Artemis, Nyx, and Pan were welcomed not 20 minutes later. Fenrir couldn't have cared less as he held his wife in his arms, begging the two women to heal her, to save her. The two women, and two house elf midwives, seemed to be at a loss.

Ziggy watched his master sobbing uncontrollably with the realization that he was losing his beloved and losing her quickly. With the elf's eyes now watering, he decided to cast the only spell he could think of that could help. He hoped it would work. He raised his hand and a bang sounded as he cast the spell.

Fenrir held her for over an hour. No one could convince him to go to his children. The elves all stood, with bowed heads, around the bed while the wolves gathered behind the elves to witness the mistress of the pack's lifeless body. Sadness poured from the room, but none so much as it did from Fenrir himself. The large, imposing man seemed small, and there were streaks down his face from his tears. "Come back to me," he repeated over and over again as he held her. "Forever, you said. You said you would be mine forever. You can't die," he shook his head, "You just can't, Hermione, my love."

"Come back to me," his voice cracked and he let the tears pour fourth, soaking her face, hair and neck as he cried once more.

"Fenrir, you need to tend to your children," Nerthus said. "I'll watch her body for you."

His lips quivered and the tears flowed even more strongly, "Why do I lose everything I love?" Nerthus felt her eyes water at his question. "Have I committed such atrocities that I…that I deserve to have the lives of those I love be taken? Hermione was innocent, and sweet and kind and wonderful and…if I hadn't taken her…if I had let her be she'd be alive today."

"But you'd be alone."

"But she'd be alive!" He looked up at his sister, "If I hadn't put my own desires, my own needs first, if I had seen that she could be happy without me…"

"She couldn't be happy without you, Fenrir," Xander said. "You were her world."

"I was her death," he caressed her cheek, "I caused this. I wanted more cubs."

"Master?" Ziggy spoke, looking at his master, "Master, I thinks I's cans helps."


"She's nots deads. I casts magics to puts her ins stasisis. She's frozen, nots deads."

"Not dead?" Fenrir looked visibly confused, but Nerthus and the mediwitch seemed pleased.

"Potions. We have potions we could give her to heal her body. We couldn't before because, well, she was dying too quickly."

"If you can help her, help her," Fenrir said. The two women ran from the room while Ziggy scowled at Fenrir. "What?"

"Youse hasn't holds your babies," he said. "Missus wanted you to has them, and you is ignoring them. Missus not happy, Ziggy thinks."

Fenrir sighed, "Bring them in here."

"Is no place for babies. Youse goes to nursery to sees them. I's stays here, I watches Missus." Fenrir frowned at the elf's orders, but obeyed. With a soft kiss on her lips he stood, forcing his gaze toward the nursery and not his wife's body. The others stayed put, unsure of what to do.

It was Artemis that he first picked up, her big brown eyes exactly like Hermione's. He picked up Pan and Nyx, "Your mother is a very strong woman," he said to them. "I'm not as strong as her, no matter what anyone else says."

Soon enough they were ready to give Hermione the potions. Fenrir entered the bedroom with the three babies. Thor, Sunna, and Vili were kept away. He didn't want them to see her like this. He watched as Hermione was given the potions one at a time. Finally, once they had finished giving them to her, Ziggy removed the stasis spell and immediately the two women, keeping Hermione's privates private out of respect, healed her abdomen. This was joined with a gasp as Hermione woke and Fenrir moved to the bed, "Hermione, my love," he whispered.

"The babies?"

"Are right here," he placed them on the bed before joining her and gently handing her Artemis, "How do you feel?"

"Alive," she said. "And…pretty good, I think."

Fenrir looked at everyone, who left immediately. Fenrir looked over Hermione, "I thought I'd lost you," he said when they were alone.

"I think you almost did," she smiled weakly. He sat down and pulled her into his arms, "I love you, Fenrir."

"I love you too," he whispered, leaning in to kiss her. She returned the kiss, holding him close, "I don't ever want to lose you, Hermione," he felt the tears coming again and he let them fall, suddenly feeling safe in her arms. Hermione held him as he cried, rubbing his back. "I've made a decision," he suddenly said, sitting up, "no more cubs. 6 is plenty."

"I agree with that," she kissed him again, "You won't lose me, Fenrir."

"Ziggy saved your life," he said. "I feel indebted to him," he handed her Pan and sat with his back against the headboard.

"I love you," she said, her head resting on his shoulder. Their other three were brought in by Nerthus soon after. The five-year-olds sat on the bed, looking at the babies.

Having nearly lost Hermione once, Fenrir was determined to never do so again. He kept her by his side as much as he could, and when they were able to make love again three months after the babies' birth he was gentler than she could ever remember him being. Hermione spent as much time as she could with her children. Six perfect cubs was a cause for celebration in her eyes; Fenrir was so proud of his family. She was too. Vili was very smart; he had clearly received his mother's hunger for knowledge and easy learning abilities. Sunna and Thor preferred to play outside and roughhouse; Thor reminded Hermione more of Fenrir than any of them.

The next five years of their life went by easily, with no problems to speak of. Their little village was tucked away, and very safe; Hermione stretched and nuzzled her lover's cheek. Fenrir groaned and she smiled, "Fen? Wake up baby."

"Don't wanna," he muttered.

"Too bad, you have to," she stroked him, "I have needs and we have a full moon tonight."

"I guess I can wake up for sex," he mumbled.

"Good man," she lowered herself onto him and moaned, falling forward, "Shut up and kiss me, Fen."

"Yes ma'am," he leaned up and kissed her, his tongue rubbing against hers as their hips moved in tandem.

The couple finally separated to shower. Hermione enjoyed his embrace, "I love you."

"I love you too," he whispered. "Never letting you go."

"Fenrir, it's been five years. I'm fully recovered."

"But I almost lost you because of my selfishness."

"It was my selfishness," she corrected, "I wanted them born."


"I made that decision, not you. And I'm sorry that I would have made you live with my decision for the rest of your life," Hermione wrapped her arms around his neck, "You won't lose me, Fenrir. I promise."

"You're sure?"

"Positive," she whispered, leaning up to kiss him, "now let's finish this shower and go eat breakfast with our pups."

That night they all transformed and the cubs were taken to the cave. Fenrir played with their cubs, Hermione joined them. They enjoyed playing with them, and the cubs seemed to have such fun doing it. It wasn't until they heard human voices in the woods while they were hunting later that evening that Fenrir knew what was going to happen. The wizards had come for his pack. He'd always figured it would happen. They would wait until the pack was all transformed, then hunt them. Fenrir wasn't going to let it happen. His children would be safe. And his pack was well-trained. They all slunk down into the grass, hidden, while the youngest of the group ran back to the cave quietly. They would be protecting the children. Fenrir saw the aurors roaming the forest and gently nuzzled his mate before licking her muzzle. She returned the nuzzle before they returned to the cave, their movements very hidden in the brush.

The women of the pack took the cubs back to the castle, sneaking them into the dungeon. With the heavy wards from the many wizards and witches that lived near it, and the house elves watching over the cubs, they would be very safe.

Hermione rejoined her husband to see Harry and Ron pointing their wands at Fenrir, who was growling viciously. She moved to his side and stood her ground. "You're all going down."

Hermione was sad to see her friends turn on her. But she would stand her ground with her husband and their pack. Their children would not be harmed. She could see the aurors debating who to attack first. Fenrir let out a deep, predatory growl and bared his fangs. Wands pointed at him and fired only to miss as the wolf leaped onto Kingsley Shacklebolt, knocking him unconscious when he fell down. Fenrir's example led the other wolves to follow suit, tackling the aurors to the ground. Hermione pounced on Harry, whose glasses fell away. She made sure to snatch his wand and toss it away from him. She didn't want him to use it against her.

Once the aurors were unconscious the wolves managed to bind them. The werewolves turned at dawn and Hermione and Fenrir got dressed before making sure the bindings were well attached. They gathered their wands and, taking all of them together, Disapparated. In the Minister of Magic's office 14 bound aurors were sitting with two very angry werewolves. Fenrir leaned over the Minister, "If they return to my home, if they attack my pack again, we will kill them. You will not eliminate us. Ever."

Hermione looked at her lover. He only ever got this mad if he was trying to protect their family. Hermione looked at the Minister, "We have done nothing wrong. Leave us alone."

The Minister looked at his aurors. The very best, and they were all bound. Harry and Ron were glaring at Fenrir as though he was Voldemort. He looked back at the Greybacks, "I accept your terms, sir," he said to Fenrir. "I apologize for the attack, and for any harm that may have come to any of you. I assure you, we will leave you alone from now on."

Fenrir looked him over before shaking his hand and taking his wife's hand, "Shall we go home to our cubs?"

"I'm sure they miss us," she nodded, moving into his arms and letting him take them away.

A/N- The End. I never wrote more of this story. It just felt like there wasn't much more to say.