A/N- This story is over 2 years old. Actually, it's nearing 3 years old. I wrote this a long time ago. So I can't say what I was thinking when I wrote this. I can say that Fenrir is fun to write because so little is said about him in the books. He's basically a blank slate. I don't own Harry Potter, I just took the characters and played with them. I returned them mostly clean.

Fenrir Greyback growled as the girl struggled underneath him, "Quit fighting me witch. You'll be dead otherwise."

"Better dead than raped by you!"

Fenrir held her down and leaned in close, "I could just bite you and make you do what I want. I'm not doing that. Yet. Be a bit appreciative."

"Gee I'm so grateful you're not exerting mind control over me," Hermione Granger's voice dripped with sarcasm. Annoyed, the werewolf stood and picked her up, swinging her over his shoulder. They disappeared.

Hermione didn't know where they were but it was clear that they were in a forest, in a cave. Fenrir sat her down on a surprisingly soft patch of straw, "Stay there," he growled and walked over to start a fire in a large fire pit in the center of the room.

She looked around and realized that there were many straw patches, and that they all looked abandoned, while the one Fenrir had laid her on looked fresh. "How many people live here?"

"Just me," he muttered, finally getting the fire to start. He walked back to her and sat down, "After Voldemort was overthrown the Ministry cracked down on us. I'm the only survivor. The others were all slaughtered. The men. The women. Even the cubs," Fenrir looked into the fire, looking furious.

She placed her hand on his shoulder, "I'm sorry," she whispered.

He didn't look at her. Finally he stood and took one of the straw patches and tossed it into the fire. One by one he tossed all but his own into the fire. He sat back down next to her and stared into the fire for a long time.

For three hours he stared. It was dusk when he finally moved. "You must be hungry," he growled.

Hermione jumped and looked up at him, "I-I guess I am."

"When the moon rises and I turn I'll go hunting."

"A-are you going to bite me?"

"I'd like a werewolf mate," he caressed her cheek, "you'd be a very pretty wolf," he growled. "Tell me you aren't curious about being a werewolf. That the thought of my changing doesn't excite you in some way."

Hermione had to admit, he was right. She was fascinated by thoughts of werewolves. And she felt terrible to learn that his pack, which was the last of the werewolves in England, was all but finished. She looked up to realize he was waiting for a response, "I-I guess…you're right," she finally said. "I'm very curious about werewolves. About you…" she looked away. Neither said anything else for some time, though she did move closer to him to absorb more warmth from the fire and his own body heat. He raised his eyebrows but remained silent. He'd never, even with other werewolves, had a woman cuddle him. He found it odd. But she wasn't running away. And he sensed that she wanted to become a werewolf as well.

Once he could feel the moon rising higher he looked over at her, "Come outside with me," he stood and helped her up. Hermione followed him out. She watched as the moon came into view and Fenrir let out a loud howl as his body transformed into a large grey wolf. Hermione stared. He didn't seem to be in pain, and he seemed to be in full control. He suddenly pounced on her and bit her, breaking the skin of her neck. Hermione felt her body immediately convulse, Relax, she heard Fenrir's voice say, though he could no longer speak. Let your body do what it wants. Don't fight it. Hermione relaxed and she felt her body morph into a wolf. She stared up at him. He poked her with his nose and she stood shakily. Come with me, he turned and bound into the forest. Hermione followed him.

Free. Hermione felt free. As she followed Fenrir she felt her animal instincts take over and she just felt good. But she was hungry. Stop, he commanded. She did as told. He was her pack leader and she must follow his orders. She understood that now. Smell that? Hermione lifted her head to smell. She could smell something. Her mind told her it was food. I'll kill it, you stay here. Lay low. She did as told and watched. It was a stag. Fenrir sunk low to the ground and crept toward it. She watched as he leaped through the air and bit the stag's throat. It took about ten minutes, but Fenrir managed to kill it. Come, he told Hermione. She went over to the stag and he grabbed it to pull it toward the cave. Hermione walked alongside him as he requested and they made it back to the cave. He pulled it inside and Hermione went over to the straw to lay down. He ate part of the buck, pulling free some meat for her and taking it over to her. Hermione looked up. She knew what he was doing. He was courting her. She accepted the meat, eating hungrily. After he was finished, he took the rest of the meat and lay it near the fire, then walked over to the straw patch. Fenrir settled down next to her, watching her eat. After she had finished she licked his muzzle and nuzzled against him, feeling surprisingly safe in his company. She closed her eyes and fell asleep.

At dawn Hermione felt uncomfortable. She woke and realized that both she and Fenrir were naked and she was chilly as the fire was out. She turned and cuddled against him. He woke, "What is it?"

"I'm cold," she whispered. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer to him, his hands moving over her back to warm her up.

"How's that?"

"Better," she admitted softly.

"I can relight the fire if you like."

"I'd like that," she smiled. He got up and went over to the fire pit, moving some of the charred remains around before exiting the cave to get more wood. She watched as he moved around so normally, as though waking up naked wasn't a big deal, "Are you naked alot out here?"

"Usually," he shrugged, finally lighting the fire. He moved back to the straw, "I only get dressed in the winter when it's really cold or when I need to be among the wizards and Muggles." He pulled her to him and lay down, "Get a few more hours of sleep, Hermione." She fell asleep immediately. He followed her soon after.

They woke again several hours later. The fire was still going and Hermione had to admit, it was nice being so warm between Fenrir's body and the fire. She sighed into his chest. His arms tightened and he shifted, eliminating the little bit of space that was between them. He frowned as he heard something. "Don't move," he whispered. He got up and moved to the cave entrance, looking around. He returned shortly, "False alarm," he lay back down with her.

"Thank you for the meat. And for not mounting me like you could have."

"I figured you wanted your first time to be in human form. But you'll enjoy it when we do mate in wolf form," he caressed her body gently, "I get to claim two virginities."

She smiled and let him push her onto her back and lean over her. He leaned down and kissed her. Hermione thought briefly about fighting him but that thought disappeared nearly as quickly as it came. He spread her legs and settled himself between them. Fenrir lowered himself to her core and just stared at her. "Touch yourself," he whispered gently. She reached between her legs and began to stroke herself. Fenrir watched, fascinated. Finally she pulled away and he took over, using his tongue. Hermione bucked against him. His tongue felt incredible. He was reaching places she didn't think would be possible with a man who wasn't a werewolf. She was enjoying herself, he could tell. But she was still fighting against him mentally.

Finally Fenrir pulled away, "I think we'll continue when you're more willing to express your emotions," he smiled. "You haven't said anything about what you've experienced. It's not like you to be so quiet," he caressed her cheek and leaned in to kiss her again.

"I just…I guess I'm processing it. Last night was…"


She nodded, "Pure freedom. And my senses…they changed."

"Stay by me for the next couple weeks. You need my protection as you go through all the changes slowly. I can help you understand what's going on," he kissed her. "I think in a few weeks you'll be that same fiery girl again. Maybe by then you'll be in love with me?"

"Keep being so sweet and I most definitely will," she kissed him.

The day was spent talking and kissing lazily. Hermione was surprised how normal it felt to be naked with him, not even worried about covering herself up. "Will I get pregnant if we mate?"

"No, your body is changing so you won't be able to conceive for at least a month."

"I thought you wanted cubs. Why not impregnate me?"

"You'll do better carrying them now that you change as well. Werewolf cubs don't take nine months. They only take five to seven months depending on the size of the litter."

"So you want me to give you a pack, right?"

"Well you could say it like that," he frowned, "I wouldn't. I want a family, yes. I want my pack to become stronger. I want werewolves to exist again. To live again."

"You are very sweet," she caressed his cheek, "Fenrir, I really appreciate you taking your time with me," she leaned up to kiss him, "I like you."

"It's nearing night," he got up and put pants on, "I'm going to go get some more firewood. Perhaps you could cut up that stag? I have a pot you could use and turn it into a stew. We have a couple more hours of daylight so we could get some vegetables and stuff."

"That sounds good. It'd be nice if I had clothes," she lamented. As the day had gone on she'd begun to feel more like herself.

He handed her one of his shirts, "This should do until we can get somewhere to get you new clothing."

"So do you ever go shopping?"

"There's a village about seven miles away. They stay away from here and when I go into town, they give me access to food and clothes I want. In turn, I guard their village."

"How long have you had this arrangement?"

"Ever since the Dark Lord fell. They won't report me. I sent word to my fellow wolves, but no one came here. So I went in search. They've all been killed," he hung his head.

"So we're heading there then?"

"Yes," he nodded. "Well, I'll go. You don't have clothing."

"Where did you throw my wand? I could transfigure your shirt into something that would actually fit me."

Fenrir walked to the back of the cave, searching. Finding it, he picked it up and handed it to her, "Here you go," he stepped back.

"I could have started fires on my own, with this. Faster."

"You were too willful. Becoming a werewolf calms your will until your body has accepted the changes. Then your personality returns."

"Sneaky of you," she smirked.

"I think you're changing faster, but you're Muggleborn so I guess I can't be too surprised," he shrugged. "Your blood is thicker than a pureblood's. Wizards have a stronger tolerance to the werewolf bite than Muggles. It's not as effective because they've become so inborn."

She transfigured jeans and a t-shirt from the remains of her clothing, which had ripped from her body last night, as well as Fenrir's shirt that he had given her, "I guess I'll go sans underwear for now."

"I'm okay with that," he caressed her ass and pulled her to him, "I get easier access this way."

Hermione had to laugh at him. Although part of her felt very hurt that he had kidnapped and bitten her, she liked his attitude. He was very different than she had imagined him. And she liked the sensations of being a werewolf so far. He was very sneaky. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him, "Let's go."

"If anyone asks, you're my mate. Is that clear?"

"Yes," she nodded. He took her hand and they exited the cave. "You walk there?"

"I don't want to freak them out. They aren't wizards. They're Muggles."

"That's why you feel safe," she smiled.

"Yes," he said and they continued on their way, not talking very much. He kept her close to him, not letting her slow down.

They made it to the village with another two and a half hours until dusk. They walked up to a small fruit and vegetable stand. Clearly the young woman manning the stand recognized him, "Oh! What do you want today, sir?"

Fenrir smiled at her and Hermione felt jealous. Why must he smile at her like that? He should only be looking at Hermione that way. She frowned at the woman but Fenrir spoke, "Carrots, celery, potatoes, apples, peaches and plums. Oh, and some strawberries," he requested. She nodded and went about getting everything together. Hermione was still glaring when Fenrir slid his hand into hers and he intertwined their fingers. Hermione smiled up at him and laid her head against his shoulder. "Shall we go get some clothing?" Hermione nodded. "We'll be back shortly," he told the girl and guided Hermione down to the small clothing store. Hermione picked out a few things for herself and he got something to replace the shirt she had taken. Satisfied, the owner of the shop smiled and nodded, putting their things in a bag and handing it to Fenrir with mumbled thanks for his protection.

After they returned for the fruits and vegetables, they headed out of the village. "I didn't like you smiling at her like that."

Fenrir laughed, "That's a bit of your werewolf instincts coming through. You'll have to learn how to control that," he caressed her cheek, "if you can."

"Keep it up," Hermione frowned. "It bugged me."

"Hermione, I did choose you to be my mate. Give me some credit," he shook his head. "I'm not interested in that anyway. She's too skinny and she's a Muggle. I much prefer a woman who actually has curves," he snaked an arm around her waist, "where curves should be. She looks like she should be ten. You look like a woman."

"I'm fat?"

"No, I didn't say that. I said that you have a nice body. You have great breasts and a nice sized ass, not too big and not too small. I think that's the perfect body." They got back to the cave quicker than it had taken to get to the village. Hermione took some of the fresh water Fenrir brought her and began a stew with the vegetables while Fenrir sliced up the stag for her. She put it all in while he disappeared to get more firewood. He'd picked up some matches while at the village. Hermione cooked up the food as he brought in more firewood. That way they were set for the evening after they turned. They ate, talking little.

Fenrir exited the cave first. She changed after him. Chase me, he said to her, running off. Hermione followed him, glad to run free. He was fast, but she kept up with him. They ran through the forest and eventually ended up in front of the village, Time to patrol, stay close to me my sweet. Hermione stayed close to him, walking around the perimeter of the village. Once he was satisfied that there was no danger upcoming he ran off again, Hermione chasing after him.

Truthfully, he was impressed that she was able to keep up. She was very in tune with her werewolf tendencies thus far. After they had run around, playing for a bit, Fenrir led Hermione back to the cave. She stayed there and he went back out to hunt. He returned some time later carrying a large doe and placed her over near the remains of the buck he'd killed. Fenrir padded over to Hermione and rubbed his muzzle against hers. She lifted her head and licked at his muzzle. He curled up around her and nuzzled her gently, closing his eyes as he drifted off to sleep.

Hermione woke to a crackling fire and Fenrir's warm body pressed up against hers. She sighed and snuggled closer to him, her head resting just above his heart. She listened to the gentle pounding of it against his ribcage and smiled. She felt really good right now. Fenrir shifted, pressing against her more and his hands caressing her body gently, "Good morning," he whispered.

"It certainly is," she stretched and his hands moved to her breasts, kneading them gently. Hermione tilted her head back and thrust her chest toward him.

Fenrir accepted the invitation gladly, pushing her onto her back and leaning down to suck on her breasts. Hermione moaned as Fenrir's tongue lashed at her nipples and her body gave in to the pleasures, her head thrown back. "Fenrir," she moaned his name as he continued, sucking hard on her full breasts.

For his part, Fenrir was enjoying himself. Hermione felt good, there was no doubt about that. Her body was addictive to him. He couldn't believe what he was doing. How far she'd let him get in such a short time. But truthfully, he was glad. He wanted her. Odin, how he wanted her. Her body was a delight that he had never thought he would experience in his life. Fenrir worshiped her breasts as they deserved, then lowered himself to her core. He spread her legs open and began to suck and lick her with fervor. Hermione moaned in pleasure, her fingers lacing through his hair and holding him in place. She continued moaning his name occasionally, caressing his hair gently. When she climaxed she screamed his name.

Fenrir straightened himself out and held her, "You're beautiful," he said, cuddling her. Hermione sighed into his embrace, enjoying the hold he had on her. They lay still for some time before the fire started to die and Fenrir pulled away to place more logs on the fire. She sat up and watched as he took care of things before coming back. He sat down next to her, "How do you feel today?"

"Very, very good," she pushed him onto his back and lowered herself to his groin, "but I feel spoiled. I've been given oral pleasures twice while you've gone without," she gently stroked him before sucking him into her mouth and proceeding to blow him. Fenrir threw his head back in a groan.

They snuggled afterwards, Hermione feeling best when she was at his side, "Do all werewolves feel this way?"

"The need to be with their pack leader? No, no they don't. But I'm not complaining," he caressed her cheek and leaned down to kiss her, "I am getting hungry. How about some breakfast?"

"I think I can manage that. Will you help?"

"Better idea," he pushed her onto her back, "let me take care of it." He got up and reached for the strawberries before laying down with her again, "I'll sneak and steal some chickens from a farmer tonight," he said, picking up a strawberry and holding it in his mouth. Hermione smiled and leaned in to take it. She pushed him onto his back and they kissed deeply. She pulled away and grabbed another strawberry, putting it in her own mouth and leaning in to kiss him.

After they finished the strawberries he fried up some venison bacon so that they would have something more to eat. She leaned over him as he kneeled near the fire and nibbled on his ear, "You're very distracting," he said to her.

"Well I can't help it," she smiled, "I really like being close to you."

"I enjoy it myself," he smirked, "very much."

"I'm starting to feel more like myself," she said.

"And you don't hate me? Such an improvement," he grinned. Hermione laughed.