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Chapter Two: Cries That Were Finally Heard

"Help me!" Sarah cried out as she was surrounded by darkness. She couldn't understand what was happening. All she could remember was her father coming into the room furious. Demanding to know everything. She remembered him overhearing her brother and hers conversation. Her trying to get access into his mind and the power shoving her back. She remembered hitting the shelves and then nothing.

She didn't know what was going on and she was terrified. Jareth never had told her about a spell to entrap someone. Of course she didn't know if that was what was happening. It was so dark. She had been walking forever and didn't know if she was even walking anywhere.

"Help me! Someone, anyone help me." Falling to her knees she cried. It seemed like she had been in here forever. What was going on? She didn't know and that scared her even more than the pure darkness that surrounded her. She couldn't hear anything except for the sounds of her own sobs ecoing into the black void.

Was this a test. Or was this punishment... No her father wouldn't be this cruel. Her father... He had magic... He knew that she was trying to get access to his mind. Did that mean that he was fae? Or was there another explanation? She didn't understand what was happening. "Let me out!" She screamed. "Let me out!"

She fell back to the floor and curled into a tight ball. she couldn't even feel her magic. She was trapped. It was like being stuck in an oubliette with no way out. Was this what it had come to, being in this prison and never finding her way out. She had walked for what seemed to be hours and still had yet to bump into anything nor find a wall. Sarah curled into an even tighter ball and having cried herself out, she finally whispered

"Jareth, find me... Help me please!"

Jareth entered the high throne room with his usual confident stride. His wild locks framing his perfect features. Jareth rolled his eyes as he heard many of the noblewomen sigh longingly. He knew that he was good-looking but really must they do that every time. It was some consolation that his precious didn't fawn over him like that. Oh, he knew she appreciated his looks from the subtle glances she had thrown his way in the labyrinth. However his precious was to proud to fawn over him like that. It was one of the things he loved about her.

He gave a mocking bow to the courts and a real bow to his parents. Looking up he gave a genuine smile to his mother, who was looking ever beautiful with her sun kissed hair flowing generously over her shoulders tapering off at her waist a stunning contrast to her silver gown and her sapphire eyes glowing with the inner light of her soul. A crown of flowers ever-present adorning the top of her golden head .

He offered a slightly frosty smile to his father who looked as he always did with his moon spun hair pulled high upon his head and flowing gentle down his back and over his golden court robes. As always his parents were the perfect contrast of each other.

Looking at his parents he waited for them to speak. When they didn't he began to feel a little nervous. His mother had yet to smile back at him and his father didn't even acknowledge him.

"You summoned me Mother, Father." He said respectfully. His mother offer him a tight, small smile as his father spoke.

"You have been summoned for the simple matter that you have not chosen a bride. It has been almost 500 years since you took the throne and it is time for you to marry. The Goblin Kingdom needs a queen and you, my son need an heir. It is time for you to take your responsibilities as king seriously. You are the High Prince and it is high time you started taking part in the balls and other court events. Your not 300 anymore. It is time you started acting your age.

Jareth growled low in his throat. "With all do respect your highne'Jareth find me... Help me please!'ss." Jareth let out a whoosh of breath at the scared voice that echoed in his head. "Precious..." He whispered as he turned on his heel and ran from the throne room transforming in mid-step to fly out the nearest window, ignoring his father's shout for him to return. His heart beatting wildly in his chest as he fly faster than he ever had before. Terror coursing through his entire being. Something was definitely wrong for his Precious to sound so scared. He tried to connect with her mind but was blocked.

Frustrated he quickly dodged the silver eagle that tried to attack him. He let out a shriek of fury and pulled his magic together and sent a mental bomb to his father. He watched as his father fell momentarily and he made his escape into one of the gateways to the Aboveground.

He emerged from the wooded park near his beloved's house with a triumphant shriek. The moment he emerged from the underground he could feel it. The power was wild and fear struck him hard through the heart. She shouldn't be this powerful yet. His owl eyes widened as he flew faster toward her house.

Using his magic he blew up the window that kept him from his beloved, transforming back to himself as he did so. Immediately her magic hit him hard. He flew back slamming into the wall behind him. Forcing his magic to the surface he created a barrier against his beloved's wild magic. He watched as his magic collided with Sarah's. Standing up gingerly he took stock of the situation.

Looking near the study door he saw three bodies two of which were out cold. The man however was barely conscious and was fighting for his life as Sarah's magic continued to attack the poor man. He could tell that the man was using glamour and was concerned as he felt the man's life force fading. Glancing to his left he saw Toby lying near the desk. He could tell that the boy was just out cold from all the overwhelming power. Looking up at his beloved all he could do was stare.

'Beautiful' was all he could think before very carefully walking toward her releasing his magic as he did. He let it wash over her, his love caressing his Sarah's magic in loving and soothing strokes. He didn't let the fear he felt for her show on his face since Sarah's piercing black eyes watched his movements like a hawk.

Sharp and cold. There was no sign of Sarah in those eyes. The terror in his heart didn't match the calm about his face or his aura. He just had to get to her. Just had to touch her. If he could do that then maybe he could bring her back from the brink. Struck with a sudden thought he started to sing softly hoping to get through to her. For it seemed that the closer he got the more wild her magic became. At this rate the humans would be dead within 10 minutes. It had to work.

"There's such a sad love,

Deep in your eyes,

A kind of pale jewel,

Open and close within your eyes,

I'll place the sky within your eyes,"

He inched closer to her every so slowly, his magic still caressing her own in soothing and loving waves. He could feel her magic slowly relenting in force. He continued the next verse a little louder this time putting all the love he felt in his heart into his words.

"There's such a fooled heart

Beating so fast in search of new dreams

A love that will last within your heart

I'll place the moon within your heart"

So close now. He was so close. He could almost touch her, just a bit more. As he went to moved another inch his power still caressing his beloved's, he had started to continue his song when his father came swooping in with a shriek and a transformation. Suddenly he found himself pinned back to the wall and next to him his father was struggling as the over whelming power lashed out at this new intruder.

He watched as his father tried to overpower his Sarah's wild magic but was failing miserably. He watched as his father fell to his knees the power overwhelming him. He slowly inched closer to her again. His eyes connecting to hers never letting the contact fall away. He started to sing again focusing solely on her eyes. He let his power caress her again showing that he was no threat. Soothingly he let the love he felt for this magnificent creature, this goddess before him shine through his eyes. He could feel his father behind him still fighting for control. Oberon's powers clashing wildly with Sarah's.

"If you want to continue living, back down and stay out of this father." He hissed quietly and then he continued his song louder this time so that her focus would be on him only as he still kept eye contact.

"As the pain sweeps through,

Makes no sense for you,

Every thrill is gone,

Wasn't too much fun at all,

But I'll be there for you,"

"As the world falls down"

Slowly he managed to stand in front of her, his eyes never leaving hers, she started to tremble her power flaring even stronger. It whipped his hair wildly around him and her power slashed at his face and clothes, slowly shredding his cape and tearing into his face. He could feel the blood dripping from the gashes on his body. Her wild power was sizzling as his calmly wrapped itself around hers and soothingly he sang as he slowly reached up to gently cup her face.

Suddenly while he could feel his body on the outside singing he was thrown into darkness. He smiled as he sang to find his love. 'Come to me, my precious...come back to me.'

I'll paint you mornings of gold

Sarah's head shot up as she heard something through the darkness. It was him, he was singing. Her heart thumped harder in her chest. "Jar..jar..Jareth." She whispered her heart in her throat. He came for her. He was here. "Jareth! I'm here! Please get me out of here." She shouted her voice wavering with fear as she slowly stood up wavering slightly as she whimpered, dizziness slightly overcoming her senses. She steadied herself and slowly walked toward where she heard his voice.

I'll spin you Valentine evenings

Jareth felt his breath leave him as he heard her terrified cry. He walked toward her voice singing louder as he went he poured his heart into it.

Though we're strangers till now

"Jareth, I hear you. Please find me. I'm scared. I don't know what to do." Sarah pleaded as she ran toward his voice. If only he didn't sound so far away. She stumbled in her rush and cried out as she fell... Where she continued to fall. She let loose a scream.

We're choosing the path between the stars

Jareth's heart dropped as he heard Sarah's terrified scream. He started to run toward the sound. His body still singing he didn't dare stop the song until she was safely in his arms. If he broke the connection his song was weaving he may never get another chance to get her back. If only it wasn't so dark. He could still hear her screaming then it stopped suddenly. The fear that was in his heart exploded in his chest. She was silent. 'Sarah, I'm coming hold on please.'

I'll leave my love between the stars

Sarah hit the ground hard. She was panting and out of breath. She stood weakly and continued to follow the sound of his song. 'I'm here Jareth, please find me.' She was so tired. 'Toby' she thought as she stood up straight. Finding new strength in that thought. She wasn't helpless. She was the champion of the labyrinth. She was fae and she was damned if she was going to let this darkness get the best of her!

Darkness be damned. She was not going to give up. "Jareth." She called out calmly. "I'm alright. Come to me." Then she thought of something else. She knew this song. It haunted her dreams along with the memories tied with it. It was their song. She smiled as knew she what was coming next.

As the pain sweeps through

Jareth's heart leapt for joy as he heard her voice. She didn't sound scared anymore. She sounded like herself, calm and confident. 'Come to her, she says. Right, piece of cake' He grinned at the thought, remembering another time and place. He stopped dead in his tracks as he heard her sing with him. The last thing he expected was that. She sounded so close to him...

Like she was right beside to him. He reached out toward her voice and felt something soft. He trailed his hand gently down realizing that it was a shoulder. Trailing his hand up he felt her cheek. He could tell that she was smiling. He held his hand to her cheek and pulled her close. Her supple body pressing eagerly toward his, her arms wrapping themselves around his neck as they slowly danced in harmony with each other while continuing to sing.

She blinked at the blinding light that surrounded them and she felt the rush of magic being pulled back into her body. Closing her eyes to savor the feel she sang the last bit in perfect harmony with him. Enjoying the feel of his forehead pressed against her own as he continued to cup her cheek lovingly. Sarah and Jareth lost themselves, embracing their own little world with open arms.

"As the world falls down'"

Richard took a deep breath as he felt the wild magic subside and he felt his own magic resurfacing like a breath of fresh air. He struggled into a sitting position and gazed around, eyes hazy. He had heard the singing. Looking at his daughter he could barely make out the fact that she was being embraced and swaying to the voice that he recognized but barely. His head was swimming and his eyesight was fuzzy but it was beginning to slowly clear up.

He looked to his left and his eyes went wide. Groaning he slowly lifted himself up to sit on the floor gingerly. He felt like he had been pounded with a three ton bat. His head felt like it was splitting open and he was surprised to see his king slumped to the ground his eyes closed. His eyes widened even further as he quickly to stock of the situation. There lying on the ground next to him was his wife and Alex. They must have come in to find out what the commotion was and had gotten knocked out by his baby's magic. 'SARAH' He thought as he glanced back toward her his eyes now clear. He saw her swaying, eyes closed as a fae with wild blonde locks was cupping her cheek gently. He couldn't see the man's face but he could hear them sing.

He heard a groan next to him and looked toward his king and old friend. Taking the glamour off for the first time in thirty years he reverted back to his normal younger self. His blue eye's taking in his friends appearance. His old friend's court robes were shredded and there were cuts on his face and from what he could see from the darkening red spots on the court robes, he had cuts all over his body. "Oberon" he whispered.

Oberon opened his eyes with a small groan, his head was killing him and for the life of him he couldn't figure out where on earth he was. All he could remember was following his unruly son Aboveground and into a house. He remembered the wild magic he had felt but had paid it no mind as he was Oberon High King of the fae. He was unconcerned until the magic hit him so hard that it slammed him into a wall and he remembered his son saying something before he blacked out.

Turning his head toward the speaker's voice his eyes widened slightly as he saw his good friend Raidon looking back at him. It had been almost thirty years since he had seen his friend and go figure that it would be under such circumstances. He felt the blood seeping out of his wounds as he took stock of the situation. The wild magic was gone and he saw his son standing before a beautiful young woman, her eyes closed as his son held her gently where they stood as they sang.

'As the world falls down'

Sarah opened her emerald eyes and stared at her king. She could see. Blinking in surprise she was shocked when he collapsed into her arms. "Jareth!" She cried out as she knelt quickly with his head on her lap she stared taking in the blood that was on his face and his shredded clothing. Slowly she let her aura surround his limp body and whispered "By thy blood and body harmed, I thee command heal" placing her now glowing hands on to his chest she let her magic pour out from her and into him.

Tears streaming down her face as she forced herself to concentrated. Surprisingly she didn't have any trouble controlling her magic. She snapped her fingers when she was finished to change his clothes seeing as they too were shredded. She put him in his normal clothes. Tunic style shirt with tight leather pants and knee-high boots. Looking up she saw the destruction around her. With a wave of her hand she fixed the window and then looking down she rushed toward Toby. Cradling him in her arms she checked for a pulse. Sighing with relief she found his pulse steady and strong. Turning her head toward the wall she noticed a man with silver hair and pointed ears marking him as fae. He was in no better shape than her Jareth was.

She approached him cautiously as he directed a glare toward her. With a snap of her fingers she removed the blood from his clothes and repaired the damage done to them than kneeling down she reached out to heal him. Only to have her hands slapped away. The man growled at her to leave him be and that he didn't need hep from the likes of she. She narrowed her eyes at him. The audacity of the man. Here she was trying to help him and he snapped at her. Ungrateful ass. "Fine." She snapped back. "Heal yourself!"

Turning to the others she gasped and rushed right past the other fae to her mother. Checking her pulse she sighed again with relief. What the hell had happened here. Hearing a groan to her left she studied the fae near her. His black hair and blue eyes reminded her of someone. She could tell that he was hurt as well so she sent a pulse of magic toward him relieving him of the pain. She watched as he sighed with relief. Looking at the clock she gasped. It was 5 am. Just what in the hell happened here she questioned herself for the second time?

Hearing a groan she turned from studying the fae next to her to Jareth. He was waking up! Rushing to his side she cried out in relief. "Jareth! Can you hear me? Please wake up." Putting his head back on her lap tears of relief started to stream down her face as he opened his eyes and smiled. "I found you Precious." He whispered groaning as he moved into a sitting position. Only to be flung back onto the floor as a soft body tackled him. "Don't you ever scare me like that." He grinned as he wrapped his arms around his beloved and smirked. "Were you that concerned for me Precious?"

Sarah stared at him then hit his shoulder and began to cry. "Of course I was you... You idiot. If I hadn't healed you, you would have bleed to death." she sobbed soaking up his embrace. "Please...Please don't leave me again. I don't want to lose you."

Jareth smiled gently down at his Sarah's ebony head where it lay on his chest. "Never precious." he whispered softly into her hair. Inhaling the scent of jasmine and a hint of rain that clung to her like a second skin, he tightened his grip. "Never again."

Sarah barely heard his promise as she couldn't seem to keep her eyes open. She inhaled his unique scent of earth and thunderstorms. She was suddenly so tired. She struggled to lift her head from his chest but it refused to move. In fact her entire body refused to move. She was just so tired. Sarah couldn't understand why when she had been fine before but now... "Jareth..." She whispered trailing off as she passed out in his arms.

Jareth lifted his head for his Sarah's waiting for her to continue but when she didn't he looked down to find her eyes closed and her barely breathing. "SARAH!" He exclaimed as he shook her slightly trying to get her to awaken. "Sarah wake up please." He begged wrapping her in his arms tightly. Sensing someone behind him he growled low and hovered over his love's body protectively.

"My daughter just expanded too much magic. First with her magic going wild then with healing you and I. She is just exhausted. Don't worry, she will be fine by morning. Now Oberon, what do you suggest we tell these two." Richard looked over at his friend and motion to his wife and the young man who he had thought was perfect for his daughter. He snorted silently as he gazed down at the young man before him. It was going to take a good lie to the lad to get him to believe anything. The kid was smart and he didn't know exactly what the kid saw before he blacked out.

He could take care of his wife. He waved his hand and with a shimmer she was sent to their room tucked neatly into the bed the shared with her usual silk nightgown on. He loved her and rather have her believe that she had dreamed it all up then find out the truth before he was ready for her to which was going to have to be soon.

Oberon looked at his friend and smiled. "We could always put false memories into the kids brain." He frowned as he watched his friend shake his head. "No good. I haven't a clue as to what he saw. As it stands there is a good chance that he saw too much and will likely start asking questions that we can give no answer to. This young man is very intelligent and will know somethings up."

Oberon sighed looking at his son frowning when he noticed that the boy and the woman he had held were gone. Growling he stood up and with a wave of his hand he changed his outfit to closely resemble Raidon's pant-suit and jacket with his normally silver hair now blonde and he had pulled it into a low pony-tail as he slipped his glamour fully into place.

"I have an idea dad." Richard looked over to see his son sitting up and watching him warily. Richard sighed. "You are my father, right?" The boy asked. Richard waved his hand and put his glamour back into place. Where a younger man once stood now an older man with dark brown hair resided.

"Yes Tobias, it is me." He watched as the boy shot to his feet and slammed a mental bomb at him. His luminescence blue eyes darkening, a storm swirling with in them as he glared at his father with disdain. Unsuspecting such an attack Richard staggered back still weak from earlier. "You attacked Sarah, you... You Jerk!" Toby growled.

Richard winced at the reminder of the consequences of his attack. Never in his wildest dreams would he have suspected his daughter of possessing such power. He never should have attacked her but when he felt her poking at his mind he had been so outraged at the blatant disrespect that he slammed an attack back at her.

"Yes I attacked her for which I will have a lot of groveling to do to make up for it." He sighed in resignation. "What is your idea, Toby?"

Toby grinned at his father wickedly. "Just let him sleep it off on the couch. He will think that it was all a dream and then we tell him that he passed out on our toilet. He will be so mortified that someone... Namely you had to wipe his but that he will not come back around for a second date and..." Toby looked around before growling low and menacingly. "Where is my sister?!"

Richard looked at his son with new eyes. Even his son had magic. Just where the hell were they learning it from? His eye's widened at the possessive tone in the young boy's voice. He looked around to find his daughter and the man gone. He spread out his aura and was relieved to find that they were in her bedroom. "Toby, the young man took your sister up to her bedroom. Probably to put her to bed." He said.

Toby stared disbelieving at the man who called himself their father. "Do you even know that man?" He whispered in horror. He watched as a his father just stood there shaking his head no before he took action. Rushing up the stairs and heading straight for his sister's room, he didn't even knock as he flung the door open to find his sister sleeping peacefully in her bed and the man facing the window as if he staring out of it.

Toby watched with his chest heaving as the man slowly turned around. His eyes narrowed as he took in the man's features. Then they widened and he started to chuckle softly. He remembered that face. It was one that he saw in his dreams not often enough. "You're him aren't you. You're Jareth the Goblin King!" He grinned as he watched the fae's mismatched eyes narrow then he grinned as a smirk overtook the fae's face.

"Hello Tobias. It has been quite awhile, has in it? Since last you and I played. You've grown into a charming young man, it would seem."

Toby watched as the man before him gave a slight bow. He returned it as a light bulb went off in his mind. "You saved her didn't you? You saved Sarah. I remember her power overtaking her before I blacked out from the strength of it." He felt something drip down his cheeks and with his trembling right hand he took a swipe at his eyes to find himself crying. He watched as the being who held his sister's heart cross the room and knelt before him to pull him into a strong and comforting embrace. He wrapped his arms around the man's neck and finally gave in.

He cried his emotions finally overwhelming him.

He cried for his sister and her secret sorrows,

For all the secrets that it seemed that they were not the only ones hiding,

For the simple fact that the goblin king was here finally, right before his very eyes.

For the fact that his sister didn't have any friends other than the three she had made in the labyrinth,

For himself, not having any friends of his own besides those three and his sister,

For having a father that would attack his own daughter even though Toby knew that it was just out of anger it still didn't make it any better or right,

For having parents that were more concerned about their lives than they were about their lives then about their children's with the exception of his sister's love life or lack there of,

For all of his parents fights,

For the slamming doors,

For the breaking dishes,

For the beatings that he would get at the hands of his own mother when Sarah was away on trips or for business,

For his sister leaving him in the first place,

For his father who never knew what was happening to him because he didn't have the guts to tell him,

For himself never telling his sister any of the pain he was feeling just because he was glad to have her around,

For the loneliness that consumed him when his Sarah wasn't around,

For his mother's mask that she put on only when his father and sister were around,

For him being in high school when he was only thirteen,

For the teens in his school that mocked him to his face, behind his back, and in their minds,

For his mother talking about military school just so she would she wouldn't have to put up with him being around,

For him being bullied at school for doing so well,

For him being pushed around by everyone other than his sister and father with who he knew were proud of him,

For his mother not wanting him around,

For his mother thinking that he was a nuisance,

For his mother loving herself and the lifestyle that she had more than him,

For himself, crying himself to sleep every night that his sister wasn't around,

For how much he missed his sister when she left him,

For all the tears that his sister had shed over not being with the man she loved... He knew from her diary that it was a lot,

For his dad not paying attention to how quiet he would get when Sarah wasn't around,

For him being so weak,

For him wanting his mother's love when he knew that she didn't want him,

For the nightmares that he had about a stranger taking his sister away and him not being able to protect her or stop it,

For himself crying on someone's shoulder now that he actually felt safe enough to.

Toby cried letting all the emotions and upsets that plagued him out on the goblin king's shoulder. He never felt the goblin king picking him up as if he were still a child nor being set on his lap in his sister's rocking chair. He nether heard the fae's soothing words, felt the goblin king rubbing his back slowly nor the king gently rocking him to and fro like he was still a babe.

He just cried until he was too exhausted to stay awake any longer. Then there was nothing, he never felt his king entering his mind when he first started to cry or even felt the growing anger that was mounting in the king's aura as he read the child's thoughts. For the first time in a long time Toby slept feeling completely safe and secure.

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