and light brown irises also like the middle guy he had tanned skin, he carried a large axe that looked like the ones that Revan's guards carried except the blue blade was red.

On the girl's side was another girl who had blonde hair that went down to her shoulders and emerald eyes with somewhat pale skin, she carried dual daggers with a sword on her back.

Next to the buff guy was a tall guy who had blonde hair and golden eyes with pale skin, he had a scythe on his shoulder.

"Who are they," I asked. "They're a group of demigods that roamed America, killing monsters where ever they went," he said, "Some of them are children of Titans and were labeled outcasts because of it, but their friends joined them and they became known as the Beast Hunters."

"The middle one is Grim Locken," Revan stated, "He's a 18 year old demigod son of a demigod son of Ares and a daughter of Hephaestus, he inherited Hephaestus's fire ability and his father's thirst for battle." "A lot of people call him Grimlock because it's the name of a Transformer character who has the same personality," he added. (Grim Locken, take out the en and put what's left together for a Transformers character)

"The girl on his right is Allison Vera, a 18 year old daughter of Aeolos," he said, "She's their air superiority, uses those blade gauntlets to cut up her enemies after taking them into the air with her."

"The guy next to Grim is Eric Williams, a 18 year old son of Perses the titan of destruction," he said, "He uses that axe to cut down his foes and if it misses, it explodes the small area where it hit."

"The other girl is Anna Madera, a 16 year old daughter of Hermes and their version of the Flash," he said, "She'll take your weapon out of your hands in a nano-second if your not careful."

"The last guy is Rick Harson, a 17 year old son of Kronos," Revan stated and my eyes went wide, "Don't worry he's a good guy, hates his father and uses his minor power over time to save lives."

"Where are they," I asked. "Most believe that they died during a quest that the gods asked them to complete, but I know that the gods sent them on the quest to kill them," Revan stated, "They were sent to Tartarus to stop Kronos' revival a couple years prior to your generation of heroes."

"They were trapped there," I said and he nodded. "I have reason to believe they may have survived down there and are being held hostage," he said and I nodded. "I'll go get them," I said, but he grabbed my shoulder. "Are you forgetting that you need training with your new powers," he said and led me outside.

"There has never been a man or woman alive who has absorbed the Flame of Olympus, so try to ask it for what you can do," he said. "Really," I asked and he shrugged. So I looked deep into me and asked it, "What can I do?" Suddenly, my right arm lit up with red fire and my left arm went ablaze with blue fire.

"WHOA," I yelled with a smile. I shot some fire that made a small campfire of red and blue flames. "Wonder what this does," I said and was about to put two of my burning fingers together when a warning went off in my head. "When the fires on your arm touch, they have a violent affect," my mind said and I pulled them away, quickly.

"So I guess your ready," Revan said and led me back to town square. "I've rearranged the portal to take you to Tartarus, where they were last known to be," he said and handed me a drachma, then a spray bottle, "IM me when you find them and I'll reopen the portal."

I nodded and stepped through the portal, reappearing in on a red stone path. Lava poured out of the cavern walls and into rivers of molten stone. I walked down the path until I came to a large arena like building and entered to see men, women, monsters, titans, and giants yelling for blood as a drakon and an armored Laistrygonian fought.

Suddenly, a pair of strong hands grabbed me and threw me into the arena. I looked back to see a laistrygonian giant yell to everyone about me. They all watched with eager faces and a voice boomed, "Who dares to trespass upon my domain?!"

"Me, Percy Jackson," I answered and a figure appeared in front of me. It was a tall man in black robes and hair the color of darkness itself, his eyes glowed orange like the lava outside. "I am Tartarus, primordial of this domain," he stated, "What is your business here demigod?"

"I have come in search of the Beast Hunters," I asked and he laughed. "My main attraction," he said and images of them being put up for display as they were tortured appeared in my head. "Yes," I said, calmly. "How about a deal, if you can defeat them, I will allow them to leave with you," he said and I nodded.

"Very well," he said and bellowed, "Spectators, today's match has been cancelled and rearranged so that Percy Jackson may fight the Beast Hunters!" The crowd cheered and a gate opened at the far end of the arena. Then stepped out the Beast Hunters.

"Not what I expected," I murmured as they brandished their weapons. "Anna," Grim said in a gruff voice. She disappeared in an instant and I remembered what Revan had said. I side stepped as she tried to get my sword and moved my sword down near the floor and Anna's legs hit the flat of the blade as she made another run.

She yelled as she flew through the air and landed on the ground nearby. She got up as her team ran forward. I dodged Allison as she flew down to me and I blocked Grim's strike. I sidestepped Eric's attack, but his axe hit the ground and it exploded.

"Oh right, explosive blade," I thought a chunks of stone struck me. I stumbled back and Allison flew at me, then up. The sudden gust of wind propelled me up and she flew back down, cutting my arm. I fell back to the ground and got up with a groan as I held my wound.

I rolled to the side as Grim struck down with his sword which was on "fire." I jumped over him and shot both blue and red fire from my arms that went straight into his neck. He fell over with a grunt and got back up, but looked around, confused. "Grim Locken," I asked and he looked at me.

"Who are you," he asked, but suddenly Allison swooped down to attack me. I dodged and Grim did the same. "Allison, what's wrong with you," he yelled, but she attacked him again. I noticed a burnt device on his neck and took it off. "I think they're being controlled by these things on their necks," I said and he nodded.

He charged at Eric and tackled him, then ripped the device off of his neck. "What, Grimlock what's going on," Eric asked as he got up. "Everyone's being controlled by these things on their necks," Grim said as he held up the device and crushed with his fingers.

"I'll get Anna and Rick, you and your friend get Allison," he said and we both nodded as Eric grabbed Anna as she ran at him, then threw her at Rick. I grabbed onto Allison's leg as she flew down. She tried to kick me off her, but I held on tight.

Suddenly, Grim grabbed her other leg and held her down as I took the device off her neck. "What, where are we," she asked, "Grim, what happened?" "We got trapped down here, this kid here saved us," he said. She flashed a smile at me and we all heard a crash.

We looked over to see Eric smash Rick and Anna together, crushing the devices on their necks. "OW," they yelled, "What was that for?!" We all heard clapping and saw Tartarus walk over to us. "You have won Perseus, a deals a deal," he said and snapped his fingers.

Suddenly, we were all healed up and together. "So mind explaining to us who you are," Grim asked. I explained to them everything that had happened over the years and what had happened to them. "Those gods will pay," Eric said. "So how do we get back to Revan," Allison asked.

I took out the spray bottle and sprayed a mist of water, then moved to see a rainbow and tossed the drachma in. "Oh Iris, goddess of the rainbow accept my offering and show me Revan at Detroit Beta," I said and Revan appeared. "I was wondering when you'd be done," he said and snapped his fingers.

Suddenly, the golden portal appeared and we walked through. We reappeared on the island city and saw Revan nearby. "Ah, Grimlock it's good to see you," Revan said and shook hands with him. "Wait, you know him," I asked and they nodded.

"Revan's tipped us off on monster activities in exchange for locations of demigods not yet found," Allison said. "Yes well I suppose Perseus told you of our revolution," he asked and they all nodded. "We can't help now, to many wounds to heal," Grim said, "Both physical and mentally, but we will soon enough."

"Then let one of my servants show you the way to your new home," Revan said and a young woman led them off, but suddenly Anna ran back. "Thanks again for saving us," she said while blushing and jumped up, kissed my cheek and ran back to her team.

I blushed and Revan laughed. "Seems you got an admirer," he said and I blushed crimson. "Well servants, huh," I said and he glared at me. "Well I don't treat them like slaves, they serve willingly," he said, "Fans do that for some reason." "Well I hope I get some fans," I said. "You already got one called Anna," he said and I blushed again.

"Come on, let's go find some more allies," he said and we walked back to his home.


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-This story was based off of (Transformers Autocracy)
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-Revan is the name of a famous Jedi Knight from the game, (Knights of the Old Republic)

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