Sorry for the confusion, it's the same story with only a few changes. I just removed the lyrics, as I was warned about using them. I hope you still enjoyed the story.

Sam Carter parked her car in the familiar driveway and fished in her handbag for the spare house keys for the house. She walked in and could smell the owner of the house. The smell that made her feel loved and safe. Without switching on the lights, she walked to the master bedroom and went to lie down on the double bed; she closed her eyes, took a deep breath and opened them again. Her blue gaze met hazel eyes. Jack O'Neill's voice drifted to Sam's ears, as he lifted his hand to tuck back a strand of blonde hair behind her ear.

Sam fell asleep, but her dreams were haunted. She saw the four members of SG-1, standing in front of the Stargate, ready to go on their mission. Hammond gave the all clear, and with Jack in the lead, as always, they walked through the shimmering wormhole towards the unknown.

The mission was supposed to be simple, but then SG-1's missions were never simple. Daniel and Jack paired off and then headed for the ruins. Jack followed after he winked at Sam, making her blush. She hoped that their secret would remain a secret. Teal'c stayed with her, as was normal, as Sam collected soil samples. Hours passed until suddenly they heard an explosion, followed by Daniel screaming into the radio for help. Sam dropped everything and followed Teal'c down the path to the ruins. The sight that greeted them was one of total destruction.

They got the Colonel out from under the rocks; his clothes were torn, bloody and he was not breathing. After two rounds of CPR, he was coughing up dirt. Teal'c picked him up carefully and they all headed to the Stargate. Sam dialled, Daniel sent through the IDC code and Teal'c cradled the injured Colonel like a child. They made it through in record time. A medical team waited on the other side.

Sam jerked awake and saw Jack looking at her with a sad expression on his face. She started crying, like she had done every day since they'd come back from that fucking planet. And after the funeral and after trying to resign…it just wouldn't stop.

Sam stretched out her arm to feel the empty side of the bed and her hand met the cold sheets. She buried her face in the pillow, inhaling deeply- taking in his scent. She remembered his last words before the monitor flat lined, signalling the end for her life as well.

"I love you, Sam."

That had been a little over a month ago.

She got up and left the next morning. Before she walked out the front door, she turned around and imagined him standing in the living room with his hands his BDU pockets. She had to go on, they had to rid the galaxy of the Gou'ld and Jack would want her to go on fighting.

"Goodbye, Jack." Sam closed the door and left for work.

How much do you hate me right know? I just had to write this and I cried the whole time. Don't own the characters. Thanks to my beta C. Nichole, for editing. (again)

* Story inspired by 'The final Goodbye' by Rihanna