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Harry Potter / The Last of Us fanfic

The Line

Prelude: Survival

Harry smiled at the disappearing form of Hermione Granger, as her parents escorted her to their car outside the train station. Hermione flashed Harry an honest, happy, ear to ear smile before exiting the train station and enjoying her colourful, happy summer holiday with her parents.

Ron stood beside him with a crook, even with magic his leg still needed time to fully heal. Their third year was just as his last two, deadly and dangerous. Death had lurked around every corner, but this time not in form of Voldemort, but Dementors. Hooded dark beasts sucking out the very soul of their unfortunate human victims, leaving them to rot in non existence. A shiver ran down Harry's spine as he remembered the event of Sirius' escape. The lake would have been his, Hermione's and Sirius's grave if not for Hermione, whom had yet again, for the third time in three long years, saved him. with her trusty time turner. Harry regretted their fight over his broom deeply. The naked hurt in her eyes…it would haunt him for the rest of his life.

Ron patted Harry's shoulder with a knowing grin on his face "Oi, Harry, that mental stunt you two pulled through, with that whole...'' Ron snapped with his fingers to find the correct word. "….Time-Turner thingy. What did you see? Did you...I mean...Did you see the person who casted the patronus?'' Harry knew this question would come sooner or later. Harry sighed and said. "Yes, yes I saw who it was. It was me.'' Ron opened and closed his mouth multiple times before finally closing it. His ears turned slightly red, he gave Harry a short nod before limping off to his family.

Harry threw one last glance at the spot where Hermione and her caring, loving parents once were, already missing her. Her beautiful eyes…her scent…her charming and comforting smile that never failed to melt his heart. Their ride on Buckbeak had changed Harry's view on his best friend, if not now, than forever. How her gentle breaths caressed his neck, how her arms were tightly wrapped around his chest in her desperate fear of falling off of Buckbeak. But, she knew Harry would never let her fall. Never in a million years.

She means too much to him. Her soft, warm chocolate brown eyes have looked into the deepest depths of his soul as they used the time turner to save themselves, Sirius and Buckbeak.

I should have realised it earlier. When she was petrified, it almost broke me, yet SHE still saved me. Harry thought proudly over his best friend and secret new found love. Can I call it love? How do I know it is love? Maybe it's just a crush. But what is the difference?

Harry walked out of the large entry door of the train station and saw his dreaded family. His fat cousin Dudley sat, impatiently, in the back seat of the car. His fat, humongous, round body taking up most of the seating space in the car. With utter hate and envy in Dudley's eyes, Harry noticed the mischievous glare he shot towards Harry and Harry knew at this very moment. It was just like any other year with Dursley's. Living Hell.

"Come on, Boy! Don't waste my time and get your lazy arse in here!'' His uncle shouted, his loud voice thundering across the parking lot of the station, catching almost everyone's attention. They stared in disbelief and shock. Many people shot disapproving looks at his uncle, who lazily sat in his car and almost squeezing his horse of a wife, Petunia, to death with his fat, obese body. Harry's face burned red in embarrassment as he quickened his pace and walked towards his uncle's car, which was definitely way too small for them. When Uncle Vernon noticed the stares and the unwanted attention he was getting, not only did he refuse to even look embarrassed, he even became more enraged. A vein on Uncle Vernon's forehead pulsed threateningly, his vision narrowed and his anger got the better of him. :YOU FUCKING BASTARD! GET IN THE FUCKING CAR! YOU ARE EMBARRASSING US! Fucking son of a whore! Get in here before I come out you BASTARDLY FREAK!''

Many bystanders now had a look of disgust for the obese man in the small car and pity for the raven black haired, thirteen year old boy. The three years of Quidditch and the delicious food served in Hogwarts had helped him to build up at least a normal amount of muscles and weight. His malnutrition issue's due to lack of food from the Dursley's were almost gone. His eye sight had gotten better from years of being a seeker, constant therapies from Miss Pomfrey and his powerful and wise Mentor Dumbledore.

Unwillingly, Harry loaded his trunk into the car, took a seat beside his hated cousin and entered his dreaded summer holidays.

The ride to Privet Drive was bitter and unpleasant. Harry knew it was only the beginning of six weeks in Hell. His cousin taunted and ridiculed him as soon as he entered the car. Harry also noticed his Aunt's and Uncle's hate-filled glares being shot at him occasionally.

Harry couldn't care less. In his mind, they weren't his blood or even his family. He was ashamed of them, behaving like pigs and having the conscience of a tissue paper. He was through with them. Harry looked out of the cars window, watching Cahtley Wood and the surrounding area. The Highway A3, where they were currently on, was busily crowded, with cars and trucks going in and out of London. People went on with their lives just like Harry did. He sighed and was already counted the days till he would meet Hermione again.

A large black van with tainted windows and sliding doors, ominously drove past Harry's view point. Harry didn't bother about it and continued to look at the beautiful landscapes before him. He arched an eyebrow when a military Truck with dark paint, drove past Vernon's car, positioning itself just in front of them. Harry turned to Dudley's window and hid heartbeat fastened. The same black van that drove past them mere seconds ago, drove mere centimeters beside them, at the same speed. Harry looked at the rear window and another black van of the same type as the other and drove behind them, again way too close. Uncle Vernon utterly furious, smashed the horn endlessly while he eyed Harry dangerously. "Listen boy, if this is a some kind a joke from yer freakish friends, I'll kill the entire lot of 'em. Then I throw you into your Cupboard, you...'' Uncle Vernon never got to finish his sentence. Harry heard a ear piercing screech and felt a warm, nasty red liquid splattered all over his face and the back seats.

Uncle Vernon's head was gone. A big, bloody, squished mess was all that remained. His head bone's have splintered or were completely ripped off. Blood, raw flesh and brain matter lay all over the car.

The car did a violent leap forward, smashing hard into back of the truck, spinning out of control. The van to their right slammed against the lost car, sending it flying across the highway.

Harry was thrown across the car like a rag doll even with his seatbelt on. The sounds of breaking bones and pulverized metal was deafening.

The car flipped over and over again, countless times, before Harry entered blissful unconsciousness.

Harry's eyes fluttered open his vision was unfocused and his glasses lay in bits, scattered across the destroyed car. His mind was hazy and he was constantly slipping in and out of consciousness. He found himself hanging upside down with his seatbelt binding him in place, giving Harry no chance to escape. Harry casted a glance at his Uncle and immediately regretted it. Uncle Vernon's headless corpse hung awfully mangled up in his seat, his back and limbs twisted in ways Harry couldn't even describe. Harry's head whirled around searching for his aunt and cousin as he heard a deep, disembodied voice spoke "Make sure we get the boy!'' Who the hell are these guys? Are they Voldemort's henchmen?! What do they want...nnnghaaa! Harry snarled as he struggled to get out of his unfortunate situation, but his attempts were futile. And how do I get out of here! Just as he finshed his rail of thoughts a second voice cold and professeional spoke with brutal harshness: ''What's with the rest?'' Their 'leader' as Harry dubbed the first voice spoke just one word and this one word was enough to chill Harry's blood veins into ice and his eyes widen in fear. "Expendable.'' Right after the first voice finished two muffled shots broke the eerie silence hitting their targets with deadly precision.

The last thing saw before he slipped back into blissful darkness, were a pair of strong arms pulling him out of the destroyed car and dragging him past the broken and bloodied corpses of his Aunt and Cousin.

The Boy-who-Lived has been kidnapped!

Date of the article: 2nd July,1994

The Boy-who-Lived still not Found.

Date of the article: 12th July,1994

The Boy-who-Lived, we will not cease OUR Efforts!

Date of the article: 30th July,1994


Date of the article: 15th August,1994

September 1st 1994.

Hermione was in a foul mood. She read the latest Newspaper for any news on the searching party for Harry, but only found the same almost fanatical chantings of finding their great Saviour. They don't care for him. She thought saddened, before she casted the paper out of her compartment window and sorrowfully watched, as it floated away from the Express, down the watery cliff, towards the beautiful scottish mountain range. Hermione desperately swallowed back a gasp of despair and furiously blinked back the inevitable stream of tears. It was a futile fight, as mere seconds later, a choked sob escaped her lips and Hermione wept alone in her train compartment.

Which, in the last two months, were status quo for the young witch. When she first learned that something happened to Harry, right after she just entered her home. Just as she placed her trunk in her room, a visible shaken Lupin appeared in their fireplace via floo and said that not mere three hours ago Harry was kidnapped on his way back to Privet Drive. It took eight hours for Lupin, Mr. and Mrs. Granger to calm their distraught daughter and refrain her from immediately mounting off a rescue operation on her own. Even now she was still tempered to just pack her stuff and go find Harry on her own. Most of the days, during these horrible two months, she would've just barricaded herself in her room and cried for days.

The Wizarding Population didn't help her mood one single bit. Instead, it only succeeded in fouling her mood even further. The Daily Prophet, the deeds and the attempts to find and save their idolic Boy-who-Lived had recently reached new heights of blindness and ludicrousness. It was sickening. They didn't think about the PERSON who is behind this title. The Harry Potter she knew hated his title as the Saviour of the Wizarding World right down to the very core of his being, because of the heavy costs that came with it. All they cared about was the image he was representing. Sirius went near mad as he searched half the british isle for Harry, without giving a care of being caught. He had ran across Muggle London like a mad man in an desperate attempt to find Harry. It took Lupin two days to calm Sirius down. After that, both of them started searching for Harry and came up with nothing. Dumbledore personally led multiple search parties to find his protege. Again nothing. Even Professor Snape was somewhat concerned but Hermione didn't knew if it was geniue concern for a student or if he was just missing his favourite subject of abuse.

Heavy footsteps were audible and a familiar voice shouted just outside her compartment door "Oi, Hermione we're nearly there!'' The door slid gently aside and revealed Hermione's red headed friend Ron Weasley. His good mood vanished as he caught sight of a crying Hermione. He took a seat opposite to her's and tried to figure out what to do. "Hermione, what's wrong?'' Hermione, still sobbing and shaking violently, looked at her friend with a look of anguish and pure sadness. She choked back a sob and breathed heavily before she was ready to reply "It's...they still haven't found him. AND HOW CAN YOU BE SO UNCONCERNED ABOUT HIM? HE IS YOUR BEST FRIEND!'' Hermione didn't notice how Ron's ears reddened, or notice his face morph into one of furious jealousy, for only a split second before it disappeared upon noticing that Hermione was holding on to him and crying into his shoulder.

Unsure of what to do, Ron somewhat awkwardly patted her back before mumbling "It's alright. It's alright. He'll be found alive and well. Just wait, he is tough, he survived Quirrel and the Basilisk. He'll come back alive.'' Hermione slowly composed herself, released Ron from her grip and started getting her robes from her trunk. Her hand hovered over her trunk, quivering like a leaf.. "I miss him. I just...just...want to hold him. And never let go. I miss him so much.'' With that she exited her compartment and hurried off to find a room where she could change only to realise midway that she could've just ordered Ron out of the compartment. With an angry huff she threw robes into the changing room and prepared herself for her forth year in Hogwarts.

Hermione lifelessly poked her fork around her meal, not feeling hungry or anything of that sort. The sorting went off without a hitch, and was done in a flash. After everyone was done with the meal, Headmaster Dumbledore made an announcment. But, Hermione couldn't care less. It didn't even bother her that Draco was calling her names again, even the great World Cup attack went by uncared and unnoticed. She was lost in thoughts and worries for Harry. But then she noticed four people in large black robes carrying a large square shaped metal container. And seemingly, coming from the depths of the container, were weird hissing and scratching noises. As much as Hermione wanted to, she couldn't get her eyes off this immensely heavy looking container, as it was carried towards the headmasters podium. The strange container had then attracted the attention of the entire hall. The four men, panting heavily, running on their last fumes of endurance, excruciatingly slowly, with almost frightening carefulness, put down the container just in front of Dumbledore's podium.

Taking out their wands the four murmured a few spells and the container began to move. It shook steadily at first, almost unnoticeably, then it's movement got more vicious. It thundered and rumbled, jumping out of place, leaving large notches and holes in the fine wooden floor. Hermione guessed that it was something of a caged wild, honourable animal seeking it's freedom. Then, after almost one minute of tiresome spell casting, the container opened at multiple parts with loud clungs. The large metal pieces hovered slightly, before elegantly folding themselves back together into a small orb. The orb hovered, just for short second over the ground, before it disappered into nothingness. Dumbledore smiled kindly at the men, who helped each other and half carried themselves to a few seats, beside the teachers table.

Hermione like the rest of the people in the hall could now see what was hidden. It was almost three meters in height and quite thin. It's inside was hollow, containing some sort of smoke and was surrounded by thick glass. The smoke arose from within the box and hovered ominously above it. Murmurs and curious whispering echoed throughout the hall, most of them coming from the curious student body. However, even some of the teacher threw confused and questioning glances at each other and then at the mysterious object.

Dumbledore arose from his seat and cleared his throat, earning immediate silence and unwavering attention.

Dumbledore smiled gently before he spoke in the grandfatherly, yet authoritative tone he always used. "My dear Students, welcome to a new year in Hogwarts. Most of you, if not all, may be wondering what this intriguing object in front of me is and what the fellow Auror's guarding it, are doing here. I shall answer all of your questions, but first of all I would like to make a few important announcements.'' Hermione groaned, her attention to what Dumbledore would now say, may it be of out most importance, vanished into nothingness. Numbly she caught enraged and dumbstruck reactions from almost every student in the hall, but most noticeably were the Weasley twins. It was soon to be replaced with loud and cheerful giggling noises, undoubtedly coming from the female part of the student body. A few awed expression here and there. Nothing concerning me! Probably the same announcements about Qudditch. Don't they realise that one of their fellow comrades are missing?! Yet, they go on about their life as if NOTHING HAPPENED! Harry is missing and they don't bother with it, they all just focus on their own lives, ignoring his disappearance! HE SAVED EVERY ONE OF THEM, COUNTLESS TIMES AND THIS IS HOW THEY REPAY HIM?! Sitting in a warm place with all the food one can yearn for, not even thinking about the the slight possibilty that Harry could be hurt and starving to death. Captured, tortured or even murdered! Yet they still discuss what kind of pair of shoes they will buy in the upcoming Hogsmagde visit, while Harry is far away from home, away from his friends and loved ones, all alone in the cold. Ungrateful cowards!

Hermione froze, she noticed the eerie silence that has swept the hall. She looked confused at her fellow students, only to see them staring at her mouth wide open, gaping at her. Ron looked at her his ears were red and jealousy burned in his eyes. She vaguely heard chattering behind her back. Then she noticed that she was standing upright from her seat, her hands were trembling and tears streamed down her face. She looked at the teachers table and saw a tear stricken Hagrid who nodded at her in support, a visibly shocked McGonagall and a sombre looking Dumbledore who sighed wearily, the twinkle in his eyes had disappeared and was replaced with sadness and sympathy. Hermione gave out a small broken sob before she swiftly grabbed her bag and rushrf down the hall towards the exit.

"Miss Granger! I believe you should stay seated, then you could see where Harry is.'' Dumbledore called after her not even raising his voice. Hermione stopped dead in her tracks just inches away from the door. Slowly she turned around the look of disbelieve on her face changed into one of hurt, anger and weariness. She didn't say anything just looked at him with a pained expression. Dumbledore sighed and spoke "Allow me to fully explain, this ancient device is a Watcher's Sphere! Thousands of years old, it's origin is unknown. There are only a very few Sphere's in existence. It is used to find people who are held dear and helps us finding them and returning them to safety. Though we can not interact with the person, we see everything that is happening around him and what he or she is currently doing. It needs something important to the person to operate properly. To create a bond, a path to the sought person and allows us to find out were he is. But be warned! Once activated it can't be shut down again, until the watched person ceases to exist. As soon his or hers magical core is drained, the Sphere will shut down by it self. No one has ever closed the Sphere against it's own will. Those who would not like to see Harry's current situation should leave now!'' No one moved, not even Hermione who still stood in middle of the hall, her body ready to turn and leave this traitorous world behind, eyeing Dumbledore and the sphere with extreme caution.

Dumbledore pulled out a withe feather and gently placed it into the moving orb shaped mist. With a loud and clear voice Dumbledore spoke "Show us where Harry James Potter is!" At first the orb continued to rotate freely above the cube. Then the smoke rose higher and towered almost ten meters over the great hall. Everyone's eyes in the hall widened as the orb grew larger and larger. The Orb's movement got much more vicious and was staggeringly fast. Neville's face turned into sickly shade of green, as he couldn't take his eyes away from the orb. Lighting thundered within the sphere and almost scared a few students to death as some actually hit the hall. It twisted and spinned as fast as the speed of light, until, with a loud, deafening bang the orb, exploded and expanded to form a large movie screen. Then slowly an image appeared on the screen. Manifesting itself through the mist. Hermione almost choked as she saw what it was. Everyone in great hall now looked in horror and confusion.

They looked at a deserted street. The Houses, apartments and shops were overgrown with grass and local Funa. Multiple cars some in parts others flipped over and a few just parked all across the battered and destroyed remains of this once alive and crowded street. Skeletons and half decayed carcasses lay throughout the street. One was most particular disturbing. The corpse was a female and lay with her back against a rusting muggle police car, a large bullet hole on her forehead. Within her crossed arms, she seemed to hold something wrapped in a pink yellowish blanket extremely close to her chest. Suddenly a shadow crept over dead body, disturbing their eternal rest. It was young boy, thirteen, fourteen years old. A bit malnourished, yet looking capable for a tough fight. His clothes were tattered and dirty. The boy wore worn out jeans with a few small but expanding holes in it. His green shirt was dirty and it's colour was starting to fade away. Scratches, light bruises covered the young boy's arms and face.

The boy sighed and said seemingly to himself "This really is a cruel World. But now both of you are in a better place...or that's what I hope for you two.'' The boy ran his favourite hand through his raven black hair when he heard a young, all too familiar female voice speaking up "Harry come look at the women on these poster's! They are so skinny!'' The boy named Harry turned to his companion unknowingly revealing his slightly scratched, handsome face, his emerald green eyes and his iconic lighting shaped scar on his forehead, to a shocked audience somewhere in the midst of Scotland separated in time and place.

"Did you find anything Ellie?'' Harry Potter asked his young female companion. She was a bit shorter than Harry, her dirty reddish, brown hair bound together into a messy pony tail, leaving a large strand of hair covering her the right side of her face. A few freckles covered her dirty and equally scratched yet soft and innocent face. Green eyes stared back at Harry, but only for a short second before reverting their gaze to the posters.

Unknown to both young teenagers, in the famous school in Scotland, a strangled choke came from the potions teacher, who now had tears in his eyes. Gasps were uttered, mostly from the teachers who recognized those green eyes.

Harry looks at his companion, than at the poster's and shook his head while chuckling. "You know, these are models. Presenting new clothes and looks, they basically say what's in and what's not. What you should wear and so on.'' Harry said to his companion Ellie. She looked at him with a funny face and cocked an scarred eyebrow. "And people really bought this, those things? HOW can you move in these?'' she asked in disbelief, wildly gesturing at the poster's. Harry nodded and continued "And to the 'why they are so skinny' question, well some companies liked slim girly figures, so they didn't ate some food. But they weren't just those models! Other people-mostly girls- wanted to be like them, like their idols, so they hungered too, while having a large cake in their fridge going to waste.'' Ellie disbelievingly opened her mouth, her green eyes wide "No way! Why would they be so dumb and starve themselves to death when they had stuff to eat. I mean a CAKE! I've never even tasted a cake!' Harry just shrugged and slowly began to walk towards a destroyed bus station "They did. We took too many things for granted and didn't know how to appreciate them, till we lose them. That's how it always was.''

"Man.'' Ellie said shaking her head a bit over-dramatically. "People were stupid in the old days.'' Harry grinned and replied. "Oh yeah, that's a statement we both can agree on. Now come on, we got to find a way to the bridge." He picked up his pace jogged past the destroyed bus station, climbed over various debris laying on the street. Harry and Ellie soon reached a large lake running through the broken street. Harry looked to his right and a bus half sunken into the lake and half hanging against the wall of the hotel. He searched the immediate area, going through the rubble of a former coffee shop. Ellie curiously watched him pulling out a large wooden plank and wanted to ask a question but was cut off by Harry. "I know what you want to ask right now. I want to see how deep this bloody lake is. If it isn't that deep we could walk over. If not, well than we'll improvise.'' With that said, Harry carefully plunged the plank into the lake holding it upright. Soon the plank fell out of his hands and disappeared into the depths of the lake.

Harry sighed heavily, fixed his rugged, brown rucksack on his back "Well, that answers the question. Alright Ellie, stay here and keep an eye out. I'll improvise us something.'' Without pausing for a second, Harry took a deep breath and jumped into the dirty green water. He swam through the lake, parting the ugly and alien green looking water and swam towards the flooded coffee shop. The entire front was seemingly ripped out. The rotting wood and the distasteful stench of the water that almost reached the celling of the shop were unbearable. Harry looked around the shop and saw a few floating tables, table pieces, multiple bones and other destroyed furniture swimming limply beside him. Carefully, Harry quickly swam towards a somewhat stable looking table. He checked it over, inspecting for any damage. Looks like it'll hold. Harry thought, tightening his hold on the table and swam outside towards his companion.

It took him a bit longer as Harry wasn't an expert swimmer and only recently learned how to somewhat swim. Harry felt a shudder running down his spine as he remembered how he learned how to swim. He just couldn't forget all the blood and guts of this traumatic event. Forcing down the memory of foreign blood on his hands and clothes, Harry placed the table just before Ellie's feet and said "Alright Ellie! STEP on it! Don't jump! I don't know if it'll be able to hold your weight.'' Ellie rolled her eyes and snorted "Oh shut up scarhead. Your immature jokes don't touch me.'' She shot Harry a death glare worthy to be reckoned with. Harry only grinned sheepishly as he mockingly shivered under her gaze. Carefully Ellie stepped unto the table, tilting it slightly, giving Harry a bit of struggle to keep the table balanced. Harry gave a small chuckle as he swam towards the half sunk bus, carrying the table and Ellie behind him and said "Say's the one with the horrendous joke book filled with terrible jokes.'' Ellie gasped and swatted him lightly over his head ''Just because you don't have a taste for my incredibly witty, cunning and funny jokes you don't have to be so bitchy. And besides I am not the one with a photo of his loved one in his pocket! What was her name again Her...Her...Hermione? Right, the poor girl I pity her already.''

Hermione could feel how her cheeks turned to a cute tinge of pink. The Weasley twins grinned to themselves. They found something new to tease Hermione and Harry with.

Harry uttered something inaudible and turned slightly pink and stopped swimming as he reached his destination. Ellie carefully balanced herself on the table before jumping forward, grabbing the top of the rusted bus and forcefully pulling herself on top of it. "Alright Ellie now help me up and...'' Harry stopped and searched for his companion on top of the bus, not getting any response. "Ellie?!'' No answer.

Harry frowned and again called after his companion, slightly raising his voice. "Ellie?! Come on this isn't funny! Ellie?!'' Still no response. Harry suddenly felt unease and unknown fear flooding over his senses as he silently cursed under his breath for not seeing what is happening at the top of the bus. As the all to familiar feeling of dread and helplessness cursed through his body, Harry now starting to panic. He desperately searched for any sign for his companion. "ELLIE! ELLIEE! ELL..." "

SHUT UP! I'M HERE YOU GIBBON!" Her slightly annoyed voice rang out.

Harry let out a breath he didn't knew he was holding and looked up to his companion who stood over him with a smug look on her face. Harry felt how his face turned red as the anger within him boiled up yet again and Harry snapped at Ellie "What is it with you?! I was worried when you didn't answered! Do you want to give me a heart attack?! Do I need to remind you we're in Hunter territory? Now help me up.'' Harry expectingly lifted his arm towards Ellie, only to see her grin getting bigger and she put up a thoughtful look on her face. Harry blinked nervously and said "Uhm...Ellie? Help?'' Harry waved his hand through the air, but soon stopped as he saw with horror, the mischievous expression on Ellie's face.

"Let me think...How ….. about...NO!'' Ellie snapped enjoying every single word, with an evil grin on her face.

''Ellie this is not funny!''

''Like you don't like my wonderful joke book. And 'questioning' my weight I don't see a reason to help so ta ta. Bye bye.'' With that Ellie disappered from Harry's sight.

"She's just joking around, she can't be serious...But it's Ellie I'm talking about. Ohhh oh. Ellie.'' Nothing. Harry waited, swimming in the dirty water and waited. Ten seconds. Thirty seconds. One minute. One and a half. Still nothing.

Harry now started to get nervous and started to search a way out of his situation, when he heard a familiar cheerful female laughter. Harry looked up and saw how Ellie carried a metal leader. Carefully she dipped it the water so Harry could reach it. Gratefully Harry climbed the ladder up when he realised the mischievous grin on Ellie's face. Upon instinct Harry lunged away from the ladder aiming for the bus. He grunted as he landed face first, on the hard surface of the bus. Slightly twitching, Harry he heard loud laughs mixed with desperate cough for air.

''OH...MY...GODDD! HAHHAHAAHAHAHA! I CAN'T...BREATHE...MERCY!'' Slowly Harry lifted himself up ruffled his wet hair

"Yeah, well knowing you I would've guessed that you would have let go of the ladder when I was half way on top. Dumping me back in this bloody excuse of a lake.'' Harry said in an accusing tone.

The entire hall has erupted into laughter at this. The Weasley twins lay on the floor holding their stomach from laughing to much. Even McGonagall had a slight smirk on her face. Hermione couldn't help herself and softly giggled into her hand hoping one would see.

Ellie wiped away a tear while continuing to laugh like a madman. She looked at Harry putting down the ladder at the top of the bus and lightly punched his arm. "I am offended that you, my dear, new found brother in blood,...''

At this loud rumbles and whispering occurred in the great hall and several people gasped in shock on this revelation. Even Hermione was shocked to say the least. Her mind was still processing in what kind of area Harry was so she could search for him. But she couldn't a single place that was so deserted and destroyed like the one she was seeing right now. 'It all doesn't make any sense!' Hermione thought widely as she continued to watch the scene before her.

"… would think of me like that! I am wounded!'' Ellie said smirking, while having a hurt look on her face. Harry huffed and mumbled something under his breath and mockingly ruffled her hair. Only to get swatted away by his companion. Harry grabbed the ladder and carried it through the destroyed window of the hotel. Harry climbed through the window and landed a few below on the ground and took in the destroyed hotel.

"Wow this is fancy. Did ever stayed in place right before it all went to shit I mean.'' Harry snorted and looked around taking in the destroyed scenery. Twenty years of neglect, the relentless force of pure nature and mindless scavenge left their mark. Harry thought somberly.

To think that any people would have lived, visited or worked in this place was unthinkable. Yet there were still signs of their former occupants. A lone luggage trolley, the carcass of a man who was either a visitor, a former worker or a survivor, Harry couldn't tell the difference anymore. Decomposition has taken a toll on the body. Harry shivered and forcefully shifted his gaze tothe collapsed chandelier which destroyed a large part of the once elegant staircase. Harry saw multiple construction sites and a many worker utensils lying deserted on the ground. They were probably renovating for better times. It all came out differently though. Harry thought somberly. Harry squinted his eyes and saw a battered wall were they could use the ladder to reach the upper levels.

Harry huffed as he lifted the ladder and walked towards the wall passing by multiple dead corpses and skeletons. The sun shone softly through the long-broken windows, the holes on the destroyed roof and illuminated the devastated rotting graveyard gracefully. He planted the ladder on the broken wall and turned to Ellie. The sight that greeted him made Harry smile, which was a rare event concerning the recent two months.

Ellie walked around the abandoned entrance hall of the once beautiful hotel. After almost a month of practice, Ellie finally had to whistle. So, she whistled and whistled whenever she had the chance. Ellie stopped and a huge grin lit up her face, beneath the rubble in front of her was a weird shinning black object. She dusted off the dirt from the object and turned towards Harry lifting her prize and asked ''Harry look what is this? Isn't that a what you call it again...a cellphone?!'' Ellie's eyes lit up with child-like excitement and curiosity. To Harry ,this was the most beautiful sight on Earth he knew. Well, right after Hermione. Harry thought with a smile on his face, his right hand unconsciously touched the place of his shirt where a picture of Hermione was placed.

Confusion spread across the entire hall. It spread even to the Contingent of the Aurors who were completely flabbergasted, as they looked at the scene before them. Not even the teachers' table were spared. Wild discussion filled the air of the hall. No one knew of such a devastated place like this. From the flags it was discernible that Harry and his companion where somewhere in America. But the sheer destruction and devastation they were seeing would be too huge for a single, isolated place. Dumbledore frowned and ran multiple possibilities through his head. He was certain that he hasn't heard of any cataclysmic destruction in the US. And from the looks of it, it hasn't just happened recently. Instead of answering questions, the Sphere only supplied them with more. 'Where are you Harry' Dumbledore thought somberly.

"Yes it is, but I think this a new model 'cause I've never seen one of those. But now come on up the ladder.'' Harry hated himself to ruin such moments, as they were rare when you are not fighting infected or hunters, but Harry needed the both of them to be focused. I've to bring her home what ever the cost!

It was almost two months ago when Harry was taken by a group of people working for a mysterious pair of twins how told him that he had a sister and only were capable to bring her back. Harry remembered the disbelieve he felt upon hearing this revelation. It soon changed to despair, loss and in the end pure and untamable rage. He clenched his hands into fists as he remembered how much he has changed. All the deeds he had done. Two months ago Harry would have been outraged and thoroughly sickened by the thought of killing a another human being.

Now it was almost natural.

Harry still didn't liked it, but he had discovered in these two months that morality was out of the window. It was either him or a complete stranger how wants to gut him for a bottle of water. Most of the times it was even for less. These events have shown Harry how much a human life is worth in a world like this. An ant is now more worth than a human being. Harry thought grimly, as the memories of his first kill reemerged. I had no choice. I had no choice. I had no choice. Harry repeated this sentence like a mantra, though he didn't knew if it was an mere excuse for his actions or the truth. It is not only my live that's at stake! It is also hers. It's also Ellie's life that I am fighting for. My sister's life. I will not allow her to be harmed in any way. I'll keep her safe what ever the cost! And I will return to Hogwarts with my sister, to Hermione. I will endure and survive for the both of them.

Harry felt a light nudge on his left arm and looked at the concerned expression of Ellie. My sister. "Harry you alright? You spaced out on me. A penny for your thought's?'' Ellie questioned with lopsided grin on her face. Harry smiled gently and shook his head as he replied

''Naw, I'm good. What were you saying again?'' Ellie's eyes twinkled as she seemingly came to a revelation

"You thought of her didn't ya?! You always get that look.'' Harry had to fight to keep himself from blushing as he narrowed his eyes and suspiciously.

"Oh yeah? what look?!'' He asked. Why did I just ask her that?! OHHHH, here it comes! Harry immediately regretted the words he said, as he knew he had just dug his own grave.

Ellie's reaction was immediate. She clasped her hands together under her chin, put a puppy dog look on her face and squeaked in a high pitched, mocking voice "OH Hermione! I will return to you! I love you sooooo muc...'' Ellie started to cough violently, clasping her hand on her chest to stop herself from coughing. "Yuck that's so cheesy I almost coughed up a lung. How you can be like that?!'' Ellie asked quircking an eyebrow.

Harry grinned a winning smile as he straightened his clothes and said "It's called romantic. And what can I say I am an utterly charming, romantic type a guy.'' Harry expectantly looked at his sister for a reaction only to see her roll her eyes tiredly

"I call it being a pussy. That's what it is!'' she replied. Harry shot her a glare at which she only grinned and climbed out of a window. Harry blinked and looked behind him to see how far his feet had carried him. He shook his head and climbed through the window right after Ellie. Harry's feet lifted up some dust and dirt as walked over the pair of them walked over the small roof to reach the other end of the hotel.

By now Hermione has turned beet red and tried to hide face beneath her bushy hair. There were many catcalls and whistles in the hall. Many people were smirking in delight. Even at the teacher's table the reaction where positive. McGonagall smirked victoriously. Hagrid laughed happily. (And Hermione wasn't sure if she saw correctly but she could swear that Snape surly handed money to Dumbledore who smiled widely at Hermione, before he returned his gaze to Harry in the sphere.) Only Ron fumed in anger.

Ellie started to whistle softly as a large flock of birds raised peacefully from the destroyed and abandoned buildings and majestically flew south...when Harry heard heavy footsteps from multiple persons in the hotel room to their right.

Out of instinct Harry soundlessly rushed over to Ellie, clasped a hand on her mouth and dragged her to cover, behind a large air conditioner. Harry strained his ears, slightly lifted his head from cover to see that it was hunters. Two stood by a window looking down to the ground, fresh blood on their hands. Ellie snatched out her switchblade and looked at Harry with an "What do we do now?'' look on her face.

Harry cursed silently under his breath as one of the hunters broke the eerie calm before the storm.

"MAN... this tourist put up one hell ova fight... took all four of us to put him down.'' The hunter panted tired, with an sadistic grin on his face. Harry gritted his teeth in anger. Another innocent slaughtered by those savages! God dammit I've gotta find us a way outta here. Harry checked his revolver, Four bullets. Fantastic! Harry thought sarcastically.

"How many is that now?''

"Five, just this week. But I'm not complaining.'' Harry heard enough they needed to get out of there. As the hunters continued their cruel conversation, moved as silently as possible towards the window to their front. With an quick hand movement Harry ushered Ellie to follow him this way. He hopped through the broken window into the abandoned hotel room.

The climate in the hall changed drastically. There was no more laughter, no more happiness. What they saw, made everyone's blood turn into ice. The teachers where on the edges of their seats even Snape looked worried. Hermione felt how her heart started to beat faster. Unknown fear growing inside her. Deep down, she knew something bad is about to happen.

Alright if we can do this right, we can sneak around them and get out of this bloody hotel. Harry thought and worked on a plan on how to escape their situation without, getting into a fight. Ellie stayed close behind him, her switchblade ready, when Harry heard footsteps and the shattering sound of porcelain in hall, just meters in front of them. Bugger so much for sneaking. Harry carefully turned around the corner and saw a bloodied man. Brutal scars ran over his sadistic face. The man searched an shelf, almost ripping out the drawers in the process. Harry knew, that it would be now or never. He made his decision and before he knew it, Harry had snatched out his knife from it's sheath and strapped onto his back, just above the hip.

Everyone in the hall tensed immediately. Dumbledore wore a perfect poker face but Hermione saw his tensed grip on the table. His knuckles turning pale white. Two Aurors stood up and ran down the hall trying to reach an apparition area from where they could help Harry.

Harry soundlessly muttered a curse under his breath, before he sneaked towards the raging hunter, who in sheer aggression, ripped out every single drawer in the shelf. "Nothing fucking A' man.'' muttered the Hunter without noticing his imminent doom. Harry. who was directly behind the man, sprung into action with the lethalness of a cobra. Before the hunter could even blink, Harry kicked him in his knee and sliced his throat out in one swift movement. In blind panic, the dying hunter fell on the shelf and held on to it like a lifeline. Gurgling and drowning in his own blood the hunter slowly slithered down the shelf where soon his life ceased to exist.

Gasps of shock and shrill shrieks echoed throughout the hall. Many stared unblinking, with disbelief, at the Sphere as they just witnessed Harry's deed. McGonagall, Hagrid and even Snape were as pale as a chalkboard. Hermione herself couldn't believe what she just saw. Her Harry 'What?! My Harry?!' has just killed a person. Draco, Ron and the Weasley twins stared gaping, with their eyes wide in shock at the Sphere.

Giving out an disgusted grunt Harry cleaned his knife on his pants and quickly searched the body for anything useful. Two bullets were all he could gather from the wasted hunter. Harry repressed the urge to snarl violently, when he heard dreading footsteps. A maniacal laughter. And a harsh voice nearly shouting in joy "HEY TRAVIS! Look what I...What...THE...FUCK!'' Harry's blood turned into ice as his gaze shifted to see a murderous hunter, mere ten meters in front of him. For seemingly an eternity both opponents stared into each other eyes. Raising the tension, that suddenly filled the area, to unimaginable heights.

Harry narrowed his eyes into slits, yanked out his revolver and takes a shot at the hunter. The bullet grazed the hunters arm as he clutched his wound and slid into cover, behind a desk. "TOURIST! HE'S OVER HERE! HE'S GOT A FUCKING GUN!''

Harry cursed ran down the hall, took cover behind a battered sofa. Harry listened carefully and heard one more person entering the hall through his left, taking cover behind a pillar. Knowing that he would be dead if he stood up, Harry leaned to his right to get a shot on the wounded hunter. The said hunter jumped out of his cover ran towards the room to Harry's right. Adrenaline surged through Harry's body sharpening his senses. He aimed at the running hunter and fired two shots in quick succession at him. The bullets tore mercilessly through the hunters body, one hit his stomach, the other his lung and left gaping holes in his back. As the villain fell, he childishly examined his wounds with his hands, as the last bits of life left his destroyed body.

Hermione clasped her hands over her mouth in shock. Hagrid was being persuaded by the few remaining Aurors to remain in the Castle. He had jumped to his feet, yelling something unaudible and rushed towards the apparition area in Hogwarts to get Harry out of this place.

Knowing the impending revenge, Harry hurriedly crawled back to cover just in time to hear a furious "MOTHERFUCKER!'' from the hunter behind pillar, who took a shot at Harry. The bullet grazed a little too close over Harry's head, who in reaction fell into a prone position behind the sofa to give his opponent a smaller target. Harry shook his head vigorously and heard the panting breaths of another hunter, who came to take his fallen comrade's place.

Shit! Harry thought as he assessed the situation. They were in the middle of the hall surrounded with rooms, from which the hunters could flank them. If the elder hunter could find a way to attack his uncovered right flank, Harry highly doubted he or Ellie would make it out of here alive. Without hesitation Harry grabbed Ellie by her arm and pulled her into the momentary safety- inside the room to his right.

A shot rang throughout the hotel as it narrowly missed Harry and Ellie, who burst through a busted door and crawled into cover. they then slammed their backs against the wall. Ellie breathed heavily, looked around the room for anything of use against their enemies. She grabbed a brick, wiped away the sweat on her forehead and took a few controlled breaths before asking "OK, now what?'' Harry's heart pounded against his ribcage, his hands shivered slightly as he peeked around the corner to see the hunter who was behind the pillar move up to the sofa where the pair of them were hiding mere minutes ago, ruthlessly taunting them.

Harry uttered a curse and walked cautiously to the next room, when suddenly a elder hunter struck him with a heavy pipe just over Harry's shoulder blade. Harry gasped in pain, the air escaped his lungs instantly. Instinct took over as Harry, heavily panting, trying to catch his breath, dodged to the right and narrowly avoided a possibly fatal blow. Harry's mind was hazy and vision was blurry, but he had to continue his fight until Ellie and him were safe. His expression turned grim as he tried to subside the burning pain on his shoulder blades. Harry turned, still carrying momentum from his dodge and delivered a savage left punch. The head of the hunter was thrown back violently and blood dripped out of his mouth. Not stopping Harry kicked the pipe out of the hunters hand and brutally delivered four right punches knocking the old hunter to the ground, his jaw and nose visibly broken.

Coughing out blood, the hunter was yanked back to his feet and to his horror felt the cold iron of an revolver aimed straight at his head.

McGonagall gasped at what she saw even. Dumbledore was left gaping at the ruthlessness of his protege. Hermione now had tears in her eyes. She didn't want to watch but she couldn't avert her eyes. Silently Hermione prayed that Harry would be alright and all of this was just a bad dream.

Harry snarled in disgust as he held a broken, sputtering hunter who begged pitifully for his life. Like they did to some other survivors they met! Bastards. Harry thought as cold rage boiled up inside him and he viciously carried out the wounded hunter, using him as a human shield. The hunter whimpered and blood dripped down his nouth and nose, tainting Harry's arm with dirt. Harry pressed the revolver against the temple of the hunter who started to cry, as they stepped out of the room towards the hunter hiding behind the sofa. "SHUT THE FUCK UP!'' snarled Harry violently pressing the the cold barrel of the gun against his enemies ear.

The entire hall winched at Harry harsh tone. They all simply stared disbelievingly at the events they just saw.

The hunter behind the sofa rose from his anger and the sight that greeted him filled him with panic and blinding anger. Carefully he aimed his gun at Harry and yelled "Let him go fucker! YOU FUCKING DROP HIM!" The hunter climbed over the sofa to get a better shot at Harry. But he had been waiting for a mistake on the hunters part. Faster than a man could blink Harry pointed his revolver at the hunter and squeezed the trigger tightly. The shot rang through the air and the hunter was no longer in the realm of the living. The bullet hit the hunter right above the left eye, tearing off a large chuck face. Flesh and pink brain matter painted the wall behind the hunter, whose corpse fell limply to the ground.

Harry raised his gun and smashed the revolvers butt into the captured hunters head. The hunters head bursted open, revealing his brain and shattered head bones. The eyes of the hunter rolled back into his head as he fell to the ground and joined his fellow comrades.

Harry looked at the deceased hunter, when he heard Ellie shouting a panicked "WATCH OUT!" Just in time Harry dodged a bullet and knelt down behind a large piece of wood.

Harry cursed their luck and fired a blind shot at the hunter. A few seconds passed neither made a move. Harry gently rubbed his the area of his chest where he kept a picture of Hermione, arose from his cover, took aim at the hunter who was reloading his weapon, squeezed the trigger of his gun and CLICK. Harry's eyes widened. The hunter has jumped back to cover and Harry once again pulled the trigger off his gun. CLICK.

Hagrid once again rose from his chair and rushed down the hall, this time not hearing the pleas from Dumbledore and the Aurors. Even McGonagall has raised and followed Hagrid. They had to get to Harry. Somehow. They had to.

Harry froze, as he hid back into cover. He bit his lip till blood flowed out of them soothingly into his mouth, as he mentally berated himself Why did I have to take that blind shot! THAT WAS SO STUPID OF ME! Harry closed his eyes trying to figure out how to get out of this situation as the hunter spoke up in sheer gruesome joy "I know that sound! I GOT you now MOTHERFUCKER!''

I am sorry Ellie, Hermione. I'm sorry. Harry breathed in and out and prepared himself for the inevitable. Then complete to Harry's surprise Ellie arose from her cover with an angry look on face and shouted "HEY ASSHOLE!'' Before the hunter could even react, Ellie threw her brick with all her might at their would be murder. The impact was devastating. The head of the hunter exploded in cloud of blood, bits of brick and raw flesh. The gun fell out of the incapacitated hunter's hands as he fell to his knee's violently, vomiting blood.

Seeing his chance Harry vaulted over his cover, dashed towards the hunter and smashed his knee into the hunter jaw. The hunter was lifted from his feet. Blood and teeth flew out his mouth and a soundless groan escaped his shattered mouth as landed on the ground with an loud *thump*.The hunters head lay against the wall, his eyes still fluttering close, but Harry didn't stop. He raised his boot and delivered a fatal blow against the hunter head. The hunter whole body jumped a few inches into the air from the sheer might of this devastating kick. A loud sickening crack was heard when Harry's boot made contact with the hunters head.

It was dead silent by now. Snape and Dumbledore tried to say something to the students, but were unable to utter a word.

Ellie slowly got out of her cover and inched towards Harry, her eyes never leaving the dead hunter. The head of the hunter was a mess. Blood and brain matter oozed out of multiple wound. His face unrecognizable. There was a large dent in the wall filled with blood and Harry knew it was from the hunter.

Ellie coughed unsure what to say nervously scratched her arm and sighed "Phewww,...Good job with all the...ahem...killing...and stuff.'' Harry wiped away a bit blood on his mouth and nodded towards the hall leading to the stairs and the elevators.

"Come on!'' Harry muttered under his breath as he paced down the hall.

"You know maybe we should...'' Ellie spoke but was cut off by loud cracking nosies and fast, heavy footsteps rushing towards them. Harry lifted his hand, effectively silencing Ellie when he heard ,with immense dread, multiple loud, angry voices yelling "DOWN HERE! I'M TELLING YOU GUN SHOTS!''

Dumbledore now finding back his voice ordered all students to return to their quarters. But no one moved.

Harry groaned, he didn't knew if he had the strength for another fight. They had to get out of here quickly. Ellie nodded, understanding the situation immediately. The pair of them hurriedly hid in the next room to their left. Harry shot Ellie a glance and indicated towards the corner of the room and mouthed the word "Hide!"

In the need to act fast, Harry opened his rucksack to see what he could and grimaced. Two bottles of alcohol, three bottles of water, one first aid kit, a few pieces of clothes and food for mere two days.

Harry reluctantly eyed the clothes and a whiskey bottle. He didn't want to do it but to get out of this situation he had no choice. Frowning Harry ripped apart a spare t-shirt soaked it in the whiskey bottle. He pulled it out and fixed it inside the bottle neck. Harry snatched out his lighter and carefully lit the wisk. With an heavy gulp Harry briefly turned to Ellie and assured her "Right. I got this!'' Harry inched out the room and caught a glimpse at two newly arrived hunters. The hunter in front panted heavily, his knuckles turned white, as his grip tightened around his improvised weapon: a large piece of wood. Harry saw how his eyes danced across the hall searching for the tourists. Harry breathed in, stretched his arm and carefully aimed at the hunter. Forgive me. Even you doesn't deserve a death like this. Making sure the bottle will hit it's mark, Harry tossed the molotov cocktail at his target.

Many seemed to see what was about to happen and so they turned around, shut their eyes and held their hands over their ears. Covering them tightly.

Seemingly in slow motion the bottle flew an arc, catching the eyes of the hunter and Harry saw how his eyes widen in realization. The man yelled a horrific, anguished scream as the bottle exploded, setting fire to his entire body. His arms danced across his body trying put out the fire to no avail.

There were multiple loud screams of sheer horror. The headmaster stared unblinking at the scene before him. His face twisted. Unreadable. Hermione closed her eyes tightly and could feel but sheer horror. 'MY GOD! HARRY! WHERE ARE YOU?! WHAT IS HAPPENING TO YOU?'

Harry smelt the burning tissue and could literally feel how the hunter's flesh started to melt. Harry dimly heard the second hunter yelling in shock, horror and rage as he just saw how his friend was burned alive. Harry steps back into the room, catching Ellie's disbelieving, disgusted look muttering accusingly to Harry "Holy shit Harry!''

"Keep it together!'' Harry snapped back at her and immediately dragged her to cover when he heard a man bursting through the door in the next room.

"WHERE IS THIS FUCKER!'' The hunter snarled viciously his shotgun danced nervously around the room. The finger twitching over the trigger.

The hunter stepped closer menacingly towards the room where Harry and Ellie were hiding. Taking a deep breath Harry, steadied himself and ignored the soaring pain in his muscles. With an ferocious snarl Harry lunged around the corner, grabbing the shotgun just in time. A shot was fired and hit the wall behind Harry as he and the hunter wrestled for the gun. The hunter was momentarily surprised to see that it was a teenager. But, Harry used this short distraction for himself. He violently shoved the shotgun into the hunter's face, breaking a few teeth. The hunter lost his balance and Harry wiped away his legs with a swift kick. The hunter fell hard to the ground and before he could react, Harry bashed the stock of the shotgun against the hunter's head with all his might. A sickening crack was heard, signaling the death of the hunter. Harry grimaced, took the shotgun with his right hand and casted out the empty shell.

Before Harry could react, his vision turns to black and horrific pain shot through his head. He blinked a few times and found himself half lying, half kneeling on the floor. Just a second later. Harry was tossed to the ground by sheer inhuman strength. He could feel heavy hands tightening around his neck, slowly strangling him to certain death. Harry grunted, his hands trying to reach the face of the hunter who was slowly strangling him.

Hermione yelped, tears stream down her beautiful face, as she too now rushes towards the exit. She had to find a way to Harry and help him. She could feel strong arms holding her back as she wailed and struggled against them. "HARRY! HARRY I AM COMING! HARRY I'M COMING! HOLD ON! I'LL GET YOU OUT OF THERE!'' She screamed, wailed and cried. Trying to free herself from the strong hold, she was captured in. Soon after she entered blissful darkness with a single thought roaming her mind. ''Harry!''

The hunter had a hate-filled look on his face. Bloodshot eyes fixed upon it's prey, small scars all over his face, showing, just how long he has survived by this.

Harry's vision became blurry and he knew it would soon be worse if he somehow didn't make it out of this situation. Grasping the hunters chin Harry tries to fight him off of him, when he hears a pained grunt coming from his would be murderer. The fierce grip around Harry's neck eases away and Harry finally can fill his body with precious air. Harry swatted away the hunters arms to see that it was Ellie, who had rammed her switchblade into the hunters shoulder blade. The hunter let out a ferocious "BITCH!'' as he elbowed. Ellie, sending her flying across the room.

Rage boiled up inside Harry upon seeing this. Without wasting a second, Harry kicked off the hunter, sending him to the floor.

The hunter lifted himself to his feet. Harry grasped the discarded shotgun and hit the hunter's face with the shotguns barrel.

Teeth and blood flew across the room, as the hunter lied sprawled on the floor. Blood was flowing out of his nose.

Harry steadily rose up and aimed the shotgun point blank at the hunter.

The hunter looked up and raised his hands pleadingly. His eyes and face were now filled deadly terror.

Harry took aim. The hunter stammered and sputtered desperately, trying to form a single word.

Harry's finger touches the trigger. "…DON'T!'' Were the only words the hunter could speak out before his head exploded violently in red mist as Harry squeezed the trigger without hesitation.