They ran faster than Hermione thought possible. Once back on their straw patch he pushed her down and ripped her clothes from her body. Hermione reached for his pants and soon they were both naked, with Fenrir sucking on her breasts. She moaned as he moved down to her pussy, gently stroking it. "Please, Fen," she gasped.

"With pleasure," he growled, burying his cock inside her. Hermione couldn't believe the pleasure. Secretly she wondered why she hadn't given in to his lust and advances sooner. He felt so good, thrusting in and out of her. Hermione reached for his neck and pulled herself up, groaning as she felt him push deeper into her. She kissed him hungrily.

Fenrir felt like he could die a happy man. Never before had sex felt so good. Hermione's body seemed to act in perfect harmony with his. He loved her, he realized. He sensed that she felt the same as she kissed him with a passion he'd never experienced before. Fenrir pulled away to look in her eyes and he felt his body just stop, lost in her gaze. "Fen?" She looked at him curiously, unsure why he'd just stopped.

"You look so beautiful right now, my Hermione," he whispered.

Hermione smiled and kissed him sweetly, "Don't stop making love to me, Fen. I want more of you. I want all of you."

"You already have it," he breathed, resuming his efforts as he kissed her.

When she climaxed he followed and fell back, Hermione landing on top of him, his cock still buried inside her. "I thought the first time was supposed to hurt," she gasped.

"Well maybe if you don't have a good man," he smirked.

She rolled her eyes but caressed his cheek, "You've got such an ego. I love you."

He grinned. She laughed at the look on his face. He kissed her, "I love you too."

"I'd like to savor this moment more, but we should go back. We need to clean it up."

"Mmhmm," he mumbled, savoring the feel of her against him and not making any effort to get up.

"Fen!" Hermione laughed and tried to pull away, "Tonight I'm all yours," she promised.

"And tomorrow?"

"I'm all yours for the rest of my life," she said.

He looked her in the eye. She seemed determined. "I can't ask for more, can I?" He let her go and she sat up, but didn't separate them where they were joined.

"Forever, Fenrir. I'm yours forever," she said.

"Well in that case I guess I can let you go on occasion," he pulled out of her and stood up, searching for his pants. Hermione repaired their clothes and they headed back to the house.

Immediately Ziggy appeared, "Oh Master Fenrir sirs, I has the moneys you requested. I did go and buys food with it," he bowed his head, "I is sorry but we needs food sir."

"Thank you Ziggy," Fenrir smiled. "Hermione wants this place cleaned up and fixed up. Help her as much as you can."

"Oh of course sirs I lives to serves you boths!"

He turned to Hermione, "I have to run. I'll be back soon enough."

"Where are you going?"

"Nowhere in England, don't worry. I need to communicate with a werewolf I know in Germany. I'll only be gone a few hours, Hermione. I'll be careful."

"I'm worried…"

"Don't be," he kissed her, "Germany doesn't want my head. And they protect their werewolves. I'm very safe there."

"Okay," she nodded. "Be back soon?"

"I promise," he breathed, kissing her once more. He handed her the bag, "Send Ziggy to get whatever you need, okay? Don't go yourself."

"I will," she hugged him, "now go before I decide to make you stay."

With Ziggy's help the master bedroom and bathroom were cleaned and he got new sheets, pillows, and some towels at a store for her. She liked that. Then they went down to the kitchen. She magically repaired things while Ziggy scrubbed the floors and cleaned the plates, cups and other cutlery and dishes. Then she headed out into the dining room, taking care of that herself while Ziggy finished up the kitchen. Finally Hermione sat down on one of the chairs. Ziggy came in, "I think we need to take a break, Ziggy. How long did we spend cleaning?"

"Five hours Miss," Ziggy nodded as he spoke. "Is yous wanting dinner? I can cooks!"

Hermione smiled at him, "Food would be nice, thank you. Make enough for two, Fenrir should be here soon." She heard a noise upstairs and smiled, "I'll go see him." She ran up the stairs and nearly ran into Fenrir.

"I was wondering where you were," he growled, leaning down to kiss her hungrily.

She moaned and pushed him over to the bathroom, "Did you see our cleaning efforts?"

"I did," he caressed her, looking around the room, "it looks great. And new sheets I see."

"The small comforts make it all feel even more like a home for the two of us," she leaned up and kissed his cheek, "I love you."

Fenrir grinned and scooped her up, "Where else did you clean?"

"Downstairs," she nuzzled his neck, "we cleaned the kitchen and the dining room. Ziggy is making us dinner now," she kissed his stubbly jaw gently.

"How about we take care of the living room so that I can cuddle with you on the couch?"

"Sounds good," Hermione smiled.

"Oh and Hermione," he looked her in the eye, "I love you too."

Hermione caressed his cheek, "I know, Fenrir. I'm glad you kidnapped me."

Fenrir carried her downstairs to the living room, "I guess this place isn't half bad," he admitted. He helped her down and she cast cleaning spells on the furniture, floors and walls. Satisfied for the time being, she sat next to him, her head against him, "Nope, not that bad at all." Hermione grinned into his shoulder but stayed silent, savoring the moment.

Within a half hour, Ziggy came in, "Dinner is ready, Master and Missus," he bowed. "In the dining room, it is."

"Thank you Ziggy," Hermione smiled. "I hope you kept something for yourself."

"Oh yes ma'am," the elf nodded happily. "I is going to go get more stuffs for cleaning, I's is. And more foods too with the list Missus gave me," he nodded, his face serious. "I's be backs soons sirs," he bowed before disappearing.

They ate dinner in relative silence, Hermione asking him about his trip to Germany and Fenrir summarizing a few things he had talked to the other pack leader about. She could tell he didn't like talking about it, so soon she dropped the subject. After dinner he took her upstairs and lay her down in the bed. "You look good enough to eat," he whispered.

Hermione spread her legs and unbuttoned her jeans, "You're welcome to have a taste," she smiled devilishly. Fenrir growled in his throat and leaned over her, his mouth attacking hers hungrily. Hermione moaned into his mouth, pulling at his shirt to get it off of him, "Get this off," she begged. Fenrir pulled it over his head and tossed it to the floor before resuming their kiss.

It took a week to finish fixing the home. The couple and their new servant were quite busy, working themselves into exhaustion each day and sleeping deeply each night. Hermione liked being curled up with Fenrir in a bed. It was much more comfortable than the straw bed they had in the cave. She hoped he liked it too. He seemed indifferent about the house and its benefits. She wanted to convince him that it was nice, and then suddenly on their eighth day in the house a violent thunderstorm hit the area. "I'm going outside to close the shutters," he told her, sliding into the raincoat she'd bought him.

"Be careful," she warned, "I want you back in one piece."

"Of course," he kissed her sweetly, "when I return we can cuddle in front of the fire," he smiled down at her before opening the door and exiting.

That night they lay on the floor near the fire on the rug, Hermione lying on his chest. "It's a good thing we're inside," he said.

"I don't think the cave would have been too comfortable right now," she agreed.

"I like being here," he caressed her cheek, "and I like being here with you. It's been busy and hectic, but I like this place. Even if you do use alot of magic."

"I'm glad," she smiled and kissed his cheek, "I really like this place too."

"Wanna get naked?"


"What? The fire brings back memories."

She shook her head, but the grin on her face was wide. "Once we're nude, you're gonna get horny."

"Not necessarily," he frowned. "I like being nude. You liked being nude too."

She shifted so her face was directly over his, "Fen ever since we first made love, every time my clothes come off we have sex."

"Is that a bad thing?" He frowned, but she saw the smirk in his eyes. Hermione just laughed and leaned down to kiss him.

The rug was rather furry and almost reminded her of the soft hair on Fenrir's chest. Being sandwiched between Fenrir and the rug, the sensations threatened to overwhelm her. She moaned and dug her fingers into his hair, pulling his head to hers and kissing him fervently. His hands caressed her body, his hips thrusting against hers. They made love roughly and passionately. When Fenrir climaxed Hermione tightened around him and came as well. He collapsed on top of her, her arms locked around his neck. They both panted before Hermione found her voice, "Should we head upstairs? The storm isn't letting up and we can continue this up there."

"Sounds good to me," he grinned.

"Of course it does," she smiled.

"Do you object?"

"No," she leaned up and kissed him, "I want this to be continued too."

"Thought so," he stood up, picking her up with him. "Next stop, the bedroom."

"Final stop," she gently said.

"It always will be," he caressed her cheek. "I love you."

"I love you too."

Hermione snuggled against him, "Is this our life from now on?"

"Well I can't really go very far." Fenrir stretched and wrapped his arms around her, "Why, don't you like it?"

"I just…I wish I could work and you could do something. Being stuck at home all the time will get very dull for us both. What if we moved to Germany? You talk about it often."

"Germany isn't a good place to live."

"Why not?"

"Because here is where the werewolves need to return my love, not…not Germany."


"No, Hermione. It has to be here."

"Did something happen there?"

"No, nothing," he shook his head.

Hermione sat up in bed. He wasn't telling her something. "Fen, what is it? I know it can't be another woman."

He bowed his head and she gasped. "Fenrir! I…I trusted you! I…is this what you do? Bite a woman, turn her into a werewolf and then seduce her? How many others are there?"

"It's not like that, Hermione," he said, sitting up and turning to face her, "That's not what it is."

"Don't lie to me Fenrir!"

"I'm not!"

"You said it's another woman!"

"I didn't fuck her!" He shouted. Hermione looked at him, stunned. "Yes, there's another woman. But she isn't mine! Her husband was here in England, he was a werewolf, and the Ministry captured and killed him! They have a family and he's just gone! They killed him for being a werewolf!"

Hermione softened, pulling him to her, "Oh Fenrir," she held him tightly, "I'm sorry."

"Last time I was there to check up on them she…she made a pass at me. And I didn't understand that until she decided to be more brazen and actually kiss me. I didn't want to kiss her, Hermione, I swear I didn't," he looked up at her, fear in his eyes.

"I believe you, my love. I know I'm the only woman for you, your mate for life. I should have kept calm until you explained it," she caressed his cheek.

"Don't be mad at me," he whispered. "I don't want to lose you. I didn't tell you cause I thought if I did you'd leave me," he lowered his head. She kissed him softly, "I'm really sorry. It's been eating at me for three days."

"It's okay, Fen. I shouldn't have blown up at you like that," she kissed him again, "let me make it up to you," she pushed him onto his back, "You are the greatest man in the world, Fen. So long as others know you belong to me, and I to you, we have nothing to fear. I don't want to lose you."

"I would never cheat on you," he whispered as she leaned over him, leaning down to kiss him again. "You're so perfect."

"We should get married," she spoke between kisses. "I don't care how risky it is, Fen. I want everyone to know who you belong to."

"You sure are convincing," he groaned as she slid down onto him. "Hermione…"

"No talking, my love," she slid her tongue into his mouth and the couple fell silent save for the moans that escaped as they made love.

A/N- I was a mean author, picking on Fenrir's lack of socialization like that. But if you think this was emotional just wait for what I have in store for later.