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Hermione Granger was pulled out of Hogwarts because her parents were afraid for her safety. So they sent her to St. Trinians where her knowlege was greatly respected. Expecially when Kelly needed to come up with a plan. But when a Hogwarts take part in a school swich. where do harry and them lot go...St. Trinians of course

Hermiones POV

"It feels weird them coming back here" I said to her BFFs Kelly and Annabelle

"Just chill" Kelly said "Any advice you could give 'mione?"

"Erm...Not really just stay away from Draco Malfoy and you'll be fine" I said

"Ok" Kelly and Annabelle said in usion

"Well is everything ready?" I asked Polly

"Yeah you will take them for a 'tour'. Then Kelly will call you so you can get to a safe distance and get your stuff ready. Then Tania and Tara are going to set up thier explosives and the flammibles are gonna give them thier paint and fethers so they can get the Hogwarts snobs good. Me I am gonna record it all and play our theme in the background"

"Nice" I said to Polly and gave her a highfive "Ok thier here places I'll go meet and greet"

Just then Professor Mcgonagall came towards the St. Trinians girl "hello as you are probably aware we are- miss Granger I didn't know you went to St. Trinians"

"Yeah Granger I thought you would go to some snobby rich kid school" Malfoy said

"Back off Malfoy!" I shouted and just then Bianca came over

"wadup 'mione" Bianca questioned "you alright over 'ere"

"Yeah Malfoy just being a idiot" I said

"D'ya want me to get ma tongs?" she asked

"Nah It's ok" I said glaring at a terrified Malfoy

"Aww bruv please" she pleaded but I just shook my head

"Noone lets me use ma tongs" she sighed

"what does she mean by tongs?" Malfoy asked obviously scared

"You don't wanna know" I replied "come on I'll show you around"

we began to walk around the school telling them to 'watch thier step' or 'look out' because Tania and Taras' pranks are usually everywhere.

"And this is the school field" I said coming to a hault then all of a sudden i heard a voice

" Hermione!" I looked around to see Kel walking toward me

"And this is Kelly jones our head girl" i said

"Mrs Fritton needs you quick" she said

"Oh Ok" I'll be back I said to the hogwarts students as i turned to walk away with Kelly

as soon as me and Kel was at a safe distance I counted down

5...4...3...2...1... "ST. TRINIANS UNLEASH HELL!"